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have had 14 days on my cycle (menstrual) really tender breast last pregnacy was ectopic and i have a 1 and a 2 year old. My periods arent heavy?

"Its been 37 days since my last period. i am always on time now 8 days late. have had sore breast, & cramps for the past 2 days. am i pregnant?

"period" only came for 2 days and very light.January which was my last normal period. been throwing up, and breast very sensitive.Can I be pregnant?

1 and 1/2 weeks after period my boobs are sore and I have slight cramping. What is it ? Could it be because my next period is two weeks away?

1 day late on my period blood test said no. Boobs are really sore some cramping.. needle like pain in boobs and belly. Could I be pregnant and it earl?

10 days late for my period, had sore boobs but pain has gone, negative test, had 1 day of tummy cramp but nothing since and still no period?

11 days late for period lil nasuea and tired breast tender had period feeling cramps few times drops of liquid when nipples squeezed but begative hpt?

11 days late on period, finally started, but still feeling nauseated & breasts are very tender and sore. Could i still be pregnant but with a period?

12 days after my hubby and i had sex, was spotting for 2 days and very nauseous with period like cramps, my breasts are also sore, could i be pregnant?

12dpo and 2days late.. Breast tender gass and bloated.Am i pregnant?

13 days after my period, and my breasts are still sore, I had a short but heavy period (3days) my breasts continue to feel sore and heavy (I am 21)?

14 days past period. Sore breast. A lot of gagging no throw up. 2 neg pt. Pregnant?

1st day of missed period. No PMS at all. Periods always on time and have PMS a week before (sore breasts, moody, cravings). Could i be pregnant?

2 days missed period, when i touch my body its hot since last week, minor crams on 2nd day missed period. With all other signs of coming period. Why?

2 days period delay and been having abdomen cramping and sore breast for 1 week already, could I be pregnant?

2 weeks late on period, not pregnant, extremely sore nipples, any reasons?

27 years old, ttc, 3 days before period, negative test. Tender breasts, cramps after sex, weird cramping, not eating as much. Could still be pregnant?

3 days before my period and i'm not feeling anything normally I have cramps and tender breast does this mean i'm pregnant?

3 days late period, dark spots on areolas and itchy nipples, but negative hpt, stretching pains and mild cramps! Pregnant? Unprotected sex 2 weeks ago

3 negative hpt 38 days after intercourse, one week after a light period. sore breasts and mild cramping now, Can i be pregnant?

3 wks missed period, have brown spotting this morning, cramps & sore breasts for wks. Pregnancy or just really late due to stress?

30yo w/ a day of heavy bleeding 5 days after period ended (cycle day 15) then 2 days of spotting. Now nausea, sore nipples, tender breasts. Ideas?

4 days after expected period (neg pt.) experienced 6 days of brown discharge, now I have very tender nipples. Why could this be?

4 days post ovulation.Had sex every day.  Now sore nipples,gassy,bloated,light spotting.  Possibly pregnant? 

5days late period, abdominal pains, sore, burning breasts. Periods irregular. Negative HPT. Can I be pregnant?

6 days late for period. Light spotting and cramping 7 days ago, then again today but no other time. Very emotional tender beasts. Pregnant?

6 days late with period, reddish brown spotting began today. Breast pain, bulging veins, exhausted daily. 3 negative pregnancy tests.

8 days after a light period which was 8 days late my breasts are still swollen an very sore, cramping/aching . Can't be pregnant as two tests thevday after period was due were negative but why my breasts so big an sore after my period?

8 days late missed period with clear discharge sore breast what could it be?

8 days late. Had two periods last month. Only been sick on my stomach. No tender breast or nothin else. Could I still be pregnant?

8 weeks pregnant i think? I missed my period had bad bad cramping now small cramps and sore sore sore breast!

8dpo breast are very sore and never been sore this early my period isn't due for a while i've been urinating a lot and napping a lot is it to early ?

9 days late and sore boobs and backache and just got off of bc in july last period was on august 1 st?

A week after period i got sore breasts which lasted/lasting for 2 weeks now, is this normal?

