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I've been doing lots of research on pregnancy. Is it possible to trick your mind into having pregnancy symptons? I've been stressing out over it.

my LMP 7/30/14 having pregnancy symptoms I had blood in urine but it's different does not seem like period the blood has no odor what is it ? Urgent

11 days post FET I got a positive!! I have PERIODIC cramping. Nothing horrible, just aware. :) Anything I should be concerned about?

17 year old girl losing hair and bad headache do you know what it might be also im a mouth late and I've had 4 test and all say negative?

19 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with "a bit of rosacea". But I have been to another clinic and they have said I am flushing because of my hormones?

19 wks pregnant. Is it possible to leak amniotic fluid stop and 4 days later start again without pain or any symptoms?

25 weeks . Why my belly not really show yet . this is my first prEgnancy . Ive been waiting for quite long . Is this normal?

3 weeks since intercourse, I have come onto my period does this confirm I am not pregnant, i'm in a remote area and cannot check properly as yet.

30 weeks along and no sign of colostrum yet? Is it possible not to lactate until the last couple of weeks?

3rd day of worsening symptoms. Pink spotting when wiping, likely traces of blood. Continue to treat at home, run to ER or schedule appt doc?

3rd trimester aura migraines becoming more often. 1 a wk. Saw eye dr, ob and family dr, all chalk it up to pregnancy. Can this be right?

5 weeks pregnant after IVF but no symptoms except constipation and more hungrier the usually is it normal i'm so nervous could something go wrong?

5yro gets fevers every month & last weeks. No other sickness and they come out of the blue. Tests show she is "normal" but this isn't. Whats going on?

6wks pregnant. For the last week I've had a mild temp of 99.5-100.1 I have no other symptoms besides typical pregnancy ones. Please Help! Scared?

7 week pregnant. Doctor suspects ectopic since they can't see baby on ultrasound yet. How late can an ectopic take to show symptoms? When am I safe?

8th day from IUI treatment, negative result, but all the symptoms for pregnancy, tender breasts, nauseas, etc is it possible to be to soon to know?

A week ago I woke up and saw I had a linea nigra. Not pregnant and never have been. I'm 30/F. Internet says either pregnant or hormonal imbalance but do they ever show up and nothings wrong?

Abnormal periods and strong pregnancy symptoms for 2 months now & symptoms getting stronger but all neg tests w/ history of cysts still possibly preg?

Af is supposed to come tomorrow. I usually spot a week or so before af but have not spotted yet. Some symptoms too. Higher chance of pregnancy?

After getting multiple hits to the stomach while pregnant, should I be concerned of a miscarriage?

Am I going to die if I missed four days in a row of HIV treatment?

Am i having a miscarige? I had a positive pregnancy take home test recently. I missed my menses since the 2nd of this month. I went to sixflas new egland and road rollercoaster and I've been sick since then. I have greyish blacih beelding my abdomen is is

Am on birth control I have been feeling my boobs very sensitive i can actually smell things from far away things that i usually woundt could i be preg?

Am pregnant with very mild cramps that come and go what does this mean? Anyone?

Am starting to get skin tags around my neck, is this because of pregnancy?? If so will they go away after pregnancy?

Am4wks pregnant, just find out ..But IV don't have any pregnancy symptoms not even sore breasts or anything. .Is that normal?

Anyone close to 2nd trimester notice pregnancy symptoms lessen?

Anyone know what is a major sign you are pregnant within the 1st month, besides missing a period?

Are loose stools normal in early pregnancy? Is it possible that this is how my body is dealing with morning sickness?

Are there any signs or symptoms of blocked tubes like irregular periods?

Arm and hand been hurting allnight my relative says its a sign of pregnancy could i be pregnant?Is that a sign? and should I go to the doctor?

At which time (especially) can I determine if i'm pregnant? (i have 5 days of delay)

Been having what seems to be pregnancy symptoms for 4-5 days. Last period april 13th. Just got a yeast infection, could that be the cause of symptoms?

Belly growth, extreme fetal like movement. (I can see/feel) But had my cycle & 2 negative tests. Also had surgical abort. 3mnths ago. What's going on?

