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2 months ago and 8 days since I had my period. I had my period in January 2015 and got it on March 8th 2015. What is causing my period to come late?

bf came in a condom but continued sex for 3 min yesterday. I am taking Plan B tomorrow. period was due today. it didnt start. will it be effective?

had unprotected sex,period expected on the 16 came on the 17,lasted almost 2 days,ffg day i started spotting,back pains,heat in my tummy,im pregnant?

I have cramps & my period is supposed to be next week , I got fingered by my boyf and after a little blood was on my underwear what does that mean?

ovulating this week, took plan b Sunday, had sex Tuesday and took a second dose Wed. Does this protect me from sex afterwards on Thursday?

Period over a week late. Boyfriend fingered me 2 different days.1st day only came once then didn't touch me..2nd day didnt cum at all. Am I pregnant?

Recently I missed my period (no sexual activity recently that would have caused this). I was suppose to get my period on Saturday, according to my birth control, but it is the end of Wednesday and I have yet to get it. ?

sex 3 days ago cum was involved.I feel like im getting my period soon I have white discharge Why do i feel it inside tht my period may come.pregnant?

Thought i got my period but i had light pink spotting then went away right after i had sex and i still have not received my period cojkd i be pregnan?

Thursday of last week I started my period. I had unprotected sex on the Friday and Saturday. My period stopped on the Monday could I be pregnant?

took the morning after pill 3weeks ago had sex with my boyfrriend a few times since then but past couple of days uve been having spotting when i wipe?

- if you had sex , got your a month later and then the month after it didn't come ? Does that mean i'm pregnant ?

14 year old daughter has missed her period 3 times, has never had sex but maybe she has because she been drunk with boye and can't remember anything?

17 year old girl & had sex on July 3 & 21 & very stressed thinking I wasn't going to get my period & then today I got it but very light than usual?

18, virgin, have been getting my periods by 22nd every month but this month there seems to be a delay and the month is almost going to end! please help?

1st fertile day, condom broke, took ec within 2 hrs.Period due tomorrow but past 2 days i've been getting creamy, chocolate color discharge. Normal?

2 weeks b4 periods there is a white discharge. why? cant be pregnancy coz i got my periods last month after having morning pills 12hrs after sex.

21 y/o female. Started LMP on 11/8 and went for about a week and stopped. A couple days later i had sex and I've been bleeding ever since (no bc) ttc?

28 day cycle next period due may 28 had sex may 16,17 and stayed still for about 10 min can I get pregnant?

2day is Tuesday on Sunday I had unprotected sex today I took my Tuesday and wendesday pill by accident wht do I do 2morrow?

2days after sex i got my period very light and with no cramps. Could it be that maybe its a sign of pregnacy? because that happen to my cousin!?help!

2days after sex, got my period it is very light and i dont have cramps. A relative had her period after sex nd a week after she was pregnant. me to?

3 days before my period, my boyfriend fingered me after there was a lil blood that came randomly the nxt 2 days. I'm 3 days late now.something wrong?

3 days late for my period.Did fingering. It feels like coming but theres none. Spotted aug. 14&15. What could this be?

3 yrs ttc. We havent had any luck. We didnt have sex in 4 months. Then we did and now im 16 days late. Could it be possible that i am pg now?

30th Apr- 1st day last periods 11th May- Had sex using condom 18th May- Discharge of light brown fluid 6th Jun- pregnancy test negative. M I pregnant?

30th Apr- 1st day last periods 11th May- Had sex using condom 18th May- Discharge of light brown fluid 6th Jun- pregnancy test negative. M I pregnant?

3weeks since unprotected sex . Period came 6days early .Lasted 4 days . Breast feel really full . What could this be?

3wks ago bf put tip of penis inside 4 less than 30secs unprotected. am late w/ period 5days, took test yestrday&came out neg. no period though?stress?

4 days late, we had unprotected sex a few times, but never finished inside. Had baby 2 months ago. Preggo or body trying to regulate itself again?

4months ago had sex abducted tooked morning after pills still got my periods but my stomach has grown am i pregnant?

5 days after i had unprotected sex i got my period it came to early and short and ever since ive been having a headache could i be pregnant?I

5 days ago I had protected sex & I feel pragnect because my period haven't came on or even before .i haven't had no symptoms. I'm confuse?

