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42 yr old w/ pneumonia 8 times in 2 years. I had 2 yrs free. I went on a super immunity diet and allergy shots. Just had it again! I work with kids?

GP says may need HepB Immune Globulin for a small nip cut used Blade used at Barber inThailand i'm sure had the 3 shots Heb B 2006 GP lost my record?

16 month old labwork tetanus antioxoid ab was <0.10.Said she hasnt developed immunity to it even tho vaccinated.Wat does this mean, what do they do for?

18 month old got her vaccines that were due and a flu shot 10 days ago. Now she is breaking out in hives. No symptoms or diet change. Related?

1yr old due mmr and meningitis b vac at diff doctors, scheduled for 1 day apart, is this to close, what time scale btwn would you recommend?

2 near family members got mumps. I have only 1 dose of the vaccine which I got 10 years ago. Should I get a 2nd dose? Any additional advice? Thank you

2 yr and 4 yr have flu do I have dr check them bc of there ages or do I let it run it's course. No flu vaccines otherwise healthy ty?

3yo child has low neutrophils (and other low counts). Been instructed to continue to defer live vaccines. Can she still get her flu shot?

40 days old has severe rash on face. Breast fed, no medication. She has vaccination tomorrow. Hepatitis, rotavirus, PCI-1. Is it safe or shod I wait?

5 mo old was given kinrix injection instead of pediarix his doc says it won't hurt him. Is this true ?My grandson. Worried about this.

5yr old had MMR vaccine when he was 1. Blood teiter test shows immunity does he still need a booster shot, if yes then when and how long its good for?

5yr son exposed to measles virus & have only received 1 doze of MMR while he was 15 month old & not 2nd doze which was due & now has fever 101°F?

5yr son received measles vaccine at 9 months & MMR 1st doze at 15 months & MMR 2nd doze due but had close contact with measles virus & now fever on&of?

8-year old son bitten by gopher. Er did not treat because gophers "very rarely" get rabies. Once symptomatic, death is certain. Vaccinate anyway?

9 days after flu vac, has threat of side effects and gbs past, especially gbs?

A child has measles before immunization and yesterday he was immunized and some reactions like not opening his eyes, not talking, what might cause dat?

A child was put on TB meds for prevention for 9months but missed few days and took for another 9months, will hepatitis vaccine prevent liver damage?

A family member had Guilliane Barre last year,now my son is expected to get a tetanus shot for school. Is it safe for him, heard this is dangerous?

A toddler who is 11 mmonths old, got an influenza vaccine that is reccomended for 36 months and older , is that dangerous for the 11mo. Old?

Advice please patient is to recieve .750mcg of hivid every 8 hours, on hand I have hivid 0.375?

Advised by health unit and have started rabies vaccine after a dog bite. Do I need to worry about this vaccine affecting my birth control? Alesse 21.

Afraid about giving vaccines. randy is almost 2 months?

After getting a vaccine for hep b, how quickly would side effects occur?

After having streptococcus pneumoniae infection, would i need a pneumonia shot or flu shot to prevent from getting this germ in my blood again?

After hepatitis a vaccine my joints are swollen---normal?

After hepatitis a vaccine, I have pains in body?

After receiving one gardasil shot, i had a fever of 100 degrees and general malaise for a week. Should i get the additional doses?

After rota&meningococcal vaccination my only breastfed9week-old-baby started having irregular bowel movements(every 2-3days), before 1-3daily.Normal?

After the initial 3 injections Hep B vaccine how many years after is a booster required for travel in a country where Hep B is prevalant?

Alcohol after hepatitis vaccine, is this safe?

All 23pneumococcal iggs are low is there another way to test immune system besides getting a vaccine been around people sick w/ pneumonia & not got it?

Allergy to eggs, poultry should I get a flu shot ? I have ckdstage4.

Also, is it true that flu vaccine can cause brain swelling ?

Am i allowed give blood if I have just had a hepatitus b jab?

Am i right that it's no issue to take a cold medicine after having a tetanus vaccine?

Am i safe already in not getting a hepatitis if i had developed an HBsAG from my hepa vaccine?

Am I still protected from hepatitis b if I didn't follow the vaccine schedule (off by 4 months)?

American in London with 13month old daughter due to get MMR vaccine today. How long do we wait to get Varicella? I know in US they actually do MMRV.

Any concerns about hepatitis b virus vaccination series:?

Any new on/off label treatments for 65 y.O. With prolonged apparent b. Pertussis. I.E.Cough and malaise x 4 mos? Contagious? Thanks again.

Any opinions on recent news reports of people who are vaccinated for pertussis being more likely to contract it than those who are not vaccinated?

Any problem taking the shingles vaccine?

Any serious Lyme vaccine-side effect?

Are hep a and hep b vaccines routinely offered by travel clinic for pts traveling to china?

