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Hello so I had sex febuary 23 and it was honestly three strokes he didn't c.u.m in me we stoped because I got nevrous, I was on birth control but wasn't taking it correctly. I had taken two home test after intercourse and both negative then I got my pe

HAD sex on dec 14 and condom fell off, it was empty, on bc for a week prior to that, on 6 day of sugar pill, no period, could i be preg?

1-2 days after projected ovulation he came inside me, can I be pregnant? Also, we'd been having sex, pull-out method during my ovulation period.

16, f, been on bc pill/2yrs, pills takenfew hours late often for 2 mnths.Used pull out method in march, period heavy but 1 day shortback pain, ngtv test?

1year after baby yet no period but while using contraceptive had spotting few times in middle of pack since last 2 months. Is it normal or not?

2 days late for my period, used condom with pull out method, could I be pregnant?

2 days late for my period, we used a condom and he pulled out while still wearing it before ejaculating can I be pregnant?

2 days late inserting nuvaring due to heavy period. Unprotected sex 3 days later, possibility of being pregnant? Is Plan B safe to take as well?

2 days of Unprotected Sex, Pullout Method. After 3 days i had my Period, very stressed so it was light. Dizziness and eye pressure. Am i pregnant?

2 weeks after leaving BCP i am having ovulation symptoms. Left the pill 3 weeks ago Have been having unprotected sex every 3 days. Can I get pregnant?

2 weeks ago I had sex. We used a condom. It didn't break. However, my period is a week late. Pregnant?

21 day cycle. Had sex after last period ended. Used pull out but had missed two days of pills doubled up earlier before sex. high chance of pregnancy?

2days after my period I had unprotected sex 3times in a row with in an hour with the withdraw method. Could I get pregnant?

3 wks off of birth control. Unprotected sex May 14 and June 1st. Have noticed an increase in vaginal dc and higher libido, pregnancy or bc related?

38th week of pregnancy with candidiasis, can I have a normal birth?

4months ago i had sex without using the pill so i still get monthtly bleedings but i feel so pregnant.test indicates im not. can i still be?

4th july, i had sex, few days after period. condom didnt break. 11th had vagina pain! pregnancy strip on 8th was negative! any chance of pregnancy?

8wks pp, we had sex using condom but it split,I had what I though was inplant bleed then got heavier for a day could I be pregnant again so soon?

A few day's after my period I started cramping, my bf and I use the pull out method. My friend suggested it could be implantation. What do you think?

A friend had sex 3 weeks ago. did not finish the sexual act. stopped after 1 min or so. 4 test all negative. no protection. no period yet? stress?

A week before my period and I am having bad cramps and mood swings. 2 weeks ago we had sex but used a spermicide condom and he pulled out. Am i prego?

About a mouth and ahalf ago i had unprotected sex now I have had my period for 4 weeks only stopping slightly once I have been on the pill for a while?

About to stop bc pill nxt month. Since my doc said we have to observd if my period gets normal. Cud I use condom to prevent preg?. How reliable is it

Always use condoms(never have broke/leaked)&on BCP.Can periods get progressively lighter on BCP?Been on for 8 mo.,but this specific 1For 5 mo.

Am i at a high risk to get pregnant if i had sex at the last day of my period, and he came in me but i used emergency pill 2 to 3 days after that?

Am I pregnant, he used protection but haven't got period in 2 months ?

Am i pregnant? I cannot tell ok so i had sex august 26-28 two of the 7 times were without a condom using the withdrawal method i didn't think anything of it until 9 11 when it happened again this time i only had sex once but again using the withdrawal met

Am i pregnant? I had sex (using condom + spermicide) day before my period. Then had two days of a heavy period. However now it's like done. Am i preg?

Am I pregnant? I had sex w/out a condom and he finished inside me. I missed my birth control 2x that week. I didn't get my period, but negative test.

Am I protected enough from preg. I'm on depo my next shot isnt until 6/3-6/17. I can't use condoms I'm allergic to them. My BF finished in me twice. ?

An i be pregnant after two regular periods, after using protection and no ejaculation? There was no sex after the periods.

Are my chances of becoming pregnant with pull out method low on my fertile days. My period is now 3 days late had cramps no period .

