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Had sex nov 1 and started spotting nov 20. I have all the pregnant symptoms when can i take a test?

I had my period Sept 1 and Sept 25 according to my calculation I should of have my period on Oct 18 no period as of today October 25 should I wait?

No period in august . 2 day period in sept. No period in oct and nov. An i pregnant even tho hpt was neg??. Help i am 20 yrs old.

question I had sex with my boyfriend dec 5th and I was five days late with my period I came on Dec 18 went off Dec22 spotted 23 24 27and28 could preg?

-had rough sex day before fertile window-spot for two days after(not in a row)-had period 3 weeks later-im a day late for this month-could i be preg?

, “my last period was on 29 oct .2012'my previous period on 3 oct. & 13 sept.(3 month detail) on 2 nov. I had intercourse, could i be pregnant or not?

"hi i got my period on dec 12 th and on jan 1 i and my bfn had sex he dint come in me but he had ejaculated before and washed lwe had sex am i pregna?

12 yr old daughter on period she had it in dec an now she has been off an now for a month is this normal?

1st day of my period on Jul 16 had sex on July 24 but took the after day pill 17 days later I got my period aug 2 had sex aug 22 when did I conceive?

1st wek of dec period came...16day I had sex..But last two days end of dec my period again came...Is there any possibilities that I can get pregnant?

25 yo, haven't had sex in 3 mnths, got regular period in sept and oct, but late for a week in nov. Is this a sign of pregnancy? Or just a late period?

25 yo, haven't had sex in 3 months, got her period in sept and oct but 1 week late now for nov. Longest delay so far. Pregnancy or?

2nd sep my period should have started.i bleeded red its 8th sept and my period it late.i had protected sex on 13,17,27 aug. Pregnant?

30 day cycle I have my period every 10th. want to know when I conceived I had sex before & on Nov 26& again on Dec 2. Pos test on Dec 12. Help?

31 day cycle, period started dec1-dec7 unprotected sex dec12 he came in me first fertile day dec13 ovulated dec18 can I be pregnant?

31 dec miscarriage, 3 jan period started, 7 jan period stopped, ovulation test positive, had sex.9 jan had sex, got little blood after sex.Is it ok?Worried

According to my period calendar, my period was due Oct. 8 and is five days late. I had unprotected sex (he didn't finish) Oct. 2. Could I be pregnant?

Age 20. Last period dec 19. Intercourse jan 19. Avrg period cycle 32-34 dys. Any chances of pregnancy?

Already had 2 periods. One on oct 16 n nov 15. Had intercourse on oct 8. Is she pregnant?

Am i late or is this normal? Hello my cycle came on dec 30th, had no cylcle in jan. Spotting feb 2nd so i think cycle is about to come on does it mean I am late? Or is that normal.

Am i pregnant? My last period was mid dec and it is end of jan now I have been sexually active this month jan and am now two weeks late for period?

Am i pregnant?Got my period last dec.24 and lasted for 3days, have unprotected sex last jan.13;2014, and have my period last jan.17 for 2 days only

At mid night of 21st nov done unprotected sex, After how many days do i conceived & 24th nov is my starting date of my monthly period.

Aug. 30th -Sep 2 last period when do/did I ovulate???

Aug12 was my last real period. sep I spotted and oct i spotted twice than had a period am I pregnant again?

Bf fingered me and don't know if there was cum on. Missed the period right after (jan) then had one in Feb, missed Mar. and had Apr. 7 neg test. Preg?

Came off the pill in Feb had my period for both Feb and Mar now its April my period came but only last for 3 days can i be pregnant am 19 years?

Can i be pregnant i just ovulated on nov 7 n now my period came on nov 20th with bad cramps im 29 help

Can i be pregnant if i had unprotected sex dec 21, 27, 28 and my next period is due jan 10 or jan 12. Which today would be 2 weeks before my next period?

Can you tell me when i obvulated my period came jan 25th and feb 24 th so did i obvulate on the 15 the i really need help?

Could i be pregnant.... No period. Was due on dec 30... Period 28 days long.. Lmp was on dec 2-6.. I had unprotected sex on dec 16-25...?

Could I have got pregnant in feb if my last period was in jan?

Could I have miscarried if i had no period sept. and one in October after unprotected sex In Aug?

Dear doctor I and my boyfriend had sex from 3 to 4 Nov.and den on 22 Nov I got my periods on 22 Nov bt on 22 Dec I dint get my periods can I b pregnan?

Dec 2011 is the last time I had protected sex. I still had my period after that. My last period was in apr & haven't had it since then. Am I pregnant?

