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, 70 years old, breath odor of fecesMom ?

All my farts are silent and stink. I have loads of gas in morning and in school I feel incomplete evacuation. I also think I smell bad. ?

Are disgusting smelly farts a sign of colon cancer?

Are there any microorganisms that cause non foul smelling stool?

BLOATING and flatulence without odour continuously ?

Can bowel obstruction cause feces smelling body odor?

Can constipation cause burning and smelly gas? I didn't poop for 3 days and whenever I pass gas it burns and smells bad.

Can foul flatulence be caused because of constipation?

Can lactose intolerance cause foul smelling stools?

Can probiotics eliminate feces smelling breath?

Could use your help docs! my fart sometimes smells like leaking cooking gas. Why?

Could you exactly tell which gas people discharge when they fart?

Do bad smelling farts mean you have bowel cancer?

Does hydrocephalus cause foul smelling burps?

Does a stomach virus give you very bad smelling gas?

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Does bad smelling flatulence mean cancer?

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Does digestive tract odor cause bad breath?

Does fart always have an odour?

Does making myself defecate reduce the smell of flatulence?

Does passing wind ( farting).Always smell bad?

Does small intestine bacterial overgrowth cause stomach rumbling, above average flatulence, foul smelling flatulence, and bloating? I Have Crohn's.

Excessive smelly flatulation?

Expert opinions? Which gas do we discharge when we fart?

For about 1 1/2 years, i have been so gasy. All i do is fart all the time. I fart about 20 to 30 times a day! I dont know why im always gasy, Help?

Foul internal odor and heartburn ?

Gas, sulfur burps, bloating, nausea, yellow foul smelling stool on/off for 2 years, worsening last 6 months. clean endoscopy. giardia negative. help?

Have Crohn's. Terrible smelling gas. Is there anything I can eat that may calm down the odor?

How come I have so much flatulence all the time?

How often does someone emit gas per day (fart) or how much should they?

I always have smelly fart dont care what food i eat. And i fart very often. Whats wrong with me?

I can't hold in farts ?

I drank some lactose free milk that was expired by 3 weeks, now I am burping rotting egg smell, and foul smelling gas with diarrhea and stomach cramp.

I fart 40 times a day?

I fart a lot and it smells really good. Is this normal?

I fart every few minutes. its NOT smelly. how come?

I go to bowel movment everyday. When i pass gas it is smelling bad. why?

I had diarrhea for 24 hours. The three days afterwards I have had the worst gas pains and excessive amounts of farts. It has a very fowl odor. Help?

I have a foul smelling sneeze for about a week?

I have a gallbladder sludge and am wondering why am i passing so much gas? The smell is very foul!

I have a lot of fart these days?

I have a lot of fart these days.

I have a problem with flatulence odor, how can it do away?

I have acidic/sulphuric poop smelling and tasting belches. And slight abdominal pain.

I have bad smell while passing gas tell me how to remove it?

I have been burping and it tasted and smells like i a fart?

I have been experiencing smelly flatulence. What could be wrong?

I have foul smelling flatulence.does it signify any health issues?

I have frequent gas that is sometimes very smelly and/or loud. What do I do?

I have to fart but it's not coming out. What can I do?

I have very excessive foul smelling gas daily. Smells like propane gas .Stops me from applying for other jobs.. Wat do you suggest?

I have very smelly flatulance not to be rude. Could I have stomach cancer?

I keep having gas and feeling bloated and diarehha and burping this foul smell what could be wrong?

I pass a lot of foul smelling gas no matter what i eat. Sometimes the gas is accompanied by stomach aches. What could this be?

I pass a lot of smelly gas often. What can be the cause?

I pass bad smelling gas frequently. Should I be worried?

I release gases involuntarily which smells like fart/poop/sewage.I don't feel while iam releasing gas , suddenlysurprised with the bad odour?

I smell like fart often, and i don't fart, have stomach problems, bladder infections and bad breath, but don't know what is causing the fart smell from ?

I.Past gas frequenly, .Has foul odor. What.To.Do.?

I'm passing gas frequently during the day, it smells real bad, been taking flagyl, could Flagyl be causing me to have really foul smelling gas ?

I've been having extremely foul smelling gas after antibiotics . Now i feel gassy & toxic throughout the day & constantly leaking odor. Help plz!?

I've been having stomach cramps and smelly farts. What should I do?

IBS for over 10yrs, no matter what I eat, I always have really bad smelling stools & gas. Its embarrassing. Help?

If farting/fart is a disease, how to make your body never farting/fart anymore?

Im 33 and I am noticing I am belching and letting off gas and the belch stinks should I be worried?

Intensely foul smelling flatus and poop--sick or food poisoning?

Is bad burping and passing bad gas a lot a sign of pregnancy??

Is bad, smelly gas a sign of labor?

Is farting good or bad can you give me a full explanation I farts everday and its very smelly ?

Is farting often normal? I fart thrice a day

Is flatulence of a bad odor a sign of bad digestive system or food poisoning?

Is foul smelling bowel gas related to sexual intercourse?

Is foul smelling breath symptom of histoplasmosis?

Is foul smelling breath symptom of psittacosis ?

Is having smelly gas a sign of cancer?

Is it a good sign that foul smelling diarrhea no longer smells?

Is it bad for health to smell farts? Is it toxic to smell and/or breath in your own farts or someone else's farts? I read that farts were toxic gas...

Is it bad to hold in farts?

Is it normal for a 2 week old to pass foul smelling bowels?

Is it weird for flatulence to smell sweet?

Is sulfer smelling gas a normal PMS symptoms ?

Is there a way to get rid of the smell from your fart or your burp?

Is there any smell when you have appendicitis?

My 3 1/2 month old daughter has a lot of gas and it really stinks when she farts. She is being breasted. Why is this?

My 7 year old has pain around navel area foul smelling gas?

My baby is 12 weeks old.. She farts often and fart will be smelly. ..Is it a good sign?

My daughter has fishy smelling stools what could it be?

My fart smells bad, is it celiac disease?

My farts are very smelly! I mean exceptionally. Any advise?

My stomach is bloated and I have been burpping a foul taste and smell?

My two yr old farts a lot and very smelly is this anything to worry about?

Nauseated,stomach cramps for 4 days. Really really smelly farts! No fever. Burps smell like my farts! Mold in water cooler at work.

Please tell me, could a 2 month old baby pass gas that smells?

Urine smells foul, and have been having horrible stomach pains! what could be wrong?

What can cause excessive gas with really bad smell?

What can I do about flatulence with fecal leaking?

What can I do to stop leaving such stinky farts?

What causes abnormally bad smelling gas?

What causes burning gas that smells like sulfur? I always have a bowel movement when experiencing this to.