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No period in august .. period in september . No period in oct or nov. Am i pregnant i am regular and i have 1 child. I am 20yrs old healthy?

, i hav a regular 28 day cycle & on day 12 i had unprotected sex mid it day 12, 13 or 14 that ovulation occurs? I spotted lightly the next day?Preg?

1st day of my last period was on 10/5. Had spotting on day 14 (yesterday) of my cycle. Could it be ovulation spotting? If so when did i ovulate? Ttc:/

24 april period.started Clomid (clomiphene) on day5 to day9.had sex on day10 to day14.could I have conceived?

2nd round of Clomid (clomiphene) n only ovulated 2 days ago and now have a bleed not due for a period for another wk what is happening am I having a period?

30-35day cycle, on the 26th had sex, the next day my period came. Chances of pregnancy?

37 day cycle. Today is day 15 in this cycle and it seems as if I have started my period. Have been TTC. What is happening?

6/10 lmp.Usual 28day cycle.Due for perion on 2nd of nov. Had sex on 4th nov(no intercourse).Period still missing.Is there chances of getting pregnant.

According to my ovulation 28 day cycle i was supposed to get my periods on 7may my last period was 9april and today is 10 may.... Could i be pregnant ?

According to my period tracker I finished ovulating yesterday, I'm having some cramping today, is that possible? Is it too late to try and conceive?

Am trying to get pregnant i had Depo-Provera once period started back in jan but its hard to tell when am ovulating. Just had period april 10-14th.?

At the age 27 can I still conceive my period went off sep 26 -and i don't know when i'm ovulating?

Been off pill for 7mnths&i ovulated my 27th cycle day(opk)my last 3 cycles been, feb42days, mar27days, apr22days.Should i be concerned ovulating so late?

Beginning of Sept I had my period for 12 days straight and I actually conceived on the last day of it so now I'm pregnant should I worry about my preg?

Came off implant in jan & 2 periods with 22 day cycle since. For last 6 days had brown discharge. Period due yesterday if 22 day cycle. Is it normal?

Can I be pregnant? today is the 5th my cycle should have been here around 2-4am this morning. it's almost midnight and I'm not even spotting.

Can I have anovulatory cycle when I have a regular periods that last 4-6days, have cm.But present cramps during ovulation eversince i miscarried july12?

Can norethisterone affect the next period? i'm 8days late from the due date. last month took the tablet for 5days and got periods after 4days of stop

Can u ovalate the next day after ur cycle gone off?

Can u ovulate 10 days after your period? I started on 4th dec and did a positive ov stick today?

Can you get pregnant on the second to last day of your period?Partner came in me on nov3, that was the second to last day of my period, ovulated nov12

Can you ovulate late? Got mild cramps mid cycle but I should have already ovulated by now. Thankyou

Can you tell me how to know my ovulation period and when to meet with my husband my period started yesterday?

Could I ovulate 6 days after my period finished and 17 days before my next period is due ? An app says this but not sure if it's right ?

Cycle 30-32 days. the only time i had sex was on the 6th day that i was late. it's the 10th day now and period still hasnt come. could i be pregnant?

Cycle 32-34 days. If i ovulated 11days b4 my period can I get pregnant day 5 before period.. Ttc having hard time after bc?

Cycle last 30/35days. Last cycle jan 24th..When did i ovulate?

Did it with my hunny on 4 of this month and today witch is my ovulation day can I get pregnant?And just started my cycle last month from being of Depo-Provera

Do you always get period 14-16 days after ovulation even if you are irregular?I got positive ovulation 11 jan.Period was on 24/12.Had sex on 11-13 jan

Docs my chemical was 3 weeks ago, i bled from 12/4-17/4.Now I have egg white CM but not ovulating what could be the cause and when should expect my periods.I should have started. Hcg less than 5.

Doctor i had intercourse on 21st day of my cycle.And my cycle length is 32days.Will i get pregnancy?

Dr on ttc, last month i took Duphaston and period came on 28 day cycle this month didn't come yet, it is 2 days already late. Duphaston delays period?

Ewcm from 20th 23rd jan with litght cramping. But no change in bbt. Have i ovulated?

Got my period on 09/15 and it lasted 13 days. I had sex on day 12&14. Will i ovulate as usual or would my ovulation be delay. Could i end up pregnant?