Depo 1.5yrs last shot 04/2012. First period oct7-13. Sex on oct 23 & nov 9. 2 pregnant were negative. No period in nov. Pink discharge 2dys...Pregnant?

Depo shot 1st time Jan 14 start of period was Jan 13. Had unprotected sex several times on Jan 23rd. Jan 24th dark brown spotting.Pregnant? Neg test

Didnt get my 3rd Depo-Provera shot on sep 11, 2012 i haven't had a real period since oct but spotted in dec and jan can I be prego? 7 home test said negative

Don't know my LMP how can I know when i got pregnant?

First day of abortion on jan.12. First period came on feb 24. Today is march 29. No period yet. Had a 30 day cycle before abortion. What's wrong?

First day of cycle was oct. 23, unprotected sex on nov 6. Started bleeding again on the 23rd of nov. Didnt seem normal. Could i be pregnant ?

First day of my last period was dec 26 2012 i had sex jan 3 and my ovulation date is jan 9 what are my chances of being pregnant tummy pains too?

Got Depo-Provera Oct. 24 and period was suppose to be Oct. 27th, had sex Nov. 2 been spotting since Nov. 3 nonstop is the bc effective or do I buy pregnanttes?

Got my period last jan. 8, then this jan. 21 i got a light flow of my menstruation, and i had sex last jan. 23, will i get pregnant? Im irreg.

Got my period last jan. 8, then this jan. 21 i got a light flow of my menstruation, and i had sex last jan. 23, will i get pregnant? Im irregular,

Got my period second week of Feb, had sex using withdrawal Feb 19-21. I took hpt 16 days after the last deed got negative. Can be still pregnant?

Got my periods on 29th july,had sex on 2nd aug that was the last day of my periods,30 day reg cycle, ovulating today i.e 9th aug,pregnancy possible?

Got period on Jan 8 Had protected sex Jan 10–20 then I got period on Feb 7 then from 22 feb-3 no sex neg preg test yest now late 6d lte preg?

Got the IUD July30 & was bleedin & Im still spottin blood til now I been having unprotected sex before & after I got it so can I be pregnant?

Had a period in feb a. Week later had another one still in feb it started the 26 and ended the 1st of March will I get another one in March im on BC?

Had a period on October 2nd and sept 2nd what is my cycle I think. 30days and can I get pregnant if I have sex on october14th ?

Had a period on the 5nov which was light and lasted for about 10 days had unprotected sex on the 26nov and again 2dec and im not late on my period?

Had a period the 1 oct then the 26 oct then the 26 nov then the 21 dec could u advice me what date my next period should be due many thanks?

Had a tubal in 2005 had normal periods till this nov i had two in this month. I haven't had a period since nov 30 what is wrong my pregnant was neg?

Had amenorrea for 1 yr due to underweight. Got period last month and had unprotected sex in fertile window, now 2 days late and clear disch., preg?

Had intercourse on march28. Period due april1. April4 no period. Had test at doctors office april3 which was neg.. Could i be pregnant? Help?

Had mmc oct 17, first period came dec 17 lasted for a week and it was la light period then this month jan 11 strtd my period again for 2 days normal?

Had my last period on 2sept. havent had one this month. no period from jan-march2014.had them on 18apr,15jun,31july,2sept. should i worry?not pregnant

Had my period oct.20 and my period only last 3 days,is it safe to have unprotected sex by friday oct.24?

Had my periods on 10 dec finish on 17 dec had sex on 18 n 19th dec could I get pregnant I have a 28 day cycle and when can I take test?

Had period 1 oct then the 25 oct then the 26 nov then the 21 dec then the 15 jan then 9 feb think im late please help? Im never late

Had periods on due date oct 19 lasted for one night and but last two months aug and sep periods were normal,had sex on aug no sex after that,pregnant?

Had protected intercourse nov 29th, then got regular period dec 18th.No intercourse since dec period.Jan period was 4 days late.Lighter and brownishred?

Had protected sex nov 21 and got period on dec 13 could i be pregnant?

Had protected sex on sep 2 had i-pill.Had my normal period that month.But my period for this month were due on 15oct and its 1stnov now.Am i pregnant?

Had sex a month back unprotected and last was on 25th sept but i took ecp immediately. My last period was on 9th aug. Am i pregnant?

Had sex before my last period. Lmp sept 14.cycle 27-30dys.haven't had my period for this month as yet.could I be pregnant?

Had sex befr ovu day missed ovu Nd next day after ovu but had sex on 2nd day?? Chance of preg??

Had sex dec 23 & 26. . Had period jan 3 or 4 ( can't exactly remember ) then had sex jan 17 , 18 & 19 . Edd is oct 10 could Dec sex got me pregnant?

