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28 wks pregnant, & I was cooking eggs and I got close to the fire and It smelt like pure gas, I about threw up!! Smelling gas hurt my baby in anyway?

3 days ago i started having a smell thats smells like something is rotten inside me. It is continusouly never stops....

3 little dogs go potty in the house every day. There is an awful smell because of it. Will that harm someone's lungs that has pneaumonia.

A friend of mine sleeps in a oil smelling basement every night. Is this bad for you?

A friend of mine was in a bad bike accident a year ago and now he is tasting blood and get a bloody nose after have a few drinks ?

After been treated with gonnerhea and chylamadia and drinking a lot of water my period smells really bad like poop what could be reason ?

After hitting his head he said he smelt blood of a copper like smell. What could this be?

After sleeping when i wake in the morning i smell like vinegar. What is wrong with me?

Alright the husband and I have a strange smell in our poop, I've smelled it in my menstrual blood now, what could it be? We used to smoke pot but quit

At restaurant today and every time i walked past kitchen there was strong smell of gas in the hall. 33 weeks pregnant. Harmful?

Bad breath &bad smell in my nose. My boyfriend can tell me what i've ate by the smell coming from nose. I've tried peroxide.What can I do/whats cause?

Bathtub resurfaced w white spray. Home throughout. Strong smell in bathroom, went there 3-4 times. Odd taste in tongue&lips, throat itchy. Poisoned?

Blood coming out from umblicus without any pain and there is a bad smell too I clean it and it backs,, plz hlp drs?

Bowl problem when I go it's got loads of yellow type mucus no blood in it and a really bad foul smell and sometimes feeling of un empty ness ?

Boyfriend said my discharge tasted like metal when he gave me head he said it looks like cum but tastes like metal cud it be my Iud that's doing that?

Can b.V. Cause your breathe to smell like something is dead inside you?

Can getting a Brazilian wax cause me to smell weird down there the next day ?...

Can someone tell me how to get rid of a bad smell , it starts when i get wet , or have sex .. Like the wetness smells kinda bad like pee?

Can't smell-three months-now bad taste when trying to eat. Is smell coming back. Went to doctor-meds didn't help. What to do?

Could a person be allergic from perfumes as when i smell any perfume i feel as I am going to be fainted?

Could I catch something from smelling a bad potato? My nose was burning after. No mold that I could see. Just kinda brown, but red potatoes.

Could semen make a room smell strange?

Currently menstruating, removed tampon before peeing and instantly smelled sour milk, what is going on?

Docs can you explain, is it the retainer cleaner or my period which caused me to constantly feel sick?

Doctor, I got hit on my nose and since then smells like bleach, smoke, and certain foods gives me a weird taste on my throat .

Drove past/over skunk, smelled bad, nauseous, clothes smelled. Throat hurts, lungs feel irritated, can I catch illness from the scent? Is it toxic?

Ever since i had my son 2 and half years ago my periods hsve had an awful rotting it possible ive had an infection that long?

Every morning when I wake there is a bad odour in the room which comes from my body. Why does this happen?

Every so often threw the day i get a strong smell of sweet like someones baking. And been having really strong head aches like migrains for days?

Every time i go in a sauna and come out i smell like i had pooped in my swim trunks. What could be causing this?

Everytime am sick with the flu I hate the sent of my vaginal discharge, it stinks bad and fast, is it the flu? If not, then what?

Feeling nausa from fumes and cat piss?

Felt great all day, suddenly sharp pains in abs, get home and completely liquid poo and smells like burnt hair. A lot of poo, gas, and slight sweating. I haven't eaten anything that strange? Don't feel bad now.

Filling up my gas tank today I noticed an unusually strong gas smell at pump. Filled and left ASAP. 4 weeks pg. Could this exposure hurt baby?

For 5 months ive had a wet and smelly crotch everyday. Especially when hot /stressed. Sweat? Checked for BV etc and took meds. Didnt help. What is it?

For the past couple of weeks i randomly smell something rotten once/twice per day & im only one who smells it. Could it be somthng in my nose?

From NJ,was trying to get stuff from the cabinet,it smelled like urine and I inhaled it.Does deer mice urine smell like ours?Could I get hantavirus?

Get alot of frontal headaches & smell urine in air & feel need to take off pajamas & spray perfume body mist on me even though i don't smell like urin?

Getting a smell from the virginia even tho i washing all the while?

Getting over what ER doctor says is a virus, 5 days ago, now since yesterday, my arm pits have been excreting a very strong bad smell. Any thoughts?

Got a wound on my side and its bleeding a bit a it' smells bad?

Got up today bloody nose, i can smell everything for once(not good) home smells of cat, ferret, and cigarettes?

Had this bad smell from my nose for about 2years now.often had headache..i can't smell it but people near me can smell it.had been given antibiotics but after wards d smell came back can I get rid of this..really embarrassing me.

Had this weird cold for over 3 weeks. Been having moderate chestpains for over a week (no painkillers working) also have this rotting smell in my nose?

Have very dry siniueses went for MRI everything looks good also i can't smell only certain stuff?

Haveing HIV let your stole have funny smell?

Heey doc, ivee been having this chronic bad breath for the pass 3 years now. People could smell me from close doors and feets away. I tried everything?

Hello dr,i noticed that i have a bad armpit smell,like curry,eventhough i haven't eaten curry lately and haven't changed my diet.i shower everyday.

Hello I have a fibroid and I haven't have a period since march 3_2017 I have super smell I use the rest room like 30times a day I've had maybe 3 head ?

