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Any tips? What should I expect for urodynamic testing?

Anyone female had the fibroptic cystoscope test at the urogynecologist?

Can a cystoscopy cause a Urethra stricture I wasn't put asleep for the procedure and my pee sprays help?

Can a urologist find any abnormalities with my bladder while doing a cytoscospy?

Can a urologist perform a prostate biopsy at the same time he scopes the urethra?

Can catheterization for utis be done by someone other than a doctor?

Can cystoscopy cause ED ? age 19 now having issues all of a sudden 5 months after cystoscopy had cysto for prostatis I don't hav prostatus anymore

Can Cystoscopy lead to urethral stricture in future ? (after 2-3 months of cystoscopy or more) as i feel pain in penis now, done cystoscopy in past?

Can I swim and have sex after having a cystoscopy with hydrodistention procedure?

Can I swim and have sex the day after having a cystoscopy with hydrodistention procedure?

Can you tell me about a rigid cystoscopy?

Can you tell me about cystoscopy and urodynamic assesment test done?

Can you tell me how is a urethral dilation done for a female?

Can you tell me how uncomfortable is multichannel cystometry and uroflowmetry for a 14 year old?

Could a doctor please explain the term "retrograde pyelogram" to me?

Could catheterization for utis be done by anybody?

Could you explain the term "retrograde pyelogram" to me?

Cystoscopy in a few days. If there are strictures or anything could insertion of the scope cause pain enough to wake me from the anesthesia?

Cystoscopy on a man-- is it done while being awake?

Do cystoscopy a hurt? What can I expect?

Do i need a cystoscope if i had a renal doppler done recently?

Do urologists use any anesthesia for a female cystoscopy during pregnancy?

Docs, could a colinoscopy be used to check for bladder problems?

Does intercystial cystitis come out in cystocope? I had one done and my urologist said it is normal and did not find anything as well as a CT scan

Does it hurt to get a cystoscopy with retrograde pyelography done?

Does the fiberoptic cystoscope hurt you?

Had cystoscopy.Doctor is saying i need an xray of my bladder. What better knowledge will an xray give. I would think a camera in my bladder shows more?

Had flexible cysto. done . Urine was completely clear for 2 days after cysto. But , on 2nd day after cysto. , red urine once . Was that due to cysto?

Has a doctor ever used an otoscope to examine your urethra?

Having a cystoscopy done in a few days to confirm IC diagnosis. They will use some local anesthetic to guide scope. How painful will this be?

Having cystoscopy and ureteroscopy. Procedure? Have chronic pylonephris with reoccuring utis

Hi doc, I have been diagnosed with bladder neck obstuction after retrograde urethrogram and uroflow tests.Rgu suggested no strictures. Imfeelingpain?

How is a pelvic exam performed by a urologist? Do they use a catheter?

How long should the procedures of diagnostic laproscopy and cystoscopy with hydrodistention last?

How painful is cystoscopy procedure?

How should I properly prepare for a pyelogram?

How to find female urethra for caterization?

How uncomfortable is multichannel cystometry and uroflowmetry?

How will a vcug test be done on my. Do I have to pee while i lie down?

I am going under anesthaesia for first cystoscopy, suggestions?

I have to have urodynamic testing does it hurt?

I just had a cystoscopy and lithotripsy done how long will i be in pain and how long will there be blood in my urine?

I just was asking questions about my dad who had prostate ca about 5 years ago and on routine visit had hematuria-all Ct's,cystoscopy/ok still has it?

I was wondering is a cystoscopy (bladder biopsy) standard procedure if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer?

I'm scheduled to have a dual catheter urodynamics test. Are they painful?

I've had cystoscopy and urethral dilation about 4 days back. After the procedure i pass urine about once a day..Is this normal?

I've had urodynamics test that shows I have an atonic bladder and been told that a cathater is my only choice, what other options are there! ?

If a small incision is made with cytoscopy for urethal stricture can I still have sex in the future ?

If I have an upcoming bladder scan, what should I expect?

If my doctor only wants to do a rigid cystoscopy, can't I request a flexible cystoscopy? Is there much difference?

If my urologist finds bladder cancer during my cystoscopy can he just remove it right away?

In cystoscopy, 2 weeks ago, biopsy done on a urinary bladder cyst. The cyst ruptured and cauterized done..Is there a complication in the future?

Is a female cystoscopy painful?

Is cystoscopy necessary to diagnose split stream urination?

Is obtaining catherized urine specimen in case of females a painful procedure?

Is the vcug ultrasound painful in men?

Is there any alternative to ascending urethrogram ?

Is ureteroscopy possible? I have pain in my ureter for one year,i made cystoscopy and CT scan the results were normal,dr told me ureteroscopy is risky

Is Urinary Catheterization a painful procedure for male? Is it done under sedation or while you are in your senses.

My girlfriend had a CT scan that revealed a "small vesicovaginal fistula". Should a urologist perform the repair surgery or a gynecologist?

My urologist has suggested i undergo a cystoscopy exam. Ecography and cystological exams have been negative. Are there serious risks with this test?

My urologist wants me to get a cloroflowmetry test done. What is cloroflowmetry?

Other than a cystoscopy, which i had done a few months ago, what tests could reveal a urogenital fistula?

Should i get an ultrasound or cystoscopy for bladder checking?

Should i go under anesthaesia for first cystoscopy?

Should I have a potassium test for ic before a scope to rule out endometrosis ? Urologist done a bladder scope and thinks mild ic .

Ureteroscopy done but no kidney found, what the recovery time?

Voiding cystourethrogram (vcug) question--what medication is used?

What are some alternatives to retrograde pyelogram?

What are the differences between intravenous pyelogram and retrograde pyelogram?

What can be done about bladder exstrophy?

What can be done about nocturia?

What can be seen during a cystoscopy?

What can I expect during and after a ureteroscopy?

What can I expect for urodynamic testing?

What do doctors look for in a cystoscope?

What exactly is a retrograde pyelogram?

What exactly is retrograde pyelogram?

What is a cystoscopy or ureterscopy? Are they painful?

What is a meatoplasty, with reference to urology?

What is done at a urology exam?

What is the difference between a cystoscopy and a cystography?

What is the difference between a cystoscopy and a cystourethroscopy?

What is urodynamics useful for, related to urology doctors?

What procedures can examine the left ureter to see if there's a problem. I've had a cystoscopy done and also an ultrasound and CT done on the kidney.

What should I expect if I have a cystoscopy tommorrow?

What to do if I have a stent in from having a urethroscopy done?

What to do if I have been told by my urologist I need to have a suprapubic tube installed how is this done?

What type of doctor can order an ureteroscopy?

What type of doctor can order a voiding cystourethrogram?

What will they be looking for on a vcug?

Whats vcug ultrasound for men?

When does someone get a cystoscopy?

When I have this urodynamic testing done, will I have to urinate in front of people again?

Where can I get a endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ercp) done?

Why is a biopsy done with cystoscope sometimes and not others?

Wondering about urology test to be done if abnormal cystometry?

Would a cystoscopy be useful if you have pain after ejaculation? Had a seen culture, prostate sonogram, and urine analysis done, cystoscopy last year.