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.endometrial lining is diffusely heterogeneous with 0.2 mc hypoechoic density centrally, cannot exclude a polyp. Adenomyosis ? What this mean?



"Endometrium is 16mm in diameter & is quite heterogeneous & contains echogenic areas. This could be due to endometrial polyps or neoplasm". Cancer?

34 years old, sudden 60 day period, ultra sound: endometrium is heterogenous and unchanged in thickness. How can I promote shedding of my lining?

43 yr old. Abnormal bleeding and cramping. Perimenopausal. Ultrasound shows endometrial stripe as slightly heterogeneous with a 8.7mm iin A thicknes?

43yo with a posterior intramural fibroid 5x5x4cm. Endo stripe is 3mm. Uterus 10x6.5x6.2cm. Doc advised TVH. any input about size of uterus for TVH.

46 perimenopausal. TVU showed 4mm cystic area, heterogeneous uterus, 2 mm endo stripe after 15 days bleeding. What followup is recommended?

5 days into cycle uterine lining meaasured 7mm already had hysteroscopy which showed mildly proliferative but is 7mm too thick?

5.8 mm endometrium. Is it normal?

56yrs/p. Ultrasound- endometrial lining m. 1.2cm with increased vascularity & small cystic area in endometrium. Please explain, what it could be.

60 y/o who experienced PMB. U/S showed endometrial stripe measuring 2.2cm. EMBX showed tubal metaplasia weak proliferative phase no hyperplasia/atypia?

7.1 mm endometrium is normal?

A pelvic ultrasound i had says heterogeneous echotexture of the myometrium and 1 ovey is 12.6cc and other is 2.8cc.Is this normal?

A thickened endometrium on a post menopausal lady mean always cancer?

A transvaginal ultra sound showed endometrial thickness of 1.0 after my period is this normal.

Abnormal/irregular outline of endometrium with thickness of 8mm in 71 year old. Is this malignancy?

Abnormally slightly thickened endometrial stripe (18mm) Still have periods. 27 years old. Could this be cancer? Im having trouble conceiving.

Advise me that I have Bulky UterusWith Adenomyosis 5.28*62.4*38.7mm & Endometrium 6.4mm, is it normal, & which treatment is best?

Age 46 pre menopausal. Bulky uterus. Myometrium thick and corase. Endometrium 14mm. Ovaries are normal. No adxenal mass. What is the issue?

An ultrasound showed a my endometrial lining is only 4mm and there are benign-appearing follicular cysts. Could it be pcos?

Anteverted uterus it has a homogeneous echopattern with intact endometrial lining. No myometrial lesion seen.polycystic ovaries?

Anteverted uterus measures length 7.1*2.8*2.9cm.Left ovaries-2.6*2.1cm.Right ovaries-2.7*2.0cm.Endometrial thickness-3.2mm.Cervix-2.9cm. Normal?? Ttc

At 6-7 weeks pregnant would the endometrium thickness be greater than 3mm or does it thin out?

Bulky uterus. Myometrium thick and corase. Endometrium 14mm. Ovaries are normal. No adxenal mass?

Can a thickened endometrium of 19 due to polyps cause a heterogeneous uterus measuring 4.1 x 5.4 x 8.7 cm & should this resolve with polypectomy?

Can i still get pregnant when I have myomatous uterus. And submucosal leiomyoma versus an endometrial polyp measuring approximately 1.1x1.5x1.1cm, an?

Can i still get pregnant? When I have myomatous uterus, submucosal leiomyoma versus an endometrial polyp measuring 1.1x1.5x1.1cm. Endometrial stripe

Could any doctor advice me about the meaning of "heterogeneous cervix"?

Could you explain what wall thickness is during pregnancy and what determines 'thickness?' Does it have to do with a woman's pre-peg. weight?

Could you please tell me what i need to do if I have 25mm (endometrial thickness) in 15th day of my cycle? Do i need to have hysteroscopy?

