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1 day before my peryod i still have nausea, fatigue, mild cramps, tender breasts, brest feel heavy, sensitive nipples , frequent urination can I be preg?

1 day period headaches backache heavy boobs everyday nauseas most of the day can't sleep on stomach C-section tender again but neg hpt .. Meaning?

10 days of scanty bleeding, nausea, swollen breasts, slight cramping, fatigue, dizzy, 2 negative pregnant tests? Whats the reason for this?

10 days of scanty pinkish red discharge, waves of nausea, swollen breasts, slight cramping, fatigue, dizzy, increase appetite, 2 negative pregnant tests?

10 days post ovulation via hCG shot! Breasts sore and bloated and tired! Hcg or pregnant? Also having small cramps!

10 days til period sore breast nausea bloating fatigue. Negative hpt.

11/13 spotted for 2 days no period nausea back pain mild cramps since then. bloated fatigue food aversions neg hpt 11/28 not sure what is going on?

11dpo and experiening nausea, gas, increased appetite, fatigue yet insomnia, swollen breasts and today i have really really sore nipples! Any advice?

13 days late for period some nausea breast tenderness headaches increased clear vaginal discharge increased urination negative at home pregnancy test.

13 weeks pregnant and breast soreness, nausea have subsided as well as the amount of vaginal discharge has drastically decreased. Missed m/c possibly?

13days late for my period last period 8-11 2014 my breast hurt nausea and back pain fatigue and very hungry after eating 30 minutes ago?

17 days late, bloated, fatigue, dizzy, sore lower back, cramps on one side, mood swings. Neg urine pregnancy tests. Possible reasons?

18 days late, negative hpt, nausea, acid reflux/heartburn. Pms-like symptoms. Light spotting off and on. Do i need to make an appointment with my dr?

2 months late period, sexually active, negative test, no bloating, bad diet, frequent headaches, dizziness, sore breasts, what could be happening n y?

2 months late, 4 negative hpts but have nausea, headaches, insomnia, constantly tired, backache, slightly tender breast, dizziness... Am I Pregnant?

2 normal periods feeling full and big bellyl all day everyday 4 -hpt used a condom no nausea but sore breast pregnant?

2 weeks before expected period on and off headaches & soreness in breast sleeping alot and IV had very light cramping a few times as well as hot flash?

24 day late period, breast sore, mild cramp sometimes, burping, mild headaches, neg hpt. Preg or hom imbal?

2months missed period sore breast nausea tired fatigue peeing a lot acne headaches negative blood an hpt but thick closed uterus could i still be preg?

2nd month of pill, bloating, nausea, tummy pain, tender breasts and just feeling sick. Had sex w/ no condom on "fertile days" neg test, whats wrong??

3 days late period, back pain, metallic taste from time to time, sore breast. Am I pregnant ?

3 negative pregnancy tests, took Plan B around 2 months ago but I have abdominal pain, frequent urination, back\u0026headache, \u0026 breasts hurt a little? Also fatigue.

3 week late,my breast are sore and tender but not dark,no frequent urination but im starving and having nausea,do i have the chance of being pregnant.

3 weeks after safe intercourse. Symptoms are: tender breasts, Stomach aches, cravings, cramps. Chance of pregnancy?

3 weeks ago i had unprotected sex. Since i been having symptoms lik cramping, fatigue, headaches, sensitve breast and nipples nd backaches. Cld i be preg?

44yo. Tubal 01. Heartburn, fullness, late x8days, abd cramps, breasts tenderness, nausea. Neg HPT x1. Can I be pregnant?

4days after provera (medroxyprogesterone) and my breast are tender, headache, nausea what can it be?

5 days before period very tired moody irritable tender nipples I have thrown up numerous times and ibhave been all day nauseated cramps in ovaries?

5 days late , I have many symptoms. I can't wear my contacts, bloating, gas, missed period, slight fever, crying and food aversion. I also have a tubal

5 negative pregnancy tests,3 periods,headaches&nausea during period(this started the last 3periods)constant bloating&constipation.swollen sore breasts?

5 weeks along and pregnancg symptoms gone except sore breast.. FREAKED OUT! Is this normal?

5 weeks pregnant and I dont have any symptoms sore breast have gone away and im having mild cramping is this normal?

5 Weeks pregnant nausea symptoms come and go. Should I worry? I mainly expierence fatigue and sore breast.

5/6 weeks pregnant , mild sore boobs and little cramping now & again is this normal ? :-(

6 1/2weeks pregnant. All of a sudden I spotted lightly a few days ago. I have no brest tenderness anymore or hunger or constant urination? Worried!

