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Why do I bleed a little during sex. All pap/std tests have came back negative. We use condoms. Same sex partner 3 years and it just started happening?

I had sex with my boyfriend for the second time. Both times I bled. However the second time the bleeding has lasted for longer. What must I do ?

25 weeks pregnant, bled during intercourse last few times. It was significant amt but always stopped after sex. Dr. Said to just not have sex for few wk?

2nd time that i've bled after being fingered. I'm a virgin and this time it has been bleeding for 24 hours with a lot of pain. Period due in 10 days?

4 weeks 5 days postpartum ...Vaginal bleeding after sex, my bf only did three strokes literally 5 secs could i be pregnant from that?

8 weeks pregnant and still slightly bleeding after sex? I really wanna know if it's normal.

9w6d. I've had sexual intercourse with my husband today morning and had brown-coloured bleeding from then till now (10hrs). Is it normal?

A little bleeding only sometimes when having sex. Why could this be?

After 3 days of having sex yesterday i bleedef but my period supposed to come in 14 day why im i bleeding? My ovaries hurts

After getting fingered i was bleeding whole week but it was my period time can my hymen may be broken or i just got my period?

After having sex with my fiancé I started bleeding from my vagina just a few minutes after intercorce it's not time for my period .ended 3days prior?

After intercourse, my vagina bleeds a lot. Couple hours after, it still bleeds like period. Why? ( i just finished my period last week)

After my bf and I had sex this weekend I started bleeding I bled for five days so guess its a period?But sometimes when I pee it feels sensitive?Why?

After secound time having sex grand daughter told me she started bleeding like on period. Could this be a sign of being pregnaunt or can sex bring it ?

Been bleeding for 3 weeks. But not in any pain. Started after sex.

Bf put tip of penis in. No ejaculation. Started bleeding 7 days post intercourse. Implantation bleeding? Or early period?

Bled lightly for 3dys after fingered rough, had sex weeks before with a condom bt I don't know if it had a lil hole cud that have been implantation bleeding?

Bleed after sex and smear started happening 8 years ago since having my child ,bad birth. Been on pill & masked the bleeding after sex till I come off?

Bleeding after being fingered and not a virgin. Should i be worried?

Bleeding after sex and fingering. What can cause this and should I be worried?

Bleeding after sex, recently had an abortion. Should I have waited?

Bleeding alot after sex. Sex is painful?

Bleeding during sex all of the sudden. What could be wrong?

Bleeding during sex? I had sex with my boyfriend 3 times and first 2 times i bleed but that was because my period was on its way and the 3rd time we started i didn't see nothing and he start doing it rough then i start to bleeding, what could be the probl

Blood coming out from vagina. Just got off my period 1.5 weeks before it started. I have had no sexual intercourse. What could this be?

Boyfriend and I had sex on the night of the 2nd of October he did not finish in me. The next day I experienced brown bleeding that lasted about 3 days. I'm unsure if this was my period as my sister and girlfriend had theirs at this time. Ever since then I

Can nexplanon cause occasional bleeding a day after sex ? I have no other symptoms just occasional bleeding after sex. Same partner for 22years

Could i still be pregnant if i had 2 withdrawal bleeds during the 2 months following the incident of intercourse?

Could it be right you bleed during sex ?

Cramps after sex, what does that mean and could it be because we were to rough?

Do fhyroids suppose to make you bleed doing sex?

Do i need to be worried about this spotting? I had very vigerous sex last night.

Doctor, i had protected sex with my partner at last day of my period (14/4/15). still i am its my 16 th day of bleeding with slight abd?

During intercourse, my boyfriend's penis got a laceration and started to bleed. How serious is this?

During sex last time i had it i bled a lot like i was on my period but it stoped right after this has never happened before

Earlier today I was having sexual intercourse with my partner and after 5 minutes he noticed I was bleeding a big amount. I am still bleeding ?

Ever since i've had sex i bleed every time i get fingered. Is this normal?

Every time I had sex my vagina would bleed.This has been happening for about 5 months or more.Just recently though, it stopped.Should I still see doc?

Everytime I have sex after my period I bleed. I'm on bc for possible endometriosis could this be part of the cause?

Finish period 4 days ago, had unprotected sex yesterday and bleed a little, what can it be?

First time having sex started birth control 3 weeks ago. Bleeding during sex? Ii bled the first time and after that i was fine, why now am i bleeding

First time I had anal sex on Saturday but today I'm having some bleeding is it normal or should I go to my doctor?

For the past 2-3 weeks, every single time after intercourse with my boyfriend i bleed heavily. I'm not on my period. What's happening?

