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Have unprotected sex during your period and stop bleeding and it is say 2weeks later and you did'nt had you're period yet can you be pregnant??

"hi I have missed my periods for 10 days but i don't want to get pergenant knw"?

10days delay am I pregnant?

1stday of my period 1stfeb, chums last for 5 days.Had sex on the 20th.cycle tym 32 days. Period is delayed &had a pink vaginal discharge last nyt.prg?

20yrs old. Had a bby breastfeed for 2months no period in 7 month , now 3months with a period every 2days before a period I bleed. Is that normal?

26 yrs old..married n a mother of a kid..i started my periods 45days aft periods are irregular after that..nw 60 days late for periods.

3days late could I be pregnant last Period 18th Feb my cycle is 24 to 26 days and last 3 to 5 days ?

4weeks since unprotected sex.test was periods bt nt sure if it's my period or spotting.lower tummy is bigger.why? Am I pregnant?

A 29 unmarried lady her menstural period has been late for 2 weeks what is the cause thanks?

After d&c my period last 2 period came on time. the third period is late,iam notpregnant& not on birthcontrol but iam really stressed .wht is the cuz?

After sex I have my period 2day lait but normal and next month I have my period reguler period then i m pragnent ?

After sex she have her period normal for 5day and next mnth sie miss her period and she dosn't have symptoms then she is pragnent?

After sex she heve her period of 5days then next month she have her piriod then she is pragnent?

Aftr my last periods I had unprotectd sex evry day.Now 7 day late for period(norml regulr)& have pregnancy symptoms, but a home pregnancy test was -ve?

Am trying to get pregnant and I have a regular cycle of 28days. My last period was 23rd sept. Wen is best to have sex so i can be pregnant?

Avg period cycle 28-30days. Lngest evr 34days. Ths time periods strtd at nite of dy 40. Is this really the periods or can it be pregnancy bleeding?

Been on depo 4yrs. Missed last appt on Feb 11. Had my period last month but not this month. Is it likely i could I be pregnant?

Been tryin to conceive. Had cramps since 6 days after ovulation n got my period 4 days early. It's light. Is there still a chance i could be pregnant?

Bleedind after 10days of periods, no chance of pregnant as der was no sex, y bleedind den?

Came off pill period was 28 days for 5mth now the last 3month i was 3 weeks late then 12 days and now going on week late for this cycle.Tryin for baby?

Can a 55 year old gwt pregnant no period?

Can a woman be 5mnths pregnant and still have a period? I've had 2 normal periods then stopped for 3mnths and 3days ago started again. 2 neg htp. Preg?:(

Can an ultra sound tell if im pregnant 7 days befor a missed period?

Can i be pregnant if.My menstrual cycle got was of 30 days..but on july and august it was of 25 periods last for 2 days.had sex on 10 n 20Dys?

Can u have a period n be pregnant what are the signs if you are?

Can u stil be pregnant and on your period ?

Can we pregnant after 10 dayz of periodz?

Can yiu have a period while you are pregnant? I had a period last month but not this one. It was suppose to b on the 13 or25 i hvnt hadsex in 2 months

Can you get pregnant 2 before your period date n still have a period?

Can you get pregnant 2weeks after your period? My period lasts for 4days

Can you get pregnant a week aftr your period?

Can you have a period n be pregnant?

Can you let me know how many days frm your period do you now you are ovulating?

Could a girl be pregnant without sexual intercourse and regular period for 2 months ? Just this month her period was 10 days late n she wanna vomit ?

Could i be pregnant if i got my peroid a week before it was due and a week after ovulation?

Could i be pregnant if i had sex while 3rd day on my period then 1st depo shot on my 4th day of period?nw im 24dys late for my period

Could i be pregnant nd still have a period?

Cud I be pregnant my last period was 10th of june?

Does ipill delays periods? Ate it but im not pregnant.

Dr iam taking Duphaston from last month, last month my period came at 28 day cycle this month 2 dats late, Duphaston delays period?

Dr my friend was having 4 days period later but frm last 2 mnths it is only 1 day what does it mean? Periods are regular but only 1 day period

Even after my misscarriage in dec 2011 n I haven't had a period yet can I get pregnant ?

First time i had period was about 6 yrs ago.It was irregular at first but then it became regular.not sexually activ.This month my perid is late 7days?

For the past 2days both my ovaries been aching.Last period was feb28 & i spotted mar20-22 & apr1-3 hpt neg no normal period. I beentrying to conceive?

Had a Mc in July normal period in Aug now 2 days late. Is this normal or could I be preg. again last appt doc said I could try again anytime?

Had a missed abortion 6w preg.On orgametril 10days,got my period 2days later.My gyn said im very well. Can i try to get pregnant after this period?

Had abortion 4 mnths back. then got regular period of 26 days cycle for 3 mnths.but its late now in july and had no sex after aborton .what to do ?

Had early miscarriage in jan.spotted after 2 months followed by period after a month.late period by 4wks.sympotoms of preg.hv pcos.on metformin.

Had protectd sex on 18 Feb and was on regestrone till 18 to delay periods Aftr which I got my periods on 24.but ths mnth m late by 5 days m I pregnant?

Had sex 3days before my period.Now i'm late 6days.Im on metformin and spironolactone due to pcos. My dr. Told me i could get pregnant. What can I do?

Had sex 4 months back ;got period next 2 months nd pregnancy test was negative; nw this month I dint get periods am I pregnant?

Had sex during my period almost every day n my period ended early n never had my dry time after period..Did i screw up my period?

Had sex on may19 my periods date is on 22 but on may 22 i didn't get my periods and it is 15days late and I have white bleedng is this pregnancy?

