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had a ua done and the asc was 2+. what does this mean?

Bakers cyst +ve for past 5 month, blood reports, CBC, Hb, ESR, Alkaline phosphate, Calcium, Phosphorous normal, Xray normal. what's the treatment?

bloodwork WBC high urine test Epithelial cell MANY Luek Esterase SMALL Blood Moderate had kidney stone and UTI this why wbc is high concern 20 yr old?

had flank pain, tested urine WBC>100 RBC 5-10 Urine culture 10000-25000 cfu. After 5 days antibiotic WBC 10-25 RBC 5-10 culture neg. Serious?

0-2 RBC result at my urine indicates what?

1-2 wbc & 0-1 microscopic rbc in stool. Why?

1+ occult blood, no RBC, NO WBC, Turbid, neg culture- all rest neg.. 8 weeks pregnant. Concerning? Had spotting on and off first few weeks. Scared

11.1 mpv other lab results completely normal aside from 1-3 wbc in urine. What could this indicate?

11.37 wbc, diff was normal, ESR 31, protein 8.5, trace hemo in urine, rbc&wbc/hpf normal, us showed mildly enlarged liver 19.6cm with increased echotexture suggestive of fatty infiltrate what all this mean?

11weeks aog with traces of calcium oxalate and ketones in urine, (-)glucose, WBC are 4-10hpf, many epith.Cells..Do i most likely develop kidney stones?

2 urine test and cultures came back le 1+ and occult trace blood no growth or bacteria found nor infection and CBC came back normal what does this men?

2.5 months i was having urine infection i got jaundice but very less 2.5 m ok.Can i drink now once twice a month now.

250 rbc/ul in urine analysis, what does it mean mother has only one kidney the second one was blocked by stone during 30 years...Is it very dang?

250 rbc/ul in urine analysis, wht does it mean?

250 rbc/ul in urine analysis, wht does it mean? Wht does it indicate? (knowing that normal is below 10)

25yo male asymptomatic, come with urine biochemistry showing positive nitrite, red cells 1+, protein 1+, bilirubin1+, urobilinogen 1+. Why?

26 f, recent blood work showed low phosphorous level of 2.4 mg/dl (2.5-4.5 normal range) + leukocytes & microscopic blood in urine. Possible causes?

28 year old female with microscopic hematuria. Rbc 4-10/hpf, ketones trace, 3+ occult blood, >=1.030 specific gravity.What does this mean is itserious?

29 yr female- did blood and urine analysis on 05/23/2013. The result revealed the following: in urine: blood- 2+ RBC 17hpf pls explain?

3 urine specimen should reduction in RBC from +2 to negative over month . Protein increased from +1 to +2 in the last one. Why protein increased?

3 weeks ago i had strep throat and hematuria. Doc gave penicillin. Diagnosed psgn. Now urinalysis shows RBC count 20-30, all blood tests normal-issue?

3+ WBC and 3+rbc. Uti symptoms. Nitrite is normal. What types of bacteria do not convert nitrates to nitrites?

30 weeks pregnant- symptoms of uti but urinalysis normal except for 2-4 rbc found. What could cause this blood if no bacteria is found?

30 y.O. M asymptomatic, just common cold. Urinalysis shows urobilinogen of the chart, + leukocyte, very little billirubin. Drugs:cialis and dianabol.

30yr male.reduced urination since a week.(may be arnd 600-700ml/day).sr creat used to be 0.9 now its 1.1. but urine analysis is clear.something wrong?

39 weeks pregnant back pain last 4 days left middle back, doc said urine routine leukocyte esterase +ve nitrite -ve pus cell 5-7 wbc/hpf, ceftum250x2/d?

4 years old daughter's stool dr report Trace of blood Wbc and rbc >20 No parasites. Mucous +2 Is dis shigellosis?

5 yr old, 105 temp. Urine: trace of protein, moderate leu, and 29 wbc. Culture neg. Persistent fever, virus symptoms. Can a virus cause WBC in urine?

50yo,male,UA:Small Blood,Micro eval:RBC 0-2hpf,WBC-0-2.Otherwise UA & blood fine.It was repeat test-exactly same results 1wk ago-should i be concernd?

60 yrs Asymptomatic Microscopic hematuria urine 2.5 yrs. No protein BP low. Urologist did cystoscopy. Neg. said common. do I need to do more? RBC 3.84

72mg/l urine protein normal?I thought any protein in the urine was bad! IgM 133u/ml IgA 4.86g/l CRP 12.86, mchc 310g/l ESR 23 recurrent uti's &fatigue

8 weeks pregnant-brown spotting, urinalysis shows nml RBC but 1+ occult blood, turbid- rest nml- culture no growth. Is concerning or from spotting?

A urine having a pH of 9.0 with many uric acid crystals, clear and a specific gravity of 1.010. What could be the findings?

Abdominal&back pain. UA RESULTS:blood(small),27 RBCs, 3 WBCs, 3Renal epi cells, Mucus (rare). LABS: Sodium 134, est. creatinine clearance 80. Causes?