Are hepatitis B and flu vaccine required for nurses or can you opt out?

Are hepatitis vaccines 100% effective , if you have all the vaccines in your body can you still be at risk of getting it ?

Are hepatitis vaccines important?

Are most cases of flu reported so far this season covered by the current vaccine? Having trouble finding info on that. Had my flu shot oct. 2.

Are pvrv vaccines for rabies safe for people with panic disorder?

Are the hepatitis b vaccination series a couple of different shots?

Are there any issues with inhalation vaccine for the flu? I've never done it before. What should I expect?

Are there any kind of side affects if somebody gets over dozzed with rabies vaccine?

Are there people who are immune to hepatitis b even though they were not vaccinated?

Are there people who are immune to hepatitis b even though they're not vaccinated?

As a patient with common variable immune disease, is there a purpose to getting the pneumonnical vaccine (not knowing if i'll make any antibodies)?

As someone who has had guillain barre, is it safe to receive the flu shot? Im going through to be a nurse and they say i need it.

As we finish up the 2012-13 flu season, did anyone notice a difference between the level of protection their patients got from flumist vs. The shot?

At labor/delivery e.R. Last month, the nurse told me I should get a flu and pneumonia shot because of my severe asthma. Can i get while 6mos pregnant?

At what age are hepatitis b shots routinely given?

At what age should you get an hepatitis b vaccine?

Baby has 2 month appt Friday for checkup/shots. What can I expect after shots with his behavior/possible reactions? He also has TOF so getting Synagis (palivizumab)

Baby will be 7w5d on Thursday and is scheduled to start daycare. However, her first round of shots will be administered a week later. Risk?

Been reading about the Disney Land Measles problem, and I'm wondering - can I get this current form of measles even though I am 20 and vaccinated?

Before high school, everyone had to get a series of shots for STD type diseases, what are these?

Being I have Myasthenia Gravis I know I CAN'T have Live vaccines, but is it "safe" 4 me to be with others (grandkids) when they have theirs? Or wait?

Blood work showed I am only not immune to mumps only but I got the MMR vaccine two years ago. Is this possible? Safe to get it again?

Bloodw. determined I have no resistance to MMR. Had vac. In elem. school-age 60. Work at hosp as admin. Limited pat. cont. Need MMR? Side effects??

By getting the twinrix vaccine for hepatitis a&b, does this make you immune to both, which means you are protected from getting either of the viruses?

Can a hepatitis b vaccine war off?

Can all hepatitis vaccines feel the same?

Can anyone describe their experience with immune globulin shots given to prevent hepatitis a?

Can aspirin induce reyes syndrome with a child that recently was given the varicella vaccine?

Can everyone born in the 60's get hepatitis b vaccines?

Can give hepatites vaccin to pregnant women?

Can give polio vaccin to child with a tonsilities on suprax (cefixime) treatment? Or better delay vaccin after complete treatment?

Can I get a hepatitis a vaccine pregnant?

Can i get hepatitis b even if I am vaccinated?

Can I get hepatitis b vaccine pill?

Can i get HIV or hepatitis C from getting a tdap shot?

Can I get my 2nd TB, 2nd Hep B and Ist MMR vaccines done at the same time?

Can i get the 2nd hepatitis b shot after 2 weeks of getting my 1st hepatitis b shot? If not, how long do I have to wait?

Can I get the pertuessis (sp) vaccine being pregnant?

Can i go abroad even I have hepa b?

Can I have hepatitis a and b vaccines at the same time?

Can I have mumps vaccine if I have hepatitis b?

Can I mastubate after a hepititus A vaccination?

Can I receive the influenza shot if my ESR=45m.m.?

Can I still get meningococcal disease if i've had the men c vaccine?

Can immune globulin shot prevent hepatitis a after exposure?

Can it be possible for someone to get poisoned from hepatitis b vaccines?

Can kids younger than 1 year old get rubella? If yes, do they develope an imun response, protective anticorps?

Can mercury in past vaccine shots cause attention deficit disorder?

Can MMR vaccine cause crohn's disease? I got diarrhea and nausea after the vaccine. I've read from articles that say it can. Please tell me docs.

Can most hospitals and clinics require you to get a hepatitis b vaccine to be employed there?

Can my child receive a flu shot if she is currently on antibiotics?

Can my grandson who just got rotavirus drink be around my husband who is receiving chemotherapy for leukemia ?

Can my kids get hepatitis B even though they have been vaccinated for it ?

Can pneumonia vaccine cause GBS? Got vaccine 20 minutes ago now I have tingling in opposite arm. I was paranoid before I got vaccine already

Can pregnant women take hepatitis b vaccination ?

Can smoking a cigarette have any effect on hep b and rabies vaccinations if smoked a few hours after the injection?