Besides pregnancy what is another reason why a black line appears on stomach ? 

But I think.I took it to early and what does it mean by all the signs of pregnancy and it doesn't show but you hcve the breast growing and nausea etc?

Can anyone write down all the signs/symptoms a girl has before they get their first period?

Can I take the morning after pill after 6 days ? Can I still be pregnant even if I don't show any sort of signs?

Can my period be affected by illness? I recently came down with the stomach bug, though it is gone, I am still late. Could i possibly be pregnant?

Can pcos begin suddenly, even if a few months ago there was no sign of it in routine exam? Can a missed ab cause it?

Can pregnancy symptoms come and go or waiver in intensity on a daily basis? Is that normal?

Can pregnancy symtoms going away when your sick with a upper respiratory infection? I had pregnancy symptoms up untill i got sick?period is due mon.

Can pregnancy tumour go away? What can I do?

Can see my pulse throughout my whole abdomen and i can normally only see it below my sternum, pregnancy symptoms since Feb, no positive test yet?

Can the obgyn suspect if pregnancy while doing a internal pelvic exam? Also can he/she see the chadwick's sign if present? Period came on sept 26.

Can u get pregnant on the coil and does signs of a cold and ear ache mean anything?

Can u get pregnant while you ovualting ? Then see blood days after u ovualting cause i feel symptoms and i'm very worried cause i'm seeing blood

Can you please explain why you think it was a different encounter causing pregnancy?

Cant get pregnant. Could I possibly have premature menopause symptoms?

Could a UTI be a sign of early pregnancy? I find myself going the bathroom every 10 minutes. Its very aggravating.

Could I be pregnant I'm on depo. But stomach is growing and having symptoms. Might have hernia doc app scheduled tomorrow nervous. Hope not?

Could this mean pregnancy? If so, when should I test to get the best results? Should i bother taking this to my dr.? I usually have periods every 28 days. They are very painful, make me sick and a heavy flow. This time, i started spotting 3 days before my

Currently have bubbles in urine. Just had "stmach flu. Labs were normal earlier this week. Reason for concern?

Do pregnancy symptoms come and go? I am 6 weeks and my hCG level is 19, 000. My breasts hurt someday and not others. Is everything ok?

Do some people just have an enlarged uterus? I have never been pregnant before I am kind of worried what they will find? I don't have any symptoms?

Do women typically get colds during early pregnancy? Also really stressed out and strange "period". Which is the more likely cause?

Do you think I am pregnant? I have had all the symptoms of pregnancy since 12-18-11 and it seems like they are getting worse. I also have taken the total of 7 pregnancy test at home and they all came up negative. I am on the Depo-Provera shot for birth co

Do you usually spot before you find out that you're pregnant?

Does cervical ectropion go away on its own? Does it affect chances of getting preg? How serious is this issue?

Does it take time for an infection to develop (1-2 yrs) or does it come right away ? Can you diagnose if someone is pregnant by testing them for BV ?

Dr said my period will come soon after I had a transnational ultrasound. Is that possible to say?

During the eighth month of my pregnancy, my eye doctor said that I had very mild astigmatism. I have never been told that before. Could it be pregnancy related or is it possible that I might have always had it?

Ever since finding out i was pregnant, my boyfriend has an increased bad attitude. What could this be due to?

Every month for several days usually around when ovulation predictor tests positive my vagina gets very dry and itchy, what is causing this?

Feel that another yeast infection is coming. Could that be a sign of early pregnancy, even though I have a normal period?

FI don't take any birth control or IUD. I find it weird with those sign of like pregnancy after AF ended early.can I take blood test to see if preggy?

First preg., 40 weeks 2 days preg. Is it true first time moms usually go past their due date? Also, being this far along-possible i got pregnant 6/2013?

First pregnancy I was so sick. This time I only have back pain. Very early on 2-4 weeks. I'm so worried and nervous. Should I keep taking tests?

Flu vaccine 2 days ago, today experiencing facial redness/flushed appearance. Note: might be pregnant (due for period in 1 day, negative HPT so far) ?

