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98 year old father with a 20 year urostomy, performed his own changes since the begining. 2 years ago surgery to remove gall bladder caused a hernia, which is causing leaking wafer?

enlarged prostate/ luts, started flomax (tamsulosin) and proscar. 4 episododes of dark stained underwear. urine test done. is catscan and cystoscopy needed? .6p

10 year-old who from the early age had urinary obstruction, had surgery at age 1 yr to unblock it, but now has 2 weeks of obstruction symptoms.....?

2 weeks ago had laproscopic surgery to correct a prolapsed bladder. Today there is blood in my cather bag and 1/4" blood pieces, sharp pain in bladder?

23 yr old M had lasertripsy. Developed large clot obstructions(grapefruit size in bladder). 2 wks post op. Still have spasms and frequency. Normal??

26 months old son still bleeding after cystoscopy for blood vessel rupture after one week cicumcision reqd but not done yet bladderkidneyurethra clear?

29 years old all Urology tests normal ALL. PSA is 1.3 I have external hemorrhoids I feel burning in perineal area. Is PSA ok at 1.3 for my age?

3 1/2 mos. after radical prostatectomy, my friend is bleeding from his urethra (bright red)?

3 days following prostate needle biopsy, semen is very red. Is it a good idea to increase the frequency of ejaculation to flush out the blood faster?

30yrold vag rejuvenation w capped cath for 10 days. Removed 2x but unable to void. Still have cath.

31yo, suprapubic catheter placed after nerves to bladder stopped functioning. Body bruises, nausea 24/7, poor balance. Doctor has no answers...

35M. Urologist said weak stream a 10-11 when should be 20-30. Wants to do cysto awake to look for strictures. Scared. Is there another way to tell?

36 male Weak stream. Flow test @10, but DO empty bladder. Told Tight Bladder Neck - RX = Flomax (tamsulosin). Could this be tight Pelvic Muscles? How to correct?

39 weeks pregnant.I want to know if catheter will be inserted in both c-section and in vaginal birth?I want to avoid it due to my bladder inflammation

3MM stone passed into urinary canal weeks ago and every day suffer pains in penis and ansatiable need to pee. How long should this process take?

3yr ago my gma had a bladder sling implanted, she was 82, infection, cultures grow multiple growths and no meds help, sugg or ideas? Cancer? The mesh?

4 days post cabg Low bp low o2 confusion still in CICU urinary cath removed but put back in for inability to empty bladder bipap HS is this common?

43- yr old female. Recurrent uti's. Usually after marital sex (despite voiding and cleaning afterward). Is cystoscope really necessary? Options?

47 yr old female, having urine leakage daily not even realizing it. Had a urinary mesh 3 years ago? Also had cervical fusion 5-7

47yr female, suddenly developed weak urine flow. After extensive investigation, diagnosed with urethral stenosis & advised dilatation. Why'd it happen?

56 y/o female visible blood in urine on/off Cyscoscopy today. Polyps found. Day surgery scheduled. Urologist said he would bet the house not cancer. From experience can he tell if yes or no?

62, male, just had gaull bladder removed 4 weeks ago. Annus won't stop itching when i deficate in the morning. I am on antibiotics for a hair folical condition, and am on flowmax for prostate. Take medimusal everyday for bowal problems.

9year old son has been diagnosed with meatal stenosis, has a pain when he passes urine.He's for dialatation. What is the cause? Canrecurrence, prevented

A friend had cancer cell removed from prostate but was rushed to hospital due to burning pain with blood coming out how long is the wait to check?

Afte a bladder biopsy is there a scab inside my bladder that has to make it through my penis?

After a dr sewed my c-section into my bladder and w/out knowing leaked urine in my system for 7 yrs could this be a cause for me to get lupus?

After bladder neck incision surgery.I have problem in urinary incontinence,erection,and also semen doesnt ejaculate and give me no pleasure.Treatment?

After having catheter removed and doing self catheter 3 times a day I am now coning on my own about every 30 min at 100mm is th i had my wall and a prolapsed bladder surgery on the 20th of oct. Just had 3 week check up and finally took out catheter and l

After my second daughter was born by a C-section they cut my bladder im now left incontient can I have a new bladder ?

After removal of a portion of miniarc sling attached to urethra w/ fb reaction, could remaining sling cause continued pain/inflammation of bladder/urethra that worsens over many days after exercise?

