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1 kidney WBC in urine from 6 months with negative culture and urine for pcr for tb is also ok. esr is 19 what else reason of wbc in urine could it b?

1 to 5 WBC in urine culture, but no bacteria found is it possible the cause can be something else though ruled out uti?

2-4hpf rbc found in urinalysis. 30 weeks pregnant with symptoms of uti but no wbc or bacteria found in urinalysis! Dr put me on antibiotics-infection?

20 weeks pregnant. Four rounds of antibiotics for uti. Dipstic showed WBC and blood in urine. Painful UTI symptoms. But culture is negative? What else

22 yr old male. Blood after urinating since I was 14. Recent urine sample said it wasn't a UTI or from kidneys and they didn't know. What could it be?

3+ bacteria, 3 rbc, ua in urine... bladder infection? What does this mean?

5 yr old girl. Urinary frequency. No confirmed culture. Blood work up done/ normal. What could be the cause?

Anal sex is a cause of kleibsella in urine culture?

Bladder pain and lots of pressure . Uti and urine culture negative, what's wrong?

Bladder pain and lots of pressure . Uti and urine culture negative. What might be wrong?

Can a doctor check your prostate through urine?

Can a doctor tell the difference between a bladder infection and a UTI from a urine sample?

Can a person know if he has kidney infection by looking at urine?

Can a person still have urinary stones if the urinalysis was negative for crystals?

Can a positive urine culture with group b strep, but normal urinalysis confirm a UTI? Or likely to not be a UTI?

Can a simple urine analysis, urine culture or semen analysis report detects HIV infections/bacteria or stds?

Can a trichomoniasis infection go to the urinal tract and cause microscopic blood in the urine?

Can a urinary tract infection cause an abnormal smear test?

Can a urine culture detect stis?

Can a UTI test strip detect a kidney infection?

Can fingering cause urine infection?

Can having bacteria in my urine mean I have chlamydia?

Can herpes cause bacteria in urine? Can any docs explain?

Can I have a bladder infection with no blood in urine?

Can I have UTI w/negative urine test? Urine had nitrites but not infection. Finished marcrobid. Having lots of pain + frequent urination for 10 days.

Can i young adult male have bladder infection with negative urine sample and negative bladder scan?

Can it be normal to have luekocytes in urine? I've been on 3 lots of antibiotics for UTI & had blood tests, no sign of infection. What could it be?

Can pcp be in your urine after four months?

Can Replens cause cystitis-type symptoms or bladder spasms ( urine culture is negative)?

Can syphilis or AIDS cause buring when you have the urge to pee? Passed three urine tests and cultures for all bacteria STD what else cause this?

Can the meds Azo make high WBC in my urinalysis? My urine culture was negative tho?

Can trichomoniasis be detected in a urine culture?

Can Ureaplasma cause there to be yeast in the urine?

Can urine test detect signs of kidney stones ?

Can UTI culture tests see if your kidneys are alright?

Can vaginitis give you urgency to urine? They did find some bacteria in my urine culture. I'm taking medication, but still feel need to urine.

Can yeast infection cause blood in urine?

Can you have a kindey infection without positive nitrates?

Can you have a UTI when urinalysis negative, but urine culture positive for group b strep?

Can you have a UTI which may now be a kidney infection.... With urine with WBC of >40 and no blood in urine?

Can you have kidney infection if you have blood in urine but no bacteria found?

Can you have kidney stones with negative urine test?

Can you have WBC in a urine analysis if you have an hsv2 bladder infection ?

Can you please tell me, should a bladder infection test positive in a urinalysis ?

Can you repeat a urine sample while on antibiotics for UTI? I have UTI and on antibiotics 4th out of 5 days. If I repeat, will it show negative?

Can you still have urethritis if your urine cultures are coming back negative, after having a uti, that i got treated for and urine culture now ( -).

Could leukocytes show up on urine dip from a sinus infection?

Could sti cause blood in urine and be missed in urine culture, which was negative? urine showed infection markers but culture was neg -- worried sti

Could you read me my UTI culture result?

Culture, urine lab results.Specimen description: Foley.Culture urine:No growth.Explain this to me.What is foley? Could it grow later on?

