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- preg test, weird period, sensitive nipples, feel full 18 hours after eating, stomach soreness without excercise and stomach cramps. What's wrong?

-no period last November -spotting brownish with little blood -dizziness, nausea, sick my stomach when come to food -sometimes throw up -negative test?

“I have fluttering in my stomach, at least 1 a day I would guess, sometimes more. Prego test=neg I've had my (.) If not preg, what else could it be?

1 drop of red blood 3 days b4 periods, neg pregnant test, 2 days over, feeling vein sensation both legs, and belly heavyness, please advise can be pregnen?

12 days post 3 days embryo transfer urine test negative any chance of pregnant .I feel dizzness , sore breast, tired.Urine all the time and hungry?

12 DPO bubbly sensation by pelvic bone, nausea, metal taste in my mouth, and constipation...I took a pg test and it was negative today.Still to early?

12 dpo, tested 1x got a very faint line held up to light. 2nd test 2 days later no line. cramping, bloated, tired/sleepy, low back pain. Am i preg?

12 weeks after sex period came on time but very lightly and short on third day it will stop. But I have a tummy ache Tummy looks big. Negative blood?

12dpo, Cramps, bloated, tired/sleepy, low back pain. Tested 1x w/very faint line held up to light. 2nd test no line. Am i preg?

17 days late. Negative blood test on 2/18. Now im fatigued, eating every 15 mins, and pronounced blue veins. Could i be pregnant now?

1st month trying. My period is 3 days late. 4 days of burping. 4 nights waking up at night with rumbling achy stomach. 2 negative tests. Confused!

2 days period, negative test,pimple on my face and back,backache,gas feeling in my tummy,farting and urinating more often. could i s till be pregnant?

2 month late period for first time.No stress or STD. Had stomach flu like symptoms. Neg. urine test. Full boobs adom. Pressure.What could be wrong?

2 months delayed period, took 5 test and all were negative. Breast feeling weird and today i felt the need to visit the washroom often.

2 neg tests, few days later protected sex , week later feeling fatter(was on holidays ate alot) have fruquent unrination could this be pregnancy?

2 negative at home pregnancy tests. No sex since september w/condom. Seems to be a pocket of fat around belly button? It's kinda hard. Possible preg?

2 positive pregnant test. Unable to sleep on stomach. Frequent trips to the bathroom. I thought was too early for these. Day 31 of 28 day cycle. Reasons?

2 wk late per., neg urine test, woke up at 2 am to severe pains all through my stomach. Can't sleep or get comfy. It's been 6 hrs. Help?:(

21 days late 5 negative hpt and 1 negative blood test, having sore nipples, a lot of discharge clear or pearly white. Tired all the time, feeling full quicker but then hungry not long after. Have moody spells, lower belly cramps, and lower back pain every

22 days late spotting no period my tummy is hard and full of gas 2hpt and -result i feel tired than usual i really feel different can I be pregnant?

23 days late sore pubic bone. On off cramps gone off food smell makes me feel sick could it be pregnancy even if 2 test are neg?

3 days after that intercourse i felt bloated it feels like I have an air in my stomach. Then i took preg.Test after 8 day it was negative. Am i preg?

3 days late but feels like period cramps. I took two pregnant tests and they both had a faint 2nd line. Back aches and sore breasts. ?

35 days late bottom left side of my stomach hurts. Bloated. Last period was 6 days normally 3-4 and was very heavy the last 2 days. Preg test say neg?

4 regular periods. 5 neg HPT and 1 neg blood test -- overweight. If I press in below my belly button 3-4 in it feels hard. Is this a baby? ~18 weeks.

4-5 weeks pregnant with brown blood no pain, had postive pregnancy test again, got sore breast still feel a but sick headache and weeing a lot?

5 negative hpts taken recently. I am 1 week late. Feeling kicking in my abdomen. I would be 22 weeks. What is the kicking? Am i pregnant?

5 negative pregnancy test & 34 days late only symphony's i got is peeing a lot & aching at bottom of back what shall I do ?

5 weeks since i feel dehydrated & fatigue. Last week, my influenza ab swipe test was negative. I took azithromycin. Felt good 1st day. Now back to same.

6 weeks pregnant, little symptoms, feeling queasy, feeling these weird gitty movements in my lower abdominal, negative hpt test.. What's going on?

6days after o is that imp? Im cramping and feels like IV got thrush which i never get. When do u think i can test to get a positive test? Thanks

9 days late, fluttering above pubicbone, nauseous after anything I eat, pinching feeling in ovaries & cervix, neg home test. Yeast infection to blame?

9days late. Neg test. Feeling pressure in lower abdomen and very bloated all the time. What is going on. We are ttc. But neg test means no baby?

