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02 fibroids in posterior wall,largest 7.4x5.5cm,uterus size 11.7x7.8x6.0cm,. can i try to conceive with these fibroids? do you think they will cause pregnancy problems? i dont want to have surgery

1 1/2 weeks ago I had a large fibroid that calcified to a grapefruit size in uturus wall. What is the best treatment so we can have more babies?

2 uterine fibroids diagnose, 1 size 6month preg.Tilted womb. Had MRI so why can't docs tell me where/what type of fibroids I have?Hysterectomy booked

2 years ago found out had fibroids my dr felt was best to not have surgery so had ufe instead just found out they dint shrink what's options i have?

28yr single female,uterus 10.1cmx5.2cmx4.2cm,fibroid 5.3cmx4.1cm posterior of uterus pushing ee complex.dont want operation.planing 1st child in 3yrs.

3 fibroids found in the anterior wall of the uterus?Will it grow fast? M 26 y/o.Will it interfere pregnancy?And to the fetus if your pregnant?

30 weeks twin pregnancy andt there are two large fibroids of 11.6cm located at the upper part of the uterus. Does this have effect on the twins?

36yo exophytic, subserosal fibroid arising to the upper abdomen L1 level. 19.5x16.5x9.5. Never had kids, virgin. Any options to save uterus?

4 very early m/c. 3 intramural fibroids, largest 3.4cm. Can intramural fibroids smaller than 5cm cause very early recurrent miscarriages?

42yr old female diagnosed w/ 1 ant. Submucosal uterine fibroid protruding into lower uterine cavity & multiple post. Uterine polyps. What trtmt optns?

52yo Mother has enlarged uterus. may be cause of uterine fibrods. 20cmx14cmx19cm she reckons. No symtoms. Should she removed it? by Dr.

6.6 CM fibroid in uterus is that big?

7 weeks pregnant and stomach hardening on right side as I sleep. I also have uterine fibroid. Could it be the fibroid or something else?

9 CM cist in the uterus, 58 years old?

A friend has intramural uterine fibroids with frequent urination and pelvic discomfort. She is unmarried. Can fibroids be cured with homeopathy or aur?

A lap myomectomy (removd 3*3cm size-submucos, intramuralfibroids) affect my future pregnancy? I miscaried due to fibroid at 6th month.

A small mass of .5 CM in the uterus should it be removed? Does it interact with pregnancy? Thank you

Adenomyosis-3 cysts-one of which is huge are there alternatives outside menopause and hysterectomy?

Adenomyosis-large cysts and uterus is boggy and very large is there anything that makes an impact besides menopause and hysterectomy?

After baby is born can they remove a large fibroid?

Am 27 yrs old.Lost my pregnant coz of large submucs fibroid at 23wks.Did myomectomy.Is ther any chance of regrowth of fibroids? If so with in how many yrs

An ultrasound showed that I have a few uterine fibroids and a complexed ovarian cyst. What can I do naturally ? I am 54 and still have periods.

An us found 3cm mass in right fundus of iterus. Subendometrial fibroid is suspected. Is hormones the cause. Can surgery remove it?

Are fibroids better palpable if your full bladder?

Are fibroids palpable if you are not full bladder?

Are fibroids palpable?

Are large fibroids outside the uterus easy to be operated on -penduculate?

Are natural cures for uterine fibroids effective?

Are new treatments avaialble for uterine fibroids?

Are other treatments being developed for uterine fibroids?

Are there any antiestrogen herbs for fibroids?

Are there any chances of ecotopic pregnancy if cornu has 1cm fibroid or polyp?

Are there any homeopathy solutions for uterus fibroids?

Are there any non surgical ways to shrink fibroids?

Are there ways to prevent tumors and fibroids in the uterus? My mother has them, and we are worried that i will get them too.

Are uterine fibroids cancerous?

At 32 what the best way to rid of fibroid?

At first pregnancy check up I found out I had 2 horns then after a c-section I found out both uteruses was only half size. What is the cause of this?

At what age an uterine polyp could be cancerous?

Being diagnosed with possibly digenerative fibroids and cysts on both overies ( 1 bigger than 1 ), and a tilted uterus, are these fatal.

Best option for delivery with a small pelvis?

Bulky uterus with large posterior intramural fibroid which treatment is suitable surgery or laparoscope plz suggest me?

Can a 1.6cm anterior uterine fibroid negatively affect IVF embryo implantation?

Can a 1cm fibroid be removed?

Can a 1cm fibroid cause symptoms?

Can a calcified fibroid be removed by hysteroscopic myomectmy? Is it harder to remove then a regular fibroid?

Can a small 2 CM subserosal fibroid on the anterior fundus of my retroverted uterus cause blood tinged vaginal discharge after meals on a full stomach?

Can a uterine fibroid be causing pain?

Can a very large subserosal uterine fibroid cause dvt?

Can abortion cause fibroids?

Can an anterior, subserosal fibroid turn into a submucosal fibroid? Are subserosal fibroids linked to miscarriage? Is there a certain size they need to reach before causing a problem?

Can an autoimmune diseases like Chronic granulomatous has any affect in the grown of uterine fibroid? just find out i have 5 CM fibroid in my uterus.

Can anterior subserous fibroid affect pregnancy?

Can anyone tell me what could cause an enlarged uterus?

Can cephalosporin be used for bulky uterus?

Can eating or taking anything with photoestrogen have effect on urine fibroids in uterus ?Can it make fibroids bigger & cancerous? May you explain dr

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Can fibroid tumors cause symptoms farther away from the uterus?

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Can i carry a full term pregnancy with fibroid?

Can I do press ups or sit up with a 8 CM fundal fibroid without causing the uterus to rapture ?

Can i get pregnant after doing uterine fibroid embolization?

Can I give birth if I have uterine fibroids?

Can I take Osphena if I still have my cervix but no uterus and I carry BRCA2.

Can I try to conceive with a 9.8 CM subserosal fibroid? It hasn't been bothersome up to this point. Should I have a myomectomy before TTC? I'm 34.

Can MRI distinguish between fibroid and polyp in uterus?

Can nuvo ring create state of menopause and in turn shrink fibroid or adenomyosis?

Can one give birth with fibroid?

Can periods come twice a month with blood spotting in between, is any health problem with this.i have done ultrasound and all are ok no abnormal cyst is there,no stone in urinary bladder, uterus size 6.9*3.5*3.6cm, uterus size shape is normal & anteverted

Can small fibriod(posterior wall intends to endometrium cavity) of 10mm affects chances of conceiving?

Can someone explain to me what are uterine fibroids there for, and why you have to remove them?

Can someone with uterine fibroids take tasly photoestrogen without causing any problems to fibroids?

Can spraying perfume in women cause fibroids ?

Can taking Multivitamins everyday Expedite the growth of UTERINE FIBROIDS in the uterus or CYCTS ?

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Can the doctor induce me for an irritable uterus at 37 weeks?

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Can you still get uterine fibroids if you get a hysterectomy, even if they occur outside the uterus?

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Can you tell me if all fibroids grow out to protrude your stomach?

Can your whole somache be swollen from uterine fibroid?

Could a 6.73cm fibroid increase in 10 CM for a year?

Could having an embolization (uterine artery, i guess) work on/help with endometriosis-related pain?