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19 years old,PCOS&Endometrial hyperplasia,have already done an ultrasound, should a biposy be done?

2 weeks ago today I had a cone biopsy and endometrial biopsy's. I'm still bleeding is this normal?

3 yr post menopause, no bleeding, 5mm endo/ lining, 2 small fibroids, negative biopsy and pap but atrophy, parabasal cell type. 1 yr pap, or sooner?

58 year old woman with 7 CM endometrial lining, stopped HRT therapy 3 months ago. Endometrial biopsy recommended by doc with d&c or hysterectomy?

After endometrial biopsy is it normal to have a vaginal discharge?

Age 56 female.6 years postmenopausal . transvag.ultrasound shows endometrial thickening 8mm.biopsy? Dr wants this cancer?

Are either fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, or polyps a precursor to cancer?

Are endometrial biopsy and pap test the same thing?

Are fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, or polyps a precursor to cancer?

Are uterine and cervical polyps always removed and biopsied during d&c's?

At what mm of uterine lining would a doctor order a uterine biopsy? Premenopausal, recent diagnosis breast cancer with periods stopped for 3 months.

Biopsy/ultrasound scheduled for 3 weeks. If I have uterine cancer, would i bleed continually ? I am 2 yrs after menopause.

Calcified fibroid tumors in uterus, is it necessary to biopsy?

Can a vaginal ultrasound see uterus and endometrial cancer?

Can adenomyosis and thick endometrium be cancerous?

Can doctors do an endometrial biopsy when you have period?

Can endometrial cancer look like adenomyosis on ultrasound?

Can endometrial hyperplasia be present without abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding?

Can endometrial polyp cause bloating ?

Can hysteroscopy be used to remove polyp and conduct endometrial biopsy at the same time? (avoiding separate endo biopsy)

Can I have an endometrial biopsy during my period?

Can simple endometrial hyperplasia be treated medically?

Can you have a womb biopsy while on your period?

Can you tell me about endometrial serous adenocarcinoma?

Can you tell me about hematometra ?

CIN2, endometrial thickening of 20mm and hyperechoic area (polyp) dianosed. D&C and LEEP scheduled, could this be cancer?

Could a trans-vaginal ultrasound detect endometrial hyperplasia?

Could you tell me what happens if my endometrial biopsy is abnormal?

Cramping and bleeding 4 days after biopsy and endocervical curettage?

Do you need to ave your ovaries removed because of endometrial hyperplasia with atypia?

Doctor ordered endometrial biopsy, should I be worry?

Does endometrial hyperplasia typically present with an enlarged uterus?

Does exercise or treadmil cause bleeding once more in my case.Hyperplastic endometrialpolyp with cystic change in endometrial d&c biopsy?.Thanks

Does it matter in what order you schedule an endometrial biopsy, a pap smear and an ultrasound for postmenoposal bleeding - or timing between them?

Endo biopsy reliable after ablation? Gyn said I have endometrial hyperplasia from low progesterone. Wants me on 5mg progesterone for 3 months.

Endometrial biopsy normal. What is the percentage that a cervical polyp biopsy is cancerous?

Endometrial biopsy says profilferative endometrium with focal ciliated metaplasia. I have history of tickened endometrium and with irregular menstrual?

Endometrial Cancer. Endometrial biopsy normal, lining is at 15. What does this mean?

Endometrial hyperplasia 26mm and PCOD. how to cure?

Endometrial mass- report says it could be polyps, what to to do?

Endometrial polyp? Simple cystic hyperplasia, endometrium. Is it cancerous?

Endometrial sqamous metaplastic cells endo biopsy has been done?

Endometrial stripe measuring 11mm. i am 37 and premenopausal. is this normal? do i need an endometrial biopsy?

Endometrium, curettage: Inactive endometrium with stromal breakdown. No evidence of hyperplasia or neoplasia. What does this diagnosis?

Help! I have a hematometra?

Hi im 53 just had hysterscopy for endomitrial polyp a week ago still spotting is this normal please?

Histological section shows mainly decidualised endometrial tissue with hyperplastic glandular component specimen: uterine evacuation?

How accurate is an endometrial biopsy if you had one last year w/a hysteroscopy which was normal and a office biopsy last week same results?

How accurate is an office hysteroscopy endometrial biopsy &polypectomy in showing cancer or hyperplasia?

How can I prepare for sonohysterogram?

How common is it for someone to need an endometrial biopsy?

How dangerous is an endometrial biopsy?

How do you treat complex endometrial hyperplasia?

How long does cramping last after my endometrial biopsy?

How long does discharge last after endometrial biopsy last?