Hello, hope all is well. Lately, I have this weird smell in my nose. It smells like bad fecal matter. My doc says I'm healthy, but what could this be?

Hello, my 16 months son has a very bad breath smell since one week, he's not under medication &he eats normally. What are the possible causes of this?

Help please. When i woke up today my breath had this metal smell, does this mean I have lead poisoning ?

Hey docs, I am wondering if chantix could make your pee smell sweet ?

Hi Im sorry to bother you I have been smelling burning rubber when no one else can for the last couple of days and my vision keeps going fuzzy?

Hi my mom is 72 years old , and she said she has to pee a lot and it has a bad smell . She also say she gets cramp a on her privet part . What can tha?

Hi, Everytime I smell a strong perfume and bad odor, my nose become itchy and I felt dizzy the whole day.. Is this allergy?

Hi, for the past week I can smell ammonia no one else can smell it I'm worried it may be my kidneys and I have been drinking quite a lot lately. 29 F?

Hi, I'm a 26 year old male in pretty good shape,exercise,diet,smoker.over the last 7 months I've had awful nite sweats every nite with sour smell??

Hi, im a 32 yr old female and have had these terrible tasting/smelling burps and diharea for going on five days now. It doesnt seem to be letting up. ?

Hi, my urine smells bad first thing in the morning. This had only been in the last month or so. It's perfect the rest of the day. Should I be worried?

Hi. I have a kinda funny taste in my mouth i smoke so i'm kinda stressed thinking cancer. But also read something about hayfever and I have that?

Hii my friend joelle had a really bad smell from her vagina. What can cause that smell? And how can we stop it? (Make it smell any better) excuse my E

Hisuddenly from yesterday night my urike smell very bad and strong. What is the reason behind?Can I wait for 1.5month for doctor checkup and urinetest

How and why dose the belly button get to smelling bad and how can one prevent the disgusting smell?

How can I stop gas . And why does ir smell like extreamly bad like sauge or something dead i tried to have a bm no luck but constant gas?

How can you get rid of under arm odor? I have tried everything. This started about two years ago, I sweat very little (if at all) and yet I still smell bad under the arms.

How come everything stink to me?

How come i smell bad when i take a shower everyday?

How come i smell, hear, and see things that are not there?

How come my nose will always get dirt, like colour yellowish with bad smell? I can feel i got bad smell from my teeth or gum and always get white dirt

How come when I have to sneeze i can't i even tried to smell pepper and still can't i work around dust and still can't why don't i sneeze when i need2?

How come when you throw up alcohol it's painless but really smells bad?

How do I stop my balls smelling?

I am almost 27 weeks pregnant and recently my urine has smelt like nuts, just wondering if it is anything to worry about and what could be causing it?

I am gettin a citrus smell from my sons wet nappies and also his breath any idea to what it could be his not unwell his only two please and thank you?

I am having really bad diarrhea and burping but it smells horrible like rotton eggs is there anything over-the-counter i can take till i see my pcp?

I am on amoxicillin and have noticed it makes my pee smell like it, does that mean its working? Or does it mean it ia not working?

I am smelling burnt toast in the middle of the night for no reason. What would cause this?

I bought a new toaster when got pregnant which smelled like plastic. Now im 30 weeks & and it still smells. Will this b bad for my baby?

I breathed in too much bleach fumes and now all I can smell and taste is bleach, also my whole neck is hurting, it's been3hrs and symptoms are bad?

I can smell a rotten cheese down there.. It started months after i delivered my first child. What could it possibly be?

I cant explain this sweet smell I having in my nose. Kinda scary. Been going on now for a couple months. Every day.

I constantly find small yellow lumps of disgusting smelling substance in the flaps at the back of my throat. They smell like bad breath. Any ideas?

I don't smoke, never have in my whole life. Past two days my stool had an extremely strong smell of smoke, or burnt wood, or something like that. Why?

I feel a constant draining down my throat the past few hours and always smell something similar to how antifreeze smells. I feel like I'm choking.

I found a spot on my bed, i thought it might be mold and smelled it, didn't smell like anything could i get sick if it was mold ?

I had a hysterectomy on nov 12 2013 and ever since it has been smelling really bad and my husband says that some nights it feel different why?

I had green poo few weeks ago it went and now its back it smells like metal and feel sick and dizzy what could this be?

I had my d&c on the 3rd april, but now I have too much nausea, could i still be pregnant?Every time i feel like spitting out and everything smells bad

I had the esure proceder done instead of getting my tubes tied and now I have a black discharge that smells very bad. Is that normal.

I had to wash my vagina right after we got done because it smelled like fish fillet. What can I do to get rid of the smell?

I have a bad odor at times it's like it comes an goes. I have asked my ob/gyn doctor about it an he told me it might be what I'm eating, can you help?

I have a cold and i try to smell and can't smell anything or taste anything. Is this possible or normal to happen this never happened to me before so i'm a lil worried.?

I have a horrible smell 24/7. But gets worse after my period. I've tried feminie wash, wipes, and just water. Nothin seems to work. ?

I have a problem of a bad odour coming out of my mouth and i feel it is from within my system. What should I do?

I have a real bad smell with a little discharge no pain at all what could it be? A bath or famine products seem to stop the smell

I have a sour smell around my neck. How can I make it go away?

I have a very bad taste in the back of my throte sometimes a brownish ball comes up and is very smelly i can taste this horible thing all the time?

I have a weird, indescribable odor in my nose. I'm not congested or sick. I've experienced this problem about four times since 1992. What is it?

I have acid reflux frequently. Lately I suspect it's the cause of why my wife says my breath "smells like salami". Should I be concerned?