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What does blood trace intact mean when talking about an urine test? Thank you

1.045 specifc gravity in my urine. What does it mean?

2+ amorphous sediments in urine means?

2+ leucocytes in the urine. What does this mean?

30 mg/dl in the urine. What does this mean?

32 weeks pregnant and albumin was trace in my urine. Is there anything I have to worry about? Thank you.

80 mg of ketones and a trace of bilirubin in urine, what does this mean?

All urine results, neg, but LEUKOCYTE ESTERASE shows MODERATE. What does this mean? Last time it was SMALL/Clear. This time MODERATE/SLIGHTLY-CLOUDY.

Calcium Oxalate crystals present in my urine what does this mean ?

Can doctors tell me what does trace mean in the nutrition information?

Can Minocycline cause foamy or bubbly urine?Does this mean am diabetic?

Can you tell me what could a slight increase in leukocytes mean ?

Did a urinalysis and it came back with protein in my urine and showing some white blood cells. What could this mean?

Did urine dip at work and it is positive for nitrates and protein 3+ everything else is normal. What does this mean?

Does having cloudy urine mean that i'm HIV positive?

For leukocyte esterase what does a large result mean?

Good day what does this result from my daughters urinalysis mean?? am urates/pO4: many

Hi my question is what does it means if my urine test showned, 6-10 wbc and a.urates few..thankyou?

Hi sir.i have 6-9hpf.what does it mean?

Hi what is the meaning of ph6 in urine?

High leukocytes in urine. What does this mean / what is the cause? What can I do about it?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and i went to the doctors and there was protein in my urine what could that mean ?

I check my urine and the leukocyte was 500 what does that mean?

I gave a urine sample they found a high amount of white cells in the urine what does it mean?

I got my urinalysis result and my mucus thread is few and amorphous urates is few what does it means and what is the best medicine for that?

I got urinalysis results..and what does Blood UA mean? It says Trace Intact..whats this all mean?

I had a positive result for leukocyte esterase. What could this mean. Also I had a trace of blood seen in the unrine.

I have abundant mucous filaments in my urine test, what does that mean?

I have salt in my urine what do that mean?

I was wondering what does protein in urine mean?

If my urine is clear does it mean i'm properly hydrated?

If my urine is hot, what does that mean?

If the protein in urinalysis are positive what does it means?

If you urine a lot in can't hold it what do that mean?

If you have clear urine does that mean you can still have a uti?

If your pregnant and have a reading of moderate for leukocyte in the urine, what does this mean?

In December my urinalysis said Hemoglobin small and today it says trace. What does this mean?

In my urine test report rbcs is nil what does it mean is it necessary?

In urinalysis what does nad mean?

In urine analysis microscopy is "nad" means ejsy?

Is finding few trichomonas in urine with no hpf normal or does it mean u have it?

Ketones and bilruben in my 7 year olds urine should I be worried?

Ketones of 15 in urine. What does this mean?

LEU trace..what is that mean?

Lukes in urine? What does this mean?

Lymphocytes in urine. What does that mean??

Meaning of a person has "traces" of albumin in their urine?

My 11 year old son has urine Urobilinogen 0.2E.V/dl on his urinalysis what does this mean? Also trace-intact for blood in urine, what does this mean?

My ua amorph material/crystal result was rare, what does that mean?

My urinalysis was negative except for protein (+1) and presence of amorphous sediment. What does this mean? Do I have a UTI? Thank you.

My urine has been a little foamy what does that mean?

My urine is a little foamy what does that mean?

My urine is high in porphobilinogen what does this mean?

My urine is hot, what does that mean?

My urine is orange.. what does it mean and should i be worried??

My urine is ph60 with bld trace. What does that means?

My urine its strong does that mean I have a iron?

My urine report shows albumin -A trace. what does it mean?

My urine test indicates Albumin exceration in 24 hours urine 46mg what does that mean please?

My wife is pregnant & her albumin trace in urine test.what is the mean for albumin trace ?

My wife is pregnant & her urine report shows albumin trace.what does it mean?

Nitrate in urine, is does this mean?

Ph6 found in urine sample what does this mean?

Please explain what it means when protein is present in urine?

Please tell me, could some one tell me what does those stool and urine reports mean ?

Presence of amorphous urates in urine. What does it mean?

Recent urine test shows Leukocyte Esterase Small. What does that mean? Also shows Moderate Blood and Turbid appearance. Any ideas?

Trace of protein in urine what does that mean? The dr said its nothing to worry about.

Urin analysis presence of casts what it means?

Urinalysis results. All normal except Clarity: Turbid, RBC: 3 and Amorphous: Few. What do those mean?

Urine analysis - detected (trace) ketones and bilirubin (detected trace) means what?

Urine has no nitrates but has luekacytes what does that mean?

Urine pH of 5 mean?

What can cloudy urine mean?

What can over moderate traces of blood in your urine mean?

What could foam in my urine be indicative of?

What could it mean for me to have sperm in my urine?

What could it mean if my 3 month old son has debri in his urine?

What do a couple of rbcs in urine indicate?

What do crystals in childs urine mean?

What do leucocytes in urine with burning upon urination mean?

What does 2 bilirubin in urine mean?

What does "occasional bacteria" mean in a urinalysis?

What does "rare" mean for mucus found in urine test?

What does 2+ bilirubin in urine mean?

What does a female urine test means if it says there's mucus in it?

What does a foamy urine in pregnancy mean?

What does a lot of bacteria in the urine mean ?

What does a lot of bacteria in urine mean ?

What does a small trace amount of bilirubin indicate on a urine specimen test mean?

What does a unusual amount of nitrates in your urine mean

What does a urine pH of 9 mean?

What does amoeba in urine indicate?

What does Amphorous sediment present in urinalysis mean?

What does bactria in urine mean?

What does bence Jones urine test indicate? What does upep urine indicate?

What does billirubin in the urine mean?

What does brown urine mean and positive leukocytes mean?

What does foamy urine mean?

What does having bactera in your urine mean?