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Ok so I had sex with a female around 3 or 4 weeks ago now with a condom, but midway the condom broke I didn't carry on since I had no more condoms, the second week However I woke up feeling very ill with flu symptoms such as sore throat, fever, fatiguene

im 30 yrs old and Had unprotected sex 4 months ago, 4 weeks ago developed shingles on my back. weak immune system, HIV positive? No prior symptoms.

15 week after oral sex unknown STD status. Right side face swollen. Dr says sinusitis. All STD test negative. Any suggestions?

2 months ago had sex w lady w lupus. Used condom. no oral sex but, she'd also bite my lip. Vag fluid on hands. Might have touched my eye. I've been feeling achy last 2 days. Is this likely from being run-down or HIV? I've been out last 4 nights.

2 weeks after unprotected sex with female. I lost my voice (not soar), mild flu like symptoms, then a few days later developed conjunctivitis. Hiv?

20Weeks past exposure of unprotected sex.Tested negative on 20th week mark using unigold & results negative.urinating frequently,headache and body hot?

20weeks past exposure, tested negative past 16weeks, burning sensation within the body, white tongue and frequent urinating.what is this?

21 days Diflucan (fluconazole) for monilial esophagitis. Had swallowing issue for couple yrs. Saw HIV can cause?No sex in over yr, last tested neg. Worried? Not gay

23weeks past HIV exposure with negative rapid and duo combo results.have got swellings like lymph nodes in the head.what is the cause?

24male. Unprotected vaginal sex 35 days ago. Severe sore throat 21 days after sex. Headaches, light pain at lymph nodes, fatigue. Hiv? Mono? Suicide?

24weeks past Hiv exposure.Tested negative for HIV and Hepatits but head swollen,headache,White tongue and a sore in the mouth.Are my tests accurate?

29 days ago I kissed a unknown girl on her vagina with just my lips. Now I have lymph nodes and rashes on my neck. Is this related to hiv ars? Freaking out

2wk since 5min protected sex with Asian massage girl. did not ejac. Mouth ulcer & wet cough for few days. Is it sign of acute hiv? Odds of having it?

36yo Just tested positive for group b strep. Not pregnant. Reading online about it accompanying underlying illnesses like cancer. should I be worried?

4 weeks ago i had anal sex the condom was ok (checked) but since a week i started to have a skin rash and now since two days I have flu like symptoms plus diarrhea , could it be HIV ?

4weeks ago i received a blowjob , 1week after i tested positive for herpes 1&2 in general blood test, i didn't have sore on my penis when i got sucked , now I have flu like syndrome could it be HIV ?

4x negative for HIV no exposures since '90. L've lost 15 lbs, fatigue, swollen nodes in neck and & diareah tested neg in 2012. Worried abt fam too?

5days post exposure I start a late PEP nd on the same day I had nausea, fever which lasted a week. Now 19days post exposure they r back, is it the hiv?

5min protectd sex with massage girl 2wk ago 2day. Her status unknown. Cough for 5 day, mouth ulcer for 2, and loose stool 2day. Could it likely b hiv?

5min protected sex w/ lady 7wk ago. Oraquick neg @5 1/2wk. Now lite sneeze, tight throat, only 1lump(lymph?)on jawline. No other symp. Hiv or prob not?

5min protected sex w/ lady 7wk ago. Oraquick neg @5 1/2wk. Now tight throat, lite sneeze, & 1lump (lymph?) on jawbone close to chin. Hiv or prob not?

5min protected sex, pulled out&ejac in condom, oraquick test neg @6wk. Am i likely neg? Slight sore throat &sneeze related? Dont tell me to blood test

5min protected sex. Oraquick test neg @6wk. Wk7 have throat little itchy/dry/tight/feels like somethin stuck&light sneeze no fever. Hiv related or no?

6 wks after unprotecte i got ars symptoms with a congested and runny nose. 1 week or 2 later i got what the doctor said was genital herpes before test?

6month HIV negative but mouth ulcer is still there why?

7 mnth since last sexual exposure and tested multiple neg hiv by 4th gen. Neurologist confirmed polyneuropathy seeing the symptoms. Could this be hiv?

A chest n abdonemen red blotches about 2 wks is this a possible sign of HIV or does other symptoms have to accompany a rash for possible HIV?

A friend with a coldsore touched it and touched my arms that has a cut. 2 months later im negative for IgG and I have to be worried and retest?

A girl who is hiv+ gave me oral sex and i also fingered her. Her latesy viral load was tested at less than 40 copies/ml, what's my risk of infection?

A lymph nodes poped up under my last exposure (unprot vag of unknown statu) 8 mons ago. Could this be related to hiv? No other symp. Worried

A week after protected sex, I developed leukocytoclastic vasculitis on my feet, could this be a symptom of HIV ?

After 3 week unprotected oral sex with massage girl, my neck sudden pain for awhile and flu (alway have flu before), is this a HIV symptom?

After all HPV treatments (by cold burning theraphy) and now negative I have lost plesure and sometimes have pain during intercorse...Why can this be?

