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Can overactive bladder be cured?

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Can you have OAB as well as detrusor weakness? doc says detrusor issue caused by meds

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Can you tell me if there is something to help an overactive bladder + alcohol?

Can you tell me, are incontinece and overactive bladder the same thing?

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Frequent UTIs, overactive bladder. I don't want to take prescription medication for the overactive bladder. I am 63, any suggestions?

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Hutch diverticulum? Overactive bladder? What is the treatment

I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure?

I have a neurogenic bladder. Is there a cure for this type of? Condition?

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I have a problem of neurogenic bladder?

I have an irritable bladder and bladder spasms. No infection. Advise?

I want to know what's the cure for an overactive bladder?

I was on vesicare (solifenacin) for an overactive bladder but i went off of it a month ago. Now my overactive bladder seems to be coming bak is this normal?

If i have an overactive bladder would it cause premature ejaculation ?

If vesicare (solifenacin) helped my bladder does that mean I have an oab or could I have some other problem?

If you think you have an overactive bladder what can you do to control it before seeing a doctor?

Interested to know how does water help an overactive bladder?

Is a c-section a better alternative for women with an overactive bladder? No incontinence, just overactive.

Is an overactive bladder consideredcurable?

Is an overactive bladder curable?

Is it possible to have an overactive bladder AND an underactive (nuerogenic) bladder? I have symptoms of both. urodynamics next month. just curious.

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Is there a cure for overactive bladder?

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My bladder is down again?

My Bladder Is Enlarged Now And Being Overworked, As Well As Having UTI'S Bladder Spasms After My Bladder Sling Surgery In 2013 Why Is This ?

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On 5mg vesicare (solifenacin) but still have bladder tingling and frequency, is this truly bladder spasms?

Overactive bladder in teen for 4 years is this norm no UTI and no diabetes?

Please explain what is a neurogenic bladder?

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Smoking lots of weed cause overactive bladder?

Takin ditropan (oxybutynin) for overactive bladder and still having issues. What should I do now?

Tell me about oxybutynin for helping overactive bladder?

Tell me about oxybutynin for overactive bladder oab?

Tests that tell you if you have an overactive bladder?

Tests that tell you if you have an overactive bladder?

There was something in my bladder. The doctor said it was a enterovesical. What is that?

What are some of the non-drug treatments for Overactive Bladder?

What are some of the tests for Overactive Bladder?

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