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total hysterectomy with unilateral oophorectomy on July 3. Pain with urination, blood in urine with neg culture. Bleeding red blood. Normal?

12 days ago i had sex & had blood & pain with semen.Ultrasound & urine reports are clear.Today got lots of blood after masturbation without any pain.

14 years old, male, have had painful urine for a year now and recently small drops of blood at the end of urination. ?

22 weeks pregnant on Macrobid for poss UTI for 5 days (7 totaL) bladder spasms and urge is back. Urine had low white blood cells what could It Be ?

23 year old male had 7 colds already this year now another one. Doctor did blood, urine and stool sample all good. I have stress, is that cause ?

27 years old male, healthy, blood in semen for the last 3 days...No other symptoms, no blood in urine or pain...Is this most likely benign?

2days ago urine&blood tests clean(had dehydration),but irritation continued,urine culture was I saw bubbles in side of bottle.CKD?

3 utis with blood present blood cleared went hos as blood in urine no uti. 3mm callus inside left kidney cud this be causeing the blood?

30yr male.appetite reduced.CT scan n blood test normal.Feel urination has reduced.Sr Creat(0.9)N urine analysis normal(no blood/protein).becoming weak?

32yo F I had a cystoscopy yesterday for micro hematuria (came back normal) but now I have bright red blood from my urethra today. Is that normal?

43wf. Had an episode of having blood in my urine ( bright red urine ). No burning no fever or other symptoms . Should I f/u with urologist ? Panicking

43wf. I had episode of blood in my urine with no other symptoms. My friend who is PCP did urinalysis 2 days later and found no blood. Confused ? What should I do? Shoul I still consult urologist ? I am still ver worried !

4months dark brown urine.No pain.No kidney problems. UTI meds taken.Dr said he must be bleeding from somewhere and entering urine. What could it be?

55 yr old female. Visible blood in urine. Avelox for uti. Blood gone. 5 days later blood back. Avelox again. Blood gone. Ultra sound clear. Clots now? Cystis diagnosis 17 yrs ago.

56 yr old female visible blood in urine. Avelox 14 days. Blood gone in 4 days. 2 weeks later visible blood. Avelox april 15 again + canesoral combi pack. Does antib stop blood if cancer? Scared.

6 mth hematuria checkup. Still microscopic blood. Dr says may be nothing. How long will they keep checking if there keeps being blood? KUB ordered

6 yrold girl with a spot of blood from the urinary tract?

6yr old boy peeing blood on and off for the last 4 months. Has happened 4 times now. Blood work shows every thing good with kidneys same with ultrasou?

75/f had a pelvic exam 10 min. Prior to her urine sample. Could that have caused strep and microscopic blood in her urine she was a symptomatic ?

83 yr old with UTI given catheter that is now showing bleeding. In ER with ultrasound / blood tests but not yet treated 6hrs. Advice on how serious?

8yr/o female has pelvic pain with a little blood and white cells in urine but culture neg what else can cause these symptoms?

A soft round red tissue was found in red colored urine. I got a urine analysis done which came out negative for all the factors except for traces of blood. What could the red tissue be?

After sex this Sat., I bled from my vagina. Had total abd hyster July 2014. On warfarin for clot. Recently had kidney infection and stone. ?

After urination blood comes 5 minutes later no pain urine test shows no infection.i had optical urethotomy 1.5 month ago?

After various episodes of UTI + blood in urine, us came back normal.Now no symptoms of UTI but blood in urine - no change with amoxicillin.What to do?

Before mum 78 passed away from cancer.She had urine leaking.The dr gave her dappers. She found blood in urine.Heavy bleeding 3 weeks she passed away.

Bladder surgery years ago to hold it up doctor thinks he needs do it again cause iurine is blooddy he said there might be a sac of blood?

Blood and protein in urine, pain and swelling in the testicles?

Blood at end of urination. What does this mean? Should i see a doctor immediately?

Blood Clot and Blood in Urine and pain in Penis, High Bubbles in Urine after cystoscopy Male? How to heal? Is it normal?

Blood clots in urine have stent from narrow ureter due to tumor. Clots passing are painful and blocks my urine. What could be the cause?

Blood clots in urine today, 3 pees. 4th & 5th urination no clots; drips of blood urine, slight tingle. Strenuous labor/moved fence. No pain. HPV pos?

