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To test for microalbuminuria, how must the specimen be stored, and for how long can it wait to be tested?

cloudy urine 2-3 times a day. for 7 years now.I get regular kidney tests and last year had my urine tested for protein. Tests show nothing wrong.

"urinalysis showed trace of blood and large amount of leukocytes. Take another test" What does that mean?

15/25hpf of urine test, it is bad?

3 urine test within couple months and blood in my urine my rbc urine level is 1 have had bence jones labs done that also detected some levels in urine?

6 year old boy going to per every 10-15 minutes- started 4 days ago. Urine test shows protein in urine. Next steps?

A home urine dipstick test indicates small amount of bilirubin what would this indicate? And do I need to see my gp? Or is normal to have some?

After having a uti, finding glucose in my urine, and testing negative for blood sugar problems, i haven't been able to hold urine at times.

All the tests that i made ( urine, blood..)showed that I am normal . But still I am drinking more than 2l a day?

An at home urine test showed that I have 500+++ leukocytes but no nitrites in my urine. I have no other signs or symptoms. Should I be worried?

Are gp dipstick tests that you can buy online that look for protein, blood and wbcs enough, or are there other testings?

Are hospital urine tests ever tampered with to change results?

Are normal spot-urine tests able to measure protein levels under 300 mg/dl? I've read, that urine dipstick tests only show ''+'' it its over 300?

Are strips that i can buy from medical stores that test glucose and protein reliable when loooking for those in the urine?

At checkup, blood was found in my urine (not visible). Lab re-did test 2 weeks later w/ the same results. Should i see a urologist or a nephrologist?

At home UTI test positive for leukocytes but urine test at hospital negative for white and red blood cells. 24 weeks pregnant. Uti?

Baby may have cows milk allergy and doctor asked for urine sample which came back normal, what were they checking for?

Blood in urine march & sept. last year. ALL tests ok in september(including 2 cystoscopies) Now, again bloodin urine&semen. Testing needed? ( age: 20)

Blood test says protein in my urine. Dr says get another test in 6 months, but gave no prescription/advice. Do I wait or is there anything I can do?

Blood work all normal but urine showed bilirubin at a + Doctors not concerned though this is the second urine test on it as both tested positive.

Bubbles and foam after urinating. Several lab urinealysis, dipstick test negative. What could be ?

Burning urination.Trace blood/protein in U/A. Negative culture. Urine was in bladder for 3 hrs before sample. Was that long enough for accurate test?

Can a digital hpt be inaccurate if the full absorbent wasn't in urine??? Was in urine for correct amount of time

Can a gallbladder going bad show up on urine test or bloodwork?

Can a stool test still be performed if I did not fill the test bottle?

Can a urine test completely rule out diabetes?

Can a UTI cause you to have a black out. Did not fall but lost a period of memory. Awaiting urine test results but home one showing nitrates, blood.

Can dipsticks from the store like AZO really give accurate reading on uti. Nitrate (-) but LE was somewhat postive. ?

Can discharge from the penis be found in a urine lab test?

Can enterococcus be detected by common UTI test strips sold in pharmacies?

Can HIV be detected using a urine test? Life ins company wants a urine test to check. I've always had blood tests

Can I do 24 hour urine calcium test on antibiotics?

Can I test positive for thc thru kissing if I take a urine test ?

Can I use urine Reagant strips to test for csf from my nose?

Can menstral blood mixed in a urine sample affect the results of the test?

Can nicotine and cotinine appear in urine routine and microscoy,culture,microalbumin tests? Can it affect female hormones tests? What other tests?

Can schistosoma haematobium eggs be detected in a urinalysis test? If not what type of urine test can detect it? Thanks

Can simple urine sample show the pregnancy?

Can there be any way the doctor could know i'm sexually active by the results of my urine sample?

Can there be any way to have your kidneys tested without a urine test?

Can traces of chlaymydia from a blood test that directly looks for the pathogen show up less than 24 hours after exposure?

Can urine be tested for neurotransmitters or what test would be able to ?

Can visine pass a urine test? How much?

Can Watery Feces Such As Diarrhea End Up In Urine ?? if so will it show in lab tests ? If you take a urine sample?

Can yeast show in urine test?

Can you see all magnesium metabolism disorders also from blood sample test, or only from 24 hour urine test?

Can you still have an urinalysis done if you are on your period?

