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Am i squirting or leaking urine?

Am i squirting or urine? How can I tell?

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Can urine contain pus?

Can UTI cause sticky urine?

Can you tell me if ya bladder is malfunction and you have urine retention where does the urine go?

Can you tell me what you suggest if your bladder is malfunction and you have urine retention where does the urine go?

Cloudy urine, is it dehydration?

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Foam and bubbles in urine and frequent urination. Negative urine test for protein.?

Foamy urine is good for health?

For many years i've had daily urine leaking in my panties, what causes this?

How can be cured the urine leaking?

How can I be cured from urine leaking?

How can I stop from leaking urine?

How do you treat urine leakage so it doesn't stain your underwear?

How is urine actually produced?

How much is too much urine for a newborn?

I am 5 weeks pregnant.Leaking urine frequently.What is the cause?Is this normal?

I am having oily bubbles in my urine,what can cause this?

I can't control my urine and some time i pee in my pants. Also, my urine keeps leaking...

I had post-sex urine leakage what could it be?

I leak urine every time I cough. is this normal?

I leak urine just after a bath why ?

I still leak urine 9 weeks after my vaginal delivery. What to do?

I want to know what is the difference between foamy urine and bubbly urine?

I'm 16, and i'm still finding urine in my underwear some mornings. What is wrong with me?

I'm leaking urine and idk what to do .?

If I am experiencing urine leakage sometimes, should I tell my doc?

If sui should I be leaking urine between legs when coughing?

Im having difficulty expelling my urine. What can I do?

In what way can I stop leaking urine during sex?

Is a 5mg of prednisone daily for 5 days causes urine leakage ?

Is a ballotable kidney in a 20 year old male with frothy urine a concern?

Is few bubbles in the urine dangerous ?

Is it normal for some urine to stay in bladder after urination ? After I urinate if I squeeze muscles tightly penis then some urine still comes ?

Is it normal for your urine to divide into two when urinating?

Is it normal needing to urine every day at the same time?

Is it normal to have particles in urine?

Is it normal to leak a few drops after urinating? If so, how can I make sure all my urine is released?

Is it okay to hold your urine for the time being?

Is the urethra where the urine comes out of?

Is there a reason why I have no bubbles in my urine?

Is urine sterile?

Milking cloudy urine no STDs ?

My 4 year old sometimes has bubbles in urine! What causes that?

My friend who is 14, peed 1 liter of urine, is this normal?

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My urine is very very hot why?

My urine leaks--what can be done for this?

Please help! what is that illness called when you leak urine without knowing?

Postvoidal urine is 50cc... Is it ok?

Pus with urine?

Retaining water, smelly dark urine, dribbling urine after I urine?

Should bits of urine leak out while doing kegal exercises?I'm trying kegels due to urine leakage all the time even when laying down urine leaks out

Should I tell my doctor about leaking urine when coughing or laughing? How? What would it be?

Sometimes i can t control the urine leakage and i pee in the pants. Is it normal?

Sometimes i have to really concentrate on not urinating on myself is this urine incontinence I have hydrocephalus ?

Split stream urine , when i urinate.My age is 19?

Urate crystals in urine of 8 month old baby is this normal?

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What causes cloudy urine?

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What is the definition or description of: Leaking urine?

What is the definition or description of: Urine leaking?

What is urine cavity?

What is urine dynamics?

What is urine made of?

What is urine made up of?