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I'm in the middle of my cycle and experiencing cramps and bloating associated with gas what could this be ?

1 week after sex and ovulation. Tried to have a bowel movement and had severe cramping for about 15min What could this mean?

10 days af/ period, we grinded with 3 layers of clothes and ejac, 5/6 days after i feel dull abdominal aches and gas, am i pregnant? Ibs? I'm stressed

18.5 w pregnant. Stomach (not uterus) is cramping and very nauseous. No vomiting or fever. What could this be? Haven't had morning sickness since 10w

2 days after ovulating and intercourse upset stomach somewhat crampy, acne breakouts, and fatigue?

2 days past ovulation had sex 3 times but started following symptoms cramping slight nausea more bowel movements, fatigue, gas - can I be preg?

2 days past ovulation have cramps, gassy up and down, fatigue for last few days, more frequent bowel moves norm and diarrhea. Could i be pregnant?

2 days past ovulation have cramps, gassy up and down, fatigue for last few days, more frequent bowel moves norm and diarrhea. Could i be pregnant?

2 days post period. On BC 7 mo - always taken correctly. Have IBS. Currently cramping, gas, nausea, mild diarrhea, gurgly tummy. Not pregnant, right?

34 weeks pregnant having diarrhea cramping and pelvic pressure?

35wks preg. Loose stool with intense period-like cramps. Should i worry? Also had stomach hardening.

36weekspreg. Feeling extra crampy and extra tired today. More loose stools and diarrhea too. Sign of labor approaching soon?

37 weeks pregnant and having period like cramping and loose stools. This is my 3rd pregnancy?

37 wks pregnant & having gas & light irregular bowel movements for the past couple of days. I have also been having period like cramping with pressure?

38weeks pregnant. Bad tummy ache, constant bowel movements 3/4 times a day, nausea, and gassy. What can be the cause of this?

3rd cycle of clomid, (clomiphene) day 19, uncomfortable cramping all across abd, sx; gas, distended abd, light nausea, and ovary discomfort...dx? normal?

40years.2weeks&menses don't stop,secod weeks they ar brown&blackclots.pain in pelvic&back,vomiting,dizziness,bloating&gases.Is 5,5cm ovariancyst cause?

4weeks pregnant, last 3 weeks had diarrhea, heartburn & cramps if i eat more than little bits at a time. Was in malaysia for 2 weeks. Is this normal?

51 years old perimenopause I am bloated fullness in abdomen cramping and spotting?

6 days post operation, and feeling periods like cramps, abdominal bloating and gassy. What does this indicate?

6 months of stomach bloating and cramps. I look 5-6 mo pregnant. Fatigue, nausea, filling of fullness, night sweats. Not ovarian cysts. What is it?

7 weeks pregnant and cramp when I make certain movements. Is that considered normal cramping or could something be wrong. Think I have a uti or bv ?

A few weeks pregnant but I'm having sharp pains in my stomach, some spotting, diarrhea & mucus discharge and dizziness. What's happening?

Abdomen getting bloated before menstruation, is this normal?

Abdomen middle to upper - I've been having pressure, fullness, bloating, nauseous, worse after eating, occasional diarrhea, - pregnancy test negative?

Abdominal cramps and excessive bloating ? Has been going on for 24 hours straight now. Bowel movement is good but the cramps are very uncomfortable.

Abdominal cramps on and off and loose stools for 5 period is 5 days late, am I pregnant?:( Also have some nausea

Abdominal cramps, sore ribs, constipation, gurgling tummy, brown discharge. What does this sound like?

Abdominal pain just above belly b since some time. Started very loose stools since 3 days but only once per day. No bleeding.ibs ?

Abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation loss of appetite on birth control. Are these pregnancy symptoms?

Abdominal pain(2 wks) constant bowel movemnt and noise, constipation, nausea, stomach pain.Not on period, what could it be? Finished 1st pck birth cntrol

Age 26. No period for 3 months. NOT pregnant. A lot of bloating, constipation and fatigue. Ovarian cancer?

Almost 7 weeks pregnant no morning sickness and no breast tenderness. I do feel gasy and constip. But metformin loose stool. You think pregnant ok? Worrie

Am cramping and sporting fill vomiting?

Am i pregnant?Unprotected sex 2 months ago. Had 2 periods, neg. Tests been having digestion issues constipation, diarrrhea, burning tum & never hungry

Am in day 5 after 3days embryo transfere I feel bloated alots of gases and cramps and constipation .is it can be good sign?

Are abdominal cramps and bloating as well as yellow urine side effects of a paleo diet?

Are bowel movements, gas and cramping with late period signs of possible pregnancy?

Are Gas, And Lower Stomach Cramps, Symptoms Of Pregnancy.?

Are there any cures for bloating when on your period?

Bad abdominal cramps, nausea, gas and increased bowel movement. Early pregnancy signs?

Bad cramps in stomach, bloating and cramping during and after sex & blood in stool. No insurance. With these symptoms, what could it be? Not normal

Been experiencing gas, stomach pain, constipation, bloated, hot ears, frequent urination, fatigue. Had unprotected sex. Could this be from pregnancy?

Been nauseated n very gassy craving for certain food n cramping af is not until eleven days could i be pregnant?

Been told I have a 2cm ovarian cyst. Bleeding in between period. Extremely loud stomach growling and very bloated for the past 30 days.Ovarian cancer?