6 days late , negative pregnancy test. I have headaches, neausea , back pain , sore breasts, larger areolas, tounge is sensitive to acidic food.

6 days late breasts r getting less sore slight headaches slight backache but nothing more could i be prego or stressed?

6 days late, cramping on and off for a week, tender breast, nausea today, having more frequent headaches, exhaustion, clear discharge. m/c 08/2011?

6 weeks and 4 days since last period, very sore breasts, nausea, emotional, tired. Could I be pregnant? Or what is it?

6 weeks pregnant today and I have no nausea and very mild breast tenderness. Is this ok?

6 weeks since last period, swollen, light cramping, cramps after sex sometimes and tender breast, insomnia, exhaustion, frequent urination, moody. Negative hpt, could still be pregnant?

6days missed period, now bright red bleeding.Cramps, back pain, weeing a lot more, breast soreness, tired craving charcoal & salt.Hpt neg, am i pregnant?

6w preg. No bleeding. Slight nausea now gone & symptoms r decreasing except tender breasts & cravings. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

6w5d pregnant, 2 days with symptoms weaker after several days of nausea/dry heaving and very tender breasts. Is this cause for concern?

7 days after sex on ovulation day ... Sore breast, tired, cramps , hear burn and diarrhea.Could i be pregnant ?

7weeks pregnant and no morning sickness . The only symptoms I have r sore breasts when touched and frequent urination. Is this normal?

8 days late , negative test but sore breasts, white vaginal discharge, hot all the time, frequent toilet trips, nausea an horrible gassy/bloated feeling. I'm 37 not using contraception wuth a under active thyroid. Help?

8 days late, 41 day of cycle. mild cramping off/on. no sore breasts, or morning sickness. Minor headaches, and car sickness.took test 3 days ago, neg.

8 negative blood & HPT. Symptoms are progressing. Vomitting, Fatigue, Swollen Breasts, Montgomery glands. ER discharged, no further concern after NBT.

8 weeks and one day pregnant and I am only having 2 symptoms breast sore and cramps? But at 4 weeks i was having major cramps? What's happening?

8days left of the month. No period yet. On off backache & slight period pain.Sensitive nipples. Bloated/slight weight gain. Bfn a week ago.Test again?

9 days late on period, negative test, dizziness, cramps lower abdomin, sore nipples, blurred vision. Taking no medication. Is this serious ? Help !

9days late period still sore breast nausea acne peeing a lot cramps in legs vagina abdominal thick uterus dizzy fatigue tired more pg.Or wats wrong?

A week after ovulation my nipples have become very sore and IV been feeling some light cramping?

A week and a half before my period I have had sore tender breasts cramping nausea head aches irritability and spotting i had a tubal 5 yes ago (clips)?

About 2 weeks ago I had a very early miscarriage at 4-5 weeks. I have been noticing signs of possibly being pregnant again? Fluid milky discharge, nausea, light pelvic pain, tender nipples, and exhaustion....all of which I had last time before I found out

About 7 dpo I started feeling fatigued daily, tender boobs/nips, craving certain foods, etc. cervix is low/firm, 1 day late (period is always on time). Took HPT, BFN. Could I be pregnant?

About 9ish days past missed period w/IUD. Nausea, enlarged breasts, headache, dizziness, sore throat, neg HPT, could i still be pregnant?

After 4 weeks of trying I got my period in the 30 of June last for 5 days. I gotton signs like tender breast, nausea, sickness?

After 6 days of having sex im getting symptoms of nausea back ache heavy belly sore breasts and tired im due for my period on the 17th could i be pregnant?

All my pregnancy symptoms stopped at 12dpo except cramping, fatigue, breast pain, and nausea. Does that mean i had a miscarriage?

All negative test, sore breast, mild cramps but no period, frequent urination. Hard to motor periods because of pcos could this mean i'm pregnant?

Am having a tender breast nd it increased in size nd also headache nd dizziness can it be the cause of postinor2?

Am i pregnant no period hard sensitive nipples cold all the time heartburn minor weight loss puffy stomach and sleepiness

Am i pregnant? Had sex on christmas, two periods since, last week breasts tender, nausea, and frequent urination.

Am i pregnant? Had sex with condom, hot period that night. Had dizziness, sore breast, spewing, headaches and heart burn.

