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25 y/o history of 2 pregnancies with chronic urinary incontinence.Done kegals and bladder training.Any other suggestions? Its embarassing&smelly.

3.5 y/o girl with VUR & duplicated ureter has frequent accidents, sudden urges & cannot hold urine. Been trained for 1.5 years. Possible incontinence?

51.7yrs., perimenopause, using Alesse. Have mild IC, bladder expansion, experiencing bladder fullness, unable to urinate. What are treatment options?

5yr old w/ significant vaginal adhesion, but no problem w/ urination, what dose of topical estrogen to start & does this need referral to pedi uro?

70yr old female complaint of urinary incontinence and fever..what is treatment?

After having the tulp surgery a year ago i am still having the same symptoms urinating?

After removing your prostate how long will it take to be able to control your bladder?

Am diabetic heart patient on medicine, suffering from urine urgency can't hold. Any advice please?

Any connection between bladder infections and marijuana use?

Any information/ advice for 19 y/o with fowlers syndrome and perm indwell catheter. & best way to stop bladder spasms? Thank you

Any tips on dealing with incontinence as 20 year old male? The dr prescribed me tamsulosen but it didnt work at all

Are there any medications that help you stop the leaking of the bladder?

Are there any new treatments for interstitial cystitis available? I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had the installations and take elmiron (pentosan).

Are there any women's frequent urination OTC remedies? I was prescribed vesicare (solifenacin) but even with insurance it's horribly expensive.

Are there better diapers than depends for adult urge incontinence?

As my period become close I suffer from stess urinary incontinence . why ? what's the treatment?

Ask a health question... Alternatives to catheter for post operative urinary retention for male 65 ?

Beside hygiene and drinking more water being suggested. What would the cause of chronic utis be in a 23 yr old with history of kidney issues?

Best pad or product for stress incontinence?

Born with spina bifida.I have Botox injection in the bladder, and sometimes using oxibutinin injection to the bladder. Are there other options?

Can a spinal nerve compression & hip injury cause urinary problems such as frequency, cystitis feeling wanting to go double voiding in the morning?

Can a pessary be worn for a grade 1/mild bladder prolapse? Also what in your experience the success rate? ( no complications etc)

Can a urinary tract infection cause someone to lose their ability to speak or use their vocal chords?

Can a urogynecologist fix my incontinence better than my regular obgyn?

Can anxiety cause an over active bladder?

Can autism, mild or not, cause incontinence like bedwetting?

Can being chronically constipated make urinary incontinence permanent?

Can i take an alphablocker to prevent androgel from causing me problems with my urethra?

Can i take ciprofloxacin for a bladder infection if i have frequent muscles twitches? Any potential hazards?

Can intersital cystitis cause permanent damage to the bladder? And does any medications help or make it worse?

Can interstitial cystitis prevent me from being able to have kids?

Can kegel exercises reverse a bladder and bowel prolapse - mild to moderate caused by pregnancy? Will stopping breastfeeding help?

Can l-theanine help relax my urethral sphincter like alphablockers can?

Can OAB be cured? I get Botox soon in bladder will I have to have these injections rest of my life or there a limit?

Can OAB cause right bladder neck or other way around? I have both doc won't do BNI as too young, symptoms ruin my life!!!

Can partial central diabaetes insipidus go away or improve? Used to need ddavp (desmopressin) to control. Eventually urine started to concentrate without it. Source

Can partial central diabetes insipidus go away or improve? After 2yrs needing ddavp (desmopressin) to control, eventually urine started to concentrate without it.

Can person with OAB ever retunr to normal bladder? Or just learn to deal with it? can you ever 100% recover?im only 32

Can potassium permangante be used for treating bladder infection in men ?

Can quitting tamsulosin cause diarrhea? (I'm a female patient taking it for urinary retention caused by interstitial cystitis)

Can syndopa plus causes urinary incontinence for a parkinson patient?

Can taking to many mixture of weight loss pills affect your urine frequency and needing to go to the bathroom more frequently or is it just UTI? Bloat

Can using an indwelling catheter and alpha blocker muscle relaxer cause incontinence?

Can uti's be linked to taking frequent bubble baths in adults? Have heard they do in children.... This is my 3rd UTI in less 3 months...Suggestions?

Can you give me some advice on my bladder issue? How long after breastfeeding ends is it abnormal to have incontinence?

Can you suggest any alternatives over-the-counter for over active bladder?

Can you tell me about drug testing with a shy bladder (paruresis)?

Could anxiety problems be the reason i didn't respond well to androgel (i had bladder spasms)?

Could pt really help reduce the severity of a bladder prolapse ie from stage two to one?

Diagnosed w/ IC as child (pelvic cramping & glomerations seen on cystoscopy. DSMO IC diet helped ALOTx 20 yrs. New uro MD doubts IC , Doesn't know what I have. What? is this common?

Diagnosed with an atonic bladder 12 years ago. I only self catheterize when desperate. What can I do except wait for extreme pressure for release?

Diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, prescribe me sildosin 4mg tablet for lifetime. really i need this medicine for lifetime to urinate well?

Diagnosed with ic, i take elmiron (pentosan) I have an inter-stym device, i suffer from constipation, which I have noticed, a mass of tissue bulging from vigian?

Did Flavoxate(200 mg) taken 3 time a day for week can cause chronic urinary retention in future? Thank You

Do people with incontinence problem cross their legs while laughing?

