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'my urine smells like the food i eat?

35 weeks pregnant my wee smells like orange?

36 weeks pregnant & went to the bathroom but it didn't smell normal like pee it smells like a weird smell is that normal ?

38 weeks pregnant and urine us smelling sweet ? Im drinking fruit juices to improve my iron but its quite string smell everytime i please?

Am I diabetic if my pee smells like sugar?

Any ideas why asparagus makes your urine smell funny?

Any ideas why my pee smell foul after eating asparagus?

Are there any home remedies for a stong smell from pee?

Can aloevera juice or apple cider vinager make your urine smell? Does not smell like ammonia, nor sweet , just odd "off" smell also have gerd. It is normal pale yellow color no particles not cloudy..

Can eating a lot of cheese pizza cause cloudy urine?

Can your urine smell terrible after eating asparagus?

Could chantix make you're pee smell sweet?

Could it be unhealthy if my urine smells like tuna casserole?

Could some drugs make your urine smell terrible?

Do any supplements cause urine to smell like sulfur ?

Do I have an STD if my urine smells like onions or something similar?

Do multivitamins and red wine make urine smell strong?

Do sulfites make your pee smell?

Does amoxacillin make your pee smell?

Does folic acid make urine smell like medicine?

Does ingesting ginger make your urine smell?

Does it mean I have diabetes if my breath smells like urine?

Does parsely make urine smell?

Does urine smell like buttery early pregnancy?

Eating a lot of ginger candy from friend. Urine has kind of musty smell. Related?

Every thing I smell smels like blood even tap water why could this be ?

Every time i drink coffee my urine has a strong odor like metal. Why is that?

Every time i urinate it smells just like the last thing i ate. Is this weird?

Every time I use the bathroom my urine is like a golden yellow. Is this good or bad?

Everytime I go to the restroom my urine is dark and cloudy and it smells like rotten eggs. Can you tell me what's going on?

First thing in the morning my pee smells like rotten eggs could it be sex related? If so what could it be?

For the last few months my urine has had a very strong foul poop almost. It's very pungent.

Foul smelling urine, started itchy after urination, sometimes burns to pee after eating spicy foods?

Have a 3 year old son, when he pees the oder of his pee is so strong it worries me a bit, why does his pee smell so bad and so strong?

Hi, sometimes my pee smells like tuna...Not always, just sometimes. What should I do?

How come my urine smells like rotten egg and it hurta to pee?

How do I treat fruity breath... It smells like urine?

How to help sensitivity to smells like burning toast?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have very strong urine smell like onion and its not dark and doesn't burn but I have pain in my abdomen when trying?

I am diabetic and have large keytones. Could that cause my urine to smell like raw meat?

I am experiencing burping, mucus in stool and abnormal urine stream. My burps taste minty and my urine smells like penicillin. I am not taking penicillin, what could cause these abnormalities.?

I am having trouble with my bladder and the smell my urine.It's hard for me to hold it and when I do go pee it smells really strong and like ammonia.

I had noticed that my urine smells like skunk. I am not taking any supplements, so what could be the cause?

I have a bad smell urine after eating fish, what causes this.? At least 2days.

I have a bad odor to my urine, almost like rotten apple juice. It is dark and cloudy. Could you please tell me what is causing this?

I have a general question. How and what causes human urine to smell like cat urine?

I haven't eaten asparagus but my urine smells like it very strong in morning?

I noticed recently my urine smells buttery?

I think i may've had an ovarian cyst. I've never eaten asparagus, i drink a lot of water, yet 4 days ago i noticed my urine smells bad. What caused it?

I urinate it smells strong & bad looks cloudy what is it i thought it was a bladder infection but nope, i also have discharge that smells like onion?

I'm male, what does it mean if my urine is always smelling like Cheerios, especially if I hardly ever eat them?

I've been having cloudy urine for several days with no pain, no frequency, but an odor that smells like coffee. I do not drink coffee. What's wrong?

If have e-coli in bladder will that cause urine to smell like peppermint?

If my pee smells like coffee, am I drinking too much?

Im 53 female when i go pee my pee really smells bad sometimes like wheat if i hols it for a long time it smells almost like sewage what's wrong with me?

In the morning when I go pee my urin smells like pretzels or close to that smell what could be the cause?

Inconsistent foul smelling urine, smells like sulfur. when I empty bladder I sometimes get a painful or itchy feeling after peeing?

Is it bad if my pee smells strongly of wet cheese today?

Is it bad when urine smells like egg?

Is it normal for a 3 yr old urine to smell like armmonia all day nd constantly pee on her self?

Is it normal for my blood to smell like metal?

Is it normal for urine to smell like sugar?

Is it normal if pee smell nutty sweet?

Is it normal that my pee smells like medication i'm taking?

Is it normal that when i pee my pee smells and it looks like bluri?

Is urine smelling like antibiotics normal when taking them?

Is urine too dilute a bad thing ?

Its been about 4 months now. My urine has been smelling like dead fish mixed with a stong amonia smell. There's no pain or burning.

Last few days the smell of my urine has been almost exactly as that of an orange juice. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Most of the times my urine smells like the food that I just ate, is that normal?

My 1 year olds pee smells like poop. Why?

My 4 year old daughter is vomiting and it smells like urine daughters vomit smells like urine

My 5 month old pee smells like acid?

My 8 yr old daughters breath smells like urine. What could this mean?

My 9 year olds breath smells like urine. What could this mean?

My baby's urine smells like ammonia. Is there a problem?

My daughter has a uti, her urine has gone from smelling like fish which we are used to with uti's, now it smells like smoke. Why does it smell smokey?

My husband urine smells like popcorn. Should i be concerned?

My pee is clear but has this horrible odor every time I pee now like rotten eggs, it doesn't hurt when I pee all the time and I drink water every day.

My pee is clear no color, smells like ammonia and fish, burns,itching and going to the bathroom a lot at night, have chronic cystitis, also a virgin.

My pee is cloudy yellow and my pee smells like sewer. It's been like this for about a month and a half. What could it be?

My pee is light colored but smells terrible. It's been like this for 3 weeks. ?

My pee smells like apple juice. I'm not diabetic, so why is this?

My pee smells like cereal is that normal ?

My pee smells like corn, should I be concerned?

My pee smells like eggs and it can be cloudy as well, and it has smelled like this for a little under 6 months now. doesnt burn. What is it???

My pee smells like iron.. Do I have uti?

My pee smells really bad and "down there" burns. The pee is also kind of cloudy. What are these symptoms of?

My urine smells funny I don't have any discharge or anything that look bad what can it be or should I do?

My urine always has this faint smell. Like cheerios. Is this a indicator of diabetes or something?

My urine has a bitter odor...I have smelled bitter for weeks now..occasionally eat asparagus but nothing I've read addresses this...can you please hel?

My urine has a foul, toxic smell an i don't know what could be causing it. It smells like chemicals. It's been going on for a month. What could it be?

My urine is cloudy and smells strong like rotten eggs. ?

My urine is highly concentrated and has a very strong smell to it what should I do. I drink water everyday tho and it wasn't alway like that?

My urine smell like yeast?

My urine smelled like fish last week and now the smell is even worse, what could this be?

My urine smells fishy i don't know what the problem is it never smelled like that before. Can u tell me what's wrong?

My urine smells kinda sweet in a weird way.But it doesn't hurt to pee. What can it be?

My urine smells like bacon?

My urine smells like boiled carrots and has for a month why?