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8 year old with flu symptoms after contact with pigs at the fair?

A flu vaccine has a probability of 70% of preventing a person who is inoculated from getting the flu, is this true?

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Are we still on pandemic alert for any influenza strains, or that died off last year?

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Best way to fight the flu?

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Can avian flu give you swine flu?

Can bird flu be spread from people to birds? Or only from birds to people?

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Can having swine flu lead to a lung infection?

Can I die from bird flu if I ignore it?

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Can I get tamiflu or relenza (zanamivir) and keep it for flu prevention if I need it?

Can influenza flu cause myocarditis months later?

Can kim-chi prevents bird flu and sars?

Can nutrition supplements help your immunity to the avian flu or the regular flu?

Can people catch the flu from someone who has it if the person with flu don't have temp?

Can someone catch influenza flu even if there over fever?

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Can you tell me about the flu?

Can you tell me any news about swine flu, is it on?

Can you tell me how is the swine flu similar to the black death?

Can you tell me how someone with the swine flu recover?

Can you tell me some news about swine flu, is it on?

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Could there be an avian flu pandemic? Is it possible that there would be a pandemic with many deaths due to avian flu? .

Could this be the next flu pandemic ? 

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Do flu shots really work on a flu viruses.?

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Dx with flu today. I live in nj. I thought flu season was over. Does tamiflu (oseltamivir) work?

Flu prevention- worried about new swine fly?

FLU SHOTS: is the nasal mist spray with a live virus more effective than a tradition flu shot with a dead virus? Can the live virus make you sick?

Flu timeline for a 2 years and 3 months old baby, how can I know for sure that is a flu?