Age: 47. Had ct: bladder distended, cyto: no blockage. Chronic retention. Urologist wants to 'ream uro-prostate channel.' could problem be neuro?

Are illuginal genti femoral illohygastric cutenaneous nerves all ruled out with a peripheral work up I have chronic pelvic pain in genital and bladder after a uncomplicated vaginal delivery 1 year ago I've had a cystocopy renal ultrasound and tests for st

As a result of radiology after an orchectomy for large defuse cell lymphoma, developed a urinary blockage causing a reduced an erratic urine flow.?

At hyster dr. Found bladder to be scarred & bleed easily. Why? Pain on voiding since surgery when bladder nicked. Related? Cause for concern?

Badder not emptying as nerves damaged due to cauda equina.My urologist recommends implanting placemaker. How much would be cost?I am so worried.

Been having urinary retention, had cystoscopy, Dr said there was some polyps in the ureathra, but were too small to cause the prob, are polyps normal?

Bladder neck suspension for SUI surgery 9/9. 9/11 placed foley at ER. 9/ 14 blood in urine. Should I be concerned if my urine is red? Urology on 18th.

Bladder nick @hyster but ck'd out ok. Painful spasms post surgery, now ok, but still have painful spasms when voiding. Ck'd for infection, neg, what?

Bladder sling, infection past 3yrs, max growth in culture, flesh partials in culture, possible bladder cancer? ?

Burning sensation after urinating, no infection, prostate operation done 1 year ago, age63 what to do?

C-section cut bladder & menstrual cycle bleeds via bladder every month & has for 1 yr. Only bleeds into bladder on cycle & pressure test holds water?

Can a bladder puncture happen naturally?

Can a doctor normally do a urinary catheterization when doing an angiogram lower extremities?

Can a lumbar puncture cause detrusor damage (underactive) to the bladder? Person in question has no history of bladder problems just came out of hospital with bladder problem, catheterized for life!

Can a person have their bladder tacked up in the doctor's office?

Can a pre sacrel abscess lead to permanent nerve damage to a bladder. Pain on urination and retention. Have had mass pelvic sepsis which lead to prob?

Can cystoscope cause damage in male?

Can fetal enlarged bladders eventually return to normal?

Can intestinal blockage cause you to not be able to pee?

Can periodic catheter insertion for few minutes n dr office dilate urethra or bladder neck slightly for period of time? Only effective med too costly

Can prostate surgery be preformed while on blood thiner?

Can stress, alcohol, kidney stones, burning urinating, and riding motorcycle affect psa levels?

Can urethra strictute cause fourniers gangrene how often does it happen?

Can urethral stricture or conjested prostititis be painless? I've had a weak/split urine stream and semen during bowel movement for some time. Age 36

Can you get incontinence from being hit in the bladder/penis region?

Can you give me suggestions if I have prostadynia. Does removing the whole prostate makes the pain to go away permanently?

Can you tell me how I could extend this paper over the urinary/renal systems(s)?

Can you tell me how I could recover from repeat sticture urethera?

Can you tell me if a male leaves a urinary catheter in for a long time will it damage the sphineter muscle?

Can't urinate after treatment for rectrum and prostate cancer. Need to use a catheter 24/7 to get the urine out.

Catheter connected (inside the penis) for 8 days and then removed, but after 2 days patient has fluid retention in penis (swollen). Is this ok?

Cold burning from anal area all the way up to bladder area in 4 day bouts. Gallbladder removed so could this be bile acid irritation? Prostate ok.

Constant swelling feeling in rectum. More when have an erection. Problems urinating. Seen 5 urol., 5 years.No enlarged prost./low psa, done 3 cystos and hydro-extension... Possible tumor in rectum?

Could a man have problems controlling his urine flow after having his prostate removed?

Could I have a urethra stricture pee comes out normal but the other 3/4 of the stream sprays for some reason? speed is normal. cysto cause damage??

Could suprapubic cathether be better than ileal conduit surgery for my father with URI bladder cancer?

Cystoscopic procedure has a risk of causing retrograde ejaculation. What options do I have. My urethra is squeezed at midpoint by 18gm prostrate.

Cystoscopy. Is it a big deal. Does it show disorders of Urinary tract? Is it painful when u have chronic Urethritis or stricture? Can I have it with Sedation not local topical anesthesia ?