How long will i bleed after an endometrial biopsy and colposcopy?

How long will i bleed for after an endometrial biopsy?

How much tissue is actually removed in an endometrial biopsy?

How to prepare for endometrial biopsy?

Hysteroscopy 9/13 biopsy all nrml taking progesterone now have 2cm uterine polyp unlikely cancer or no?

Hysteroscopy 9/14 polyp biopsy nrml now new polyp 2 cm been on progrsterone how likely this is cancer ?

Hysteroscopy after failed ivf showed polypoid endometrium. What is polypoid?can this be the cause for my unexplained infertility?

Hysteroscopy d&c 4 polyp 10/15 path normal on prometrium daily last few periods 20 days u/s adenomyosis lining 4 mm am protected from endo cancer ?

I had a vaginal scan indicating that my uterus is axial, the endometrium was 7.7mm now I have to have a hysteroscopy/biopsy is this necessary?

I am 40 recently had endometrial biopsy with report says proliferative endometrium with fibrinous what does this mean?

I am 56 years old, 3 biopsies (october 2012 last one all benign), 2 sonohysterograms, hysteroscopy, ablation how likely is it that this is cancer?

I am having an endometrial biopsy by brushing. What does this mean?

I had a biopsy and colposcopy of my cervix 3 days ago, and im still cramping. Is that normal ?

I had a uterine biopsy 1 month ago and I am still having cramps. Any suggestions. Is this normal at all.?

I had an endometrial biopsy and colposcopy and cervical biopsy on 2 days ago. Discharge is normal looking but foul smelling...normal or not?

I had an endometrial biopsy done. It showed disordered proliferative endometrium. The gyn wants to do D&C to rule out hyperplasia. Is this normal?

I had an endometriel biopsy 4 days ago should I still be staining?

I had d and c and hysterscopy for abnormal uterine bleeding. Does hysteroacopy detect cancer during procedure or only when removed tissue is analyzed?

I had post menopause bleeding. Not endometril cancer as biopsy clear. Pap smear ok. Ultrasound shows slight hyperplasia. But could it be colon cancer?

I had the uterine biopsy thickening of the endometrium last year bleeding between periods, everything was normal.Do i needa check up once a year?

I have a 4 CM endometrial polyp what should I do next?

I'm a 40 yr old i had a supracervical hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. Now having vag. Bleeding monthly.Pap showed endometrial cells on cervix?

I've been done hysteroscopic polypectomy for postmenopausal bleed Biopsy; Inactive endometrium with focal tubal metaplasia Benign endometrial polyp?

If had d &c and hysteroscopy 5 mths ago no hyperplasia or cancer how fast could cancer of endometrium grow ?

If had endometrial biopsy w/ office hysteroscopy for thick lining path came back normal been on progesterone for 7 months could be cancer now?

If had office hysteroscopy/polyectomy 9/13 and no signs of hyperplasia or cancer having hysteroscopy/polyp again would cancer grow that fast ?

If I have a uterine polyp and endometrial hyperplasia, wouldn't hysteroscopy be better than pipelle biopsy?

If I need to have an endometrial biopsy performed how should I prepare for it?

If the hysterosonogram's results were fine, do I need endometrial biopsy also?

Is an endometrial biopsy the same as a biopsy for HPV virus?

Is endometrial hyperplasia the same thing as endometrial cancer?

Is it normal to have an endometrial stripe measurement of 11mm and endometrial biopsy showing precancerous cells? 38 yr old premenopausal Female.

Is it normal to have bleeding after hysteroscopy/endometrial biopsy?

Is it normal to have blood stained discharge after endometrial and cervical biopsy?

Is it normal to have pain 5 days after an endometrial biopsy?

Is it normal to start bleeding two weeks after having an endometrial biopsy?

Is it normal to take medroxyprogesterone every day continuously to treat endometrial hyperplasia with atypia?

Is it ok(normal) to have diagnosis of fragments of proliferative endometrium while on tamoxifen.

Is it okay to have biopsy of uterus during period?

Is it possible to have an endometrial biopsy while menstrating?

Is there any way you ca nfigure out if you have endometriosis before the biopsy ?

Is uterus biopsy and endometrial receptivity array the same procedure?

Menopausal 7 years. Take hrt.Had 7 days of spotting. Saline ultrasound showed no endometrial hyperplasia. How long can I postpone endom. Biopsy?

My 66 yr old mom has endometrial fluid in uterus. Will have d&c and biopsy. Has has no bleeding. Chances it's cancer?

My biopsy says endometrial polyp and disordered proliferative endometrium. The polyp was taken but no treatment given for dpe Can I get pregnant now?