Had a monthly period in march and it was heavy I have NT gotten a monthly this month

Had an 11 day period June 8-19th. When can I start ttc? Had not had a period since salpingo-oop & cystectomy (feb) Is it even possible to conceive?

Had an insemination on may 6 and im suppose to expect my period on the 20th, i've started spotting and cramps 4 days before my period date is this ok?

Had an IUI on monday started spotting friday 4-5 days past ovulations/ IUI today have heavier bleeding 7 days past ovulation. Is this my period ?

Had an IUI on monday started spotting friday 4-5 days past ovulation seems like I have my period today6-7 daya past ovulation. Is this my period?

Had intercourse around days was to be fertile. Came on my cycle four days early,was heavy.lasted 5 daysPeriod are usually 28 day cycle.whats going on?

Had my first period on jan 28 had sex on feb usually on 30 day cycle..havent had my period yet..what could be the reason.thanks?

Had my last period on 2 nov 12 im try to conceive but 26nov i notice light spotting is it posb i can still be pregnant, my cycle is 21days , please help ?

Had sex & I am 99% certain i ovulated on oct. 20 & started my period that evening. Period was short & now i'm pregnant. Was oct 20 was conception day?

Had sex 8and15 days after period start date, started spotting or light period 17th day for 7 days with cramps backache, i normally hv 28 day cycle?

Had sex when i was ovulating got cramps 4 days after but my period don't start in a week nd half what was that all about?

Had unproteced sex day after my period approx 6th march. 2 weeks ago started peeing approx 15 times a day. Cycle day 48 no period. Could i be pregnant?

Have abnormal cycle. Avg cycle 23 days. Cycle days btwn 22-26. Last period started May 13. Its Fri Jun 20 and period has not started yet. Is this ok?

Have missed my menstural cycle in nov, the date was 15 i.E last cycle i got on 15 october 2013, which lasted for 7 days...No symptoms experience?

Having brownish discharge instead of my period.LMP jan.8.took Clomid (clomiphene) for 5days.discharge start feb.8 till i pregnant?

Hello doc I am 28 3 yrs of marriage having regular period on 7 th I am going to kerala and my period is schedule on 5 th of dec so can you advice me?

Hello docs. My husband and I have been ttc for 3 months. My period came 8 days early and I have a regular 28 day cycle, what could this mean?

Hello i'm 37 years old i started my period on the 19 of february and now i had my period again on the 5th march, i'm trying to conceive is this bad?

Hello m suffering from irrgular menses. My cycle has been changed to 20 days since last 2-3months. Marriage date n menses date is same so what to do?

Hello well I have a 29 day cycle.I started my period on may 4 2012 and ended may 12 .I had sex may 12 and aslo may 23.I am pregnant when did i ovulate?

Hello, I wanna know about that my menstrual cycle is 30 days n I can't identify my ovulation since last 2 years?

Hello, My period ended on monday , lasted 6 days, cycle is around 30 days, about three days later i began to have ovary pain, could this be ovulation?

Hey, my periods lasts for 2.5 days. i have a 26 day cycle. may i know when will i ovulate as today is my first cycle day.

Hi , i took 3 ipills in the gap of 1 week in starting of jan'17 then after 20 days had my Menstrual cycle.. bt i having stomachache since.. m i pregna?

Hi ! I am 18 years old, my husband and i are trying to conceive our first child. My menstrual cycle is very regular, 31 day cycle and i always bleed very heavy with bad cramps and it lasts 5-7days. This month i started spotting 3 days before i was suppose

Hi by my fertile chart I had sex on my ovulatiion cycle day 14 then for next 7days had brown disharge on cycle day 22 started bleeding?

Hi doc its uzma 19 years old i want to be pregnat my periods starts 7th of oct and finished 11th of oct what's my ovalution date when i need to try for?

Hi i got my period 13 days after the last one (4 days earlier) what could the reason.i have regular cycle with 23 days im 21 years. Ive been 2 y TTC ?

Hi I had my cycle the 16-20 & started ferti, ovulating after and Ive had sex and Ive been having light cramps bef/ after ovula- why ? It's never happ

Hi I had my menstrual on May 1st thru the 5th when should I be ovulating?

Hi my cycle varies each month between 28 to 32 days my expected period is suppose to start March 11. My last period started feb 11 when am I most fert?

Hi, I just wanted to know about my monthly cycle. I got my periods right after 10 days of my last one?