Do the bladder instillation treatments of heparin, bicarbinate of soda, and lidocane help bladder inflamation?

Does an overactive bladder settle how long does flaxovate take to work?

Does bethanechol chloride have any curative effect for a weakened bladder?

Does botox helps patients having neurogenic bladder due to partial cauda equina syndrome?Interstim didn't helped now should I try botox for bladder?

Does c-section reduce the risk of urinary incontinence? I have an overactive bladder & mild incontinence (without even having given birth!). Is it wiser to deliver through c-section in my case?

Does only cimetidine work for interstitial cystitis or do the other h2 antagonists also work?

Does over the counter meds for overactive bladder cause glaucoma, my sister read it in a magazine?

Does pregnancy leave a lasting problem with urinary incontinence?

Doing too many kegels have now given me urinary problems-i CANNOT relax. What can i do? I dont want to push

Fecal incontinence (liquid) during hot days, masturbation and walking - how to cure and why does it happen?

For crest patients with severe raynauds, which calcium channel blocker is best for those with GI motility problems and urinary retention?

For how long should I do pelvic muscle excercise to alleviate nocturnal urinary urgency? To what extent is it effective?

For the past one month I am waking up in the morning with full bladder. According to doctor i've chronic prostatitis & taking alpha blockers at night ?

Frequent bladder incontinence post partum. Have tried to do kegel exercises but still can't make it to the bathroom in time without having a wet undi?

Frequent urination with Penicillin TID for dental gingivitis. Is this normal? I also have IC. This is very out the ordinary for me, but it won stop.

Had BCG bladder instillations 10 yrs ago for interstitial cystitis. Is this tx used anymore or safe?Seemed to slough off lining of bladder w/ each tx.

Had neurogenic bladder due to cauda equina syndrome.Is there any chance that botox can help reduce urinary retention, urgency problem?Should i try it?

Had series of 8 weekly BCG (bacillus calmette guerin) bladder instillations yrs ago for interstitial cystitis. Is this tx used anymore or even safe?

Have had severe bladder spasms/incontinence after uretoscopy april 3rd. Been on several diff meds. Will this ever get better. No kids btw?

Have had urinary urgency/ frequency and bladder leak post menopause for years. Take .5 mg Klonopin (clonazepam) 2 x's daily. This is now controlled! Good thing?

Have incontinence been seen by several doctors and there doesn't seem that anything can be done about it. What can I do?

Have Neurogenic Bladder urine retention, doctor not catheterise me instead prescribe Capsule contains Methylcobalamin750 mcg Pregabalin75 mg, Is it Ok?

Have neurogenic bladder.I currently in trial phase of sacral stimulation. Last week my symptoms were perfect, today i again felt retention, why is that?

Have to pee every 10 minutes severe urgency can't function but i was told if i see my urologist again they'll think i'm abusing the system what to do?

Have urinary retention & to do self cathing cuz i can't urinate. Is this something i'm going to have to do forever or will I have to do dialysis?

Have UTI. Can't see doc for 14 days. Can't sleep - bladder urges. Don't want it to spread. Can't afford Azo. What can I do for the meantime?

Having urge incontinence issue diabetic bs was 285 b4 meals saw urologist said nothing wrong just started 2 months ago. Can antipsychotic meds cause?

Hello, can anyone recommend me a good urologist doctor in phx , az ? Suffer from urge incontinence

Hello, I have one question about my problem It's been almost 1 years i had a pain into my penis .when I Used restroom so, what is the best medicine?

Help needed. I have developed fecal incontinence, I cannot control it when I have to go?

Help!dx'd w/ interstitial cystitis as child(pelvic pain w/ full bladder, glomerulations present w/ distention).Dsmo helped!new md doubts ic. Did no tests & is clueless.?

Hi doctor ! Can you suggest or help to store/maintain men's help like sperm weakness. Also for weakness of bladder (urinary and hepatic) heat.reply

Hi there! I am 33 year old female and I have uc 'ulceritive colitis' as well as overactive bladder. Can i take oxytrol patch?

Hi! can I keep my second baby if I have incontinence urinary stress from my first childbirth or is beter to abort to treat my problem first? Thanks.

Hi. 40 fem. 20 yr history bladder urgency. Occassional incontenence (last 6 yrs.). Or Hypo 2007-pres. Gait and balance prob 6-12 mo. Terrified MSA..??

High bun 63/cr 2.2 with chf patient. Can urinary retention cause it? Burning in urination and abdominal pain feels better with food. Discontinued ssri, can gabapentin cause it? How to detect bladder issues, and is it safe to take uristat in chf/ckd?

History of neurogenic bladder, flaccid and current severe constipation. 45,male, lost one kidney to cancer. Can he take miralax or mag citrate?

How can I avoid stress incontinence lbl on a long trip?

How can women in wheelchair manage their bladder while traveling or working all day in public?

How come i need to have a comfortably full bladder when i receive a radiation treatment?

How do I eliminate the odor of enuresis and gas incontinence following childbirth trauma?

How do i know if i am dealing with a vaginal infection vs using the wrong muscles to pass fecal matter?

How do I stop losing weight being caused by the pain of interstitial cystitis?

How do they use ultrasound to evaluate fecal incontinence?

How do you control odor of urine through diet and cleansing if you have a mild incontinence case?