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Kidney stone is on its way out but he said urine purple shade. Hes had blood in urine before but not purple and he is in no pain. Its been a week.

3+ hematuria, dark yellow urine colour clears after drink a lot of water renal us clear no kidney stones prostate size normal no wbcs in urine?

35 weeks and 6 days and having to urine every 4 minutes and yellow discharge ?

ALT 57 for more than a year. Having very yellow faeces for two weeks with yellowish urine. Is this indicative of something?

Am I dehydrating or is this normal for my pee to be so dark yellow today?

Bloody slime in my urine, what is wrong with me?

Brown urine often after masturbating.. the urine can either be orange mist, misty brown, or light brown. Have had UTI once before, but it was diffrent?

Can a change in urine colour tell me if I am pregnant?

Can anyone tell me what could cause my urine to be very, very dark every time?

Can being sick and dehydrated cause darker urine?

Can flourescent yellow urine be a sign of pregnancy?

Can I know based on my urine color how hydrated I am?

Can i masturbate if my urine is red?

Can interstitial cystitis cause dark yellow urine ?

Can medicines cause urine to be red?

Can microscopic blood in urine form a pink ring around around the urine stain once the urine dries?

Can pyridoxine turn your urine a pinkish redish color?

Can ribena cause red urine?

Can you have really dark urine from being a little dehydrated?

Can you have really dark urine just from being only a little dehydrated?

Can you tell me is eating liver turning urine color into yellow?

Cloudy urine at the beginning of my stream Then It Turns Normal Color? What causes this?

Color of my urine is light yellow and its foaming while urination. And its foaming every time i urinate. What does it indicate?

Color of urine is light yellow/clear, should I be concerned?

Could I be dehydrated if my urine is not dark?

Could it be a good sign when you go from bloody urine to a orangish yellow color?

Dark brown urine signs of labor?

Dark colored urine that sink to the bottom in the toilet. ?

Dark yellow urine is the sign of pregnancy?

Do any foods change colour of your urine?

Do hydrocephalus cause dark yellow urine?

Does calciuria cause chalky white urine?

Does dark yellowish/ orangish urine always indicate hematuria (blood in the urine)?

Does glycosuria turn urine cloudy?

Does hydrocephalus cause dark. Yellow urine?

Does hypothyroidism cause brown urine?

Does red wine cause urine to be colored?

Does the color of urine change when you are pregnant?

Does vaginosis antibiotic causes dark brown urine?

Does vitamins give the urine a cloudy appearance?

During first trimester does urine change colour?

For some reason my urine is red..?

Had bloody then I started peeing dark yellow urine. So is the problem gone?

Hi doctors is yellow urine normal? Because recently my urine been yellow i drank water but still bit yellow no medications. Issues?

How come my urine in the morning is dark and yellow?

How come urine is a yellow colour?

I am a female and my urine is black?

I am experiencing blood or red colored urine.

I am pregnant and my urine is a dark solid yellow. What does this mean?

I believe I have a uti. I have very yellow and urine is very bright yellow should I see a doctor?

I can see pus in my urine. What could cause this? Also urine is a dark yellow.

I did a 24 hour urine test and my urine turned purple?!?!

I had a hystorectomy 5 weeks ago im noticing mu urine is dark?

I had jaundice 4 years ago. But still my urine is yellowish. But when i drink excessive water then it turns into white. What will I do now?

I had kidney transplant and my urine has turned deep dark yellow. Why?

I had to hand in a urine sample a say late. I noticed within a day the urine had turned from light yellow to very dark. Is this normal?

I have been really nauseous for 3 days along with bright yellow urine. What could that mean?

I have color urine yellowish mostly in the afternoon .What does this imply?

I have dark urine thats almost orange looking what can it be?

I have hepatitis C and my urine is dark brown. What does that mean?

I have hydrocephalus my urine dark yellow cloudy is that blood?

I have orange colored oil droplets in my urine. What could cause this and do I need to see a doctor?

I have orange urine every morning. It is clear after an hour. Is this a sign of liver disease or would the urine be darker all the time? Heavy drinker

I have orange urine every morning. It lightens in an hour. Is this a liver problem or would the urine be darker all the time?

I have really dark smelly urine how and why do I have it?

I have white liquid in my urine. Why is that?

I sometimes have browish red color sediment. Looks almost like sand in my urine what does this mean?

I started peeing dark yellow urine today. What is the problem?

I used to have yellow but transparent urine and now it's yellow but cloudy or hazy like cause can't see through it at all is this normal or concern?

I was wondering is dark urine only a sign of dehydration?

I'm wondering , i have a yellowish urine and sometimes a clear one . what does a yellowish urine mean? the colorless one?

I've been dribbling urine and it dries brown brown what causes urine to dry brown?

I've had tissue looking stuff in my urine 4 years. I've been to doctor & have had to give urine same & they never said anything about it. What is it?

I've read urine color can show how hydrated you are & clear or pale yellow is best. Does that mean color in toilet (w/toilet H2O) or urine by itself?

If a deeper amber urine color means dehydration, are there meds that would do the same?

If I have dark brown urine like black tea / cola, would that be blood in the urine?

If the urine coměs in yellow color what could be the problem.?

If urine is dark yellow, is that dehydration or excess vitamins?

If your kidneys don't work as well as normal, will only a urinalysis pick up the problem?Urinalysis is normal but urine color is sometimes cloudy/dark

Im 20 and have dark cloudy urine often should I be worried?

Im on pyridium for a uti i know it says it will turn your urine orange but when i went this morning it was more like dark red like blood is this norm?

In Kidney Disease or kidney failure what color of urine is produced, white, pale yellow or dark urine?

Is clear or yellow urine normal?

Is dark urine normal for the bladder?

Is eating beets cause pink urine?

Is it normal for your pee to be a neon yellow?

Is it possible to have blood in your urine if your urine comes out as dark yellow?

Is urinating every 2 to 3 hours normal? my urine is light colored yellow, it doesn't burn when i pee. just was wondering if it's normal?

Is urine color a good indicator of how hydrated your body is?

Is urine color indicative of hydration?

Is urine is darker yellow after hepatitis a recovery?

Is very dark urine in the morning a sign of something wrong?

Is yellow urine bad?

Its about a month that I have dark yellow urine and when i drink water it has milky discharges in it. But not any other sign with it to bother me.

Meaning of green urine my pee is green

My baby's urine is the color of Mountain Dew. What might cause this?

My bilirubin is 5.5 and urine is brown is this serious?

My dad is 91 and his urine is dark red, brown, reddish brown and sometimes normal. Took him to urology and had his urine checked and it was normal.

My four year old daughter's urine has been dark pink for two days, What is causing this?

My friend told me that she is peeing green urine and the color is staining her undies what can be the cause of it?