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I started drinking tri sprintec for 4days but i stop drinking them & the next day i had unprotected sex can i be prego. Im bleeding & i had my period?

I had unprotected sex on my period and then the next day my period was gone. My period is usually 8 days and was only 4. could I be pregnant?

been on depo for over a year never had spotting or cramping til this morning have had unprotected sex?

got off iud i had a normal period right after i just had a period the 11th of this month & now i have been spotting on & off for 4 days am i pregnant?

Had sex on jan 25th. First day of last period was jan 14th. Would implantation bleeding show up 7 days later? Could I be pregnant?

Hi i had unprotected sex 2 days before ovulation, 8 & 9 days post ov i have started a very light period 6 days early?

i been off the depo for 3 months and havent had a period since then . I had unprotected sex on march 4 then march i was bleeding ican i be pregnant ?

i had my period twice last month the beginning & the ending,, and on the last day of my period (the ending of the month one) i had shower sex unpr ?

i had sex 1 day after my cycle ended, i used protection but now im seeing spotting, its been 4 days since my cycle ended, what could it be?

I had sex about 2 almost 3 weeks ago on the 17th. I been having cramps every since then and no period untill now which is the 4th. Could i be preg?

I had sex two days ago, but used prtection. Now, I have my period. I know I'm not pregnant and my period is a week early, not only that it's light.

I had unprotected sex for 10 seconds & then stopped. He didn't ejaculate. I'm 2 days late with usual period signs but do you think I'm pregnant?

I just finished my period 9 days ago, me and my husband had unprotected sex and had to take emergency contraception now I have red spotting?

my period on november 30th i am having intercourse on saturday 5th of december can i get pregnant? I have a 28 day cycle and it only lasts 5 day.

My period stopped after just one day the next was just a brown discharge. We had unprotected sex 2 weeks prior my period day on my ovulation day it c?

Started my period the 3rd ended on 8th still spotting it is now the 15th last time i had sex was protected and on the 15th of last month am I preg.?

..i was supose 2 start my period on march 11th but i started the 8th and on the 7th me and my bf did have unprotected sex could i be pergnant????

1 1/2 months ago, protected sex. No ejac. Got my period a week and some days later. Now, my period is a week late. Could i be pregnant?

1 month ago I've got my regular period the day after having intercourse (using protection) but this month i'm 2 weeks late, could i be pregnant?

10 days after my period I got light pinkish brown spotting.I had sex 5 days ago he didn't have a condom on at 1st.Could I be pregnant? Or what?

11 days after my OPK I had some pinkish spotting after sexual intercourse which I mistaken for my period. It's 2 days past but no period? Explanation?

11 days ago I had protected sex. The day after I had light spotting for about 4 days I was in a fertile window. Now I my period is 10 days early.

12dpo and 2days late. Then the 3rd day has some bleeding is this a late period ? Had sex on my firtle days .As well

13 days ago I had sex the day before my period. Had sex again 5 days ago and bled during. For the past 4 days i've been spotting. What does this mean?

14 days after period, average bleeding for 3 days with clots. Nausea symptoms.Had protected sex on 4th day after period.Am I preg?

14 days ago i had unprotected sex. I had a one day period and i'm spotting on and off. What does this mean?

15 days after sex I bled and it lasted only 2 days, my period usually 5/6 days. At the time I had sex I was ovulating. Could I be pregnant?

17 year old girl. Irregular periods. Had protected sex. Not on BC. Negative HPT. Chances of still being pregnant?

17. Never have had sex and I haven't gotten my period in two weeks. Supposed to get it 2 weeks ago. Help?

1st month off birthcontrol and 4wks pregnant, can the BCP possibly caused a light period in early stages of pregnancy. no cramps just spotting-7days.

1st time using birthcontrol pills bt started them 2weeks after period had unprotected sex a week after starting.Took planb 4days after can I be prego?

2 days after menstral cycle ended i had unprotected sex. Can i still have gotten pregnant?

2 days after the deed I took an EC and I had widthrawal bleeding 5 days afterBut its been more than a month and i havent had period yet am i pregnant?