Can you still have bacterial prostatis with neg urine test, normal psa level? all test say dont have it but anti-bi helps a little

Can you store fresh morning urine in a cup at room tempature for 4 hours before you use a pregnancy test on that urine? The urine would be sealed in.

Can you tell if I been master bating if I took a urine test?

Can you tell me how to get a first morning urine sample from a 2 year old - help!?

Can you tell me if a urine drug test is clean, will a saliva test be clean as well?

Can you tell me if i had a urine drug screen at the hospital would the results be on my discharge papers?

Chlamydia test needed after 5 years with no symptoms? My urine test was negative with last urine passed 20 minutes ago? Further testing? In male.

Cloudy urine for 1week, tested at docs (dipstick analysis), he said my urine was fine albeit cloudy, the test was negative/normal, why is cloudy?

Collected urine in the container early morning,did not refrigerate and delivered it to the lab after 1 day for urine culture test.will results be true?

Collected urine sample in steel glass. Did test using pregnancy kit and got the result as negative. Collecting in steel glass will effect the result?

Could a steroid ointment show up on a urine test?

Could a urine test detect things like varicocele etc?

Could alcohol show up in a pee test?

Could bachs rescue remedy show a positive etg result in a urinalysis?

Could baclofen be found in a urine test?

Could quick fix urine really pass a lab test?

Cystitis came back after no bacteria showed in urine culture. Gp ordered urine & blood tests + ultrasound. What are they looking for?

Did a urinalysis test this morning first thing. Urine was dark. Read -tive with regards to the sample but usually pad does not change color?

Did a urine sample for doctor proteine was found traces of glucose an ketones the doctor has requested another sample do I need to worry?

Did blood work and urine sample for woman physical exam. Everything came back normal except for "hemoglobin 1+" in urine sample. What could this mean?

Did urine dipstick at home during tail end of period bilirubin seemed to read + can contamination affect it?

Do all sports physicals require a urine test?

Do most urine tests check for suboxone?

Do pediatricians check for THC in routine urine samples ?

Do regular doctors urine tests show alcohol?

Do routine urine tests check for bladder cancer?

Do they take a blood or urine sample when testing for pneumonia?

Do they test for marijuana in urine for sports physicals?

Do urine samples detect any infection. Doctor thinks i may have appendicitis but my urine sample was clear and I have normal blood pressure + temp?

Doc found blood in my urine and has done another test, if positive he's sending me to urology. I have no pain or anything. Is urology necessary?

Docs, when they test you for utis and send it to the lab what bacteria do they test for?

Doctor storing STD urine sample in refridger at his clinic from Saturday-Tuesday till being send to the lab affect the results? Causing false negtive?

Doctor, naat test not done in kolkata(india).Suggest me some test name available for c.Trach & n.Gonorrhea detection from urine sample.

Does a full STD test entail blood or urine?

Does an STD make changes on a blood and urine test (leukocites, eritrocites..Etc?) my urine is dark but my blood and urine test are pretty normal?

Does busporine show up in a urine test that was sent off to a lab?

Does clinistix fail to show the presence of glucose if the test strip has been dipped in toilet?

Does HCG show up in a urine sample if tested with a dipstick at doctors? would doctors see that u are pregnant or does a dipstick not show that info

Does highly concentrated urine interfere with the test to check for infection ?

Does insulin show in urine?

Does madhatter show up in a urine test have a drugscreen coming up

Does peeing before an urine STD test alters the result ? Like peeing before the test makes the test negative

Does period blood contain drugs if in system . If your period drop of blood gets into clean urine would test come dirty sent to lab?

Does synthetic urine work? And how do a UA detect fake urine

Does weed show up in a pee test at the doctor ?

Does weed show up on a normal pee test?

Each time I get my urine tested it shows traces of blood and protien but no infection been told this is normal for me however im concered that its not normal and is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Foamy pee still persistent after few weeks , i had a urine test done and it was fine, what could cause this? What should I do now?

For a 24 - hour urinalysis, the first sample of the day is not to be collected.

For detection of a pathogen in the urine and getting a urine sample test done, how much can that range in price without an insurance?

For two days i've had symptoms of a uti. A drugstore kit shows I am positive for white blood cells, but neg for nitrites. Could it be something else?

Gone through a cystourethrogram (vcug) test. When r results available?

Got urinalysis this 3:00pm, did not eat anything just water myalbumin, rbc, glucose:negative.Should i repeat the ua in the morning?To be more accurate?