Had sex dec. 26 and the condom broke. My period came late in jan., late in feb., & light spotting in mar. & my stomach is growing. Could i be pregnant?

Had sex in july..Had periods aug 8 sept 1 and sept 23 took 10 pregnancy tests all negative..Do i expect an october period since i had two in september?

Had sex nov 1st-6th my fertile/ovulation days. Now it's nov 22nd, period 2 days late. But my test was neg last night. When should I to take another?

Had sex nov. 6, 2013 with condom period was a day late but it came on. The next week she say she pregnant. But doctor say due date sept. 10, 2014. How?

Had sex oct12 period was due oct26 which i never got its nov 18 and i'm 21 days late took pg test but - could i still be pregnant could it be to early?

Had sex on 31 dec and 1 jan, right after my period ended(25-30 dec), had reg period on 26 jan but now its delayed by 14 days, can I be pregnant?

Had sex on jul 18 peroid started jul 21 lasted for 5 days will i be able to tell if i'm pregnant this month or not?

Had sex on june 29th 13 due june 2nd 14. No period in july then a period in aug. Sex in aug and sept. Can sex from june 29th result in my pregnancy?

Had sex on nov 18th with a 30day cycle had a period nov 2nd now can I still get pregnant if I have sex on the 18th of the month?

Had sex on Oct 17 my period the 22nd the on Nov 9th I had bleeding just that day again had sex on the 15 of Nov period is due 19 I'm 2day late Neg HPT?

Had sex on the second to last day of my period that was nov. 3, my partner came inside me, i ovulated on nov. 12 can I be pregnant?

Had sex with my bf on 15 night and 16 feb mrng.ON 15 FEB it was my 6 th day of period.i took i-pill on 16 feb afternoon.till today i didnt hav period?

Had unprote sex on 18 Mar & took Ella (ulipristal acetate) on 19 Mar. previous period started 24 Feb and end 7 March. neg pregnancy test, late period, any chances of preg?

Had unprotected sex 22 jan poss OPK on 24 and 25 jan and neg on 26 jan could I have fallen pregnant or have I missed ovulation ?

Had unprotected sex dec 26 missed jan , missed my period again feb 1 had unprotected sex again feb 2nd && been spotting on & off since then am i prego?

Had unprotected sex dec 26th missed my period all jan started spotting feb 2nd on and off i don't understand could i be pregnant when can I find out?

Had unprotected sex from Jan 22-30th twice a day . had period on 30th -feb 5 th. On Feb 26 started period and ended mar 2. On March 5 started spotting

Had unprotected sex on 19 jan second day of period, had period on 14 feb, took hpt 13, 20, 27 feb all negative. Am i pregnant?

Had unprotected sex on 19th Aug.then had protected sex on 2nd Sept morn.expected to get period on 4th. Got mild period on 2nd eve.Am I pregnant ?

Had unprotected sex on dec 31 took Plan B on jan 3 nd i got my period jan 8 nd had unprotected sex on jan 13. Wat are the chances of being pregnant?

Had unprotected sex on the 28 of jan, 9 of feb and had brown discharge from 13 till 15. Could I be pregnant ?

Had unprotected sex on the first day of my period July17 my due date is April 22,2016 is this when I got pregnant it was a normal period?

Had very lite period in nov 22nd.Had sex nov 13th.Missed period in dec am i pregnant? Had very lite period with first kid too.

Hello i had unprotected sex on mid dec during my fertile days then. I had half day period on 7th jan i usuallly have 2 to 3 days of period! then?

Hello doctor. My last period is on nov 5th 2012 and my cycle is not regular. Me and my husband lost sex for 4 days( nov 10, 25, dec 1, 3). If im pregnant?

Hello i had a miscarriage in july i had a period aug 22 then sept 19 it came 8 days late in oct 25th and no period for november but all negative ?

Hello i had sex oct 1st and the 29th. But i missed my period on oct 26th. But then i week after having sex and 11 days late my period came on nov 5th.?

Hello i had sex on 7th jan and i got my period on 11 th jan which is 2 weeks early . Can i b pregnant?

Hi Doc. I had unsafe sex Dec 2015, got my period Jan. & I had sex again that month, but I took escapelle(PTest -ve)& its 2days to end Feb & no period.

Hi doctor on nov 4th i was bleeding it ended on the 8th i didn't find out i was pregnant till dec 8th but got pregnant on nov 18 is that possible?

Hi last period was on sep 18 and it's been 52 days now I haven't got my and my partner had unprotected sex on 14th Oct .