A week before i get my period my breast gets sore my period is due in 7 days what can it be ? Pregnancy ?

About a week and a half ago I started spotting, 2 weeks after my last period. I am now 4 days late. Breasts not tender. Negative PT. Slight cramping. ?

After my period ended. I still feel nauseous, cramping, swollen sore breasts, and headaches. Period was early and light. What could this be?

Am having sore breast and feeling sick as early as 3 days before ovulation is this normal or I havin early pregnancy signs?My period came 2 weeks ago

Am i pregnant, period is late, cramping for 4 days and cramps getting lighter, heartburn, boobs a little sore, backache, weird flutters near ribs ?

Am i pregnant, period is late, cramping for 4 days and cramps getting lighter, heartburn, boobs a little sore, backache, weird flutters near ribs?

Am I pregnant. I haven't had a period in 9 months and I just started and been bleeding 7 days. My boobs have been itchy as well as my nipples. ?

Am sometimes irregular with my periods. However its been 36 days since my last period and i have tender breasts and nausea. Could i be pregnant?

Any tips? My period is currently late. Watery discharge. Sore breasts. Pregnancy?

Been cramping and having breast tenderness since 3 days after my last period. I still have 8 days until my next period. Could I be pregnant?

Been having PMS symptoms but no period for a week. Now today there is no breast tenderness. Also have had light spotty periods for 3 months? Virgin.

Been spottin for 9 days but my period is 4 days late my breasts aren't sore & no cramps, been tryin 2 conceive for 6 months now, should I take a hpt?

Been spotting. .and now have very sore nipples, which is uncommon for me. I began spotting on the 19th, June a day before my furtle window (June 20th). spotting has continued, missed my period. Still spotting lightly, sore tender nipples day4. Help?

Been trying 2 conceived 4 7 months now i been spotin 4 5 days and now my periods 1 day late, breasts are sore like usual and been getting nauseous?

Been ttc for a yr very regular periods. I'm 18 days late. Sore boobs, darker aereolas, headaches, fatigue, constipation but negative hpt. Pregnant?

Before Ovu my breasts sore and slight spotting. 9days later still there plus early strong bleeding (preg?). Day later lighter bleeding. No penetration

Bloated after period. swollen and tender breasts. and peeing allot more then usual was expierencing slight cramps as well after period not any more?

Bloated for 3weeks. Have a sore throat 5 days before period. Could it have anything to do with pregnancy? I've had my last 2 periods.

Blue viens, sore and tender breasts. Back and stomach pain.. My period was a week late, but I'm bleeding lightly now after having sex. Am I pregnant?

Breast heavy, nipples sore, mild cramps, i had sex during ovulation and now its 9 days til my next period. Could i be pregnant? Period.Or.Pregnant?

Breast soreness and cramping as if I was going to start my period right after my last period. This to me is odd. Am I pregnant!?

Breast tenderness and stomach cramps but i have been on depo for 3years and just got off depo in May could i be pregnant?

Breasts are always sore the week before my period. Period is due today and breasts haven't been sore at all. Should I be concerned at all?

Breasts bigger, frequent urination, light pink spotting 8 days before my period started but period was 10 days late is pregnancy still a possibility?

Breasts have been sore/tender for about a week now. I'm not pregnant as I'm not having intercourse and my period is extremely irregular, what could th?

Brown blood instead of normal red period, missed some pills, breast feels fuller but not sore, cramping and fatigue. Can i be pregnant?

Brown discharge after sex that lasted 3 wks. Could this mean i'm pregnant? I'm supposed to start my period in 1-2 days but no cramps, sore breasts, etc.

Brown discharge last month. Unusual period this month weird feeling in belly sore boobs pregnant?

Brown discharge week before period on bc. Cramping and also sore breasts. Is this regular?

Brown spotting for one day, it's been 3 days now and period has not came. I've been nauseous, bloated, breast are swore, nipples swollen. pregnant?

Brownish discharge( never happened before menstrual) tender/sore breast fatigue high appitete menstrual 2 days away could i be pregnant?

