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both Fallopian tubes removed, w/ hx of endo. I take bc pills to keep cycles reg. currently on Levaquin for sinus infection..fear getting pregnant??

mc 10th wk due 2 unknown reason,&2nd mc at 4th wk due to low progesterone of 5.Adviced 200 mg Prometrium (micronized progesterone) frm 5Dpo on. Isn't every cycle different?

- pregnancy test I have a lot of pelvic n back pain. Doc foun anemia n provided provera (medroxyprogesterone) to stop the bleeding but it didn't work im desperate help me.

1 wk after steroid injection I started bleeding- my period isn't due for 2 wks.No chance of pregnancy.How long might this last?Do I need to call my dr

11wks post csections n tubal. 2nd period since baby. This one is heavy I've had 8or9 gushes that needed a pad change today. Is this normal after baby?

12 wks pregnant. Ultrasound and all was good. Been on progesterone since week 6 bc Progesterone dropped a little to 12. Suppose to go off by week 13, but nervous. No danger in going off in a week?

17yo hv had chlamydia for 3yrs. Scared to tell parents. Recently missed period but its back normal now. Could it be infertility?

1st period after baby came about 7 wks post partum. It's been few days and really heavy w/bad cramps. Is this typical post pregnancy?

1st visit 2new Doc. I respect his work bt he seemed unsure at 1st. I gotta ask, Canex T cream;is it ok, Safe 2treat smelly discharge in my early preg?

2012 I had miscarriage due to negative blood type, got the shot,now 6 wks prego,and scared because I dnt want to lose my baby, should I be concerned?

21 yr old daughter pd 57 days, went toer fd small cyst..Sent her to gyno. 200 bucks gave her pill, thats it..What about progesterone to stop bleeding.

21, f. Found out had chlamydia 4 yrs ago when preg. Got cured, got mirena beginning of may 2009. Got removed october 2011, found out had chlamydia again. Both times from babys dad. Had it for a while. Now married and cured. Will it be hard to ttc?

21wks preg, 1st tri gum bleedin. M taking caltrate 600mg. Slightly improved but lately severe gum bleedin again. Wat's the cause? Need increase dose?

22 wk prg, last priod cycle starts on 12 jun, came to us on july 6, in btwhd gone thru multiple airport scan m/c in india, belgm, us several times, worried?

23 weeks i just started the p17 and i check in tomorrow at hospital for steriod shot to mature lungs he gonna b premature anyday what's chances living?

25yrs.Old-3csections-tubes tied 3yrs ago- ihave been having spotting after period-pelvic/side pain had STD test ran all neg.What's wrong?

28wks pregnant.Ob decided cervix is stable+askd me to reduce my progesterone pessary dose frm daily to everyother dy.Worried this will cause bleedin?

29.F.1preg,1 live birth.Post natal colposcopy10yr ago; 11 mo of daily spotting-6+wks passing LG bld clots ~27/30days ea mo.Consistent bleed;could be?

2doctors told me I havePCOS. I just came for follow up another endo he said I don't have it cause my periods are regular. I'm mad I was diagnosed wrng?

36 weeks pregnant and i having a hard time seeing a doctor due to insurance reasons last time i was at a ob was in Dec how can i know my bby head dw?

37week pregnant 2days before i bleed and too much pain like labour but i visit doctor he give me some antiboitics now iam good what actually was that?

39wks&1day pregnant, Got a appt on Monday & my dr wants to start labor. something about stretching my cervix, what's this mean? And how does work?

3months still no period pregnant systom nausea calmed down a little went to obygn she suggests take prenatal an stay off meds uterus still closedthick?

4 wks pregnant Had internal scan on Sunday and cudnt see anything, hcg levels this good or bad? Had d&c on 7 March from a mc.. Many thx

45 yo w/normal cycles.Last mo pap showed polyp&lab dyplasia cin1-waiting 2c Gyno. Period started17th/ended22nd. 3days,mild bright red spottg,serious?

