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A dog with no anti-rabies shot bit me, after that the owner vaccinated it against rabies, that dog would still be good for observation?

A rabid dog bit me, when I will I show symptoms for rabies?

A stray cat licked me on the lips. Am I at risk for rabies now? What should I do The cat was healthy

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Can rats transmit rabies to humans?

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Can you contract rabies from a pet that has had its rabies shots?

Can you get rabies by being in the same room with a rabid animal? Work for vet.

Can you get rabies from a slight dog scratch? (the dog is unvaccinated)

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Can you tell me if a human had rabies would he/she be dying?

Can you tell me if i had rabies would i be really sick?

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Can you tell me what you suggest if a human had rabies would he/she be dying?

Can you tell the symphtoms of rabies phobia?

Completed my rabies vaccine 5 days ago (no allergic reaction) now i have flu can the vaccine cause rabies? animal bitten me is alive! given VaxiRab-N

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Do fleas carry rabies?

Do i need rabies vacine for china?

Do squirrels carry rabies?

Does bats have rabies?

Dog still alive after 10 day rabies quarantine. Does this mean he could have not given me rabies if it bit me 11 days ago?

Dog touches my body by his nose causes rabies? If i am vaccinated one month ago and dog vaccinated fifteen days ago?

For how much time does rabies vaccine provide protection i think i was scratched by a stray dog?

For how much time does rabies vaccine provide protection? I think i was scratched by a stray dog.

Has anyone ever contracted rabies from the current rabies vaccine?

Help plz! Can rabies vaccine cause rabies in any way?

How big does the bitewound have to be for you to be at risk to get rabies from a rabid dog?

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How can you tell if you have rabies? What are the symptoms of having rabies?

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How common is rabies?

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How long does the rabies vaccine last in humans?

How many cases of human rabies has there been in india?

How to know if I have contracted rabies?

How to know if I have rabies from hyenas in harar, ethiopia?

How to tell if I have contracted rabies?

I had a rabies vaccine in 2004 then had a booster in 2005 as I had contact (not bitten) with a rabid animal.would this booster still have validity?

I had a rabies vaccine three months ago. Now i am again scratched by a dog. Should i take rabies vaccine or not?

I have 2 cats and one caught and killed a bat. If my cats have been vaccinated for rabies, should I be worried about getting rabies from the cats?

I have a dog which is 3-4 months old and it bit me. The dog is not vaccinated yet what should I do?

I have rabies. What do I do?

I need to know how do you know if you have rabies?

I think I have rabies. Will I die?

I was bit by domestic but outdoor dog 10 months ago. I now have a fever. Is it common flu or could it be rabies virus? Dog is alive today. What to do?

I was bitten by a dog 2 year ago, but not vaccinated. Am I still in risk of rabies? What should I do now?

I was licked by a stray dog.Should I do anything?

If a dog bites you but the dog had a rabies shot, are you still at risk?

If a dog is still alive 15 days after biting a person, does it have rabies?!

If a dog is vaccinated against rabies. Can it pass it in its saliva to a human?

If a person is bitten by rabid dog and becomes rabid, is there any treatment?

If a raccoon that has rabies scratches you can you get rabies?

If a vaccinated dog bit me..What should I do?

If a vaccinated dog bites a kid, does the kid still need to be vaccinated against rabies / infection?

If an owner of a dog who has bitten someone, vaccinated its dog against rabies the day after the incident,the dog would still be good for observation?

If bitten by a stray dog, what do you do first?

If I have been bitten by an unvaccinated dog, the wound could be rabies infective for people around me after 4 hours, even if I washed it with soap?

If I was exposed to rabies and got the vaccine six days later, would it still be 100% effective at preventing rabies?

If I'm going to Malawi, do I need a rabies vaccination?

Im worried I might have contacted the rabies virus?

In England can you only catch rabies from bats or is there other ways you can get it in England ?

In humans why is rabies called hydrophobia?

In india an old unvaccinated dog bit me do I have rabies if i didn't have vaccine or treatment?

Is it common to get rabies from a dog bite in the us?

Is it likely to have rabies if i was bitten over 3 years ago by a cat?

Is it okay not to get a rabies immune globulin after being bitten by a pet?

Is it possible to contract rabies from a cat bite?

Is it true that the rabies vaccine is effective only for one animal bite?

Is rabies communicable?

Is rabies more common in rural areas?

Is rabies transmitted when a rabid dog sneezes or cough near us?

Is there a human rabies vaccine?

Is there any cases of rabies in the u.S?

Is there any difference on anti-rabies for dog bites and anti rabies for puppy bites?

My 1 month puppy has bitten me. Is there any risk of rabies. Also i had taken rabies vaccine 3 yrs ago so will it protect me from rabies.

My 3 year old cat killed a bat and has been vaccinated for rabies once (at 6 months of age). He hasn't bitten anyone, but are we safe from rabies?

My dog bit me & slightpunctured skin. He hasnt had his booster rabies shot. We have wild rats in backyard. Can rats carry rabies? Do I need rabies vac

My kids were playing with an unvaccinated dog in Mexico, even though they weren't bitten by the dog, should I worry about rabies?