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13 weeks pregnant and im anxious to know if im having a girl or boy. Whats the earliest i can find out?

15 year old teenager periods about every 22 days and lasts 7 days?

A message to all of you about teen pregnancy: don't do it. Ask for help?

After a girl's cherry pops do their periods get more intense?

After the start of menstrual cycle does the girl stop growing in height?

Are girls finished growing when they start their periods?

Are girls more likely to get appendicitis than boys?

Are girls with endometriosis more moody?

As a girl, can you start puberty without getting a period?

Aside from pregnancy, anorexia, obesity, and menopause what causes woman or teen girls to not have their period?

At what age can a girl start safely having sex?

At what age do girls generally get their first period?

At what age do girls stop growing? And does getting there period have anything to do with it? Thank you for your time doctors :)

At what age do girs normally start their mensturation? I know its different for ever girl, but what's the average age? Its 14 later or early?

At what age should a girl get wet?

At what age should girls start cooking?

Can a 15 year old girl get gout?

Can a 17 year old girl go through perimenopause? What are the chances? Is it likely?

Can a 8 year with pubic hair but No deep voice get a 14 year old girl pregnant if She is on her period.

Can a girl be pregnant and still have a regular period ? And is it normal for girls to feel like vomiting during their period ?

Can a girl do sports during her period?

Can a girl get another female pregnant?

Can a girl get another girl pregnant if so how?

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl?

Can a girl lose her virginity without bleeding ? And if yes is that rare ? What other features can I know that it's the girls first time?

Can a girl make herself cum if she hasn't started her period?

Can a girl make herself cum if she hasn't started her period?

Can a girl of average age of 21 years have her hymen breakage due to her menstruation??

Can a girl still be healthy if she starts menstruating very early?

Can a girl still get pregnant if shes a breast canser survivor?

Can a girl with multiple partners develop delayed menstrual cycles?

Can a man get menstrual cramps when it's his girls time of month?

Can all girls get bloated on period?

Can an 18 old girl who has had chemotherapy still get pregnant later in life?

Can growth hormone shots prevent a girl from geeting her period?

Can masturbation 4-6 times a week affect getting a girl pregnant?

Can we all start out in the womb as female?

Can you get a period before you hit puberty?

Can you get pregnant if both guy and girl are dressed and there is no ejaculate? The girl is on birth control and takes it every day.

Can you please tell me why it'svery common for girls to get anorexia?

Can you tell me exactly when is a girl least fertile?

Can you tell me exactly when is the girls least fertile time of the month?

Can you tell me how could a 13 year old boy get six pack?

Can you tell me on average what percent of girls throw up on their period?

Can you tell me reasons why pre-pubertal girls not mensturating?

Can you tell me when does a girl stop/start developing hips and boobs?

Could a teenage girl get hot flashes during her period?

Could pregnant girls get piercings?

Do all girls spot (bleed) when becoming pregnant?

Do girls grow on their period because of all the hormones?

Do girls hips get wider after sex?

Do teenage guys' hormones change after they get a girlfriend?

Does conceiving late in a cycle means that chances of having a girl child is more than a boy... Is it true?

Does early sex can cause short height?

Does every girl get emotional while on their period?

Does girls always get horny?

Does girls be 6 months pregnant and their stomach not grow?

Does girls still grow 2 years after getting their period?

Does it mean when a girl gets her period she will stop growing?

Does menarche mean a girl can get pregnant? Or before it or after it? There's so much debate on this, whether you ovuate before menarche or dont.

Does thigh gap good for girl? i love to eat ice. does it affect my period and pregnancy if i was married?

Does vegeterian girl suffer from irregular period ?

Don?T understand how can I get my girl pregnant?

Exactly how much should a girl tell a boy about cramps and stuff?

For what reasons might a 13 year old girl working out, start becoming fatter!?

For what reasons might a doctor make a teen girl get a thyroid ultrasound?

For what reasons might a teenage girl start bleeding during ovulation?

From what age can a teenage girl start using treadmill?

Getting ready for young girls period ?

Has it really been shown that girls who start their periods early are more desirable to men?

Hello doctor i would like to ask this if the girl is don't get her period every monthly for example if the girl just get her period 1 year &5 months ?

Help please? What is the lastest age a teenager should start to ejaculate?

Hi i'm a girl, what else could I use since it's late at night and my armpits are sweating?

Hi is it true if you have sex on or close to ovulation day you will have a boy?

Hi there , im a girl and my question is if my period gets very late what should I do and can I get fat because of that?

Hi, im a female teenager and i would like to know if its normal if my period is late? I'm 10 days late and i didn't have any sexual contact to someone

Hi.... my menstruate start at 12 September and i have an inter course with my boy friend at 19 the september wiht out protection. so will i get prege?

His penic is small can he pregnat his girl ? Is the problem to get his girl pregenet ?

How can a girl get a 6-pack?

How can I help pre-teen daughter prepare for her first period?

How can I tell when i'll get my menarche?

How can you be pregnant and not know that you are pregnant like the girls on tv?

How can you determine who got a girl pregnant?

How come girls crave chocolate on their period?

How come some girls have their period but do not have breasts?

How come some young girls start their period when they are six years old?

How common is it for girls to throw up on their period?

How could a teen girl get toned/6 pack?

How could we find boy are girl in pragnce scan repot?

How do girls or woman clean themselves ?

How do I explain periods to a little girl of 9?

How do I find a gyno for girl?

How do I turn on my girl friend?

How early can a young girl get her first PMS symptoms?

How is it possible that a girl can get pregnant even before menstruating the first time?

How is teen pregnancy a problem in the world? Many are married.

How long do you have to wait till you know if you're having a girl or boy?

How long does a girl have a period and how long after is a girl not fertile?

How long does it takes for a five year old girl vs a sixteen year old girl to get hypothermia?

How many girls have actually gotten their first period in school and it was visible to others?