6th day of my period, also the last day, had sex with condom but it came out at the end, so i'm not sure abt a little going in or not, can I get pregnate?

7 day period,4days later sore breasts and hip cramps.Not pregnant since I have not had sex since Feb (tested at doc's office: neg).stopped bc. Cause?

7 days after embryo transfer i started to spot lightly and then a day later it got heavier and lasted 6 days.What are the chances I am pregnant?

A guy I've slept with, came inside me 2 days before my period ended and also the day before it ended. Its been 2 days since my period had ended and I still have period like cramps. Would there be an explanation to this?

A week after my period me and my boyfriend didn't have sex but it was in me very little and i took the morning pil can I still get pregnant like that?

According to my calendar I stopped ovulating a couple of days ago.However last night I had unprotected sex but he didn't finish inside of me.How worried do I need to be?

According to my period app, I was supposed to get my period yesterday. I had protected sex a few weeks ago. I have slight cramps, is my period coming?

After my period ends keep havin sex?

After my period, i got fingered.. Im 18.. Chance of pregnancy?

Am i preg? I had sex a month ago and took an emergency pill, on thursday i had sex once again and got my period on saturday but it only lasted 3 days

Am i pregnant me and my husband had sex about 7 months ago and it was unprotected but it was quick, and ever since then i've been haven the symptoms except i haven't got a baby bump and i still have my period only its shorter by one day. I also took 4 pre

Am i pregnant? I had a UTI but got medicine for it like 3 weeks ago, i had my period but a day after i had unprotected sex after a hour i bled alil

Am i pregnant? I had sex for the first time using a condom on the 26th of august so last friday. The next day i started my period. My period stoped about wednesday. I had sex again on sunday september 4th so this last sunday. Again using a condom. The fir

Am i pregnant? On friday march 16 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex he told me after we finished that he ejaculated 4 times in me, then on tuesday march 20 i started my period is there a chance that i might be pregnant and the thing is that we have

Am suppose to start ovulting on the 8th of march, my circle is a 28days circle when is the best time to have sex so i can get pregnant?

Anal sex aug 9 had 2 periods but lasted short (3-5) days instead of 6 days it's red and heavy I'm stressing am I pregnant? If not what causes this?

anal sex on Aug 9, period September 1-6 & my next one is the sept 25th or 30th but I have it today & have cramping also Does this mean I'm not preg?

Any chance of being pregnant ? Had intercourse Jan 5th , menstrual cycle Jan 10 th , had intercourse on Jan 19 or 20th . Now I've been feeling nauseous different times through out the day whether it would be after I ate or later in evening . I have felt c

Any reason why I am starting to queef during sex?

April26 my boyfriend finished in me, I'm on implanon bc may 16 took a hpt and it was negative but my nipples have been kinda soar I'm nervous ?

Around april 1st i started nuvaring for the first time. My period is supposed to come around the 4rth but never did. I didn't spot cramp why? Pregnan

Around 21st to 23rd march had sex from 3rd to 9th april i had sex but started my period on 6th april still had sex could i be pregnant?

At the end of 3 day menstrution, got only minimal blood realease in 4th day but then have unprotected sex during 4th day. Will get pregnant?

Been bleeding after sex for two days now, is this normal? it doesn't feel like a normal period, and if it is, it came two weeks early. what is it?

Been feel nauseous on and off since I had unprotected sex he did cum and then we did it again and he came again could I be pregnant?

Been havin sex everyother day since cd6 ovulated cd16 had sex 3 straight days during 2 days later Ive been bleeding 11 days early Im a bit confused. ?

Been having high fevers for 2 weeks. I got my period for 6 minutes, now gone. I am not pregnant because no sex. And I am 19, please help.

Been having small cramps for1week, after i had sex for the first time. Period isnt due for another week or two. Should i be worried?

Beginning of Sept I bled for 12 days straight then the last day I conceived and now I'm pregnant should I be worried since I bled that long now pregna?

Ben on BC for 1 yr Took the last pill tuesday & disnt take it anymore & had unprotected sex tuesday & thursday can i get pregnant ? When can i test ?

Bf and I had sex on 22 he came in me but my period came on the 25 the first day it came on a lot and second only a little it last for 3 days am I preg?

Bf came inside 2 days before expected period. On birthcontrol, period came around the time it usually does. Seems lighter then normal? Risk of preg?

Bled a little bit for 3 days after having sex then got my period again when i was originally due- is it possible im pregnant? Or no?