Am i pregnant? I have been having signs of pregnancy including sore and full breasts milky leakage when i squeeze my breast tired moody headaches craving certain foods and coffee which i drink daily is making me nauseated. I had a blood pregnancy test it

Am i pregnant? I've been have some of the pregnant symptoms such as; blotting in my lower tummy, boobs getting bigger and very tender, acne is clearing up without my doing anything, tiredness, and i had spotting a day after my period was suppose to be and

Am I pregnant? the last 2 weeks I've had symptoms from fatigue, nausea, bloating, and tender breasts. I had spotting of pink and brow blood 4 two days

Are sore breast and burny feeling nipples on n off a pregnant symptom at cd21 of a 25 day cycle?

As far as I know, my husband and I conceived on November 7th. I am not late yet but I am having pregnancy symtpoms, like vomiting and sore breasts. ?

Athink i may be pregnant my symptoms are nausea, headaches swollen belly, sore and bigger breast, tired, really hungray, peeing, emotional, a lot of discharge?

Been having sore breast for weeks along with fatigue could I be possible be pregnant with a missing period of 7 months?

Been on the depo for 3 years. The past week my boobs have been really sore. Im also bloated and constipated. Could these be early signs of pregnancy?

Being sick every time i eat , sore breasts , weeing more often , tired , emotional , headache , , piles i pregnant? not normal period due tommrow

Bloated, peeing a lot, swollen breast, period like cramps, headaches, no protection, could i be pregnant ?

Bloating like 3 or 4months pregnant, very sore breast, abdomen pain and fatigue. I'm ttc and 9dpo. Can these be sign of implantation or early pregnancy?

Breast fullness increase vaginal discharge. Increased sesitivity to smell. Exteame fatigue. Nauseous Negative hpt. Period in 2 weeks ?

Breast sore, sensitive nipples, fatigue, bloat, vaginal discharge, mood swings, headaches, stress, dizziness food cravings no pregnant test taken yet= pregnancy?

Breast sore, sensitive nipples, fatigue, bloat, vaginal discharge, mood swings, headaches, stress, dizziness food cravings pregnancy test negative?

Breast tenderness, abdominal cramping, no period, constipation, extreme nipple sensitivity, lots of white CM during intercourse. Pregnant?

Breast tenderness, nausea, spotting one day (6 hours), darkening areolas, bloating, frequent gas, "missed" menses am i pregnant? Neg tests last 2weeks

Burning breast, n/v, itchy stomach, movement in stomach but pregnancy test negative, having vaginal bleeding, last pregnancy was on progesterone?

Can 3 day periods, stomach pains, tender boobs, itchy stomach and boobs, and being thirsty all the time be signs of pregnancy?!

Can a thickened endometrium and no production of progesterone give you slight symptoms that mimic pregnancy? Ie: tender breasts, nausea, bloating

Can drysex lead to pregnancy? I had it 4 weeks ago with clothes and he precumed , ive had sore boobs cramps headaches discharge dizziness ect

Can drysex with 3 layers of clothes with precum lead pregnancy? My period is late and I have had sore boobs cramps, dizziness and headaches

Can having a pelvic cyst cause sensitive breast, nausea, food aversions, tiredness and make a period short with less bleeding?

Can i be pregnant even with two neg. Test? I have had morning sickness, backaches, cramps, bloating, heat flashes, i've been exhausted extra tired.

Can I be pregnant if I've been off the depo-provera for 3 months , no period but pressure in my stomach and sore breasts also?

Can i be pregnant with no breast tenderness? I've been craving certain foods feel always hungry increase in appetite n nausea . Period due on oct. 24th

Can I be pregnant? 55yo, pregnancy test positive (positive symbol extremely light), past breast tenderness, frequent urination, and frequent nausea.

Can i be pregnant? I'm having symptoms of dizziness sore breast and nausea.Then it all goes away.

Can I still be pregnant even though im on my period? I've had several signs, breast tenderness and nausea with smells and things I eat

Can i still be pregnant if I have no morning sickness, sometimes breast tenderness, and usual fatigue with headaches?

Can pregnant symptoms ease up by ten weeks and still not be sign of prob? Had nausea, bloating, fatigue, sore breasts till yesterday.

Can prenatal vitamins give you the some of the same symptoms has pregnancy ? Like breast tenderness fatigue gas and a little abdominal pain?

Can u get pg on the IUD mirena, (levonorgestrel) been having a lot of symptoms swollen sore breast come n go, nausea on & off, headaches, peeing alot, moody, thirstier?

Can you get pregnancy symptoms before you test positive. It's only been two weeks but i'm having hot flashes and sore breasts plus very tired.

Can you get pregnant after a tubal ligation?My period is 5 days late, i'm nauseous, sweating, and have some mild tingling on the sides of my breast.