7.5 weeks post partum, second child. Got what i assumed to be a period 2 and a half weeks ago and have been bleeding every since. Ultrasound was fine?

8 wks pregnant with Ivf. Had PIO shots and got infection. Now on Endometrin. My cervix is very hard and difficult to insert the suppository. Wat to do?

8m pp w/baby2. No bc, he got a vasectomy 8m ago. My periods have always been reg, been getting lighter the past few months. history of ov cysts. Causes?

Ablation/tubal 3'13. Never stopped cycles & exclusively BF'ed for 18 mo. Now cycles q 2wks c 3 days of severe (crying) cramping. Is this common?

After I had sex I started to bleed I'm not due for my period for 2 weeks. This has happened to me before my doc said I had trichamonis <(spell check) I was treated for it left the guy alone . Started to date him again he said he was all clear which now I

Age 30,married 3yr back. Planning for baby since 3 months & from then my period got long from 26-28 day to 31-33, is it normal for pregnancy? Pl advic

Age 34- had blood work on cycle day 3 & came back w/ estrodile 24 & FSH 13.4. Can i get pregnant this mth or at all?

Am 19 was pregnant got a dint tel me the cause said it spontaneous and dint give me any meds but the report i saw bulky uterus?

Am 34.My endometrium was11mm on day3 &15mm on day10 of my cycle.If i conceive now will i be able to carry to term.Or should I wait another month?

Am i ovulating? I recently got my IUD removed so me and my fiance could try for a baby i just recently had my period about a week and a half ago and right now this is considered to be my ovulation time according to my calculations but i don't know if i a

Am i pregnant? Going mad? No period for 50+ ds, lots of symptoms. Had what looked like implant bleed, 1 wk after 1st misd . Keep getting neg res?

Am skiping the monthly period for 4 months, and i was go thru it for 3 yrs now. after 4 mnths than hevy flw of blood for 2 to 3 wks. what is the cure.

Am ttc for2 yrs, i did laproscopy for pcos on dec 12th 2012 after that also i did't get my periods, so my doc give me hormone tablets so can I conceive

Are light periods a sign of poor fertility? Last 3days. My ob said uterus looks fine on u/s but i've been struggling to get pregnant for last 8mo.

Asked but cant open email.TTC w/ hus.had sex 4/5&4/8.pos ov test 4/7. He travels for work.did we do it on the right days to help to help us get preg?

At day21 i did a progesterone test came back 0.5 couple weeks later found out I am pregnant. Is it possible that i might mc? Or it should go up by now

Been 2wks since my natural miscarriage haven't been back to dr.Me & husband having sex now getting small cramps with no othersigns what does this mean?

Been bleeding for 7wks str8 now since i had my baby.. Is this normal? Cut my medicaid before i could see my doc again 4 my 6wk check up..

Been coughing since August 2014 till now Feb. 2015. Although I was pregnant and couldn't take anything for it.4 months after delivery still coughing?

Been on bcpill for 2 mos now&had nothing but problems.Now 2wks into my new pk i'm bleeding&in so much pain. Not pregnant, took test.Thinking cyst mayb?

Birth C+ Menopause-didn't have period for yr went thru HF etc but am underweight, then it came back like normal. don't want to get preg. FSH is 133.

Bleeding every 15days for 3mnths. Usg says-collection in endometria.canal. ESR is 90 CBC is OK I practice safe sex. what could be the possible problem?

Blood test came back pertect except Im B12 def and pre menopause. Im getting injections.i am due my periods i have migrane i feel awful. Help please?

Both my knees have popped 5 times altogether now.The last two times were just 2months apart.What could be the reason for this, n shud i c a doc?

Can having a d and c stop you from preg? Had it done 2yrs ago. Started ttc for a yr now, had 2 miscaiage this year. Also 2 periods this month. Thanks

Can I have RhoGAM shot in week 29/30 instead of wk 28 (my 1st pregnancy)? I made prior travel plans, but my obgyn insists it MUST be exactly at 28 wk.

