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I had my uterus an cervix removed in 2012 robotically but i have both ovaries im not sexually active i have vaginal bleeding all the time why?

i have to do an ovariectomy,my cervix stuck to my bladder ,is it a danger to remove the cervix as well,can it be removed or just let it as it is?

1.4 yrs ago, my mirena (levonorgestrel) was surgically removed b/c it was imbedded in uterine wall. For 7 months been ttc with no luck. Possible uterine damage?

10 days ago i had d&c hysteroscopy and a polyp removed, now what?

15 days of menstrual bleeding for two years now, doctor says theres some kind of mass in the uterus, no doctor can help here, help?

3 opinions say i need hysterectomy d/t fibroid, suggested leaving cervix but removing center of it and cauterizing. Will i still have monthly bleeding?

9mm polyp in uterine cavity. No symptoms.Removal necessary for future pregnancy?

After biopsy of uterus how long should you bleed?

After my lap dr fix coil because he removed the scar tissue from my uterus. Its been two months i'm having bleeding.Can coil cause bleeding?

After thinning the lining of your uterus, ovarian drilling and polyp removal does that increase fertility and ovulation?

Am bleeding from the vagina with no uterus and rectum recently had a partial hysterectomy but still bleed they removed my uterus recently found out my spleen is enlarged am bleeding from the rectum

Are Pap tests still needed after removal of the uterus (hysterectomy)?

Benign polyp in uterus removed few yrs ago. Have fibroid growing again. Is this bad sign? My cycle irregular. Have period again. Last one 12 dys ago

Bleeding 20yrs after hysterectomy every thing was removed but overies, has only happened twice. was told vaganal walls were thining ?

Bleeding from uterine biopsy and polyp removal ten days after procedure. Is this normal? Not sure if starting a normal period now or still bleeding ?

Can a fibroid dissolve or bleed to go away on its own?

Can a polyp burst and be expelled?

Can a uterine infection be serious you need hysterectomy?

Can a uterine polyp be treated with medicine?

Can cervical scar tissue cause bleeding in between periods?

Can embedment & removal of my IUD cause uterine scarring & lead to infertility? I had my IUD removed 3 yrs ago. Ttc again for over a yr w/no luck.

Can endometrial polyp cause post menopausal bleeding and pelvic pain?

Can endometrial polyps come back only 2 weeks after a d&c and polypectomy? How soon can they reoccur???

Can fibroid tumors bleed or have a leakage?

Can herpes complicate dysfuntional uterine bleeding?

Can i ask for my cervix to be cauterised because of heavy discharge? What happens in the procedure?

Can I have IVF with a small uterine polyp?

Can I have my uterine polyp removed on the day of ovulation or after ovulation?

Can I opt NOT to get the D&C in combo with a hysteroscopy/polypectomy and just have the two without a d&c as I don't want my uterine lining scrape?

Can i wear tampons a month and 10 days after a dnc with fibroid tumors?

Can polyps be removed while on my period if I've been bleeding for 13 days or more?

Can removal of uterus cause rectal bleeding?

Can removing a uterin polyp, return my periods back to normal upon there is no other causes that would be making them heavy?

Can u have vaginal birth after having two fibroid surgeries?

Can uterine polyps cause pain?

Can uterine polyps go away with progesterone therapy?

Can you describe symptoms of uterus infection after fibroid removal surgery? I had the surgery 6 months ago, now have bleeding between periods

Can you get endometrial polyps while on the pill?

Can you remove uterine polyp while on estrogen and progesterone?

Can you still menstrate even after your womb has been removed?

Could one uterine polyp cause swelling?

Could removal of endometrial polyp cause piercing of the uterus and hence infertility?

Could there be a bigger problem? Gallbladder removal, ibs, total thyroidectomy, fibroid on my uterus, and now extreme rectal bleeding. I'm 22. Help!

Diagnosed with a polyp on cervix which has been bleeding for a month solid. I have to wait 2 months to be removed. Can symptoms escalate?

Did a partial hysterectomy in January 2010 to remove fibroids. 56 y/o female. About a month ago bleeds after oral and fingering sex only. Any concern?

Did a partial hysterectomy in January 2010 to remove fibroids. 56 y/o female. About a month ago bleeds after oral and fingering sex only. Any concern?

Do all women with Fibroids located inside the uterus have heavy and irregular bleeding, or do some women have no symptoms with submucosal fibroids?

Do I need hysterectomy : I have Abnormal vaginal bleeding for 4 months, I am diagnosed with uterine fibroids; then I had D&C cleaning.

Do you bleed after cerclage removal?

Does a large myoma and a polyps warrant hysterectomy?

