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Although this is not common at all, what are the most common fungal causes of epidymitis?

Are intraprostatic antibiotic injections effective against chronic bacterial prostatitis if oral-antibiotics haven't worked?

Are there many types of prostatitis?

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Been suffering acute bacterial prostatitis for 4 weeks now, on my 3rd course of ciprofloxacin. I still have the continous urge to urinate, help?

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Can anyone tell me is tuna effective for chronic prostatitis?

Can bacterial prostatitis cause difficulty urinating? Is bacterial prostatitis treatable?

Can chronic masturbation like 3 to 4 times a day for month cause epididymo orchitis ?. I think so because I had this without any infection.

Can chronic non-bacterial prostatitis be cured?

Can chronic prostatitis has anything to do with gynecomastia?

Can chronic prostatits come from urethritis?

Can extremely painful defecation (with any diet) be the symptom of prostatitis, is it more common to acute or chronic prostatis?

Can masturbating a few times during antibiotic treatment for prostatitis and epididymitis, disrupt the process of eradication or cause re-infection?

Can nonbacterial prostatitis be prevented by a man?

Can poor hygiene cause prostatitis, epididymitis, or other infections?

Can the fungal organism responsible for balanitis also cause epididymitis and/or prostatitis?

Can the prostatitis or epididymitis be diagnosed by seman culture ?

Can there be any cure for chronic prostatitis?

Can tussionex cause prostatitis to flare up?

Can u have prostatis inflammation and normal cystoscopy? Or prostatis no inflammation?

Can you tell me about I have been having a lotreally do I have prostatitis?

Could all kind of prostatitis(acute, chronic bacterial or chronic non bacterial) makes a prostate swell?

Could chronic non bacterial prostatitis cause a prostate to swell?

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Had someone used prosta-q in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and what was the outcome?

Have you heard of an effective treatment for non bacterial prostatitis?

Having chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.Had prostate massage and its filled with fluid. What's the treatment for it & is prostate massage dangerous?

Hello I am a young man 29 years I am suffering from chronic inflammation of the prostate is not a bacterial than ten years. What is the treatment?

Hello...does chronic prostatitis curable with medicine or not ?

Help can chronic nonbacterial prostatitis affect fertility?

Help docs? Why is the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis so hard to cure?

Help please! could chronic masturbation cause prostatitis?

Hi! i used to masterbate a lot, then i heard it causes chronic prostatitis so i quit. Question is does chronic prostatitis hurt? How can I know?

How can I cure chronic prostatitis?

How can I know if I have prostitis?

How can I treat chronic epididymitis?

How can I treat prostatitis that's caused by chlamydia?

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How to treat chronic prostatis?

How would i go about treating prostatitis?

I am suffering from prostatitis. I want to how does bacteria goes into the prostate?

I am told that too much sex may cause chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, but why and how?

I have chronic bacterial prostatitis for+2yrs and none of the antibiotics cures it. Why? How to impve treatmt? Prostate massages + antibiotic works?

I have chronic prostatitis, doctor gave antibiotic (levofloxacian 750mg) for 1 week. Is it enough to treat chronic prostatitis? My age is24, unmarried

I have chronic prostatitis. Can this be cured?

I have enlarged prostate and prostatitis, im having same issues again 2 years later, could it be something more or is prostatitis reoccuring problem?

I have prostatitis after 13 years, what to do?

I want to know what is the difference between prostatitis and urethritis?

I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Help please?

I was wondering what are the common treatments for prostatitis?

I'm a virgin male & recently diagnosed by prostato-cystitis (bacterial prostatitis). Had UTI 2 years ago but was cleared.Is prostato-cystitis curable?

If I have prostatitis, what can I do before seeing a doctor?

If u don't have prostatitis and you take antibiotic for treating it. Is it harmful to your prostate?

Is a prostate infection also known as prostatits?

Is acute prostatitis contagious?

Is BPH caused by poor hygiene around the genitals? Is BPH just nonbacterial prostatitis?

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Is it possible to have chronic prostatitis?

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Is it true that overmasturbation (excess of at least three times a day) can cause Chronic Non Bacterial prostatitis ?

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Is orchitis the inflammation of the prostate?

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Is there a cure for urethritis?

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Is there a difference between prostatitis and urethritis?

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Is there any hope/cure for bacterial prostaitis?

Please explain why does prostatitis last so long?

Please tell me, could ciprofloxacin 500mg can cure chronic prostatitis?

Please tell me. Is it possible to completely cure chronic prostatitis?

Prostatitis following non specific urethritis bacterial or fungal as candida present ?

Should masturbation be avoided when being treated for chronic epididymitis and prostatitis? 4 week long course of antibiotics.

Symtoms of chronic non-bacterial postatitis?

What are some ways to deal with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis?

What are symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitis? Smelly cum?

What are the differences between prostatitis and prostatorrhea?