For the pass 2 months my mp only last 4days it usually last 7, the i been having multiple symptoms, can I be pregnant?

For two months now I have been getting , what seems like a normal period every 12-14 days..I just turned 40 in March of this year and I just can't believe it would be menopause already?? I had a tubal ligation preformed 16 years ago, and haven't been on a

Getting black stool during early pregnancy is serious?

Getting pregnant does not seem to be an issue for me, however the past 3 times I have not made it past 5 weeks. These followed a miscarriage at 9weeks?

Got blood results on thursday bcoz dr believe i had a miscarriage 3weeks ago but symptoms are more now including sore tender nipples dark areola?

Got first cold sore 6 months ago after planning a stressful event. I still have them now (early and late symptoms). How can I make it go away?

Had 18 week miscarriage 4 yrs ago. If I have a doctor examine me, will there be signs i had one that long ago? Had at home, in bathtub... Sad day.

Had an abortion in may and i never went to get a check up after my period was normal after until now what kind of complications could happen due to ab?

Had sex on 10/29 & missed my period on 11/4. Nipples started hurting 11/5. Is it possible to have symptoms this early?Never have this issue otherwise

Hard pregnant like belly&leaking breasts along w/other pregnancy like symptoms. Not pregnant. No ovarian cysts or fibroids&thyroids fine. Whats wrong?

Has anyone ever experienced no premenstrual symptoms and then your period came anyway?

Having an early miscarriage aka chemical pregnancy. Severe cramps around the clock, pink mucus. Please advise. Am abroad & no good treatment at clinic?

Having heartburn, full breast/sore, insomnia, forgetting things/clumsy...could these be symptoms of early preg? Baby removed from fallopian 4/27/15

Hcg is 9 went to ER im not due to start til august 1. Does this number sound normal..Hpt says positive.Is it possible im pregnant an really early?

Hello My period normally comes every 2/3 weeks and also last about 2/3 weeks but ive just checked the calender and its been 5 weeks since my last one?

Hello Doctors. I am in need of delaying my period 4 days to a week if possible. I would like to know some at home remedies that will ensure this. ?

Hello I believe I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms but I don't want to confuse them with pms symptoms however my period was due November 25th and still has not come and it came October 25th can you help ?

Hello i was just wondering if I should be worried that my periods are occurring a lot latter than they should?

Hello my period came 2 weeks early. I have endometriosis but its been pretty calm the past fw months. My significant other ejaculated inside me about a week ago. Is this potentially early pregnancy signs or should i be more alarmed?

Hello, Every month now for about 6 months my period comes on about 3-5 days early. It's never consistent. I also from time to time have pelvic pressur?

Hello! My name is Dev. I have a few questions about the chances I might be pregnant, due to some strange physical changes I'm experiencing recently. ?

Hey took a pregnancy test probably to early so it said negative.So are diarrhea and peaing often early symptoms and also I got like night fever ?

Hi I have recently discovered that I have 2 growths of abnormal activity in my right breast. I have also been feeling nauseous often, hot flushes, experiencing diziness and I am often very tired. I have had pregnancy tests done, all being negative. Co

Hi all :) Bit confused and wanted another opinion/advice/thought... So when af was due I had none of the usual cramps (usually start a week before it?

Hi doc, I am 30 & am really worried about less flow during mensuration. Also, stays only for two days. We are planning family & am really concerned?

Hi how are you. Me and my boyfriend are trying to start a family. But a few days ago i got a stomach virus and now im constipated. Could it be from the virus or an early symptom of pregnancy?

Hi I have had two negative test but I have had all the pregnancy symptoms and also started leaking milk and also have been feeling movement ?

Hi I was just wondering if u can expirience bad PMS type symptoms before u miss your period and find out u r pregnant? Thanks.

Hi i'm a female everything is leading towards pregnancy but every test keeps saying negative?

Hi is thrush an early pregnancy symptom ? I'm currently 8 days past ovulation and I've just been told I have this. I've never had anything like this

Hi my girl friend has been having pains in her vagina in a certain spot for about a week and also missed her that a sign of a std?