After being exposed to hiv,tested 4 & 12 weeks past exposure and all negative.But after that incident started sweating alot in my armpits all day.why?

After how many days...By check up you will came to know that you are suffering from hiv+?

After month long sore throat now getting fatigue. Sore throat started after sex with another man. After month got STD test. Everything was negative?

After sex 10 days ago, i got tiredness, nausea, swollen lymph nodes and burn while urinating? Is it sure that i got HIV or it could be other STD aswel

After unprcted expsure, after 4 hours pins and needles in feet , severe at night crwling bugs on bdy and arms with chills.Flu lastd for a week .. Hiv?

After unprotected sex with negative results past 6months,am always having wounds on the tongue and gum that come and go.what may be the cause?

Am amale with 20weeks past HIV exposure with unigold negative results.have got white tongue with a slight headache.are may test conclusive and tongue?

Any possibility HIV undetectable by antibody test even after 6 mth window period due to negligible risk ie, kiss wit both bleed cut lips intact?

Any touch on penis head including clothes causes major tingling. Tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia negative. Rapid premature ejaculation. Thoughts?

Barber used same blade.but that blade was used before.this took placed before 10 I have sore throat and this symptoms of hiv.

Been tested "hiv1/2 antibody reflex " twice; 2-2.5 ish mon. After possible exposure & 1 about 2 weeks later at 3 mon. Both neg shuld i be worried still?

Beginning of sickness I was drinking. So I got real sick and oral thrush came. I've never had thrush before. Does this mean I have hiv or cancer?

Brief PROTECTED sex at massage parlor 2wk ago 2day. Didnt ejac. Have a cough for about a week and mouth ulcer for 2 days. Could be HIV or no?

Bro doesnt want to be tested for HIV 8yrs postexposure. Norm cbc,had fver,flu,colds,exud tonsillophrngitis in the last 8yrs. Should it manifest now?

Can a 10days continuous flu happening after 3 months of risky sexual contact mean HIV contact? Or the sypmtoms are much earlier?

Can headache due to HIV seroconversion last for over 5months? Tested neg but still has body aches, dry skin, 4 smal rash on back.Cud it still be hiv

Can my thrush be caused by antibiotics I took a month ago (Ciprofloxacin 10 days + Cefixime 10 days)? White coating, red bumps on the deep tongue. HIV scared, low risk, negative Combo test 28 days.

Can peripheral neuropathy be only HIV symptom after 6 wks of exposure & persisting even after 6 mnth passed after last exposure. No history of this b4

Can someone have HIV ars symptoms at 9 weeks after unprot sex expo? symps - med sore throat, fever, night sweats, lymph nodes, headache....? hlp pls

Can you get mono at 29 years old? I've been super fatigued for a month and half. Tested very high for ebv antibodies with past infection. Not sure how long ago. Now feeling better.

Can you get mononucleosis more than once?i feel mono symptoms and had first 3yrs back. Recently lost 40,std,cbc,sugar test results all good.

Can you get s.T.I's or HIV if u are masterbating?

Cannot sleep at night,under heavystress and anxiety of HIV infection,having smyptoms 1 NT stand vaginal sex vietnam double condoms 2 time 33 days now.

Chronic fever, thrush for 5 months these were started 1 week after sex with unknown , hiv, STD all neg; what can causes these symptoms?plz advise ?

Clothed penis-vagina rubbing resulting in uncircumcised tip exposure to vaginal fluids. Sore throat, diarrhea, rash, and myalgia. Negative HIV RNA early detection tests, and negative 4thGenAg/Ab test both taken 5 weeks post exposure. How conclusive?

Constant acid reflux / heart burn. What could be causing it? Is it a sign on hiv? Even tho tested negative at 17weeks & no exposures since test.

Constant throat clearing. Not crazy. No other symptoms. Would I need an HIV test?

Coukd epididymitis be caused by HIV. Would I feel the symptoms 5 days after unprotected oral sex? I tested negative for all the minor STD'S

Could an incident of food poisoning, and continuous stomach troubles affect the window period time frame for testing for hiv?

Could extreme stress cause thrush? Neg HIV test but been extermly stressed.

CSW lady Breast sucking will transmit HIV? Happened on Last Sunday , started getting all HIV symptoms,

Dear doc. had unprotected sex b4 8yrs. after 4weeks i start getting urine burn stuffy noise.after 2yrs test all STD and all neg. doc said nothing,,,?

Diagnosed with myalgia aches in thighs shoulders and legs could it be from Hiv i had oral sex but use a condom w sex in sept normal wbc low vit d 21 ?

Discovered I had secondary syphilis (hiv neg)treated with 2.4 bicillian for last 3 weeks. Last shot May 14. Feeling aches, fatigue what's causing this?

Do I need an HIV test if I tested negative 6 months from the last intercourse? But swollen lymph node in neck

Do you have to get sick (flu or cold) before you develop antibodies for hiv? Or having symptoms or the lack of @3 mths or longer conclusive?(oraquick)

Doc i need to find a way to stop worrying? I always think about aids or hiv. I did oral 2 n half months ago n i'm negative on stds! what's going on w/m

Doctor said post nasal drip but meds won't help this month + long sore w red bumps back of throat. Std/hiv test was neg. Started days after sex w man.

