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37 weeks pregnant and I have cloudy pee what causes that?

9 weeks 6 days pregnant and my pee looks cloudy. What could this mean?

After urine whit substance comes out from urine?

Am having a yellow discharge from my urinary track , and there are no good doctors where i live , doctor please help am 19 years old?

Bright yellow pee a symptom of pregnancy?

Burns when i pee and ejaculate. Monogamous relationship for four years. Urine is dark colored and cloudy?

Can cloudy urine without smell or unusual color be a sign of ketosis?

Can condom allergy cause cloudy urine?

Can constant odorous urine be present in a toddler with nothing wrong?

Can dehydration cause blood in stool/white clumps and foul smelling in urine?

Can doctors tell me what does occasional cloudy urine mean?

Can foul smelling urine indicate possible uti?

Can metallic smelling urine indicate dka? Or is it usually just an infection?

Can someone define cloudy urine to me and how I can test whether my urine is cloudy?

Can std's cause foamy urine?

Can yellow urine be a symptom of ulcers?

Cipro (ciprofloxacin) 3 days for lukocytes in urine...Notice occassionally there's what looks like mucus in my urine, urine otherwise looks clear? Is this normal?

Clear urine,Yet bubbles after urination.[white].VERY OCCASIONALLY does it burn after urination.urine analysis,culture normal.Acidity?Protein indiges?

Cloudy strong odour urine a symptom of appendicitis?

Cloudy urine in toddlers?

Cloudy urine sign ofaf or pregnancy?

Cloudy urine with sediment off an on for quite awhile. Docs give urine tests but each time the sample is clear. Tests all normal. When cloudy sample at home settles it is a thick white layer on bottom?

Cloudy urine, odor & pain. Is this probably an infection?

Could foggy urine be a sign that your period is near?

Dark cloudy urine with a little diarrhea. What could be causing this?

Dear doctor about a month ago i noticed my urine is smelly I have no sign of diabetes?

Do trich cause you to have constant yellow creamy smetime yellow water discharge mixed with blood or Do A uti urine cloudy too but might be from DC

Does hyponatremia ever occur when urine is yellow or only when it is clear ?

Does it mean im pregnant when cloudy urine and white stuff comes out?

Does Monistat make your urine bubbly?

Does yellow-colored slight frothy/foamy urine a symptom of diabetes? 27 year old female.

Excessive urination over two months, been on 5 antibiotics, poo has been yellow and very flaky! Could that mean parasites, or be associated with urine?

For about 3 years + I have been having dark colored foul smelling urine. Drs said its not a UTI but im thinking there may be a kidney problem.

Frequent urge to pee. Cloudy urine. It burns/itches a bit when i pee. Lots of watery/milky discharge for a few days. There is no odor.

Green and bloody urine. Fever no UTI what could it be? What's wrong!

Had gonorrhea that time my urine color become yellow. After treatment all other symptom gone of gonorrhea except yellowish unine. Any idea?

Having 2-3 droplets of urine after peeing or feeling I have to pee for four days, why is that? No foul odor, clear urine and white, no pain & no blood

Having yellow substance in urine and also sometimes after it?its sticky.burning urine

Hello..Often my urine is darker yellow, and or cloudy, and often has a very abnormal "strong foul odour" especially after coffee..Any advice please?

Hey doctors foul smelly urine is a symptom of bladder infection ?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is cloudy urine a symptom of, if anything?

Hi, I have cloudy urine and I'm due for my period. Is this normal?

How come my urine is cloudy whitish yellow?

How common is kidney failure in a 22 year old i notice occcasionally my urine is bubbly or foamy?

I am 54 year old woman , my urine flow for the last few days is week and I noticed yellow discharge twice , that had no smell . No itch . Urine analys?

I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and my urine is cloudy and has a strong odor. What does that mean? My urine is cli

I am experiencing blood or red colored urine. But don't have a uti at the moment?

I am experiencing having white clumpy discharge when i pass urine. What is the cause?

I am having a colour in my urine and also a strong odour when i urinate, it neither burns me nor do I have discharges. What could be the cause ?

I am having abdominal cramps and dark yellow urine. Do I have a bladder infection starting?

I am having occasional vaginal itching, cloudy and fished (tuna) scented urine, and occasional cloudy discharge, what could it be?

I am having white flakes in my urine for first time and i have no UTI symptoms..Why i am getting white flakes??