Blood clots urine this am; sm amt blood now +clots gone; no pain/symptoms; no meds; good health; HEAVY lifting recently; rigorous sexlife; no insuranc?

Blood drips after urinating 1 time 2 weeks ago. No blood in 2 separate urinalysis. Slight bladder pressure. Cbc normal. No infection. Cancer? Thanks

Blood in my underwear when i check i didn't found any source to that no pain nothing more normal urine color?

Blood in semen about once a month. Got detailed testing last year for hemturia. Again got PSA & 3 abd. U.S last month,due to bloody semen. Sufficient?

Blood in urine after bowel movement. Had rad. Prosect. 6 1/2 weeks ago. Passed 2 blood clots today. Any need for conern?

Blood in urine for 6 mos. Cystoscope normal. Bleed from urethra solid wk before each monthly period. A lot of pus in urine. Cultures show no infection?

Blood in urine last week. Before this, had bloody urine twice 8 mnths ago. Got cysto.,CT,etc that time( normal).Got 2 US last week.Is that sufficient?

Blood in urine no uti. A month later passed a quarter size empty sac with white tissue. What could this have been?

Blood in urine one day (also in semen) few days later blood clots in urine. Er doc said may have ruptured blood vessel. No pain whatsoever, worried.

Blood in urine without infection (blood and urine tests confirm). No visible sores. Disconfort in penis for 4/6 weeks. What could be the cause?

Blood in urine, and I have kidney stone 5.7mm. How can I get it out as painlessly as possible?

Blood in urine, no uti .. 19 yrs old, 2 kids . Freaking out its cancer !!!!!!

Bloody urine 3x in 2 days other times clear. Stool, blood wrk nrml. I have 3 kidney stones. No pain. Feel lightheaded at times. Causes? I'm worried

Burning during urination for 3-4 days . Went to doctor. Blood in urine no longer detectable visually. Red and white blood cells detected during preliminary urine analysis. Received ciprofloxacin to treat a potential UTI. Doctor did not do a physical exami

Can blood in semen be due to bloody urine? Had hematuria few months ago( got complete evaluation). Now, bloody semen. could it mean theres hematuria?

Can blood in urine from kidney stone surger affect a pregnacy test?

Can high INR cause blood in urine on its own or does it just highlight and underlying problem? I had INR of 5.6 and bloody urine. Went to ER/sent home

Can interstitial cystitis make you see a little blood in your urine?

Can kidney stones be expelled in small pieces with urine? Can they also casue blood in the urine?

Can kidney stones with size of 5mm cause decreased urine output? I was diagnosed yesterday and today I think that my urine output is decreased.

Can you tell if someones got a kidney infection without a urine sample? I got told i had a bad kidney infection today but he never checked my urine.

Can't hold urine, always same amount. Had tests its not UTI or kidney stones.. What could it be i'm 26 & worried .. Thankyou?

Concerned about blood loss from gros hematuria , had it for 4 days now with clots ( going forturbt in 2 weeks)?

Concerned!! I'm 43 and Blood in urine no pain urinating lower back pain once in a while!! Blood test my white blood cells are high thyroid maybe! B?

Could blood in urine be a result from period that ended a week before urine was tested I have SLE increased swelling in legs rashes legs and face ?

Could one be having a UTI for more than two months without it being painful, or without showing any other symptoms as blood in urine, etc. ?

Could. Metformin HCl ER cause light blood. In urine?

Dark brown blood in urine. Dr thinks it is cancer. Bladder+kidneys are good and blood work is normal. No pain. Fatigue. What cancer can it be?

Did stop urination due to lazyness may cause blood and clot in urine of 15 year boy?

Do protein in urine mean inflammation thru out the body. Pos ANA achy knees and leg hands. Blood in urine for past 7 mos now protein in urine.

Do the anti-Tb drugs help to overcome a condition of persistent blood and pus in urine after fulguration?

Doc confirmed kidney infection, peeing blood for 3 months. Ciprofloxacin prescribed headache and kidney feels swollen and more blood in urine vomiting?

Docs, when they say that blood in urine is a symptom of uti, does that mean the whole pee is red?

Docter said i have blood in my urine I had keyhole surgry 5 weeks ago What could this mean?