Can i be pregnant if my period is two days late and I have sore stomach and diarrhea.

Can sex itself throw off your period? I'm 2-3 weeks late but don't have any earlypregnancysigns except bloating/eating/ and today i got tender breasts

Can swollen boobs be from delayed period?

Can you be pregnant even if you period came 5 days and lasted 2 days? While having extermly tender breast? This been going on for a month now

Can you be pregnant witout busting your cherry? I only had my period for a day, tender breasts, tiredness and backachesSymptoms 4 day after. Pregnant?

Can you let me know how many days before your period do you get cramps & have sore boobs?

Cervix sore during period normal?

Could I be preg? I'm getting discharge, spotting, cramps, pressure in tummy, tender breasts and weeing more but neg test but due on in 5 days?

Could I be pregnant if I went off the pill about three weeks ago and have bloating and sore breasts, my period isn't due for another 8 days,?

Could i be pregnant if my breasts are sore a lot earlier than my period is due?

Could i be pregnant? I have only missed my period by a day and i never miss my period it is always on time. For about 2 weeks my breasts have been really tender and sore and i've been having stomic pains

Could I be pregnant? I'm almost 2 weeks late on my period and boobs are sore but they usually are before my period.

Could I be pregnant? just spotted during ovulation it was 11 days past period. after ovulation was over I had white creamy cm. Breast are getting sore

Could I be pregnant? Lmp 11-21, 40-45 cycle, my breasts are sore for almost 2 weeks now and my period is late.

Could I have gotten pregnant on the last day of ovulation? I am 2 days late with really sore breasts

Cramping 10 day before period due? I am ttc, 41 yrs old, regular periods, very sore breasts 2 days after ovulation? Could it be something more serious

Cramping, nausea, bloating, sore boobs, and fatigue. Period was late bt came heavy.Never had pms. Could it be implantation bleeding or just a period?

Cramps, pressure on sore boobs but no period. What do I do?

Day after period breasts sore, never had sex nausea and lightheadedness during period really heavy normal time cycle?

Dis month i had unpro.. sex on my 2days period then after that my period was i am 3weeks symptoms of pregnancy sore breast,nipples and cramp?

Do your boobs harden before period?

Early period w/ spotting for 3 days (never happens) bloating, gurgling belly, burps, sore itchy breast & sides. Pink spotting after sex. Pregnant?

Emergancy pill 6/09.light brown bleeding&cramps 15/09 for 5 days.Period was due on 27/09 but late.Have discharge&side breast sore.neg preg.late/preg?

Every month my period is like timework and 5 days long. This month my period was very light and 3 days. Breasts are sore still could i be pregnant?

Extremely sore breats and nipples a week before expected period could it be PMS or possible pregnancy?

Full and painful breast scanty peroid, could i be pregnant?

Gassy, bloated, left breast more sore/swollen but feel in both, irregular spotty periods a wk before "full" period for 2 months now. 22cycle 4period?

Getting brown spotting week before period. Cramping bloating and tender breasts but negative tests. Been spotting for six days. What is happening?

Had a Mc 2 months ago normal and on time period last month now sore breast and 3 days late. It is possible to be pregnant again?

Had a period on the 2nd of May.Since after that period iv been noticing my breast feels heavier time to time Not all the time. Am I preg or ovulating?

Had abortion last month..Now my period s aweek late my breast r sore im always tired and having insomnia backachs also had a few spotting..2 hpt neg?

Had all pregnancy symptoms: spotting, nausea, fuller breasts, headache, etc. and then started a heavy period today. could I still be pregnant?

Had my period for 4-5 days. It was only 1 day late. some cramping and red brown spotting afterwards. Feeling fatigued, sore breasts, and headaches. Pregnant?

Had my period June 11 to the 13 and now its july 25 and my period has not come could i be pregnant and I feel bloated but my breast not soar?

Had nausea, sore breasts, bloating, and tiredness after missing 2 bc pills, started bleeding 2 days before scheduled period. Could i be pregnant?