Does removal of the uterus affect ovulation?

Due to fibroids I am having a hysterectomy. I have been given the option to have my cervix removed or not. Is it necessary to remove the cervix?

During endometrial biopsy doctor removed polyp in october. Now random vaginal bleeding between periods. Im in my forties, do I need to go back to dr?

Endometrium is coming through cervix..what kind of surgery is needed?

For uterus over 10cm with heavier bleeding and cramping would you recommend endometrial ablation or hysterectomy?

Getting a D&C with myosure in 1 week to remove polyp and overgrown endometrial tissue. Will it be possible for me to get pregnant after this procedure?

Had polyps removed from cervix and uterus three days ago and still spotting how long might this last?

Had a hysterectomy with tubes uterus and cervix removed in 2006. I am 31. Have bleeding after intercourse and once without intercourse.

Had a total abdom hyster 3 months ago.Still have my cervix. I'm bleeding. Dr says i prob have uterine tissue left in my cervix. Can this make me bleed?

Had cervical polypectomy last 2 weeks still have vaginal discharge with blood.My ob-gyne said the root of the polyp cannot be removed. Is it true?

Had dnc 3 months ago for fibroid, polyps and thickening. Still in pain with lot of clotting on cycle.What can it be now ?

Had transvaginal U/S for bleeding 2 years post removal of uterus. U/S caused severe bleeding after. Possible Causes?

Had uterine perforation but the dr is not sure enough to treat?

Have uterine polyp and 2 ovarian cysts causing severe pain and irregular hevy bleeding and spotting can this be from polyp?

Have uterine polyps diagnosed with hysteroscopy.Going to surgery to remove polyps outpatient. Why not just have a hysterectomy?

Having a hysteroscopy/ D&C for polyp removal, look at fibroid and possible adenomyosis. Is this likely to bring some pain relief and lessen bleeding?

Hi Doctor, can hysteroscopy surgery (to remove the uterus polyps) cause scar tissue in the uterus and cause difficulties for fertile egg to implant?

Hi i have had a polyps removed is it normal to bleed 7 weeks non stop?

How are uterine polyps seen?

How are uterine polyps treated in a woman?

How bad should bleeding from fibroids be before surgery?

How can I control pinpoint bleeding on my bladder? I had uterine fibroids two years ago, and had the uterus removed.

How can I tell whether i passed a uterine polyp?

How can ovarian function be evaluated post hysterectomy uterus and cervix removed, ovaries retained?

How common is it for your uterus to be punctured during a dnc?

How do I know if I have a cervical polyp or not?I always have infrequent bleeding, its been 4 months now.And do I have to remove it?

How do you know if you're "symptomatic" of a uterus polyp ?

How does a dr remove a polyp from the cervix?

How does removal of the uterus cause early menopause?

How early can one have sex after fibroid uterine surgery?

How i can conscieve with endometrosia?

How long are you suppossed to spot or bleed after uterine polyp removal?

How long do you bleed after ovarian drilling and d and c?

How long do you bleed and cramp after having a polyp removed from your uterus that was done in the obgyn office?

How long does bleeding continue after endometrial polyp removal?

How long does the bleeding last after havig a uterine polyp removed?

How long should you bleed after having a ployp removed from your cervix?

How long to wait for TTC after removing endometrial Polyp?

How many chances are there that uterine polyp get removed after having periods?

How much bleeding to expect and for how long after IUD removal in postmenopausal woman?

How soon can a woman have sex after having surgical removal of uterine fibroids?

How to know if the heavy bleeding is due to intramural fibroids(2.2x1.9, 1x1) or dub?Dr says dub;can small intramural fibroids cause heavy bleeding?

Hysterectomy 24 yrs ago. Uterus & cervix removed. Vaginal bleeding. Family Dr. says it's a polyp..have a referral to see Gyn. What happens now? I'm 66

I am 31yrs old and I have fibroids in my uteris how can I have them removed?

I am 43 years old. My uterus thickness is 20 cms and have three fibroids in the uterus. I have irregular bleeding and heavy bleeding and pain.

I am 44 & faced with problems of fibroids in uteris causing irregular bleeding. Want to wait till menupause against doctors advice of uterine emboliza?

I am having a myomectomy next month. Will having an IUD inserted right after a vaginal myomectomy cause scarring or infection?

I am having a polypectomy to remove uterine polyps. Can the procedure still happen if I am men stating?

I don't have a uterus or cervix..bleeding from vagina...Dr. discovered a polyp. What happens now? I'm told most polyps are benign.

I got a hysteroscopy performed to remove 4 polyps, 2 in the cervix, and 2 in the uterus. Now I am thinking?