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Allergic to pencillian my little dog was given it can I have a reaction if I administer it to her or near her as she is on it?

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Cortisone shot for albuterol allergy?

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Dr. Gave me a kenalog (triamcinolone) shot for allergies . What is the likely hood of it causing nuvaring to be less affective ?

Has anyone become immuned to having a shellfish allergy after doing allergy shots? Is that treatment available?

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Help please? What is causing reaction after ppd, flu shot, etc?

Help! what could be causing reaction after having ppd, flu shot, etc?

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How effective are allergy shots?

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I am currently on the depot shot. I have had an allergic reaction to it. Can i get pregnant on my last 2 weeks of being on the shot ?

I get allergy shots and my allergist said during the course of shots, could i get anaphylaxis?

I got a steroid shot yesterday for my allergy reaction. Why is it a steroid, will this need get me buff?

I had a reaction to my allergy shot and was administered an epinephrine shot and a zyrtec (cetirizine) pill. Is it still safe to breastfeed my baby tonight?

I have a severe allergy to eggs and penicillin. Can I have a flu shot?

I have asthma...usually is triggered by dust..antihistamine help a little but it is good idea to take allergy shots and where can get the shots?

I have poison ivy and it has become systemic. I was given a cortisone shot on friday but have not had much relief. Should I return to my doctor?

I think i might be having an allergic reaction to a shot i received, what can I do?

I wanted to know is there an allergy shot that lasts 6 months?

I was just watching on news about allergy drops being 80 percent curable .i doing the shots are they just as effective as drops? Been doing shots 7 we

I'm allergic to eggs, is there a type of flu shot that I can get?

I've been given kenalog (triamcinolone) shots in the past for sinus and allergy problems, is it safe to keep getting them. Is it likely to develop an allergic reactio?

I've heard you can get allergy shots without actually getting a shot. Is that what allergy drops are for?

If I have an allergic reaction to a cortisone shot what can be given to me to counteract it?

If I have antibiotic allergies can I still all the usual vaccines?

If i m having a reaction to a flu shot is it ok to take echinacea?

If I need allergy injections now, will I need them forever?

If i took allergy shot do i get to keep my cats?if so what allergy shot do you recommend?so my pharmacist would provide it for me.No allergy doc here.

If you are allergic to eggs you do not get a flu shot--why is this?

If you are allergic to eggs, should you do not get a flu shot?

If you are allergic to penicillin, and you also not get the flu shot?

Injection for sun allergy?

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