2 months late of period and have brown discharge I've had unprotected sex could i be pregnant ?

2 weeks ago had sex no intercourse but i had my period as heavy as usual and on time for 5 full days no symptoms ...Can i be pregnant?

20th feb was my first intercourse and that day 8th day of my periods is this chances of my pregnancy?

22yr f irregular periods before.every 15 days periods since 3 month. sex last week same day periods.took I pill next day.unprotected sex. Now bleeding?

24 hours after having sex my period began. Does this mean I cannot be pregnant?

27th-29th august had protected sex, period came on 30th aug cycle is 37days since period came on 30th I never had sex, my period due for 2 days ,preg?

28 day cycle. Lost my virginity day 18 (protected sex.) Now I am cramping&burping three days later. Period expected to come in 8 days. Pregnant?

2nd light period in row.Unprotected sex on 21 march, took levonorgestrel 1.5mg in a hour, 1st light period 8th april 2nd on 5th april, 2 hpt negative.

3 days before my period I had unprotected sex, he pulled out. I had a normal period, no spotting. 2 weeks after my period I have breast tenderness, could I be pregnant?

3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex. Last week I had my period. After my period I had a lot of milky discharge and became pregnancy likely?

3 wks before period was due I stopped BC, immediately had bleeding for 3 days.ive had unprotected sex a couple of times.what should I expect or do?

3-23 i had unprotected sex with my bf. 3-24 i took the planb pill. 3-30 i started bleeding.Lighter than my period, unsure of what could be the cause?

31 day cycle, had period dec1-7, unprotected dec12 ovulated dec18, unprotected sex today started bleeding a few hours after sex, what could cause this?

31 days since last period, sex on last day of period, lightly bled 9 days after sex, 4 neg hpt and cramping in sides and period like cramping ?

36day's late on my period had unprotected sex on june 29 i'm not stress or PMS I don't know what to do?

3weeks late menstruation and a brown spotting. That's the only symptoms i get. Am i pregnant?

4 days ago i had unprotected sex and the same day i start having brown discharge but 2 days ago i start cramping but no period. Help please!?

4 days before i had my period i had unprotected sex could i still conceive even tho my period came?

4 days late on my period, unprotected sex 3 weeks ago, negative hpts. Can rough sex delay your period?

4 days late period. Had PMS symptom only on the expected date of period but no period. Now no PMS symptoms. No intercourse or direct genital contact?

4 days late. had unprotected sex 25th. ovulation supposed to be 24th. next sch. period 7/6th. possible pregnant or just irreg. record my periods?

5 days early with my period...Well i think it's my period because i was cramping yesterday.. I had unprotected sex with my husband . I am never early?

5 days late for period that is never late and now having light pinkish discharge fiance and i had sex on most fertile days. Periods are like clock work and come every 28 days. Never late! what is the pink discharge? Could i be pregnant?

5 days late period, brownish discharge, had sex: pull out method, didn't came in me. Could i be pregnant?

5 hours late on my bc, started antibiotics and had unprotected sex. Could I be pregnant? I've been spotting for 3 days

5 weeks ago I took planb twice before my period and bled 2 separate times no period since, after that Ive had unprotected sex, should I be worried?

56 days since my last period, could something be wrong. Last period was april 2nd, 2013 today may 27th, 2013. No period and no symptoms of pregnancy.

56. Irregular periods. Last period December. Only intercourse once since then in early February. No period since. Cramping, some smell sensitivity, so?

56. Irregular periods. Last period December. Sex only once since in early February. Preg test says pregnant one to two weeks since conception.Cramping?

9 days late period. Cramps here and there. Had baby 3 months ago. Had period may 9th it was normal not breast feeding. Unprotected sex. Is this normal?

9dpo, had period like cramps yesterday and none today, period due next week. Had sex during ovulation. Is this a pregnancy sign?

A couple weeks ago i got mirena (levonorgestrel) out and i just started my period sunday and had unprotected sex and he didn't pull out, and period stopped, pregnant?

A day after my period, i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Two days later i started bleeding heavily. What does this mean?

