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2 weeks ago i completed my rabies vaccine (4 doses) and yesterday i got bitten again, today i went and got one more dose, am i safe? 1 dose only

2,4,6m dpt vac..then Dpt infant booster dose can be taken until 2 y with same efficacy? Or must be taken at 16 months and less effective after that?

4 doses of anti rabies vaccine protection period in days of exposure again? then again take the shots of vaccine?

4 vaccines today, is that safe?

4th dose of anti rabies vaccine received 2 hours later again exposure can 4th dose of rabies vaccine effective or vaccine another shot next day? again

4th dose of anti rabies vaccine received day after 2 hours dog bite me again? can 4th dose of vaccine enough or next shot of vaccine taken next day?

6 year old due to receive single rubella vaccine and then flu nasal vaccine within 48 hours, are these too immunisations together?

6 years ago i received the full dose of rabies the rabies post exposure vaccine for a possible exposure. How long does the vaccine last?

A can a person taking tysabri (natalizumab) have live vaccines?

A pregnant woman after having Tetanus Toxoid vaccine, is there any specific foods to be avoided for few days?

After 2 one month later received post exposure anti rabies vaccine schedule? then again exposure? how many days later take again vaccine reexposure?

After accutane, can I take flu vaccine? Or i must wait a period of time after Accutane to take flu vaccine?

After received 5th dose of anti rabies vaccine create antibodies how many days if exposure again? am i safe?

After2 days of mmrv and phenomocal vacine shots if antibiotics given to child will vacine lose its efficasy?

Already been vaccinated for rabies Why do you have to get a booster if bitten again? Does the original dose not offer lasting immunity?

Am taking abhay rab vaccine as 0-3-7-28 days. After taking it how many days am safe and no need to take again if again am exposed?

Anti rabies vaccine how long work in years if exposure again?

Anything bad happen if you take extra doses of infanrix vaccine?

Are booster doses needed following initial vaccination?

Are there contraindications for taking metheltrexate and vaccines for hepatitis and tetanus?

Are there flu shots that are safe and recommended for a six month old infant?

Are vaccines received at a DR office better than vaccines given at a pharmacy ..or are they the same?

As an adult who has never received a tetanus shot in my lifetime, would it be safe to get one now, or could there be adverse reactions?

As per schedule received 4th dose of rabies vaccine then after 2 hours later dog bite me again? Restart the schedule and am i safe from rabies virus?

At 11 weeks my baby had PCV1 & Rotarix 1st dose. He suffered from dysentery, vomiting next 5 days. As side effects Can I skip the vaccines 2nd doses?

Can a person with CHF have a Prevnar 13 shot? Is it safe?

Can any doc explain if vaccines still work if you took it a long time ago?

Can i be protected against TB using a vaccine?

Can I defer my baby's 6 month immunization shot? If yes, how long? What is the time frame to pre or postpone it?

Can i have alcohol after taking tetanus vacination ?

Can I just take a vaccine against listeria?

Can i take Levocetrizine during rabies vaccination? Does it affect rabies vaccine effectiveness ?

Can I take anti rabies vaccine one day prior to schedule date? This is my fifth and last shot.

Can i take hepa vaccine while breastfeeding?

Can i take the flu shot while lactating?

Can i take the flu vaccination if i'm 27 weeks pregnant?

Can it be possible for us to delay the second dose of prevenar vaccine?

Can the second dose of hepatitis b shot to be administered only two weeks after the first dose?

Can you let me know how many rubella vaccines should be taken in my life?

Can you let me know how many times can you take the varicella vaccine in your life?

Can you please tell me the precautions i take for typhoid?

Can you take a flu shot during chemotherapy treatment?

Can you tell me how long to wait for varicella vaccine after taking round of zithromax?

Can you tell me if i could not take the smallpox shot?

Can you tell me if i get the last dose of my pre exposure rabies vaccine ten days late, what will that mean?

Can you tell me what number of injections are there in the protection agaist mmr?

Completed my rabies vaccine 2 days ago got bitten again today do i need to get 3 doses of vaccine again? How long does the antibodies protect me? HELP

Could I have t b at age 33 if i had already taken the vaccine when i where age 17?

Could prednisone be taken after flu vaccine?

Could single shot arv vaccine has satisfactory results?

