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Are the symptoms obvious for a UTI or other infection. because I'm not sure if I have them or just imagining them. Thanks. ?

Bladder infection two months ago and now suffering from some weird symptoms. What to do?

Bloating and pain in uterus .I was diagnosed with UTI .Does UTI cause this symptoms ?

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Can endometriosis cause UTI like symptoms?

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Can UTI symptoms without burning be caused by endmetriosis, as my natropath suggested?

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Can you have a UTI with no symptoms?

Can you have a UTI without symptoms?

Can you tell me what it mean when you have a UTI , but no symptoms?

Common symptoms of cystitis?

Could you tell me if someone had symptoms of a UTI for a week and not treated what will happen?

Could you tell me what are other diseases/infections with the same symptoms as a uti?

Does having a yeast infection cause you to have some what cloudy urine? I don't have UTI symptoms.

Dr ...U asked what are my symptoms...I have had at one point every single symptom that is related to ic and I have had oab, bph, utis ruled out ?

Had UTI symptom of frequency and urgency but no pain passing urine. Now after antibiotic treatment, have worse symptoms and burning - what could it be?

Help please! is diarrhea a symptom of an UTI or bladder infection?

Hi, I was wondering can a UTI have the same symptoms as an STD?

How can I tell if bloody spotting is a symptom of a uti?

How can I tell if spotting is a symptom of uti?

How likely is someone to have a bladder infection with no symptoms?

I am experiencing the symptoms i usually do when I have a uti. Are there any home remedies for a uti? (really don't want to go to doctor)

I am experiencing UTI symptoms but the doctor didn't see an infection in my urine. What could it be?

I had a negative urine culture for a UTI. I had chlamydia 6 months ago. Is it possible that my UTI symptoms are actually symptoms of chlamydia again?

I had symptoms of a UTI such as difficulty starting urination, but the GP did a urinalysis and all good, but I still had those symptoms what is it?

I have all symptoms of enlarged prostate gland, so what do you say about this. (had UTI but its no more) but still i have the symptoms.

I have bladder infection and now flu symptoms.?

I have some UTI symptoms. Can i treat this without going to the doctor?

I have UTI symptoms and am traveling out of town . ?

I thought i had a UTI but i don't have symptoms any more..Could it have been something else? If so what could it be?

I want to about urine infection of a female.What is the symptom what is the treatment?

I was diagnosed with a bladder infection but have no symptoms. Could I have been misdiagnosed?

I was just disagnosed with a uti. Is urinary leakage a symptom in elderly?

If i get chronic pyelonephritis, what are the symptoms?

If I have no signs of uti, what else could it be?

If my UTI symptoms have gone away without medical attention will i be ok? Will my kidneys be okay? And is it common for utis to resolve by themselves?

If you don't have typical symptoms of a bladder infection and the symptoms slightly stop but you still urinate all the time?

Is a UTI only when you have symptoms? Could there be a UTI off and on, but only sometimes causing symptoms?

Is any one symptom diagnostic of prostatitis?

Is blood a symptom of urethritis?

Is bloody discharge a symptom of uti?

Is it possible for you to have auti symptoms without that actual UTI infection?

Is pus a normal symptom of cystitis?

It's possible that I could have interstitial cystitis? What are the typical symptoms one has?

Lactobacillious found in urine culture. Tested for uti. Only symptom is urinating a lot but I have anxiety. No other symptoms. Should i worry?

Most of my urethritis symptoms are gone. But, I am still urinating a lot (not as much I was at first). What should I do?

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Pyelonephritis symptoms are pain and what?

Should i be worried still if i suspected i had a urinary tract infection but the symptoms disappeared.

String smelling urine symptom of uti? What are symptoms? 

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Symptoms of urinenarytract infection?

Symptoms of uti after lipotripsy?

Tell me usual symptoms of UTI or bladder infection?

Two days urine infection vomiting once, now symptoms are gone am i ok?

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Urine infection what are the symtoms?

Uti in pregnancy, no symptoms. Treat or not ?

Uti infection in pregnancy symptoms?

UTI is finished but still symptoms are available. what should i do? Can there be other diseases with these symptoms?(i don't have diabetes )

Uti symptoms when pregnant?

Vagina odor / urinary urgency are usually symptoms of what?

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