A week late back&abnormal pain&tired lately&tender breast.I took a homemade pregnancy test with bleach it foamed up which means positive.But not sure?

About to get a bunch of tests done, have had abnormal stomach bloating, poor breathing walking & sitting for long periods, what test should be first ?

After 10 days of IVF I am feeling very much heavier abdomen/uneasy pg test is weakly positive after 10 days.3 embryos were transplanted?

After 3 weeks, hpt showed negative result somehow i feel slight cramping and thats all. Any chance?

After implantation can you feel nauseous and how many DPO can u test. Thank you?

All day long i feel dizzy. Dizziness comes and goes, stays 4about 10 minutes. What can it be? I also had sex but 2 pregnant tests resulted negative.

All signs of prego, hpt=2-, 2+, docs blood test was negative drank a cooler last night, got rashy an queasy stomach never happy b4, could i be prego?

Am having stomach pain, my breast is getting bigger, and am always feeling weak but am not pregnant according to my blood test result 1, 20miu/ml, ?

Am I paranoid that I may be pregnant? Had 2 periods in the past two months. 2 neg tests. But after eating my stomach always seems bigger for a while.

Am i pregnant please help its probably nothing but I have missed my period and are experiencing pregnancy symptoms like feeling sick, increase in tiredness, more hungry. Needing to pee more and tender breasts. Iv done different pregnancy tests and all hav

Am i pregnant? I took 3 pregnancy tests... All 3 were negative... Then along came my period but only for 4 days.... Everyday when i wake up i feel nauseus and dizzy... Then I have this pain in my lower abdomen thats driving me crazy.... Its like it comes

Been having bad abdominal pains feeling sick. Did a blood nd urine test a couple days after ending my period nd both was negative. Wat is wrong wit me?

Been having movement in my stomach took numerous blood and urine test to determine if I was pregnant all tests came back negative. I feel bloated unco?

Been nausea for 2 wks an can only eat salads w/ fruits. Ive had an implant for over a yr. Little bleeding after sex. Pregnancy tests are neg, thoughts?

Been seeing my period 4 months now took a pregnancy test last month but came up negitive but all of a sudden am feeling movement at my belly.Bottom?

Big belly, dizzy, nausea symptoms. Might have a UTI or yeast infec. Not sure. (-)ive pregnant test. Had period 3x after last intercourse. What's going on?

Bleeding gums, noticeable chest veins, slight bloating, but 3 negative urine pregnancy tests? (1 was taken on a different day) still pregnant?

Bloated feeling, frequency in going the loo, sore nipples but 3 negative hpt? Can u be hormones or somethink else

Can a pregnancy test's results be accurate after an hour? I have been sick for the past three weeks. Nothing major just an upset stomach. About two days after my period didn't come i became very sick. Nausea and frequent restroom trips, fever and not bein

Can a very strong positive on a OPK determine if pregnant or not. The two lines were super dark and I have been having pains in stomach and sore boobs?

Can feel heartbeat racing in stomach and headache and neg pregnant test 12 days after sex

Can i be 5months pregnant and still get neg htp test? I don't know if i'm pregnant and im only 16. Took 2 htp both neg. Feel like stomach is bigger scared

Can i still be 4 months pregnant even though I have a 2 to 3 day menstrual tested negative on 2 pregnancy test i feel queasy often and tired and when im sitting still feel movement i thought it was gas but every time i get still i feel movement

Can i still be pregnant ? What else could this be because of? I have taken two blood tests and 4 hpt ad all been negative. I have been experiencing a stomach ache from time to time, as well as acid reflux. What would u suggest i do. What could cause this?

Can I take a pregnancy test if my period is due in three days I've been feeling nauseous darker nipples and craving hot dogs like crazy?

Can i test now with a pregnancy test my next period is due 1st sept had weird foods together feel full when not eat alot tired nausea strange taste?

Can mirena (levonorgestrel) give you a false negative pregnancy test. I've been feeling nauseous tired and weird feelings almost like butterflies in my stomach?

Can u use a home pregancy test while haveing the birth control chip implanon in? Just feeling sick lately when i smell food and want to take a test to wein out some of the pissibilities

Day 14 embryo transfer Twinge like cramp and spotting brown watery blood also Feeling sick. Due take test tomorrow should I be concerned ?

Days after conception feb stomach felt bloated and hard at touch.can it be too early to test? should my pregnancy test be coming back positive ?

Did a pregnancy test, was negative. Feel faint&shaky, i'm constipated, have nausea, &urge to urinate. Dr did urine culture, nothing came back. Whats wrong?

Dry humped 14 days ago, weird fluttering feeling in stomach worried i might be pregnant when can I take a test?