After a week of taking ciproflaxacin as prescribed by doctor, here is my urine results; RBC 16-25, WBC 1 - 2, bacteria few, mucus threads few, transparency: slightly hazy, color: light yellow, protein: negative. Please tell me why it is still have RBC i

Are my Urinalysis results a cause for concern? Under blood it says Large, Urobilinigen .02 and Leukocyte Esterase small. Im 27 weeks pregnant.

Are WBC in urine in men a sign of cancer?

Back, flank & abdo pain for 5 months. Persistent bloating. Elevated blood phosphate levels. Trace protein & elevated urine leukocytes & erythrocytes. Clear for uti. Weight gain. What could be wrong?

Back, flank & abdo pain for 5-6 months. Persistent bloating. Sudden weight gain. Elevated blood phosphate levels. Trace protein & elevated urine leukocytes & erythrocytes. No uti. What could be wrong?

Bacteria was positive in my blood, leukocyte esterase was positive, WBCS was 5-9hpf, and I am experiencing flank pain. Is this a possible kidney infe?

Bad UTI 2 months ago but now have positive test for blood- trace, and leukocyte but neg for nitrates and slight inflated protein -v slightly worry ?

Before tx UTI WBC 20-40, squamous epith 20-27, bacteria few, protein 1+, leuk est 2+ after tx hazy urine, leuk est 2+, WBC 20-40.No call for further tx. ?

Being treated for UTI. Urinalysis showed 0-2 WBC/HPF and 16-30 RBC/HPF with moderate bacteria. Should I be concerned with RBC being so high?

Blood in urine no uti . First time it said 4-10 rbc and plus 1. Second time no rbc but still plus 1 for occult blood a few days later. Thoughts?

Blood test RBC 4.07, Hemoglobin 129 Hematocrit 0.385 Monocytes 1.1 GFR 57 Alkaline Phosphatase 39 Also Urine Albumin/Creatinine 6.7?

Blood test shows Creatinine 92 eGFR 58, Urine analysis shows hemoglobin 2 and Leukocytes 250. No fever or pain. This was a test for MRI dye. help?

Blood test shows Creatinine 92 eGFR 58, Urine analysis shows hemoglobin 2 and Leukocytes 250. No fever or pain. What could this be?

Blood work shows bilirubin at 1.9mg/dl (direct 0.4mg/dl) creatine kinase of 421 u/l. Urinalysis shows micr hematuria 5-10 rbc/hpf. What could it be?

Blood work shows iron at 178 and a/g ratio at 2.8 both high. Also protein in urine. Everything else normal. What could be?

Can 1-4 rbc/hpf indicate more serious hematuria before urinalysis? Could they be by moderate jogging for 1/2 hr? Or just random insignificant result?

Can a diabetc wth controlled blood sugar cause diabetic nephropathy? UA plenty rbc, WBC and bacteria? Ecoli is resitant to ciprofloxacin

Can antiacids cause UA WBC to be a little high?

Can i be anemic if for the first time large bilirubin and trace urobilirubin are found in my urine?

Can I have a bladder or kidney infection with a negative WBC count in urine? All was normal but pH was 9.0.

Can protein and leucocytes in urine be sing of leukopenia?Sometimes I have blood in urine to. After antibiotics is the same result. Nothing change.St

Can spotting cause 1+ occult blood on urinalysis? Nml RBC, NML WBC, culture no growth. Turbid appearance

Can UA WBC be a lil elevated because I did my urine sample wrong. Everyging else came back normal.

Can white blood cells in the urine be an indication of kidney stones? There was no growth from the sample. Been on co-amoxiclav (7d), no improvement.

Can you please interupt this : turbid urine, epithelial cells- high, mucus -few, calcium oxalate crystals -few, amorphous crystals -many, and uric ...

Cbc, ESR westegren all norm. Ua all norm but protien 1+, urobilinogen positive & red cells 4. (43 year old female, history of hysterectomy over 2 yrs ago) ?

Chemical test: 10-25 leuko/ul in urine, microscopic test: 2-3 leuko cells per field, is it normal?

Chronic hematuria, trace protein on urine dipstick. Saw urology had cyst done everything fine. Kidney US normal. Low wbc for past year. No anemia.???

Color:yellow, cloudy rbc:1-3/hpf wbc:2-4/hpf amorphous(materials):moderate bacteria:moderate. Does this urinalysis result show problems? Thank you

Constipation relieved after using medication for 2 days, it is normal now and feeling normal. Urine shows 5-6 epithelial cells and 2-3 wbcs, any prob?

Creatinine level 2.56 to 1.59 after completing amoxicillin against md advice (no bacteria in Urine but wbc and rbc). Any possible explanation?

Crp test postive , ESR 1st 14 , nd 34 . pus cells in semen .history of chlamydia low urine quantity with dark yellow color , headache, can't pull out?

Daughter 5 yrs in hospital 6 days ago temp 40, blood, leukocytes & ketones in urine, no infection. Now Leuk 15+-, Protein 15+-, Blood 5.0 Ery, SG 1.03?

Dealing with a UTI for the past 7 months. Leukocytes, protein, blood and sometimes bilirubin. What could this mean? Cystoscopy, ultrasound was normal.

