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(neurogenic bladder)urinary rentention, bladder pain due to partial cuada equina.My urologist is going to do botox on me. Can botox help my condition. ?

1.Can functionality of bladder return after inability to empty bladder completely? 2.Does clamping Foley help to retrain bladder?

12 months after UTI cleared constant urge to urinate and urethral irritation remain. Cystoscopy and urodynamics all show normal?

After a urodynamics test my doctor said I was not feeling the bladder contractions while it was being filled. Is this called a neurogenic bladder?

After drinking a lot is it common to urinate 2 or 3 times to empty your bladder?

After going through treatment for interstitial cystitis, will my bladder capacity go back to normal?

Always having the feeling to want urinate, and not being able to empty my bladder fully.

Any cure for a weak enlarged bladder?

Are symptoms for Interstitial Cystitis & Bladder Cancer the same?I have a burning bladder, a little blood, hesitance & fear urinary retention is next.

Are there any ways to reduce the amount if bladder leakage?

Are there habits that make bladder stone more likely?

Besides a UTI what can cause burning at about the moment my bladder is empty?

Bladder not emptying, scrotum shrinks and difficulty starting urination during defecating?

Bladder retention,kidney function 100% not voiding for 3 days where is it going, because it is not coming out or backing up to my kidneys.

Bladder spasm after spc insertion, what to do?

Can a biofilm bladder infection cause detrusor weakness and bladder neck mis timing?

Can a bladder biofilm infection give perceived detrusor weakness in urodynamics testing?

Can a bladder stretch as a baby cause any future bladder issues?

Can a neurogenic bladder be from holding urine?

Can a pelvic/abdominal ct detect any problems with your bladder, urinary tract, prostate, etc?

Can a whirlpool form in the bladder when peeing?

Can an inbedded bladder infection cause bladder to hold less urine? can it affect urodynamics results

Can an infection give impression of a weak detrusor muscle in urodynamics? Can it also affect bladder storage

Can bladder spasms cause you to retain urine?

Can fibroids effect the bladder or uretha?

Can having a UTI for four weeks cause damage to the bladder?

Can hold a litre of fluid without voiding; do I have an enlarged bladder?

Can it be possible for you to live without your urinary bladder?

Can my bladder drop after a hysterectomy ?

Can overactive bladder cause me to strain to get urine out? im on medication for it. Or will it be the tight bladder neck?

Can pelvic floor electrical stimulation cause increased urinary urgency & frequency?

Can tapeworms cause some bladder discomfort?

Can urinary bladder prolapse into the vagina due to vigorous masturbating ?

Can you get a UTI if holding in urine for long period of time? emptying bladder only twice a day? Not getting urge to empty bladder until in bathroom.

Can you get temporary urinary leakage with uti's?

Can you leak a bit if bladder infection?

Can you let me know is incomplete emptying a sign of an over active bladder?

Can you tell me if throughout micturition, urine moves out of the urinary bladder via this structure?

Can you tell me what the sign of a small bladder is?

Can your bladder get smaller over time?

Can zopiclone cause bladder irritation?

Can't really sleep through-out the night. Is there something wrong with my bladder or kidneys?

Cauda equna syndrome and did surgery but bladder still not emptying and painfull urination?

Causes of gross hematuria with no pain, bladder wall thickening on CT & inability to urinate?

Could a full bladder be a reason for heartburn?

Could bladder slings become dangerous?

Could bladder training actually work?

Could bladder training cause uti?

Could forcing yourself to urinate while partially erect give you a uti?

Could you explain why do I wake up every morning with a very full bladder?

Could you please describe what would happen if the person has no urinary bladder?

Could you possibly reach orgasm only with a full bladder?

Could you survive without your urinary bladder?

Could you tell me what exactly is bladder exstrophy?

Diagnosed with interestial cystitis. Can it cause over stimulation / arousal ? When bladder is full it feels this way.

Did an abdo and pelvic ultrasound :The bladder is massively distended but appears grossly normal,Significant residual bladder volume post-micturition.

Do a lot of people get neurogenic bladder?

Do fibroids make you urinate a lot?

Do I urinate very often because my cervix is long and rests on my bladder?

Do women leak pee when the bladder is infected?

Does emptying bladder wash away sperm?

Does emptying my bladder more often make my bladder stronger?

Does having a full bladder make you leak during masturbation?

Does holding in urine cause problems to the bladder?

Does long term constipation cause an overactive bladder. Bladder was normal until I was constipated for several years?

Does prostatitis cause a 'pressure' on the bladder/urge to urinate but can't? Confused if it's prostate or bladder,should I be worried

Does the bladder heal itself over time?

Does the bladder rub against the prostate when it is full?

Does the bladder shift during pregnancy?

Does uterus support bladder muscles that can relax if uterus is removed and result in urine retention and UTI?

Does uterus support bladder muscles that can relax if uterus is removed and result in urine retention and UTI?

Does your bladder only leak when it is full?

Dr. Ruled out bladder prolapse and infection, what else would cause one to have frequent urge to pee?

Each time after urination, it feels like bladder is not emptyed properly. Urine infection? What can be done?

Frequent bladder infections passing gas vaginally?

Gp thinks I may have a bladder stone waiting for a ct scan appointment, need to urinate all the time even when bladders empty sensitive near pubicbone?

Had bladder emptying study, normal, am emptying bladder completely. Does this therefore rule-out blockage in urinary tract?

Had sonogram of kidney & bladder and sore afterwards why?

Had total vaginal hysterectomy (11wks)ago. Had previous overactive bladder nowhave weak urine str, takes hrs to empty bladder, dr says no prolapse?

Had totally normal bladder emptying study; does that rule out a bladder obstruction? I ache after peeing, wondering what's causing it. No UTI or stone

Have a neurogenic bladder and not involved in sex because of fear of urinary retention and burning pain. If I do masturbate, will it effect my bladder?

Help please? I have found hernia between vagina and bladder?

Help! having an ultrasound scan because of bladder problems but have difficulty holding in urine! what can I do?

Hi I have had a prolapse bladder for 35 years and has been getting worse pain, bladder infections urinary incontinence im ready to have something done?

Hi, i feel an urge to urinate even after emptying my bladder. No problem found in ultrasound and urine test?

Hiw do you know if you haven't emptied out your bladder completely?

How can I control my bladder. I'm 20 years old and I use the bladder too frequently. ?

How can I feel bladder up for ultrasound?

How can I figure out my bladder capacity without going to a urogyn?

How can I get help for diverticulum in the bladder?

How can I stop worrying about bladder stones?

How can I strengthen my bladder?

How can I tell if I have a small bladder?

How can one deal with having a small bladder?

How can you treat small bladder?

How do I find out if I have ui or just weak bladder?

How do I know how much urine does the bladder hold?

How do I know if I have an overactive bladder, or do I just drink too much fluids?

How do I know if I have pbs (painful bladder syndrome)?

How do liquids circulate to the bladder?