End of last period was September23rd.Tired,achy,headaches,gassy and small colostrum leaks from nipples. Faint positive indicator on pregnancy test.

Every morning i feel nausea, soft green stool smells burnt.I dont feel as hungry as usual.ive missed my period not unusal for me taken 4 tests all neg?

Expecting period to come and instead I just spotted. Now have strong stomach pain it hurts! I tested before & was negative.. can I be pregnant?!?

Faint positive then started period. I feel movement in stomach. I've had a child almost 4 years ago. Periods have been either early or week late .

False pregnancy tests. Spotting tiredness belly cramps feeling things move in my belly. I have polisystic ovaries?

Feel ddizzy. No 106/56. Is this low. Lmp 29 may. Intercourse 21 may. Pregnancy test yesterday. Negative. What is causing the dizziness...Headache..

Feel like vomiting after a run and Pains in tummy, been on pill for nearly 5 months. What's wrong? Preg? 2 neg tests a month and a half ago.

Feel movement in stomach, pelvis area, even my vagina area, like when preg. 4 tests neg. My stomach looks 5m pregnant. No cycle-still breastfeed 15mon ?

Feel pregnant (sick, frequency of urination) but negative tests both blood and urine, short brown periods for 5 months and hard lump by belly button.

Feel very pregnant urine test came out negative. Fetal movement nausea fatigue stomach weight gain. Confused.

Feeling sick every day ,gone off certain foods, sence of smell stronger ,needing to wee more period 4 days late last period 13/10/14 neg home pg test ?

Feeling very nauseous and tired and dizzy and having to go a lot and yet the home pregnancy tests are coming up negative but I am pregnant...right?

Felt something hard n dense in my vagina as I inserted my finger in to check what's going on.on implanon and obese, several hpts and blood tests neg?

Few Unusualy short/light periods neg tests 2 previous pregnancys have all symtoms now feeling flutters very slight movement for nearly a week not gas?

For 1+month feeling nausea and heartburn pg test is negative what else could cause this? It happens throughout the day.

For 2 months had thick blood cloths when i pee. Now i feel tired headache temperature sore breast and pregnant test was negative about 2weeks ago. Am i pregnant?

For 2 months i am having short period with no even full pad. now i am feeling preggy and i felt that my tummy growing bigger but negative urine test.

For 2 weeks now I've been experiencing major pregnancy even the vivid dreams. urine and ultra sound came back negative/normal and had a tubal 6yrs ago?

For 3 weeks I've been feeling movement in my stomach, have been going to the bathroom a lot more often and feeling naseous. Pregnancy test was negativ?

For a barium swallow test do all clothes come off or just the top half? Just getting ready for my test

For some time now being feeling very bloated, with tingling breast and watery mouth. Did home pregnancy test but it came up negative.

For the last three months, my period keeps coming later every month. I've taken pregnancy tests but they keep coming back negative and i'm experiencing weird feelings in my stomach that i've never witnessed before. What's wrong with me?

For the past three months, my period comes later and later. I took a pregnancy test, and it comes up negative. I've been also feeling weird feelings in my stomach that i never experienced before.

For the past two months I have felt like there is a baby moving around inside me but I'm not pregnant? I have had regular periods for the past 6 months, the last four have been later and later but still there...I have gotten nothing but negative urine tes

For20 days in a month I went through dizziness and vomiting pain and was always disgust & bloated.pregnancy tests come out negative. Is this normal?

Frequent movement,nausea,pain, ball like object that I can feel moving around. I've taken multiple pregnancy test they are negative. On birth control?

Gm my stomach is big and hard like I'm 9 months pregnant I've taken a preg test its neg. I don't use it on a reg im not I any pain at all ?

Going on 4 mnths with no period took hpt when it was 1 day late & it was neg. No symptoms besides hard stomach up top part of belly?

Gotten negative test but The last few days my breast have hurt really bad and I am very nauseas sometimes through out the day. What should I do?

Had a little blood on tissue after sex like a pinkish colour never happened before. Bloated stomach and backache. Did pregnancy test and its negative ?

Had a tubal in aug. Of 01 late by a week no symptoms of period tummy feels like butterflies and thumping in it what could it b?

Had a very light 6 day period breasts are larger not sore using the toilet more feeling sick all the time tired alit, done test says no?

Had m/c in july&have been having sex now am having sore breast, cramps, weight gain.Went for urine test&was negative but confused because of the symptom?

Had period for 7 days and then it stop amd.Now I have heartburn vomiting heads aces really tired. Took aa test and it was negative

Had sex 9/26/13 took 3 hpt 10/14/13 positive, two light lines an negative so i said i wasn't now bk hurts an i see movement in my stomach i maybe pre?