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2 days before period urinalysis showed trace blood but no rbcs what does that indicate?

5.0 urine pH and trace occult blood. Is this normal?

7 + RBC in stool, no occult blood, no visible blood. What does it mean?

76 year old woman with blood in urine cat scan normal, blood work normal?

8 year old boy has blood in urine?

After urine tests8/10 blood is tres what it mines?

Always had trace blood in urine. Had UTI 6 days ago follow up urine still has large amounts of blood. Blood work good no kidney pain. Bladder cancer?

Any connection between bleeding hemorrhoids and trace of blood in urine?

Are elevated white blood cells in blood test more likely to indicate UTI or bladder cancer?

Are urinary casts and white blood cells in urine the same thing?

Bits of blood in urine what does that mean?

Blood in his urine for multiple months. No other symptoms?

Blood in semen; no associated or residual pain or blood in urine ?

Blood in urine after 3 weeks of my kidney removal?

Blood in urine I am a 48 yr old male and this just happened this morning.

Blood in urine no infection, blood and urine tests confirm. 3 white blood cells, no protein or cast. No visible sores, pain in penis-4/6 weeks. Cause?

Blood in urine on and off for a month. Had blood tests, 3 urine analysis, cystoscopy, 2 kidney and bladder ultrasounds. Still haven't found cause.

Blood in urine, could it be female std?

Blood test. Pos for nitrates in urine?

Breast feeding and blood in urine. What do these symptoms mean?

Caaaan wine cause blood in urine?

Can 81mg aspirin cause blood in the urine?

Can a hernia cause occult blood urine?

Can a prolapse and fibroids cause miniscule blood in urine and UTI?

Can a upcoming period cause small trace of blood in urine.

Can adhesions on/around the bladder cause trace blood in urine?

Can anyone tell me what could blood on my urine sample indicate?

Can bleeding ulcers cause blood in urine?

Can ephilelial cells cause blood in the urine?

Can having a yeast infection show some trace of blood in urine and protein in urine. 14 weeks pregnant no high blood pressure.

Can heavy lifting cause blood in urine?

Can hormone imbalance cause blood in urine to occur? Is there possibility that any form of food eaten cause blood in the urine?

Can urine color be related to with blood pressure?

Can urine test or blood test show signs of bladder stones ? If so what would doctor test for in urine or blood ?.

Can you tell me how I could dilute a blood sample?

Child had urinalysis came back blood -small rbc 2 dr said all normal . Then why blood ?

Could blood show in urine from having too much masterbaing?

Could drops of bright red blood in urine mean kidney stone? Previous urine tests showed blood & crystals but no infection and culture was negative.

Could I have a UTI even though I have no symptoms? I have very few white blood cells in urine.

Cystitis does cause visible blood in urine?

Describe reasons for blood in the urine ?

Difference between trace and 1+ occult blood in urine ?

Dip stick urine test come back with a trace of blood in my urine should i be concerned every time they check its a trace of blood there why?

Doc said I had blood in urine and had symptoms of uti. Culture was normal. Does that mean blood is gone or does the culture not measure blood in urine?

Docs, could a 7mm urethral stone cause blood in urine?

Doctor found small trace of blood in my urine. Blood work came back good. What can cause blood in urine when blood work is good?

Doctor said i had urine in my blood. Shouldi be worried?

Doea a hernia cause blood in your urine?

Does blood in the urine always indicate a urinary infection?

Does finding blood in my urine mean that I have bladder cancer?

Does hemolyzed blood in urine mean infection?

Does IgA nephropathy always cause blood in urine when you are having colds?Is hematuria always present in urinalysis?

Does the presence of excess blood cells in my urine mean I am pregnant?

Does your uterus shed blood cells before your menustral starts is that why I had small trace of blood in urine. No uti or anything else.

Faint blood in the urine what does it mean?

First protein, now trace blood in urine. Is this a sign of badder cancer?

Frequent urination in large large volumes but negative for urine culture, urine analysis, and blood test checking for diabetes. ?

Got trace of blood in urine dip stick doctor said this can be normal?

Had a UTI and a urine test found blood, protein and leukocytes should I be worried?

Had cystoscope, nothing found. Why still blood in urine.?

Had physical, everything came back normal in blood and urine except it says I have "trace" occult blood in urine. Healthy person, just curious?

Had two urine analysis same day about 4 hours apart. first one showed no trace of blood and second one showed trace of blood. why did first one not?

Had urine tested for blood, urine dark in mornings. Microscope showed no blood, but on stick showed a 2 reading, what do you think? Not all mornings

Hello my husband had an apendectomy & I was wondering if it was normal to have blood in his urine. Not full blood but the color of blood in his urine?

Help please! could capillaries break in the bladder causing blood in the urine?

Help please! could capillaries in the bladder break & cause blood in urine?

Hi there, i've been having blood in my urine now for about a year and my urine has a strong order. What can this mean?

High WBC in urine, traces of blood, no infection found. No symptoms. What can it be?

How can I identify blood in the urine?

How long should I have blood in my urine after having a cystoscopy?

How should I evaluate blood in my urine?

How to treat blood in urine?

How would you know if your blood surge r is high .and how would you know if there is surger in urine. Cause I urine a lot.

I am seeing traces of blood in my semen since more than a month now. There is no blood in urine.

I am worried about blood and protein in the urine?

I found blood in my urine. Really scared. What do I do?

I get blood and a large amount of leukoctyes in my urine. What does this mean?

I had a prostate biopsy. I have no blood in my urine or stools, but I am seeing blood in semen. Is there any cause for concern?

I had a urine dipstick test done and it showed white blood cells. Is this definitely a UTI or something more serious. ?

I had a urine test and was told I have no white blood cells. What does this mean? I was passing blood and it burned to urinate.

I have 80% crenated red blood cells in this means it is a renal source or it also be from bladder.micro hematuria for more than 6 yrs?

I have a kidney stone and my urine had blood in it what does that mean?

I have a trace of Leukocytes and a trace of homolyzed in my blood and urine. What can I do to get rid of it.

I have blood in my urine about once every few months. Should this be cause for concern? If so, what could be causing this?

I have blood in urine only in the morning, what does this mean?

I have blood in urine what does mean?

I have had blood im my urine off and on for years...What does that mean? What is the cause of it?

I have had urine and blood tests done (fluid retention)?

I have hemorrhagic cystitis blood still in my urine. Would it have red and white blood cells if it is coming from kidneys?

I have lupus and concerned with my test results having high levels of protein and blood in my urine. Infection and blood clot in my kidney last year. ?

I have red blood cells, blood and protein in my urine , pain under ribs what causes this please, ?

I have red blood cells, blood and protein in my urine , pain under ribs what causes this please, ?

I have traces of blood in my urine , was tested for kidney stones and nothing ! what could it be ?

I have visible blood in my urine. Panicked?

I m 7 week my urine test blood is present and 8red blood cells it normal or not?

I was wondering what are some of the causes of blood in the urine?

I was wondering what are the causes of blood in urine?

I went to a doc. With blood in my urine. He said that there was too much blood in it to be tested. Is this possible?

I'm 70. At 60 i had blood in my urine for two days. Ive, cystoscopy, prostate tests normal. Month ago blood in urine three times. Possible causes?

I've had blood in my urine for three months (March, June, July) in July blood amount was classified as gross. Ultrasound was negative any suggestions?