Had unprot. Sex day 7 of cycle, took norlevo 24hrs after. Had irr. Period 11 days after. Now day 16 after that period. Have early signs. Preg or ovul?

Had unprotected sex on dec last year 2013 i had ipill bt on that month i missed my periods.but from jan month am hvng regulr periods. am i pregnant?

Had unprotected sex while having meprate tablet 2*20days. Now 10days after the 20th day still i didn't have periods.Ami pregnant?Did pregnant test, was -ve

Hav irreg periods. How do i knw when period being irregular or something is wrong?

Have a lot of unprotected sex nd am on the pill but this month my period came a week early nd has lasted 9 days nd is heavy. What is wrong? pregnancy?

Have PCOD so get period once 60days.Last period was 17th Mar. 1st April again I had bleeding only 1 day. No period till date. home PT is -ve.pregnent?

Have th ickbrown and red discharge iam 13 days late for my period and wanna know if this is my period or am i pregant?

Hello doctor I am 25 years old I'm married I had an abortion in 2012 now I'm having irregular period and it's been 2 months I dint have my period?

Hello dr,i took morning after pills in december and had a normal period in january..iam cramping now but just spoting, am not pregnant too.whats wrong?

Hello i been trying to conceive my period isn't due until the 12 th of the month but I am bleeding now on nd off could i still be pregnant?

Hello im 19 years old and iHave irregular periods. My last period was on January 7 and last only three days. iHad sex 12 days after could iBe pregnant?

Hello madam, i had sex with my girlfriend during her 2nd day of periods.After that her periods last till 6 days.N now her periods r delayd.Wat to do?

Hi doctor i have pcod and have not got my menses since 2 months had primolut for 4 days but still i have not got my periods am i pregnant?

Hi doctor i would like to ask can I be pragnant i had my last period on the 27 october and my cyle is 31 days can I be pragnant this month?

Hi DR! I had my period this month on 4th till9th but this some month again I had my period on 21st till now does it mean it was a pregnant or what?

Hi I am 22 yr old girl . My wedding will be on mid jan . I m expecting periods on that days . I want to prepone my periods but i don't know how to do ?

Hi i had sex at 15th dec and m suppose to get periods by nw..I hd a pregnancy test before my period date. M i pregnant? ?

Hi im 21 yrs old and got married 3 months back.My period are irregular from my first period.Nw my period length is long nd im not pregnant yet?

Hi just some advise i had a miscarriage in late january and had my first period 24 febuary bt the first day was brownish blood is that normal?

Hi. i am having pcod. i took regestrone 5mg for 5 days still my periods didnt come..aftr how many days period will come?

How can I tell im pergo? I think i might be but im not for sure

How do i know if i'm pregnant..i have irregular last period may 9 2017..till now ihave no period.thank you?

How mny days after taking Duphaston i will get my period? (my unprotected sex is april 28 and until now, i hve no period , i test its negativ

I had to get my periods on the 8th and last month i had my regular period and i bled a lil after a week.Bcoz of d emergncy cntceptive am i preagnant?

I am 22 yrs old. My menarche was when i was 11. I had regular periods bt frm last one year my periods are irregular.My last period was on 15 aug. Help?

I am 23 year female, married on 2011 aug. This month i got periods late for 4 days that too very less bleeding for 3 days? Am i pregnant?

I am 25, married last year in oct.My periods were going normal, but this month it came late for 8 days and now very less bleeding is oing on for 8 days.?

I am 26 years old and married, last month i missed my period I have 25 days cycle but this month on 22nd march i missed periods and i felt all the sym?

I am 3 days late on my period and I have took 3 pargnanty test they all said not pragnant what shuld I do?

I am 43 n I had sex during my ovulation period! My last period was sept 19 th! Do u think I had aovulation? I'm awaiting my period but nothing yet!

I am not having regular periods...I had before twice in a month suggest sumthing?

I am pcos. 2nd cycles of Duphaston 16-25cd & metformin. Lmp july26 but until nw no period. Bfn 9days after dupha. Am i pregnant and just early to test?

I am trying to conceive from 9months.from past 4months i have regular periods.but this month periods came 11days late as of dis a problem?

I didn't have sex for four months, the day i had i bled the day aftr for three days and it was 14 days to my period and after a week i sae my period i?

I dint have my periods till now after sep 22nd when can I take pregnancy test?

I fingured my gf and after that she had 3 mnts normal period now they are late we did 2 preg test all are negative plese help. Is she pregnet?

I got my menses on 4:1:13 and it last only 2days can I be pregnant?

I got my periods on time last month but this time m late by 15 days with lot of crampings.have pcos nd want to conceive soon. I hav took pills for 7yr?

I got my periods one week late after having sex last month. Took pregnant test 10 days aftr sex it was ngtv. Can i still be pregnt. Didnt hv sex aftr dat?

I got my periods regular last month and ds month i am late with 12 days with lot of stomach .I want to concieve soon . What can i do? Had pcod before.

I had a misscarige in dec and irregular periods since then missed 1 in june and my last one was July 1st now I think im late. Am I pregnant?

I had a missed abortion (7 weeks) and did d&c on 18th feb. No periods yet. Am i pregnent. When should I take a pregnant test?

I had a period on 8 th july but missed my august one. Im pregnant but would i be 30wks or 35wks now? As i thought i was further than theyve said.

I had a period on Dec 3 and had spotted for three days on on the 30th..what could be the cause of me not havin my cycle yet?? Not pregnant

I had a period that stoped and resatred for over a month. I'm 27 years old. Never been pregnant.

I had abortn in march by MTP kit,then had regular period for 3 mnths.but now late in july? is it normal.had no sex for these mnths

I had an ipill 1 week before and I am bleeding now i don't know whether its my period nd when wil I have my periods then?