Could you tell me what happens if you receive two vaccinations that have pertussis within a one year period?

Could you tell me what happens if you take hepatitis a vaccine twice by accident?

Do you know when you get a booster; does it need to be the same brand vaccine as the ones you had previously?

Does gardasil or cervarix will last forever and no repeat shot needed?

Dog bit me again after received 4th dose of anti rabies vaccine after 2 hours need vaccination again? can i safe from rabies ? kindly help me?

Dose a single dose of rabies revaccination is effective? How much it is preventive? How much time it will last for?

Dtap 15-18 month booster dose delayed by 6 months for my daughter. Is this is a problem? She already got 2, 4, 6 month dose.

First 2 doses of rabies vaccine hurted but not other ; why? the first 2 hurted some hours later after getting the vaccine but the other 3 didn't; why?

For how much time does rabies vaccine provide protection ? I had taken three injections of rabies vaccine in early march 2012. Do i need to take again

For what length of time do I have to wait to workout after MMR vaccine?

From india lastdose of verorab taken in apr2013 and test in aug2013 titre 7 iu/ml.How long protected against suspected rabies exposure without booster

Getting a vaccination while on antibiotics, is this safe?

Had wound took tt ink in India how long is the immunity?

Has anyone died from taking the gardisil vaccine?

Hello Are two doses of heb b vaccine sufficient for my wife before marriage? The third dose after two months from the date of marriage Thank you

Hello sir am subrat from india. I have taken the vaccine abhay rab with 4 doses that is 0-3-7-28 days. How many days it will work sir. Am i safe?

Help! D; i received my last rabies vaccine today and i'm worried. Please tell me is PDEV; Vaxirab safe? Is it safeee?? Help! ; _ ;

Hi doc to discontinue the pcv vaccination after ist pedia has scheduled monthly but its my child safe?

Hi Doc, about an hour ago I received my first Gardasil injection for HPV and a TB skin test, is it safe to drink alcohol the same day of the shot?

Hi i'm 21 years old, i took my meningococcal vaccine 2 days back and i took my Tdap vaccine today, is it safe for me take my MMR vaccine tomorrow?

How can i know i should take anti hpv vaccine?

How do you prevent pregnancy rhinitis? Is there a vaccine you can take?

How doctors explain the long incubation period (>1 year) of rabies , can pep vaccination still be effective after 9 months of possible exposure?

How long after a tb screening must I wait before taking a vaccine ?

How long after getting gardasil before I have adequate immunity?

How long after receiving adult dose(0.5 ml) MMR vaccine do antibodies form?

How long do I have to wait to conceive after recieving the tdap vaccine?

How long does a rabies booster last for protection? And how long does a post exposure last cause I've heard it doesn't last as long as a pre exposure

How long does it take for tetanus booster to increase immunity?

How long does it take for the h1n1 vaccine to work?

How long does it take to build immunity after receiving gardasill vaccine?

How long does rubeola titer take to come up after the MMR booster?

How long does the meningitis c vaccine take to be effective? I got it on 28 february am i immune now?

How long does the rabies vaccine protect a person after it was administered?

How long does the typhoid vaccine inj take to leave your bloodstream after administration?

How long is supposed to go by between the first and second vaccination dose for mumps, measles and rubella?

How long rabies vaccines protect us?

How long shall I wait to take a typhoid vaccine (injection) after getting the hep a vaccine?

How long should I prevent from pregnancy after the chickenpox vaccine injection?

How long should I wait to conceive after Rubella immunization? I heard about 28 days, 1 months, 2 months and 3 months. What is the truth?

How long to wait after taking rubella vaccination to plan pregnancy?

How long would rubeola titer takes to come up after the MMR booster?

How many days should I wait to take prednisone after having a shingles vaccination?

How many doses of vaccine are needed?

How many hours anti rabies vaccine create protection period after taken shots of vaccine? if exposure again

How many rotavirus vaccines are needed to prevent it in a 6 month old? Can 1 dose prevent it?

How many vaccinations can I take to help maintain immunity?

How safe is it for my daughter to get the recommended one year vaccinations?

How to get a cheaper pcv (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine )for my 4 month old baby as first dose.?

I abstained for 2 years prior to my 1st Gardasil shot & just received the 3rd. How long should I wait to have sex now that I've completed the series?