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3 dozes of polio vaccine are over for our baby.We are moving to india.They give only opv not ipv in india.What shud I do for booster doze at 4 yrs.

Are children protected from red measles if they have had an mmr?

Are MMR vaccinations necessary?

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Can i get varicella and mmr vaccines even if i already had the disease before. i need vaccines for school requirement?

Can I give my son the MMR vaccine before he is 4?

Can it be harmful be vaccinated twice for yhe tdap pertussis vaccine 17 year old healthy female?

Can it be harmful to be vaccinated twice for tdap pertussis vaccine? 17 year old healthy female.

Can rabies vaccine cause rabies? i have flu and the last dose of vaccine was 4 days ago, bitten by a animal still alive; given Vaxirab-N vaccine;PCEV

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Can the dtap vaccine be given in 3 separate shots?

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Do YOU recomand rotavirus vaccination?

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Docs, could a 17 year old get the td vaccine instead of the tdap?

Docs, could a child who has had the MMR vaccination still get the mumps?

Doctors, what are the concerns of the MMR vaccine and are they serious?

Does measles require booster shots or only one vaccination for the lifetime? How often for booster if needed?

Does the dtap vaccine include the flu shot?

Does the meningococcal vaccine include a three shot series?

Does the MMR vaccine cause autism. Is it ok to have other vaccinations at the same time. I believe children are given 2 others with the MMR at 12 mths?

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DPT painless vaccines are less effective ?

Dtap vaccine requires how many immunizations if given properly?

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Have a good day.My daughter is 3.5 years old, menactra vaccine should be?How many doses should be?

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Help please! is getting 3 doses of the MMR vaccine dangerous?

Hi . I am masoud I need information for HB vaccine how can you give this vaccine?

Hi doctor, i am 21 years now how many days it takes for me to develop immunity after vaccination with MMR?

How are these vaccines given?

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How long does rabies vaccine last?

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How much TETANUS immunity is a person who has received 1 DTaP conferred? Seems to me it would be 100% each time for the tetanus portion.

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How should I know if I should get the twinrix vaccine or not?

How soon after a tetanus, diphtheria and polio vaccine can you consume alcohol?

How will a 1 yr old baby react to chickenpox & MMR vaccine?

I am 23 yrs old. Can i get MMR and Varicella vaccines on the same day? i need 2 doses of both.