A few days ago I woke up with what I think was my period, but bleeding stopped a few hours later, am I pregnant? I had sex a few days prior to this.

A few weeks ago I had a period that lasted only 1 day. My period is never regular, because I run so much. I have sex, but alwAys protected, but I'm still worried that I might be pregnant. Is it normal to have a period that lasts only one day? I'm really w

A month after i had sex i had a very light period it was pink could i be pregnant?

A week ago I had my period and on the last day my boyfriend ejaculated in me. Today after we had sex I started bleeding n I take birth control?

A week before my period was due my husband ejaculated inside of me, now my period is late, had light cramping with no bleeding could I be pregnant?

Advise pls! my period came 5 days after sex, however it has been a week, and I am still spotting?

After 10days of period i saw brown discharge for 2 days can i have sex during ovulation?

After 16 days of my periods i am bleeding and spotting for last 6 days but its NT like my periods its begain after sex could i be pregnant?

After 20days from mensturation is there possibility for pregnancy?

After being on the Depo-Provera I got my period for over a week,but it was very light and on and off... I had sex during that I'm 23 days late.

After having a period, why have i got craving for sex?

After i had sex before my period last month which didn't come could i still be pregnant if i had sex 2-3wks ago?

After my period ends can I have sex after the day it ends to get pregnant?

After one month of unprotected sex then very lights period 2 days before due date can I be pregnant?

After sex on 22nd july had period on 8th augut, after this no sex till now. And till now it is not start, supposed to be on 8th sept. So am i pregnant?

After sex she have period of 5days and next month she miss her period then she is pragnent?

After two weeks after end of pregnency can we have start sex ?

After u had sex and u got pregnant do symptoms start the next day or the day after your missed period?

After unprotected sex I took the emergency pill. My period came early, started to lighten up towards end of the cycle but it didn't stop after a week?

Aginal discharge (brown/oderless) and spotting since my period ended on friday. I had unprotected sex and then used Plan B a week before my period?

Am 7days late from my periods. Periods come on 17.. Did sex on 11.. What should i do now..?

Am i irregular if my period sometimes come 23 26 29 25 24 21 days apart sometimes 9 days or 5 days long and I have unprotected sex with one partner?

Am I pregnant cause I have unprotectedsex on the 30th of April and I can off on the 23rd of April and I'm 2 weeks late for my period ?

Am i pregnant last time i had my period was march 20 and till today i don't have my period and my period is aways on due date every month on the 20th?

Am i pregnant? For the past year i was on the Depo-Provera shot until nov. Exactly a week ago i had unprotected sex while on my period which has been very, very light since coming off depo. I took the morning afer pill within 24 hours of the unprotected

Am i pregnant? had unprotected sex then had my period a week later. stopped the pill 2 months ago. had unprotected sex almost every week since then.

Am i pregnant? I am 18 years old and I am on birth control, but i recently had to take antibiotics. I had unprotected sex and my boyfriend ejaculated in my a couple times. My period is expected to in 13 days, but i started bleeding. It started out brown t

Am i pregnant? I had my period on 17th february and my periods are reg. It mite be just one or two days before or after. I had unprotected sex on 14th march and my husband came in me but i pee right after having sex. My period was due on 17th and it has b

Am I pregnant? I had protected sex and on the Nuva Ring. skipped my period twice before now by continuously on it. Breakthrough bleeding for 2 wks.

Am I pregnant? I had protected sex but I've missed my period. I have no symptoms but I've been cramping & instead of my period I got blood clotts.

Am I pregnant? I had sex unprotected on April 21 but I had my period on the 28th normal long 7 day period. I'm confused if I'm pregnant or not,

Am i pregnant? I had unprotected sex.After 1hour i took contraceptive pill.But after 1week i got alittle brown vaginal discharge for 4days right now..

Am i pregnant? I'm on birthcontrol. I missed a few days. I was intimate, didn't use a condom. I was suppose to start my period thursday and i started monday. But it's very very light. I heard about implant bleeding, and i was wondering if i could be havin

Am i pregnant.unprotected sex July 11.Iget my periods on the 27th and August I got it 3 days early and 7 days and 3 days spotting after I've had sympt?