Day10 hysterosonogram.Uterus anteverted and normal.Uterus measures 4.4x2.5x4.8cm.Endometrium measures 4.2 mm.Post saline, endometrium was 3.3mm.Normal?

Describe this please what's my problem? Anteverted , normal size uterus. Endometrial thickness measuring 0.6 cm. No intrauterine or extrauterine gesta

Diag with "1.2cm posterior intramural body fibroid abutting the endometrial stripe." isn't what was described actually a submucous fibroid? Confused.

Diagnosed with 2 endometria... One 7mm and the other 12mm. She said I have an enlarged uterus. Does this mean I have endometriosis?

Diffuse heterogeneity of the uterine myometrium w/o discrete mass sugg of adenomyosis and small fibroids pls explain the meaning of my US. WORRIED ?

Diffusely heterogeneous myometrium with at least one fibroid?

Do endometrial injury by means of endometrium biopsy improves implantation rates?

Do ovarian cysts cause thickening of the endometrial wall?

Does endometrial polyp cause disordered proliferative endometrium? Can I get pregnant with disordered proliferative endometrium? Thanks

Does endometriosis cause uterine endometrium to be thickened? Dr says no need to biopsy 17mm thickening measured a week after my period. I'm concerned

Endometerial thickness 13.3mm at 21st day of cycle it means?

Endometrial cavity thickness 4.3 mm?

Endometrial stripe meas 4.6mm and its thin endometrium with small gestational sac , is it normal for a 7 weeks pregnant?

Endometrial stripe measures 1.2 CM is that good or bad?

Endometrial stripe measures 7mm, am i pregnant?

Endometrial stripe measures of 1.0cm, is it normal?

Endometrial stripe thickness of 6.3. Normal?

Endometrial thickness is 1.9 CM is this normal after 5 months of myc section?

Endometrial thickness of 14mm on day 8 of my cycle normal?

Endometrial thickness, total 6.6mm...Is this normal???As I'm trying to conceive...

Endometrium 14mm thickened, mixed&echogenic, what does this mean?

Endometrium is 7mm is it normal?

Endometrium is enlarged an mildy heterogeneous, prior to this endometrium was normal in size and contour. Can my uterine polyp cause abnormal findings?

Endometrium measures 7mm. What does that mean?

Enometrial thickness is27mm with gsac 5mm, is it normal ?

Focal calcification in endometrium?

Had a follicar scan. Cycle day 10. Lining thickness currently 6. Is the thickness normal for day 10? What thickness is required for implantation?

Had transvag ultrasound. Says endometrial stripe is 3mm. Is this normal? Is this bad? I have no idea what this means or what the stripe should be

Had TVU 3 days prior to period, showed 16mm endo thickening + bulky uterus. I have PCOS. Is endo thickening and bulky uterus cause for concern? I'm 33

Had ultrasound an endometrial stripe thickness of 12mm was found and slight fluid in cul de sac. What does that mean?

Hello..I'm 28 years old and i had a recent US Pelvic and it stated that my endometrial stripe was 4 mm thickness, should i be concerned? is normal when my endometrial stripe has a thickness of 1.5 26 years old.

Hi Doc, Is endometrium echo complex thickness of 12mm in midcycle, considered thick?

Hi i have a thickened endometrium of 16mm. What does this mean? i sm 40 and having irregular periods for last 3mths.

Hi I have an ultrasound report that state,the uterus is homogeneous,anteverted and measures 8.1*4.4*5.0cm.the endometrium measures 1.o cm. ?

Hi, I have Endometrium thickness of 15 mm and CL seen measuring 17, 9 and 14 mm. Could it be a sign of pregnancy? Endometrium size b4 ovulatn was 14mm

Hi, what does 7.8mm, slightly heterogenous endometrium at the fundal are mean? also cervix with distinct canal and homogenous stroma?

Hi! im 22 years old i live with the polycystic syndrome . Las week i had a sonogram that's shows my endometrial lining measures in 0.5cm it's normal?

Hi...what does it mean when i have "normal size retroverted uterus; slightly thickened endometrial stripe; and normal size ovaries with cystic follicl?