Does 1+ protein in urine show very bubbly urine? Doctor not concerned. I have lots of cluster bubbles in my urine bits scaring me.

Does an UTI cause visible symptoms like a redness on genitals or somth? I have dark urine and a redness but my blood and urine test are pretty normal?

Does during chemotherapy the urine contains blood in prostrate cancer patient. if yes, how often and the amount is blood expected?

Does fibroids cause blood to come out after urination? And how can it be treated?

Does naproxen 375mg cause very yellow urine?

Does Nephrostomy catch all urine or only urine that is backed up? Are large tissue blood clots normal 3 days post op? Can Hydronephrosis still happen?

Dr done Urine test. It showed blood and protein. Pain in low right pelvic. Blood test clear. Dr said kidney infection. Is it appendix? I'm worried.

Dr told me I had a Sti yet would not test and I just had blood work done and it was clean 3 days ago and have a blater infection bad peeing blood?

Drink enough, don't pee a lot. Kidney, heart, liver all normal via urine and blood tests. Kidney ultrasound normal. Do I need 24- hour urine volume or other tests? No other symptoms but concerned.

For the last couple of days I have been passing urine much more frequently. My blood sugars are high and I have had ketones, but no sign of infection.

For two days no trace of blood in urine. Only after bowel moment and moot always i see a small trace of blood a fewinutes later all clear?

Four month old daughter with urate crystals in diaper multiple times. Blood work and urinalysis normal. Something serious or normal variation?

Frequent urination and pressure bladder area. Urine tests and blood work normal. Doc says can still have infection w/ normal tests. Is this common?

Frequent urination with pain and blood after I am done also small blood clots?

Frequent weeing microsophic blood urine no UTI bloids fine culture fine small kidney stone ultra sound bladder fine not emptying fully?

From the age of 14-24 I have had over 200 kidney infections on record. There is constant leukocytes and blood in my urine? What does this point to?

Gallbladder removed 12 weeks ago. Noticing increased sediment in urine. Why would that be?

Had a cystoscopy today. Found the urethra to be quite red. What could this be?

Had a urinalysis today and my doctor said he looked at my urine under a microscope and it was neg for blood and was normal! what else would he have seen if i had kidney failure? He would've seen something right?

Had abdominal pain and blood in urine. Was a uti, on antibiotics. Now urine is brown. Should i be worried? Was normal again before that.

Had blood in urine last week, & got ultrasound. Also had bloody urine twice 12 mnths ago. Got CT,Cystoscopy that time. Is US sufficient this time?

Had blood in urine, no uti. Passed sac 4 weeks later w/white tissue. Took hCG blood test 3 weeks later was neg. had tingling sensation. Miscarriage?

Had bloody urine & semen last week,& got ultrasound. Also had bloody urine twice 9 mnths ago. Got CT,Cystoscopy that time. Is US sufficient this time?

Had prostate biopsy 12 days ago and even though my urologist told me that i would see blood in my urine, its been a while now. I still see blood/pain.

Had sex 4days ago, got urine and blood tested later on. Found little trace of blood in urine. Still having mild pain on my right side near hip bone.

Had urethral dilatation done last monday since then burning and paining urination frequent urination . Urinanalysis shows puss cells 12-15 blood in traces protein and epithelial cells occasional and rbc also occasional. feeling like not getting up from

Had very dark brown urine for two days following my liver biopsy. What could it be? My biopsy ended up being normal and i had no signs of uti.

Have had bright red blood in my urine just once. Urine analysis at docs and lab were clear. Referred to urologist now. What procedure/s can I expect?

Have Non Bacterial Prostatitis, Always have blood mix with urine,Cystoscopy is normal.Can You Tell WHY and FROM where Blood comes in Prostatitis?Thank

Have painful urination, did urine test for infection, ultrasound of bladder and kidneys, blood test, Crp, CBC, etc , and normal. what could this b?

Have SLE recent leg swelling more rashes primary care doctor says I have traces of blood in urine but no protein but I should not worry?

Have you heard anything about atenolol causing bladder/kidney irritation and resulting in blood and leukocytes on a dipstick test?

Held pee long time blood in urine now blood clots few days in urine. No pain anywhere or during urination. Er doc says broken blood vessel, worried...

Hello docs. I was wondering can ulcer cause bloody urine?