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I am 25 y.o. & am having urinary retention. I have WBC in the urine, no bacteria, the rest of my UA is WNL. No pain/burning, no urgency or frequency. No new medications. able to start a stream spontaneously but unable to void much and must bear down very

Well what medicine should I be on concerning a urinal tract infection?

Trouble with urinating for 2 months, was treat for UTI no change, put on Enablex (darifenacin) for 2 weeks, no change, Urinalyses..Moderate Non-Hemolyzed blood.

10 days on keflex for strep b group uti, still symptomatic, i.E., frequently need to urinate - but urine clear, could this be a kidney infection ?

10 days on keflex for strep b group uti, still symtomatic (bladder pressure/freq urinate/back pain)but urine clear, could this be a kidney infection?

10 days on keflex for strep b group uti, still symtomatic, i.E., frequently need to urinate - but urine clear, could this be a kidney infection?

10 days on keflex for strep b group uti, still symtomatic, i.E., frequently need to urinate - but urine clear, could this be a kidney infection?

19/female urinary catheter due to retention. Bloody catheter & burning sensation. been tested for UTI & its negative - any idea how to stop the pain?

1yr+ moderate wbc, RBC and leukocytes in urine no bacteria growth kidneys ok severe r-lower pain more when emptying bladder. Possibilities? Doc tomor.

2 questions. Is levofloxacin for kidney stones and hematuria? Also if i feel better in a few days should I still recheck my hematuria?

2 recent episodes of gross hematuria. Also 1 episode 10 months ago. No uti, no symptoms, no history of kidney disease. Female age 23. What could it be?

21days in icu forsepsis, parkinson, prostate & kidney disease.E-coli in urine.Now urine shows same result-2 high sensitive drugs become resistant. Help.

22years female with urinary frequency.analysis showed moniliasis crystal and splitting calyces .what's the management?

22years old female with urinary frequency.on urinolysis there's moniliasis.crystal and minor calyceal spliting how can i manage here?

24 yo male, urinary urgency as soon as i have urinated. Negative on pee test, bladder scan, cystoscopy. Suffering 1 1/2 years, please help.

25yr old female, DDD with L4-L5 bulging & dehydrated disc, Bertolotti's Syndrome, PFD. Help, now have Urinary Urgency! Have had 2 negative UTI test.

26 f, chronic microscopic hematuria & leukocytes in urine. Asymptomatic. Possible causes other than uti?

3 weeks into Doxycycline I have stabbing bladder pain when bladder is full. Do I need complete urinalysis and urine culture? Perhaps bacteria/protozoans/fungi not susceptible to doxy have grown unopposed?

3 yr old's urinalysis had bacteria and mucous but no WBCs. Had fever for 2 days ranging from 101.5 to 105.3(rectal in ER). Won't pee! Infection?

32 y/o female, symptoms of UTI including urgency, urethral discomfort, flank pain. Urine negative, no retention. Rx Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) DS. PMH pyelo x2. Ideas?

4 year strong pain after sex, bloated symptoms of uti/kidney infection. No abnormalities on tests+scans on bladderkidneys, uterus, urine? Is endometrios?

48 white male severe dysuria, moderate hematuria x 4wks. Failed bactrim, (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) doxycycline, rapiflo. Cysto:thickening anterior bladder wall; cause?

5 days appendicitis type symptoms. Normal US and Lab Tests. Mild infection on urine analysis. Ureter infection suggested by Dr. But normal WBC?

5 month old son had urinary tract infection without fever&normal us, vcug is recommended its invasive i d prefer repeat urine tests what should I do?

5 yo girl, no history of UTI or kidney probs: in hosp for hi fever, dehydratn, urinalysis=+ for bact, urine culture=-! renal echo=dilated kidn. Opinions?

5-8 /hpf RBC urinalysis normal or not? Doc told me it's "asymptomatic"; do I have possible kidney stones? I do not experience symptoms though...

60 yr old male, blood in urine, painful urination, bladder pain, Tests say no stones or infection. Cysto scheduled. It is always bladder cancer?

7 mos old had fever 104, WBC 25000, normal urinalysis but positive urine culture. Is this likely a kidney infection? Did this cause kidney scarring?

80year old woman.Cured from uterin cancer 2years ago. Having blood traces and pain near the bladder..What do you think? Is it a urinar infection?

81 y/o with S viridans UTI - found on Cx for dysuria and inc'd urinary freq (afebrile). Should I rx with PCN and/or see ID to eval for bacteremia?

88 yr old confused due to persistent uti's due to incontinence (fecal and urinary due to confusion). Vicious cycle? Can this be resolved?

A 2-3 years old boy not circumcise can this cause to having uti? And can it also cause having hematuria? At what age should a boy gets circumcised?

A male friend of mine has had a UTI for 6 months. Is this normal?

Advice for an at home remedy for urinary tract infection that is a possible kidney infection?

Aerodigestive tract unremarkable what kind of dr do I need?

After several rounds of bactrim&cipro UA shows blood, no bacteria. Symptom is urethra discomfort and urethra pressure. What can cause this?

Age 65, male, creatinine8.5, urine output1300ml, weight 65kg, bp160, had urinaltract infection days back, under treatment& healed infection, dialysis or no?

All uti nephrosis for 2month old baby boy has a valve problem in bladder or maybe because of uti he got nephrosis?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with urethritis?

Any relationship between MS and uti?

Any relationship between UTI and blanitis?

Anyone experienced kidney stone associated with urine infection; how commonly does that occur?

Anyone know what is a vitamin i can take to ward off yeast and urinary tract infections?

Are cheries good for urinary tract issue?

Are children kept awake for a catheterization to check the status of a urinary tract infection?

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Are there any good ways to prevent urinary tract infections?

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Are you supposed to be scared if you have a urinary tract infection?

Aside from antibiotics, what do you suggest as a remedy for a urinary tract infection?

At nursing homes which are predisposing factors for urinary tract infections?

Azo leukolyte+ nitrite-; tx for yeast infx; leukolyte trace, nitrite-. Burning urination relieved, still have flank pain & belly cramp.Std-.Is it uti?

Bacterial vaginitis can it cause urinary frequency?

Been experiencing sporadic episodes of cloudy urine. No uti, not diabetic, diagnosis IgA nephropathy. Taking topomax for migraines. Any ideas?

Besides a uti, std/sti, and pregnancy, what can cause burning with urination in women?

Best antibiotic for urinary tract infection in male before urine culture sensitivity.

Best cure for urine bladder inlarge desease in male?

Blood in urine (slight to moderate) for 1yr. No UTI /kidneys tested ok. I.C. Or bladder cancer? In severe pain! more when just emptying bladder.

Blood traces in organism recently for a above 70 years enlarged prostate patient but no urine retention after medecine. Is it serious?

Bloody urine with some clots, painful urination. All went away after treatment on bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim). Lab report not in. Is this likely UTI or bladder cancer?

Bph and severe infection on urinary system, what to do?

Burning after urination and masturbation but no STD and no UTI Anyideas it's been A few months any help would be greatly appreciated?

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Can a urinalysis detect kidney disease? I've had so many and two recently, doc said its just a uti

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Can a UTI is infertility? I had a d&c a week ago and now have urinary frequency & pressure. Is this concerning for the future? First time this happend

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