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2 yr old daughter's urine has a strong odor. It doesn't really even smell like normal urine, it is difficult to describe. What could cause the odor?

3 year old daughters urine has an awful smell?

Can a strong smell from your pee mean your pregnant ?

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Can taking an antibiotic cause your urine to smell strong?

Can urine smell odd if UTI or of starving?

Cloudy urine with strong odor all week. Any of you possibly know what I should do?

Could a muti-vitamin cause dark urine and a strong urine smell?

Crystals in urine, concentrated, and foul smelling but no kidney stones?

Do vitamins make urine smell?

Does breastfeeding make your urine smell?

Does diabetes cause strong onion oder in urine?

Does gallbladder cause a strong smell in my urine?

Does hydrocephalus cause strong body odor or strong urine. Dark yellow?

Does hydrocephalus cause your pee to have a strong smell and does it cause your body odor to be strong too?

Does it mean anything if my urine has a pungent smell and I have been having giddy spells for 3 days.

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Does smell of urine arouse sex?

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Does urine have a strong odor?

Fishy urine with diabetes?

For the past few weeks I have a strong disgusting odor in my urine that will clear a bathroom. The smell is a mix between ammonia and yeast .

For what reason does my urine smell?

Foul urine oder recently. I had a UTI about a year ago and it was treat now I have a foul oder. No burning ?

Had a culture and urinalysis done and, results were negative but I still smell a slight ammonia urine smell in my discharge not strong, And had no sex?

Had UA, bacteria many, no pain at all. Urine has strong smell. Had culture last july and negative. Whats causing the strong smell?

Have cloudy urine, no smell, good color.?

Having some urine problems. Why does it smell after asparagus?

Headache and foul smelling urine. Are these connected?

Hello I don't understand why my urine have strong smell to it. What that means?

Hello, I'm 22 years old Male.. Please I need help.. My urine smells really bad and I'm scared?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is it in asparagus or in some people that cause odorous urine?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is it in asparagus that makes one's urine smell so distinct?

Hi i would like to know what causes urine to come through the bladder smelling foul .

Hi I've been having frequent yeasts infections and now have a foul smell to my urine, i also breastfeed and my baby now has a foul smelling urine???

Hi there is it normal for a male urine to smell?

Hi! my urine has a nutty odour (but not a strong smell), is light yellow, and cloudy. what does this mean?

How can I avoid my vagina from smelling after urination.Its having a high odour after I urinated why is that so?

How can I get help for a sickening urine odor?

How can I stop my urine from smelling so strong..?

How come my four year old daughter has a very strong ammonia smell in her urine?

How do I know if this is normal for urine to have a slight smell?

How do you know if you are not drinking enough water will it cause the urine to smell strong what else can cause foul smelly urine...Thanks?

How do you remove urine odor from skin down there?

How long will urine smell last on a mattress?

How many people have smelly urine from asparagus?

I am a male 44 yrs old. I have a stong oder in my urine and my seman has a oder as well?

I am experiencing cloudy urine (quality: strong odor) . ?

I am experiencing cloudy urine (quality: strong odor) . I have IC could it be that?

I had penicillin for an abscess over a month ago and my urine still smells of it.

I have hydrocephalus why is my stool and pee so foul smelling?

I have a Strong embarrassing Urine odor, there's no itching or burning .Urine just smells deadly, what are any ways to get rid of it?

I have bubbles in my urine. Tested negative for protetin and urine does not have a strong smell of ammonia. What else could be the cause of this?

I have finished trimethoprim for a uti and i still have very strong foul smelling urine ?

I have had sweet , fruity smelling urine for a couple weeks now. My feces also smells strangely fruity and my urine has been cloudy but no other symp?

I have had urine odor for a while now. What should I do?

I have no urine infection everything normal. But when I pee I have a strong fishy smell in my urine and it's dark is it from not drinking much water?

I have smelly urine. What can I do to stop this?

I leak and have strong urine odor, is there a problem I can fix?

I'm 13yrs old and for the past week my urine has a strong smell of chemicals to it?

I'm pregnant i'm in my third trimester and i smell this strong smell of ammonia am i leaking amnotic fluid?

I've blood in my urine that causes strong urine odor ?

I've had a UTI for over three weeks now and my urine is starting to have a funny odor, is this normal?

If u r pregnant will your urine stink?

Im 12w/5d preg. The last 2-3days I can smell an odor when I urine. In the am when I urine the smell was stronger n I have small pain in my L. Abdomen.

Im 17 and my urine smells bad, what's wrong ?

Is glucose making my urine smell sweet?

Is it common to have fishy smelling urine in diabetes?

Is it normal for my boyfriends urine to smell musky?

Is the smell of urine a sign of diabetes?

It only smell when i pee when my monthly is on?

Lately, my urine has had a strong smell. Diabetes?

My 4 month old boy's urine has an offensive smell is this normal? He had his immunization last week.

My 6 month old daughter has foul odor coming from her urine.... Her vagina also smells fishy. The urine smells like ammonia.. She only drinks milk?

My baby is 8 m old in her urine smell very strong should I take her to the doctor?

My daughters urine always smells horrible what can it be?

My girl had chlamydia and her urine smells bad is that normal ?

My pee is very yellow and smell?

My urine as a strong smell a dark in colour?

My urine has a smell like body odor. Is that normal?

My urine has a bad odor smell what can I do or take?

My urine has a musky smell it's been that way for 3 months now?

My urine has a sickly sweet smell about it what does this mean ?

My urine has a strong burnt smell to it with some blood in it. I was treated for UTI three months ago but the smell is new. Is it another uti?

My urine has a very strong fishy smell and it is uncomfortable when and after i pee but only in the mornings. When i wake up it is urgent that i pee.

My urine has been having a rotten egg smell to it for the past few days. Sometimes my urine is really dark. sometimes my urine is clear. what do I do?

My urine has been having a strong odor . It smells like baby urine? But i drink lots of water so what could this be ?

My urine has been sweet smelling for over a month, and now it's cloudy as well. I've been really fatigued lately too. Any suggestions?

My urine is dark and cloudy and smells foul. What could it be?

My urine is dark and has a strong smell--what could cause this?