Can my tubes be blocked? But my periods come on time but I bleed little for 2 days n have trouble conceiving, been 2 years ttc.All reports show normal

Can scar in tubes or uterus occur even if i had no complications after dnc?had dnc for molarpregnancy 1.5yrs ago. Tryin to conceive fr 6months no luck

Chg 1000 .14 days past transfer.what that means? At day 13 past transfer I got orgadum in my dreams is this can take efeckt of pregnacy?

Complex hem ovarian cyst. Some pain tho it shrunk when doc r/o torsion a wk ago. My period is 10dys late-NOT preg. Y no period? Not on b.control. 29f

Could i be pregnant again just after having a baby via c-section i had a baby via c-section 4 months ago my postpartum bleeding lasted for 5 weeks shortly after i got my menstrual cycle since then I have not got my menstrual cycle again and I have been ha

Cryptic pregnancy light bleed each month..delivered preterm at 20wks n Sept14..could I be pregnant..gained 10lbs n 120 normally..symptoms n unprotected sex..dizziness versions etc..tested neg 2 days before period due in April...belly is round n

Currently got my period last time in dec...It was just small tracea and now am still waiting for my period...What ahould i buy for this?

Daughter 12yr 9mo, wt:68lb;1st period scanty(5d), 2nd after 2 months, heavy, 8 days still going on, vitd:14.4, on 60k/wk past 5wks, is it cuz of d toxicity?

Day b4 yestrdy i hd ovulated & hd sexual contact, but yestrdy also we had contact, i wish to know whethr ths contct will create ny problem for my preg?

Depo & diagnosed wpcos last mnth, bn seeing chinese doc for natural herb meds. Period is bck though period pain. Any chances pcos will go & i concive?

Diagnosed as septic abortion since 26 jan. Gave misoprostol 600mcg on 26 jan and on 5 feb. Still no bleeding, high fever & cramp. Should i be worried?

Diagnosed w/ fibroids bleeding constantly for over 30 days w/ day or 2 break n between is this normal 4 fibroids ? 1st time this long

Diagnosed w/ pcos in 2009 mirena (levonorgestrel) 4yrs. Mirena (levonorgestrel) d/c 3/13 cycles reg. Since. Could it be i don't have pcos anymore.But i still have some sym&lost 80lbs.

Diagnosed with PCOS last Feb, have been taking duphaston for 5 mos now. Period due on Sept 21. Having lumbosacralandpelcic discomfort. Should i worry?

Did hysteroscopy to remve sumucos fibroid(2×3 cm).What is the recovery time and gap between next pregnancy? Lost pregnant bfore coz of this fibroid at23wk

Did myomectmy laproscopy, 2 fibrds (2×3cm)10months back.My doctor said next pregnancy gap is 2cycles.Is this enough? Preg now 26wks after 4cycles gap

Doctor i went through d n c last december...After that i had got periods twice...My question is can I plan for a baby now or should I wait?

Doctor if possible can u suggest me sum any kind of injection or pills so I can hav my periods early n so Thai I can go to gyanec?

Doctor. I am 8 weeks preg.In my 1st visit doc told mild bleeding beta hCG normal.2 nd vist also mild bldng fhr not started.Now on progesron.Plz help me?

Does having a c-sec cause you to have painful periods? 7wks pp and I am also breastfeeding is 7wks to early to get my period? Also 2nd wk on birth con

Dr , right now i m trying to get pregnant but always fail, i was on contraceptives for 6months in 2014 bt left them now, am i infertile after using c?

Dr. Felecia summers! I jus asked a question about the milky discharge you asked did I have intercourse within 72 hrs of ov ? Yes the 16/18/& 22nd 1am

Dysfunctionaluterinebleeding. So, my periods have been lastn 7-8days! usually would last up2 month-s w/dub. 28-35days. Is there hope of pregnancy now?

