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Have a white discharge. With a musky smell to it. Feel bloated and discomfort when i lay on my stomach. Had bipolar coagulation done 7m ago?

I always get a really bad smell more like dead rat with brown white discharge after my period usaully lasts like 2 weeks or more what this means?

i think i may have a yeast infection but not sure about everything. very itchy and thick white stuff .feeling dizzy some stomach upset?

1 side of my vaginal lips is hanging down & slightly curled up & it hurts real bad. My discharge looks like a dirty cream color with a slight odor?

19, never had sex, and has daily whitish-clear goey liquid fischarge and a wierd, not horrible, odor. Is this bad? Wierd feelings of seeing a gyno

1st time using RepHresh gel(two days ago)& 2day I notice cottage cheese like discharge(no smell)is been normal is it just the gel coming back out?

2 weeks ago i kind of had sex (meaning he did not go all the way in) but now im having this constant discharge thats keeping me soaked & it smells?

20 yrs old abnormal discharge that is extremely thick and creamy.. no itch at all, smells funny like old baby milk. when dry it becomes crusty. 1 pt?

3 months postpartum and I have a fishy smell from my vagina.

34 weeks pregnant and just noticed a clear sweet smelling fluidly discharge on my panty liner? Also feeling pressure like u have to poop?

36 weeks and I notice some flaking around my nipples & a very weird unusual odor coming from my nipple. No leaking of milk, why is this happening?

40 yrs old. Change in vaginal odor. Have been tested for every STD and all negative. Odor smells more like ammonia. Is this normal??

A brownish spot in the middle of the breast, its like fungi from sweat, it smells bad and had it 3 months ago, what could it be and what can cure it?

A couple of day after losing my virginity, i have Very light yellow/clear-ish discharge that smells a little strange. No pain or itching.

A day after my period i've been feeling itchy and a burning sensation also have a chunky, cottege cheese like yellowish green discharge. What is it?

After having sex i smell a strong odor of pee, why is that?

After penicillin because of sore throat, I have vaginal itch and i find brown soft discharge ( no smell), like pieces of wet newspaper.Is it candida?

Almost 2 weeks from having hysterectomy and I can't keep anything in my system. It all comes out my bottom. Now it's painful yellow slimy coming out ?

Am having vagina discharges very yellowish n give bad odour , which makes my pants wet everyday. Please it because of the sugery foods or what?

Are there good smelling body odors and not just the offensive smelling kind?

At the opening to my throat, I have openings that make like white, smelly clumpy things. It happens often. Is this normal?

Bad odor coming from loose fingernail. What does this sound like?

Bad odor coming from wound after surgry on right leg?

Bad odor on my my vagina, what causes it?

Bad smell always coming from anus / anal part, i can't control it. It's embarrassing, some time secretion, feeling of warm air coming out?

Bad tasting vagina and a smelly discharge. I got tested for everything and it comes back negaive. My gyno says she see nothing wrong, please help!

Been experiencing vaginal itching, spongy white fluid constantly coming out of my V, it gets irritating at times and sometimes not.. Pls help?

Before i come on my cycle. My vagina itches really bad. ..What does that mean?

Brown discharge. Experiencing pain in my vagina. It itches very bad and it have a very bad smell. My panty sometimes get wet and have a dirty brownish?

Brown stuff coming from anus and smells like fish, can't smell odor when i put yogurt on anus, i think it's yeast related, what can I do, been 6months?

Brown, mucous-like discharge from what seems like both my urethra and vagina; and an intermittent weird odor. Possibly infection? Any home remedies?

Can a yellow discharge medium red bumps that look like sores that be in your mouth smells funny and hurts when urinate all be symptoms of yeast infec?

Can armpit onion smell and itching be yeast?

Can bacteria vaginosis make ur pee smell I been having a strong odor when I pee what to do ?

Can boils give off a smell?

Can dehydration cause vagina fishy smell?

Can genital herpes with anal bumps cause rectum to have foul smelling discharge that first smelled like feces then like fish, never went away fully ?

Can HPV cause a bad smelling odor in the vagina? If not what else could be contributing to bad smells?

Can HPV smell?

Can I "smell" an std? Is a foul smell an indication of it? Any more indicators?

Can replens cause a strong vaginal odor and strong urine smell?

Can yeast infections cause the vagina to develop a foul smell?

Can you tell me reasons why i smell like ammonia or kinda like pee recently?

Chlamydoa cause fishy smell?

Clear anal discharge that smells like vomit not a lot. I'm also a virgin. Should I be concerned by this?

Clear liquid discharge from my anus?! It doesn't hurt and the only way I can tell it's happening is because I can feel the moisture.Started 1month ago

Constant discharge coming out of my vagina. No pain or unusual smell. Usually white and liquid like. Discomfort from feeling wet a lot. Causes?