Are you able to get pregnant off pre-ejaculation? Just went off contraception and had unprotected sex but used pull out method now period is late help

Baby 6 weeks old, no period yet, sex w/ early release. Should I take a test or start contraception?

Basically I haven't received my period for about two months, my last period was on March 11th. I'm sexually active and would use the pull out method.

Bc late one time by 9 hrs on day 3 of new pack,had sex 2days after(6 days b4 ovulation),pull out method used.Is there any chance of pregnancy? Backup?

Been bleeding for 5 weeks&ive ovulated(used ov sticks to confirm) I had unprotected sex, can I be pregnant? Still bleeding though. Some symptoms..

Been having unprotected sex using pull out method. My period came 5 days early, spotting no cramps could i be preg?

Been on BCP for 2 years, just got my period today supposed to get it Monday. Is this normal? Sexually active but always use condom

Been on loestrin since march and have never missed a pill. Lately we haven't used condoms but he pulls out. My period is a bit late. Am i pregnant?

Been on Tricira Lo 28 for a year now. Taken regularly. Had unprotected sex 2 days before period was scheduled. Cervix is low, hard & open. Pregnant?

Began nuvaring 1st day of menstrual 11/29 and had unprotected sex hrs after w/long term boyfriend. experiencing pink discharge. Pregnancy possibility?

Brown blood for 2 days after having unprotected sex? Used "pull out" method. Also on pill, but missed a couple days last month, and took some late.

Brown/black spotting and light period before period is due. Sexually active use condoms and pull out method. Missed a couple of pills, am i pregnant?

Can a early menstrual cycle followed by unprotected sex with withdrawal method being used lead to pregnancy?

Can an abortion pill 4 monagao prevents me from ovulating? I should get my period next week and I have been using the ovulation kit and no results.

Can birth control cause your cervix to stay soft and open feeling for weeks? (i've never missed a bc pill and have had several neg pregnancy tests)

Can excessive use of supplements throw off menstrual cycle? I took two test:negative. We used a condom n no cum. I'm a teen so can it be my hormones?

Can I be pregnant ? Used pull out method twice and had a heavy flow a few days later. Now pregnancy symptoms.

Can i be pregnant after two regular periods, after using protection and no ejaculation?

Can i be pregnant even if I am on birth control I have sex with my boy friend without condom i miss my period and i feel sick the home test say no?

Can I be pregnant if urine is neg and last sex was 6 weeks ago? Was on Depo and took some meds that can interfere, also can't go by period bc of Depo

Can i be pregnant with no c*m, birthcontrol and a condom? I'm spotting and cramping even though its my 1st 2 weeks of my pills and i take consistently

Can i be pregnant? Guy didn't ejaculate in me and we used a condom, could have been misused. My period is over a week late and major bloating an nausea

Can I get pregnant a week before my period if I have a 28-29 cycle ? Also used a condom

Can I get pregnant even if used both condoms n EC pills (twice).Periods late. Always had irregular periods but scared as just lost virginity. Help?

Can I get pregnant from unprotected sex three days before ovulation and the day after using withdrawal method?

CAN i gET Pregnant if i use withdrawal mEthod oNce after 7 dAys oF MENstration.

Can i have a linea nigra if i'm getting a contraceptive shot? No sex since Jan 27th, two heavy periods in feb with clots, also I use condoms with shot

Can I trust 3 negative early response HPTs 18 days since last intercourse? My IUD expelled 15 days ago, and i did get a light withdrawal bleed.

Can it be possible to have a false negative 5days before your period if you use the pull out method?

Can my birth control (loseasonique) effect the color/shape of my nipples? I know this is usuallly an early sign of pregnancy, but i always use protection and have very recently had my period.

Can my spouse use ovulation strips to know if she's ovulating and prevent pregnancy by not having sex that during that period?

Can pregnacy occurre if sex only happened one time during the day of your highest fertility even though you used the withdraw method?

Can pregnancy test be inaccurate? Especially if birth control pills and condons were use during sex intercourse? She was having pains in her stomach.

Can you contract STDs or HIV if you have your period? P.s I have the mirena (levonorgestrel) and every few months I get a regular period

Can you get pregnant 12 days after expected ovulation and 2 days before expected period? We had unprotected sex and didn't use the pull out method.