Diagnosis 'possible' uti. RBC 16-30 WBC 0-2. Had many uti's always high WBC.What else could cause high RBC?problems urinating fatigue headache.

Did a routine urinary exam after breakfast-report albumin -trace sugar .5gm/dl WBC /hpf 2-4 rbc/hpf 1-2 ephithelial/hpf 0-2 .What it means?60 y/o m

Dipstick showed "+++" blood. Urinalysis showed "small" blood and no RBCs. How can it have blood but no rbcs? Doesn't blood = rbcs? CBC shows anemia

Doc treated for uti., urinalysis showed 0-5 bacteria, 1 wbc, 1 rbi, trace of leuco & blood, all else norm. Given anti's but it happened again. Ideas?

Doc, my urine samples shows, transparency - hazy, reaction-6.5, color-pale straw, Specific gravity-1.015, WBC- 3-5/hpf, RBC- 0-1. somthing wrong?

Doc, urinalysis came out. My doc said its normal but need advise. Male 44 yo Bmi 29. M'scopc analysis: uric acid/yeast cells/ bacteria few/ mucus many

Doctor , My urine sample shows a specific gravity of 1.030 , pH of 6.0 , clarity is hazy ,leukocytes Is +1 and pH is 6.0 . Is anything to worry?

Dr I have some result her can youbtell me what they mean......Bacteria, urine hpf and iit sasaid standar: none/hpf. And your value is many?

Dr said my symptoms match reneal failure urine only showed small amounts of rbc&wbc my spec gravity was 1.010 is this ok?

Dr says bilirubin, protein and blood in urine is residual inflammation from a previous uti. Says mono% of 13 is nothing. Low fever still daily. Help?

Dyspneu, dm history, uremia, creatininemia, proteinuria, glucosuria, hematuria, nitrite (-), leucocyte esterase (+), bacteria (+). Diagnosis?

Every time I have a urinanalysis done, I get either trace or 1+ for occult blood. Latest was "trace-lysed", rbc 1-3. Why?

F/23yr old. I have had 2 blood&urine tests(3 mnths apart)both w/ abnormal protein, wbc, & hyaline casts. 1st protein 2+, 2nd was 1+. Egrf, creatine, b

Fever ~103 for ~3 days; saw nurse prac. UA showed mod. bilirubin. Small amt. of dark urine(not normal for me). Could dehyd'n cause? Fever now gone.

For 3years, my yearly urine test results always indicated high counts in WBC. I do experience frequent need to urine. Do I suffer kidney damage?

For a urologist - how long is a urine sample valid for WBC & RBC dipstick and micro exam when refrigerated. No preservatives used, just refrigerated. ?

For past year,my urine has showed moderate or 1+ blood but NO RBC.I have lupus but no organ involvement.Now shows moderate blood &trace ketones. ??

From a Urinalysis test, a high protein count, with high(ish) numbers of squamous cells and UA hyaline casts were found. My urine has cloudy and odor.

GFR - 117.35, Albumin-4.6, leukocyte esterase-positive, urine WBC-25. Cud this indicate kidney disease? No symptoms of UTI. ANY suggestions?

Good day doctors. Im john. My urinalysis result was 20-23 rbc. Please explain this to me. Thanks a lot.

Got my labs back today and my findings are somewhat abnormal and was wondering if there's a reason to be alarmed. here are the reults Epithelial cells-many Bacteria-2+ mucus 2+ urine wbc 10-20 urine rbc 5-10 Amorph sediment 2+ Granular casts occasional cr

Got recent blood results, glucose is 6, total protein 64gl, red blood cells 3.86 , basophils 0.11 x 10'9 l. Are these ok please?

Got results from 4mos. Ago: positive for nitrites, trace wbc(30), 2 rbc, 1sq , <1 hyaline casts what does this mean? Please interpret asap? Emergent

Had blood and urinalysis 7/15. Blood work was all normal but urine showed creatinine level of 409, trace protein, trace leukocyte esterase, WBC, hyali?

Had blood work came back rbc 3-10 hpf and wbc 6-10 hpf higher than the range what does this mean. Dr never mentioned anything.

Had gross hemtria 4mnths ago Cysto,ct,cyto,us normal Have urinanlysis regulrly(rbc always 0-1 Rcntly,1st time rbc1-4/hpf worry? Jog 2 days before test

Had influenza.Bad muscle aches. Drank tons of h20. UA showed moderate blood in urine, neg for RBC.Urine was yellow/clear.Specific gravity >1.030 ??

Had kidney stone1995, gross hematuria n 2011 for 1 day and last friday, had hematuria again, 1 day, no etc symptoms, no fever, urine test 302 rbc, 11 wbc?

Had lft and my bilirubin is 1.7 and range is 0.2- 1.1 and in my urine protein traces are found, why is this so ?

Had stool test. Occult blood negative Wbc1-3 hpf Rbc 0-1 hpf calprotectin stool test negative CEA 0.43. Below 3.8 is normal What does that mean

Had UA Amorph Phos 3+ in my last urinalysis. What can this indicate?

Had ua which shows moderate microsccopic blood in urine but when cultured shows no RBC or WBC or protein. How can be moderate blood but no rbc?