Hi, i had my period on the first of every month for the past 3 months. When is my period next due? Been trying to have a baby could i be pregnant?

Hi! i stopped the pill but ovulation happend 29 days..Got positive OPK and a lots of cramping for 3 days can I be pregnant with ate ovulation? First day of last period was 9th of Dec for 5 days I was started on Clomid (clomiphene) 50mg on CD 3 .. My period arrived today jan 6th, should I see obgyn? first day of my period is on jan 28 had sex on feb on 30 day cycle..i havent had my period yet.what could be the reason.thanks.anne?

History of irregular bleeding, last cycle sept, current period started dec 15 till now, last 3 days with heavy clotting,trying to conceive, help ?

How can I figure out my ovulation days if I have an irregular period? I haven't had my period since Sept. 14 I have been to get pregnant since October

How do I know when I ovulate? I get my period every 25th of the month.. Am regular. My period lasts for about 3-5 days.

How do I knw when im ovulating? my period strted 31st of march and ended 3rd of april..when do I start couting my ovulation days

How to use Primolut N to have period on time. Last period 27 June, next period expected 25 July. I want it on time. Appreciate your advice :)?

Hubby and i are ttc. Started spotting 5 days ago, sceduled period isn"t supposed to start till the 25th or 26th. When should I test? Am i pregnant?

Hubby and i had sex 4 times on ovalution week and the next cycle i had only lasted 2 days. My cycle always last 5 days. What's wrong w/ my body?

I am 28 years old.Nov 19th 2014 is the first day of my periods. I have a 25day menstrual cycle.Which days are good for me to have sex to get pregnant?

I am 31 & reg cycle is 28/7. My last cycle came 3 days early & only lasted 4 days. This cycle 2 days early & lasted 2 days. Should I be concerned?

I am 6dpo could i be pregnant as i am due on my period next wednesday?

I am 7 days delayed for my usual date of my mensturation and 2 days from my maximum cycle I am thniking I am pregnant but I've got brown spotting today?

I am having a second period with in a week. This is the first time this has happened to me. Is this normal at my age? (44yrs)

I am just puzzled to how it happened considering my cycle was late and shorter than usual. It ended on the 3rd of July & doctors say I conceived aroun?

I am trying to conceive. Usually ovulate day 10. Today is day 7 and period was almost done, started heavy bleeding again. Will ovulation be delayed?

I am trying to concieve & experiencing mensurational pain without periods.Due date of period is 11 & mine is 28-30days cycle.Is it sign pregnancy?

I been taking Clomid (clomiphene) now for a couple cycles which i start on cycle day 5 and my period has now lasted 12 days is this normal?

I been TTC for the past 7 months, I been having regular cycles for the past 4 months and still not pregnant, how long it takes to ovulate again?

I came off birth control. Had a period on nov. 4th. According to my charting I should have ovulated around 12-19th I should have ovulated on the 19th. I started spotting on nov20. And on the 23rd it became heavyier.Mydoc said not to start my Clomid until

I came on my period on the 5th my normal period is on the 7th but the fertility calendar said for me to expect my period on the 12th why did it come?

I can't seem to get my ovulation dates right so please help me calculate. I have a 30days cycle and my last period was on 20th and ended on 22nd nov.?

I don't know how to calculate my ovulation period, I started my period today 10/01/12?

I finish taking Clomid (clomiphene) and i had sex on the days i was ovulating. my period is due the 9th of next month but yesterday i had cramps like period pain ?

I get my period for three days what is my cycle lenght my period started on june 13 an only lasted 3 days so what's my cycle lenght im tryin to get pre?

I got my per last month on friday the 13 ithink my cycle length is 31 when do I ovulate , ?

I got my period june 3rd next month had it july 9th when did i ovulate in june?

I got my period last month oct.11, we had sex on oct. 31, now nov.18 i'm bleeding but not like my regular period, I have 25-31 cycle, am i pregnant?

I got my period sunday night the 25th when will i ovulate?

I got my period twice this month first period was on the 4th which was normal time I have an app to track my periods they usually are about 28-35 days?

I got my period yesterday. Last month it was nov8.Pls help me track my fertile period.. I wana GT pregnant this month..

I had a baby in june. In feb i started spotting at ovulation and a week before period was due. Never spotted before. Now this ovulation its heavy.Why?