I am having white flakes in my urine for the first time but i have no UTI symptoms?

I am peeling clear urine during pregnancy, is this normal?

I got diabetes ..its that cause of smelly urine?

I had a stencil in my bladder can that cause theses white stuff in my urine?

I had recently a bad smell during intercourse and white discharge no itch or urine test says i have turbid urine with no germs what is it?

I have a bladder infection, cloudy urine, hurts to pee, and brown discharge. This is my second bladder infection, is brown discharge normal ?

I have a burning feeling in my penis when i urinate. My urine is dark and smells. What could this be? Have dark urine with an odor. Had slight red tinge last time i ejaculated. And my semen has been thick and lumpy

I have a little bacteria in my urine I'm 16?

I have a strong unusual odor to my urine and it is also cloudy could this be serious?

I have a thick white fluid discharge with urine but not with every urine only the time i pass it with stool, its painless please help needed.

I have a yellow cloudy urine could that mean I am pregnant?

I have also very thin semen.When passes urine the urine color is different. ?

I have cloudy urine but color and smell is fine what could it be?

I have few bubbles in the urine(clear).What could be the reason ?

I have frequent urine with no pain only a tingle and its odorless today after i urine there was a very light pinkish color on the tissue any idea?

I have had dark yellow and foamy urine almost all the time for about 2 months now, but both my UTI tests came up clean. Should I concern?

I have had foamy/bubbly urine for some time now. I had a urine test out of concern, and doc said i had "a little bit of protein. Should i be worried?

I have had the mirana for a year and I have had sporadic cramping, cloudy urine with a weird odor.

I have light yellow stains in my underwear mostly after I urine tests areally normal. Could it be a disease or its just urine leakage?

I have lupus and my urine smells strange. Is this a symptom?

I have no symptoms of a uti. Neurogenic bladder. Recently i've noticed my urine smells foul with what looks like puss but it is white. Any idea?

I have noticed for the past month that when I urinate, my urine smell like fungus. Urine green tint at times as well. No other symptoms?

I have noticed for the past week that my urine is yellow, but cloudy and there is a strong odor that I can't really identify. No other symptoms?

I have smelly cloudy urine and smelly vagina. . Is it infection? What medicines can I take

I have sweet smelling urine. Yellow and cloudy. Symptoms for about 2 1/2 months?

I have urine that smells fishy. I have protein and blood in urine dipstick. I also have swollen ankles. What could be the cause?

I have vaginal wetnesss doing daily things and dark urine?

I know fresh urine can be cloudy and this isn't dangerous. but cheese causes it now, never did before, all my life. Why does it now make urine cloudy?

I know that I am pregnant, could yellow sweet smelling urine be a sign of gestational diabetes? I'm only six weeks along.

I observed my urine is milky color when i peed yesterday. What is it? I'm really scared because of this.

I think I have a UTI but my urine is white and foggy could it be anything else? Definitely not and std.

I think I have uti.. I have these UTI pills it turns your pee orange/yellowish color.. Should i see how this does? Than if not go to the doctor office

I'm experiencing the symptoms of having UTI like strong urine odor, dark urine, pain during urination. But this day I pee and mucus plug came out.

I'm on my cycle and it's been very light i urine more than usual and having the feeling to vomit. Could I have a urine infection?

I've been having frequent urination lately, but no pus discharge or anything. urine is clear/yellow. what's wrong? im very concerned

I've been waking up thirsty and have notice over the past few days that my urine has been cloudy with a strong odor. Dispates throughout the day.

I've had a condition for a month. Bloody urine, now smelly and milky substance. Been on 3 antibiotics!! Now cramping!

I've had foamy urine for two could this be a problem?

I've looked at my discharge in my urine it has a spiral shape.

Iite brown discharge cloudy urine no order no pain help?

Is cloudy pee without burning or foul smell just a symptom of me being pregnant?

Is cloudy urine a pregnancy sign?

Is cloudy urine a sign of pregnancy ?

Is cloudy urine a sign of pregnancy ?acey

Is cloudy urine a sign of pregnancy? (i would be about 5 1/2 months now) 2 neg htp. Lately I've been having slightly cloudy urine. Periods irregular.

Is cloudy urine always a sign of infection?

Is cloudy urine common during pregnancy?

Is cloudy urine like urine infections or anything like that?