Early pregnancy, and freaking out! me and my hubby are ttc, we lost twins with emergency d&c 1 year ago and have been trying since then. Recently i found out we are pregs again, and we are totally stoked. Lmp was 2 months ago, but my numbers are in the

Em 28, 2 months married, trying to concieve with ovarian cysts, treatment is on, today noticed light spotting. My LMP was 20 feb, what does that mean?

Ever since i got my period 5yrs ago I have always been irregular but now I am scared that something is wrong. I miss large gaps of 3-4 months. Advice?

Every time my husband ejaculated in me once a mo for 6mo now i begin menstruating even when period is not due. Why is my body rejecting my husband?

Exactly 3months after D&C due to M/C. Irregular periods since.Feeling very very depressed bc not conceiving . I want a baby :(?

Fibroids look like 5mnth pregnant i was told. I'll be visiting the gyn tomorrow.He insists that i shld ve lupron (leuprolide) shots but i want surgery myomectomy ?

Fighting chronic BV for 2 years. Ttc for 5 years same partner..gyn say I'm not sterile becuz I have reg menstrual? No test done? Can I conceive

First took pregnancy test 2day.It was neg.I'm 4months post partum(via c. Section) my son is formula fed. Is it normal that i haven't had a period yet?

Follicle was shrinked to 14mm from 21mm. Gyny says egg didnt rupture n stop monitoring. 2 days late got positive pregnancy test. Is it possible?

For a female, why there is bleeding after 10-12 days of periods which lasts for a min. Is this normal or something to wry abt. Thanks?

Gave birth (cs) 10/24/12 and had 1st period on 1/2-7/13. Made love w/ hub w/in the infertile wk. ( last wk of jan). Still haven't got mp. Preggy?

Gave birth to twins at only 14wks on tues. Cramping and bleeding getter heavier. Comes in waves ev. 3-5min. Like labor. Why? Tkin ibpro and oxy no hlp

Getting diff answers.Had a mc w/ #1baby.It's been 7 wks, had period, now want ttc .Y wait 2-3 cycles.Risk of next egg having prob is min no? Im 26!

GF has got long circles,on may she was 7days late,on june was 12d,so far she is 16d.Why?Hope not pregnant.10d ago she had cystitis and got antibiotics

Got adenomyosis gp given me norethisterone350 to start straight away(day 16) as much pain. Is this pointless as own prog up? Should i wait till day 1?

Got bfp on thurs so i'm bout 4wks pg. Had t spoon fresh blood this morn. Mc at 6wks in dec 12 so quite worried happen again. 1st baby. Pls advise.

Got fixed 5 years ago. Cervix is high n hard anx im a week late can i be prego?

Got Hemmorhoids during my pregnancy. Just gave birth via csection yesterday. What would be best to get rid of the Hemmorhoids?

Got my tubes tied almost a year ago. i haven't had an actual period since birth during the healing process. is this normal? not breastfed since 7/16

Got off Depo-Provera bout a year ago, recent tracking shows, had my period april 1st and16th then may 8th then may 24th does this mean i'm not ovulating? Ttc

Got pregnant on 1sr try but m/c at 20w for incompetent cervix. We r ttc for 6months now. I'm 21 and he is 31. Period is regular. Should i consult or wait?

Got pregnant on 1st try but m/c for pprom at 20w. Now ttc for 7months. We want to go to the doctor next month. I'm 21 and dh 31. Should we go for consult?

Got shot of estrogen today for post partum depression,another tomorrow,start pills itsafe to breastfeed my 7wk old son 1/2 x a day on estrogen ?

Had a aborion 8 months ago and got coil fitted same day since rhen i double up in a month before my period so bad i can't walk or work?

Had a d&c 1month back..M unmarried..Mom is now suspicious so she plans on takin me to do a tvs.. Will dere be any proof of a d&c?

Had a et on 21 checked hCG on 14 th day it was 57.8 and after two days it was 6.38 dr said to stop medicines wn will I get my periods?