Dad has a condom catheter. I noticed the drainage tube is full. Is this normal? Urine is in bag too but thought tube normally empty.

Diagnosed with kidney cncr and had a partial nephrectomy 6 days ago sent home with jp drain and catheter if they find urine in my drain what's next?

Diagnosed with prostate cancer, resulting in surgical removal 4 months ago. Since, I have night sweats and subst. Amount of urine flow every night.

Diagnosis neurogenic bladder due to MS. I wore a catheter for 6 weeks due to complete inability to urinate. I am able to urinate suddenly. Is it MS?

Did disectomy for loss of bladder due to cauda equina, bladder still not emptying.Doctor is doing nerve conduction test.Does it help to find treatment?

Discomfort in the prostate area upon awaking. Frequent urination during night with decrease stream. Better during the day. Blue light laser in 2012. ?

Do we have any treatement for Retrograde ejaculation caused due to cystoscopy and laser BNI and also orchidectmy for one testis done ?

Does excessive masturbation lead to large prostrate, resulting with pain near the kidneys area?

Does finasteride control post TURP small clots?

Does semen left in the urethra make it easier for bacteria to travel through the urethra upwards compared to an empty urethra?

Does urethral inflamation or urinary bladder inflamation cause blood clot in teen boy urine, if yes then, did it goes away without treatment in4 days?

Doing clean intermitent catheterization for chronic retention. Forgot to activate lubricant on cath. Slight blood on tip on removal. Is normal?

Dr said had weak stream due to urethral stricture. Had vocalcord surgery 5 days ago now stream is weaker, go small amounts. No pn meds.What's wrong?

Elder under hospice, has high fever due to bladder infection due to catheter, will his being under hospice result in nothing being done for him?

Elderly patient has blocked bladder. Catheter not helping. Options to drain urine?

Elderly patient has blocked bladder. catheter not helping. what options are there to drain urine, what to do?

Enlarged prostate after a stroke, taking medication to reduce, has a catheter, bleeding of the prostate, cancer has been ruled out by the urologist, cleaning with saline bags. How long could this last?

F 26. Voiding cystogram for frequent urination, it showed a 1cm bladder diverticulum on rt side. Waiting for urologist appt. What does this mean?

Fearful re: bladder cancer. Have had microscopic blood in urine for nearly 2 years. Told due to warfarin. Now bladder not completely emptying. Often.

Feeling incomplete emptying of bowel. Cystoscopy showed uterus moved from its place. Any medication or exercise to relieve this?

Female- laparoscopic bilateral inguinal surgery 2 weeks ago. Urine stream normal at first, stops, starts again. Pain when empty and pressure. Normal?

For enlarged prostate surgery, which method heals faster? Is it better for a faster and less bloody to perform TURP so that the result is the inability to ejaculate?

For how long can a stroke patient have a catheter? His bladder is being washed out because of blood clots and he has a UTI. Can this reoccur again?

Frail elderly male with high fever, suspect is bladder infection due to catheter. What is Tx and how long will he need the catheter? Prostate issue.

Frequent urination, interrupted stream, bladder does not empty easily. Ultrasound ok (no BPH). uroflow - 8ml/s. Diagnosis? lifestyle changes can help?

Give me a hint. What kind of hassle am I facing if doc suspects esophageal stricture? What is required to diagnose?

Gross hematuria at end of urination, occasional clots at beginning of urination, no related pain during. "Tense" bladder, scrotum pain. Blood/urine samples clean. Age 28, male. Suspecting (ex medical student) prostate or bladder, tumor or lesion. Atypical

Had a a/p repair w/ bladder sling 8/2010. When I bear down to void my stream stops.  why?

Had a/p colporrhaphy vaginal repair last year and came out of surgery unable to pee. 1yr on and I still have lazy bladder syndrome. Howdid this happen?

Had bowel surgery in july 2013 I am feeling well but just recent I have noticed blood in my urine and i had cervical chemo and radiotherepy in 2012?

Had cystoscop due to weak stream. Thought had stricture but ended up tight bladder neck. Dr said does not mean enlarged prostate. Can you explain?

Had cystoscope said bladder neck red, what causes this? have flomax (tamsulosin) for a week so far. no improvement, pee more. when will it work?