Creamy glue like cervical fluid that also smells like glue, also cramps in my vagina could I be pregnant?

DC That Use 2b yellow lotion like or thin white like wen brush teeth now it turnd pinkinsh & smell dead bladder startin to cramp & hurt wat std is dis?

Dear doc. Why is my vagina so smelly?

Difference is that in bv, your discharge will smell badly, while in yeast it will have virtually no odors. Is this true?

Discharge from my vagina has a strong odor but has for many years so i don't think it is an infection, what could it be/how i can fix it

Discharge is white and it kinda smells weird she's not itchy around that area or anything , she doesn't drink water at all?

Do antibiotics cause semen to smell fishy?

Do herpes have a foul fishy smell during outbreaks?

Do I have bacterial vaginosis or am i pregnant? Been eating a lot lately, I have a bad fish smell, and sometimes a bit irritated and itchy in the vagina area

Do STDs cause a foul smell in the vagina?

Do yeast infections smell bad?

Does albino have a fishy smelly vigina?

Does chlamydia give you a fishy smell?

Does clamidia have a smell?

Does discharge come and go randomly?

Does gangrene cause an odor?

Does that so called fishy smell or scent only occur during ovulation?

Does the pus of gonorrhea smell?

Dr.. Do mucus plug come around at week from week 5 ?now im week 16 still im getting greenish yellow without smell itching.. No infection also

Dull yellow liquid with bad smell come out of my vagina. What does this sound like?

Embarrassing question: at night, when i'm sleeping I have vaginal clear, sticky and odorless discharge then i get out of bed and more comes out.Why?

Everytime I rub behind my ear it's oily. It's itchy and annoying. I'm wondering why its a terrible foul smell?

Everytime my period comes on my vagina hole itches bad why?

Excessive amount of discharge, looks like snot :/ kinda white too sometimes. So much, I can feel it coming out. No smell , no itch. Is this normal?

Experiencing foul odor in my mouth that seems coming from deep inside instead of dental causes. What is likely the TRUE cause?

Feels like bump on the opening of vagina hole no pain no puss milky yellow discharge also pregnant what could be wrong doc app monday nervous now?

Fish smelling semen why? It was always weak smelling until recently, now it is foul

Fishes odor coming vagina, what's the cure for it?

Fishy odor from vagina & wet panties, should I be concerned?

Fishy odor smell and stain on panties what can it be is it normal?

Fishy odor smell on vagina after i piss what is it?

Fishy odor smell on vagina and stain on odor can it be BV i don't have sex and what is good home care routine to prevent this?

Fishy/yeast like smell coming from vagina. What is wrong with me?

For a few days I've noticed my vagina smelling kinda funny.The only way i can describe it is it smells like how a cat would when it sprays something?

For a month I've been having vaginal discharge now it seems to be in the anal area. Doesn't itch,burn or have a bad oder. It reminds me of the mucus plug when hour about to give birth. What can it be?

For a week I've sporadically noticed a new body odor coming from my back. The smell resembles concentrated hydrogen peroxide not normal BO. Worried.

For the last couple days I've been having a LOT of discharge but it has no smell and is like water but it feels like my period because it gushes out ?

Foul oder from a cyst draining?

Foul odor coming from nose and coated tongue.. Pain when i poop and bleeding everyday thing what should i do?

Foul odor when using the bathroom?

Foul smell from vagina is it from abortion six months ago? I have no stds.

Foul smell in panties my umderwear be wet sometimes there brownstuff on the underwear My vaginal area doesn't always smell when I shower .

From time to time, when i wake at night, i seem to develope a wet clear oderless discharge from of my ears?

Good morning. My belly button has a weird smell and it also leaks out a clear substance. What can it possibly be?

Gooey white vaginal discharge that tastes extremely bitter. Sometimes comes out in large blobs. Slight itch but goes and comes back.What could it be?

Got treated for bv, use to have bad odour and discharge now I have clunky white discharge and very water like, is this normal? No ichty, red etc.

Gross liquid brown/deep red. discharge smells like hot trash. Could it be bacterial vag. It doesn't hurt. Just gross and smelly. ?

Gross. Musty odor "down there"?

Have a bad odor in vagina but no discharge or pain. This has been a problem for three weeks now. I don't have insurance so can't see a dr. Any ideas ?

Have a fishy smell in the vagnial area what is it?

Have a painful lump in vagina with foul smell?

Have a problem went to bathroom to take piss and vaginal burning and it itches bad it's also smell bad on my anus when I wipe down can it possibly be a std in not sexually active or something else I'm so ashamed ?

Having brownish discharge it happens very frequently she's very worried . It has no odor no itching nothing she says it feels as if she is wet often .