Bloating, acne, annoyed and irritated. Had PROTECTED sex last Monday. Period is 4 days late... Last month came on 38th day...delayed period? Do PT?

Boyfriend came inside me twice last Thursday and the Thursday before that. I don't have any symptoms. How soon can I take a test. Period is due Tues?

Boyfriends penis was touching my vagina. No missed period, the last one was about a week late. 3 negative tests. Lately i've got movement on abdomen.

Brown little discharge since wednesday. Supposed to have got period yesterday. Unprotected sex for the past month. Irregular period. 1/23 last ovulate?

Brown short of spotting since yesterday. Suppose to get my period today been have unprotected sex for the past month. Supposedly i ovulated 1/23/14?

By me ovulating Wednesday and Thursday and having sex the same day how soon would I know that I am pregnant or how soon could I take a prg test?

Came in my gf after having sex but right after that moment..she took the pill that same night. Her period came two weeks early. Should I be good?

Came on my period twice last month but this month i didnt but had few cramps. does it mean im pregnant? ps i never had sex since feb last yr.

Can a female get pregnant if a guy comes inside her on her period if a guy comes inside a female on her last day of her period is there a chance she will become pregnant? My boyfriend came inside me on my last 2 days of my period now I am curious is there

Can a girl get pregnant a week before her period? Me and my girl had sex on 8/18/15 with no condom and also didn't pull out. I did get off in side her completly. She was sopose to start her period on the 8/25/15 but started a day late. She told me that ne

Can a girl get pregnant if she had sex on the third day after her period n they come inside her?

Can a period mess up any pregnancy test? Please respond back! my girlfriend and i had unprotected sex and she's on shot and got pan b are we fine?

Can anxiety cause your period not to come? I am scared i might of gotten pregnant by rubbing on my bf's penis while naked. Im late & have bad cramps!

Can douching help my period come down its two days late? I Havent Had Sex Since September 2014 Today is February 24 2015 I got My Period Last Month

Can EC work on day of ovulation? Took within 20 min. Was supposed to ovulate on 26 (had gel discharge) but felt pains today (29th). 11days till period

Can i be pragent? My period was on may 13 and got off on the 17 and then had sex after that with some guy but then june 9 got my period and got off on the 14 can I be pragent by that guy.

Can i be pregnant even though i already done had my period and it feels like I am ? So me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for a while now and every time we have sex he nuts in me. But I have gotten a period but this time it was different

Can i be pregnant if my boyfriend nutted in me while my period was going off on march 23 but however i bleed light for five minutes on april 2?

Can i be pregnant, if i had sex and got my periods the next day?Freakin out.I din get periods yet this month, 2days delayed.Sex-precum+not ful insertion

Can i be pregnant? I had unprotected sex 2 days before i was suppose to get my period.The following day i got what i thought was my period but i got like white clumpy discharge too and then i spotted for two days. Im not on any form of birth control and h

Can i be pregnant? I was suppose to get my period on he 5th but it didnt come and then i had unprotected sex that same day.

Can i expect my period to be late coz i took postinor1 last month?Im 4 days away from my due and my breasts are sore, cramps.Protected sex 2days ago

Can i get pregnant ? My last period was the 16th I have been having unprotected sex and he came inside me a little .

Can I get pregnant a week before my period starts if having intercourse but coming outside but doing it again right after.

Can I get pregnant if I got depo yesterday and the next day I had unprotected sex?I got my period 5 days ago.My fertile days are right after my period

Can i get pregnant if i had sex on friday and tuesday, he pulled out. My last period was august 29 2013. I worried. Please answer.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex right after my period n how will I know?

Can I get pregnant if I missed 4 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) of birth control pills and has unprotected sex Wednesday and Thursday?

Can I get pregnant if I missed 4 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) of birth control pills and has unprotected sex Wednesday and Thursday?

Can I get pregnant if I sat/lay on my bf on 6/24?we were wearing underwear,but it was a little wet. I have PCOS so my period is irregular and my previous period was Feb 16, I got my period on 6/27.

Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend came inside of me 3days before my ovalation ? We had sex on the day I ovalated too and he came inside of me ? ..

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend cum inside of me on friday & on sunday i got my period?

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend cum inside of me on friday and i got my period on sunday?

Can i get pregnant if my husband comes inside me 3 days before my due period?