Does a headache for one day and chills for a afternoon on seperate days sound like ARS at 2 weeks after exposure. Tested negative outside window perio?

Does a rash, slight muscle aches, headache, and sore throat & stuffy nose mean I have HIV even if i tested neg.On 06/03 a year after unprotected sex?

Does HIV sympthons come all at once or separate over a period of time?

Does HIV symptoms occur a week after exposure? I'm NT sure of his status but probably he's clean. But am I having normal flu or a symptome? Been aweek

Does seroconversion HIV present itself w mucus/post nasal drip, body aches for about 2 weeks? I had vaginal unprotected sex w former GF on January 25. She said she was STD free. She was w 2 others w/o protection and said she was neg. I'll get tested

Dr. I am extremely worried. For 10 days I have low fever (98.9 to 99.6) and few episodes of night sweats. 6 months ago i had unprotected oral sex. ?

Dr.HHH , I swallowed smthing from CSW breast and she gave me hand job ,what are all the test i need to take related to STD? Expecting Dr.HHH to answer

Ebv,cmv IgG positive; HIV negative, continious fever general swollen lymphnodes, oral thrush, rash; frm 6 mon, symptom strted after sex w girl, hep?

Exposure Africa.2 yrs ago. Hiv 1&2 Duo x11. Been donating blood 3 times. All Neg. continued oral thrush/throat sym, neuropathy legs.Rare strain? Help.

Feet tingling, pain,body twitch,leg cramp & burning aftr 4 wks of posbl hiv expsre. Neg by 3 pcr at 10,12,18 wks & 4th gen 2,3,4,5,6 mnt. Conclusive?

First HIV test came back negative still have white tongue and soar throat 3 weeks later is it hiv?

Four days ago I do unprotected sex with sexworker now iam suffering from low BP and tiredness, no sleep. is HIV infected to me...

Good day. I tested negative for hiv 1 and 2 after 6 weeks of possible exposure. It is now 8 weeks and I have been feeling lightheaded, dizzy and weak, this started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Doctor says I do not need to be tested for hiv again as it is concl

Got real sick out of nowhere and thrush developed. Never had thrush in my life. Never had intercourse, can it be hiv?

Had a possible HIV exposure in april. Had fever 9 weeks after. Tested negative at 3 months, 4months, 5 1/2 months and 6 months, now losing weight. ?

Had dental infection > only 1 swollen lymph node for 2 months.Now 1 swollen tonsil.Had unprotected sex (gay). Took truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir) 36 hours later.Hiv?

Had dental infection > only 1 swollen lymph node for 2 months.Now 1 swollen tonsil.Had unprotected sex. Took truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir) 36 hours later.Hiv?

Had HIV test is neg. 5 days after sex felt bad 2 weeks later white tongue and soar throat can I still have hiv?

Had Insertive oral sex from a Macau CSW back in August 2013. Testing: Abbott Architect Ag/Ab negative at 7th, 10th, 12th, 17th, and 21st WEEK post exposure. Concern: Starting around 8 month post exposure seeing signs of LIPODISTROPHY.... Am I clear?

Had protected sex with 2 women last year.Did an HIV test both duo combo and PCR and they where all Negative.But my body feels hot,always having flu and bumps in the mouth that are some times filled with blood or fluid.Always come one by one.

Had protected vaginal sex with csw, accidentally touched a bit of fluid/blood with finger. Hep C likely? Itchy all over now. Neg abs test at 11 weeks.

Had safe sex, deep kissing. 5 weeks after flu like symp (neg hiv oral) 1 day b4 symptoms smoked with some1 who had suspected cold could that be why?

Had sex w/ CSW 5 weeks ago.tested neg for RNA PCR at 4wks.Today, I tested with CMIA combo test which came neg. I have 100 fever, with muscle and join aches. Also I can feel lymph nodes less thn 1cm. Are my results final? When will it be final?

Had sex with unknow girl in dec2013, then low grade fever all over body, burning feet and hands, multiple hiv test-neg, wife has symp after sex, help?

Had unprotected sex with sex worker 20 years ago but blood test is HIV negative to this day.Now have have family and all have bad allergy and skin rash. Do you think this is related?

Had unprotected sex, recent swollen glands, headache, body ache. Elisa done @ 12 days, neg result. Accurate or HIV infection still a possibility?

Had unprotected vaginal , did HIV combo, negative at 8 1/2 weeks , started to experience a rash on my chest at nine weeks is there any relation to have symptoms after that amount of time?

Had unprotective sex w GF starting on 1/13 & last time 1/24. She said she's NEG for HIV/AIDS. I tested neg for GH, CL & SYPH on 1/17. Now want to get aids test. too soon? Sore throat at times since 1/20. How likely is it to be HIV symptom?

Hadoral sex after so many symptoms including fever, sore throat, swollen lymphnodes(may be infection) , tested 15 weeks HIV eia negative.Any other?