Can you get pregnant during placebo week if you missed pills earlier in the month? I've been lightly bleeding for 2wks and sex kind of frequently.

Can you get pregnant the day after your period ended? It lasted 5 days and I have a 30 day cycle. We used the pull out method. And he peed 10x before.

Can you get pregnant the day before your period even if you used a condom? Pregnancy question

Can you please suggest me any option to stop pregnancy after 5 days of sex?

Can you still be pregnant, having sex 2 days after your period but using the pull out method and taking a first response test 2 weeks later result neg?

Can you tell me exactly when is it safe to have sex when you do the calendar method?

Chances of being pregnant , had sex 04.16.15 during my period ? How can I stop this pregnancy I'm only 16

Chances of getting pregnant on 2nd- 3rd day of period. On birth control. He DIDNT cum in me. Possibly "missed" 1 pill this month due to stomach bug.

Chances of pregnancy BC? He didn't cum in me. Might have "missed" 1 pill due to stomach bug cuz throwing up might mess w/pill. Got neg pregnancy test.

chances of pregnancy if condom was used, pulled-out, and on birth control?also having light brown-white discharge, due for period in 5 days why

Chances of pregnancy on BC and him not cumming inside you? MIGHT have "missed" 1 pill due to stomach bug.

Chances of pregnancy while on BCP 3 yrs no missed dose, using condoms, and vasectomy?

Checked all condoms w/water after sex &they didn't break or leak.On the pill.Since I bled during placebo week, does that mean I'm not pregnant?

Condom was NOT leaking,checked with water.No oral contraceptive used after sex.Im 16yrs old.Chances to get preg.?my period is about to start in 1week.

Confused.I don't know if I am protectedornot fr pregnancy on second pack of my pill?Does breakthrough bleeding affects/lessen protection fr pregnancy?

Could a head cold be a symptom of pregnancy, 5 days late and had unprotected sex pull out method just went off contraception 2 weeks ago?

Could I be pregnant if I had sex on my ovulation day (April 3) my last period was March 20. I'm on the paragard, been on it for 7 month. I just stopped breastfeeding last week after 9 months. Ive also had a yeast infection, it's gone now, but now I have a

Could i be pregnant my boyfriend and i had sex 10 weeks ago and there was a pin size hole in the condom about an inch up from the tip. I am on birth control and have had three periods since then. I took a pregnancy test 8 weeks after and it was negative.

Could i be pregnant so i stop taking my birth control on the 8th a day before my last period and have been off it since the past couple of days i been having stretchy discharge and me and my better have has had unprotected sex the 18, 19, 20, 21, and he d

Could i be pregnant? I am 5 days late . I had unprotected sex and i used the pull out method.

Could i be pregnant? I am on birth control and we used a condom. The condom came off and we used Plan B can I still be pregnant? I have also been showing early signs of pregnancy

Could i be pregnant? I had my implanon birth control removed two weeks ago, since then i haven't had a period, spotting or any kind of bleeding since having it out. My husbanc and i are planning on baby #2 so we have had unprotected sex, almost every nigh

Could i be pregnant? I had sex (pull out&calendar method) on june 10 & my last period was from june 1-6 and i've had no symptoms other than discharge

Cycle started the 24th, it lasts 4-5days I started intercourse the 4 day and 6 days after, he used the "pull out method" what are the chances of preg?

Dark discharge week after period had unprotected sex multiple times have jadelle for contraception what could it be please help have a 1 year old son?

Do u think as a 44 year old woman, having sex using condom and vcf as contraceptives about 8 days before expecting period is enuf to prevent pregnacy?

Do you consider the menstruation as the first day if it came at night ?

Do you have to change a condom more than once during a long period of sex?

Do you think graduating from high school& extreme anxiety about pregs is delaying period? Protected by spermicide condom, pull out, plan b. Neg tests.

Do you think i could be pregnant from the pullout method 3 days before ovulation?

Does yuzpe method taken 1-2 days before ovulation day still effective? Help!

During intercourse used condom and interupption method (with condom).took postinor also.any chance of pregnancy??

Everytime my partner and i are done having sex, I have very light bleeding. I don't have menstraual cycles due to the birth control. What is going on?