Daughter had 3 urine culture last one had glucose but came back negative what else could cause cloudy urine no bacteria either?

Daughter had no bacteria in her urine but it was sent out cuz there was still some in it can a urine culture tell whether this is affecting the kidney?

Dear doc, does a slight culture of coliform in a urine sample signal a UTI?

Did all test urine analysis culture all says no infection but urine burning and tenderness below belly doesn't go I just don't want to take antibioti ?

Do i need treatment if my ua shows some trace of leukocytes , 1+ bacteria, clarity of urine hazy and urine culture negative staphylococu?

Do nitrates in urine always prove UTI?

Do vaginal infections show leukocytes in the urine?

Do you need to perform a urine culture test if your urinalysis is positive for nitrate and bacteria is moderate?

Do you need to perform a urine culture test if your urinalysis is positive for nitrate and bacteria is shown as moderate?

Do you test bladder or kidney infection with mid-stream urine sample?

Doctor is still waiting for the results of the swab and blood. What are the odds I have a urinary tract infection?

Doctor said I have bacteria in my urine. Is it possible I have chlamydia?

Does a bath help a urine track infection?

Does a simple urine analysis, Semen analysis and urine culture can reveal STDs if there is any?

Does a simple urine test show a kidney infection or just a bladder one?

Does a URINALYSIS, AUTO, W/O SCOPE test for STDs? Urologist said my urine was normal.

Does a UTI always show bacteria on test strips?

Does a UTI always show up in a urinalysis? Why or why not?

Does a UTI always show up in a urinalysis? Why or why not?

Does chlamydia normally show up in urinalysis?

Does herpes show in urinanalysis?

Does masturbation cause urine infection?

Does no bacteria in urine means no std?

Does rare bacteria in urinalysis means uti?

Does ureaplasma urealyticum infection show up on a urine culture or a pcr std urine test? I had two urine cultures and three std urine tests.

Does urine routine and culture as well as kub ultrasound detect pregnancy or std?

Does yeast infection show up in urine?

Found blood in my urine and it was not a UTI or bladder infection! any ideas?

Gave urine specimen. Cloudy. Waiting for doctor but could it be infection?

Good morning, I know urinalysis will not tell whether you have chlamydia but if you have chlamydia would the urinalysis have higher white blood count?

Got a urine sample culture for UTI because urinating burned and there was some blood. Am male. Saw no bacteria on culture. What's causing the uti?

Had an uti and treated it.1 day after treatment i went to do an urine test.rbc were present 10-15pf but urine sterile. What.could this mean ?really

Had UA, bacteria many, WBC 2-4. Urine culture last july negative. No exposure, no pain at all. Urine HS strong smell. Help?

Had UTI, urine test shows puss cells and culture shows E.coli. Had antibiotic course did urine test again and it's clear. Need urine culture again?

Have abdominal pain and trace blood in my urine. Urine did not show any bacteria i've had 3 lots of antibiotics for UTI what else could it be?

Have uti symptoms had test shows white cells in urine and blood yet the urine culture shows no uti have back pain too what could be wrong?

Having UTI (+protein, wbc, nitrates) for 1 month. Culture 2 times said no bateria, STD test for chlamydia was +. 2 weeks ago. Still have pain with pee

Help please! could chlamydia result in urine odor?

Hi docs, would a urine culture show that i had intercourse?

Hi, can a urine infection raise ones psa ?

Hi. I recently had a urine test and it came out leucocytes +3 and nitrites negative. I have had a high fever for 3 days. Could I have a kidney infecti?

Home test was + for leukocytes. 1st urine culture + also. Antibiotics didn't work. 2nd urine culture no bacteria still have symptoms. What's wrong?

How are urine tests used for kidney infection?

How can a yeast infection cause my UA to show small traces of blood in urine.

How can I determine if I'm dehydrated or if I have a urine infection?

How can I treat e-coli in urine culture?

How can urinalysis and culture help in diagnosing UTI vs std? Thanks...

How could urogenital bacteria get into urine?

How do a urinalyisis and a urine culture differ?

How do I know am clean from a urine infection?