How concerning would you find a 1cm regrowth of endometrial lining within 2 months of endometrial ablation in a 27 yr old female?

How do you measure the endometrial thickness with intrauterine device in patient with pv bleeding. What is the range?

How much should be endometrial thickness at the time of ovulation?

I 57 yrs post menopausal i had thick endometrium for 5 yrs. In 2007 hysterescopy benign polyp. In 2010 d&c hyperplasia. Now 9mm endometrium advise?

I am 25 years of age unmarried. My lower abdomen ultrasound says bulky and anteverted uterus. Myometrium shows homogeneous echotexture. Endometrium is?

I am 26 years old and i just has my transvaginal ultrasound and my endometrial stripe is now 0.6 thick compared to 0.28 8 months ago. is this normal?

I am 30 years old, unmarried, my ultrasound shows bulky size anteverted utrerus, with fundal fibroid 6.5 cm in diameter, endometrial thickness 6mm. 2 ?

I am 42 just had a pelvic us and the endometrial lining measured 12.5mm (1.25cm) and it was 5 days after my cycle. Is this normal?

I am 46 near to menopause my ultrasound of pelvis says that uterus is a bit bulky and endometrial thickness is 0.9cm on 10th day what does that mean?

I am on day 21 of my cycle and my endometrial thickness is 9.4mm. What is the implication of this as regards ovulation?

I had a postmenopausal period and the transvaginal ultrasound showed an endometrial thickness of 6.1mm. Could this be cancer?

I had a transactional ultrasound and the findings were the following : uterus measures 8.2x4.6x3.9 cm and shows heterogeneous myometrial echotexture ?

I had a transvaginal ultrasound, the result is normal sized anteverted uterus with non-thickened endometrium, normal sized ovaries, what does it mean?

I had a transvaginal us that showed some thickening. Can some part of the uterine wall be more thicker close to period or does it have same thickness?

I had an ablation that lasted 2 years. Now I have thickening of the endometrium and a swollen uterus. What does this mean?

I had my pelvic scan n the report says uterus anteverted with normal endometrial n myometrail echoes. Bilateral ovaries polycystic what does it mean?

I had my Trans vaginal scan, it says that I have a thickened endometrium consider endomentrial pathology, I endometrium is heterogenous measuring 1.7?

I had my transvaginal ultrasound on my 5th day of menses and found to have an endometrium size of 1.19cm. I was advised to have an endometrial biopsy?

I had pcod and endometrium thickness of 2.01 CM on 22 nd it problem? How much thickness mean endometriosis

I had postmenopausal bleeding after one year. In trans vaginal ultrasound, my endometrial thickness is 10 mm. Rest is clear. Is it normal?

I have a 6cm thick posterior myometrium and 3cm thick anterior myometrium and 0.6cm thick endometrium and have a chronic cervisdoctowhat I will do?

I have a bulky and hypotrophy cervix. What is the treatment for that. ?

I have a heterogeneous thick 8-9 mm endometrium Retroverted uterus Pcos Planning on conceiving ?

I have a thickened endometrium, possibly endometrium hyperplasia, is there anything i can do own my own to thin it and increase my progesterone levels?

I have a uterers lining thickness of 3.4mm can I concive?

I have uterus didelphys, in ultrasound pelvis.1uter 6.9*3.0*4.1cm endo 9.1mm 2 uterine7.0*2.6*4.0 endo 8.2 mm r.Ovary 2.4*1.6cm lute 2.4*1.7cm normal ?

I just had a transvaginal ultrasound that said that there was a "5mm hyperechoic endometrial mass". Is there any chance this is a decidual reaction?

I recently had a tvu, wihich showed a thickened uterine lining. The doctor suggested it may be adenomyosis. Could it be uterine/ovarine cancer?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my endometrial thin is 4mm is it normal?

I'm 5 years post menopause and my endometrial stripe measured 6.2 mm up from 3mm last year. my dr wants to do it normal for increase postmen?