Bloated once a month. Hysterectomy 2007 still have ovaries. What will help bloating? I look pregnant.

Bloated stomach painful upper abdonimal. Regular bm passing gas normally. Last 2 periods normal could i be pregnant or what could it be?

Bloated swelling tummy with cramps and short breath, can be sign of pregnancy?

Bloated upper abdomen 4 wks after abortion. Frequent burping. 4 hpts were negative. What does this imply?

BLoating after period and hardly any bowel movement.possible SIgn of pregnacy?

Bloating and flatulence whenever I eat late, heavy brunch. Is this normal? What can i do?

Bloating cramping gas diarea and no period.. Is this a prengancy sign?

Blob of brown mucus in stool by itself. Also bloating, gas, lower sharp abdominal pains, missed period - not pregnant. What could it be?

C tr amping and bloating after period?

Can abdominal bloatin from the morning after pill remain for 6 weeks?

Can amoxicillin cause a woman to bloat and cramp?

Can anything cause movements on the stomach besides pregnancy?

Can be gases + stabbing sign of pregnancy? (i never had gases). My period is due to in 4 days.

Can bowel cramps keep on for weeks no cramps when asleep trying buscopan but not much good been on for 3 days do I need more time thanks?

Can chronic constipation (bad constipation) give you light menstrual like cramping? I have this and im extremely constipated but not close to period .

Can exrtremely irregular menstruation and constipation cause a bulging or big tummy?

Can IBS (during diarrhea phase) cause period like cramps?

Can ovulating cause tummy upsets and bloating? I'm in the middle of my cycle and have extreme bloating

Can prediabetes cause cramps?

Can stomach bloating be mistaken for 'flab' or pregnancy?

Can stress cause a one day period nausea blotting conpastion and always hungry. I need answers please?

Can strong cramps when constipated cause a miscarriage?

Can you be pregnant and still have af? Im feeling something in my stomach,a lot on gas.m on 4 day of my af! af was heavy on first 2!!

Cant gain weight, lower abdominal pain, sometimes bloating, missed & irregular periods, after eating I am tried, discomfort in stomach, blurry vision?

Cause for severe bloating and cramping after eating with a continuous cycle of diarrhea and constipation?

Constant bloating and fullness for two months now. Not pregnant and regular bowell movements. Could my endometriosis have come back?

Constipation and diarrhea with vomiting also sickish feeling in tummy. Possibly pregnant too early to test. Is it constant morning sickness?

Could BV cause abdominal cramping?

Could having abdominal pain on both side of stomach cause period to be late? It's hard to poop and to suck in all the way? 4 day late period

Could my bowel problems be related to my endometriosis? I get horrible cramps and diarrhea every month when I have my period. Is this a side effect of having endometriosis? .

Could stomach cramps, excess gas and using the bathroom (#2, not just urinating) be a sign of pregnancy?

Could use your help docs! my doctor is stumped: pelvic cramping bloating every afternoon?

Cramping, VERY gurgly tummy, gas, tired, change in bowels bloating 3 days after normal period. On BC 8 mo always taken on time NEVER missed. Pregnant?

Day after intercourse during ovulation time, I am feeling nausea, bloating, abdominal pain(similar to PMS), can this mean that I have conceived?

Deeply inhaled dimethylformamide 3 weeks ago, bms very soft and frequent now, bloating, stomach cramps, fatigue. Headache. Hpt negative. Very worried. Period lighter than usual this month.

Dehydration, lower abdominal cramping, irregular bowel movements, sore breasts, too early for period, could i be pregnant?

Diarrhea and stomach ache after eating four days before period pregnant?

Diarrhea connected with menstruation isit normal?

Diarrhea for 2 days, cramping, sloshy stomach, not really hungry. What could be wrong? Period supposed to be in 6 days.

Do constant stomach cramps, gassiness and bowel movement indicate signs of pregnancy? No spotting, morning sickness. Stomach pains come and go

Do those who have a muscular stomach bloated too when they're on their period?

Do women going through perimenopause have bloating of the stomach?

Do your stomach cramps on your period make you poop?

Doctor I missed my period since27days.before I had the symptoms like nausea and I felt weight gain and abdominal bloating.more craving fo?

Does constipation cause period-like cramps in a woman?

Does fibroid cause stomach gas during period?

During my period I always have diarrhoea. Is this linked? I do not feel any pain, or lose control of my bowels.

Easy bruising on legs, calf pain, bloated stomach and gas in stomach. Periods r heavy and irregular. Doctors dont know what's wrong?

Exhaust felling, menstrual circle comes twice a month, bloating, diarrhea, felling full all the time, is that premenopausal symptoms?

Extreme bloating in belly and more urgency to pee..might be PMS but been off Depo-Provera for a few weeks ..haven't started periods yet..should I see a dr?

Extreme hunger pains for over 12 hours: Have eaten full meals and no change. Bloating, nauseas, knots in stomach. Not pregnant(took 2 tests) ?

Extreme menstrual like cramps, indegestion, upset stomach after every meal, regular bowel movements, neg. Hpt's. What could this be? In so much pain

Food poisoning last week and period started 12 days early-lasted 7 days, now experiencing extreme bloating and lower abdominal cramps. Why?

For more than 6 month having light period my belly is bloating what is the cause please thank you?

For the past week I have been cramping, passing gas, using the bathroom regularly, and pooping once a day. My period was to start but hasn't. Explain?