Girlfriend bleeding from vagina heavily after sex shall we get help?

Had 4th depo 5/1. Had sex 3 times since and bled those times. Sex today and bled after as well. How likely is pregnancy?

Had a period that lasted 3 weeks, stopped 2 days ago, had sex on that day, now I'm bleeding all over again. Recently diagnosed with BV. ?

Had first sex, bled, it then went brown. Is it from period or a torn hymen?

Had my period dec 15-21 . Last nibut i had sex with my husband and woke up today and um bleeding again.What could cause this.

Had orgasam Monday night and last night. The day after both i had some bleeding. Did have intercourse Monday but not last night. Should I be worried?

Had protected sex in December the day I got my withdrawal bleed. In January I also go my withdrawal bleed right when expected, could I still be preg?

Had rough anal sex after ovulation (friday) i bleed little. I am now bleeding from my vagina (sunday). Why is this? Am i pregnant? Is something wrong

Had sex 5 weeks after giving birth. I had no tears or sutures. I began bleeding again right after sex and have not stopped bleeding since. Nursing.

Had sex for the first time 5 days ago, he's big down there and I bled A LOT when I got on top only! Still bleeding but very lightly is that normal?

Had sex for the first time yesterday. It hurt when he got in and I bled.. it's now the day after and I'm still bleeding, a little. Is this normal?

Had sex on pelvic rest. had small SCH but have not spotted/bled for a week since I last saw doc. can the sex lead to miscarriage? no bleed after sex

Had sex with bf just got off period 2 days ago. Bleed after sex first time every, not period blood its bright red. Why? Never happened previously.

Had unprotect.sex11/07.Havent had sex in month.have slight bleedin.Im on depoShot.Durin sex was painful.Why am I bleeding 2-3 days later w/mild cramps?

Had withdrawal bleeding 2 weeks ago, took 2 pregnancy tests both negative. Started having random bleeding after partner bumping cervix with finger?

Have IUD and rough sex and now i'm bleeding lightly, what could this mean. I'm a little scared bc i don't spot.

Haven't had sex in two weeks and today I had rough sex but after my vagina was really sore and I was bleeding red! Help I'm scared!!

Having bleeding since 8 days because of having birth control still painful bleeding and yesterday had sex with condom thought periods r over help ! ?

Having vaginal/anal burning for 2 days. Haven't had sex in 4 months; all times unprotected. Recently got off my period. Could that be a reason?

Hello i had a intercourse n next day at the n8 i bleed heavily so i thought may b its a periods but its not... Is it a STI problem or something else?

Hello, i had sex for the first time on saturday and i bled. I have been bleeding, not heavily tho..Only when i put my fingers in my vagina. Normal?

Hello, I so worried. Before two days I had anal sex with my boyfriend (im girl) and today i have same bleeding as yesterday, but no pain. Im on risk?

Help!had a gyn apt. A week ago, everything was great. Now got vaginal bleeding, don't know what could cause this.No sex, stds, not on bc.Not pregnant.

Here lately when I have sex with my BF I bleed a few hours after sex or a full week after sex . I'm on depo so chances of preg. Slim. Why do I bleed?

Hey! Almost 3 years ago I lost my virginity... today while getting intercourse with my bf I started bleeding n its happen 3 times ?

Hi , I have been experiencing light bleeding for 1 week and 3 days after sexual intercourse . I am pcos . What is happening very worried?

Hi , i just had rough sex with my boyfriend the same day i was ending my period. I haven't had sex in about year , been bleeding for 2 days light ?

Hi about this time last year me and my boyfriend had sex. I was not a virgin but I bled very bad. This has continued. Not all the time we have sex but most of the time. What could be causing this?

Hi doctor,i am around 16 weeks pregnant.i have noticed that i bleed anytime i have sex with my partner..this happened a month ago...and the light blee?

Hi I'm 16 years old and I had sex for the 2nd time about 2 days ago, I have been bleeding on and off since. Should I be worried?

Hi im concerned. I have noticed over the last week I been spotting on & off. This happen after my partner & I have had sex, could be pregnant?

Hi! My mirena iud fell out on November 6.2015. I had spotting and light bleeding but nothing too bad. I bled from Nov 9-13th. I have been having sex since the day it fell out and around the bleeding. With not knowing ovulation can I still get pregnant

HiI am 20yrs oldMy periods ended 9-10 days ago and now again m having period like bleeding.This started after having an intercourse with my partner?

HiMy girlfriend got the discharge before the bleeding but there is no bleeding she says. are there chances of pregnancy?

How come i bleed a little after sex even tho it's not my first time?

How come i bleed after i had sex?

How do I stop my period for like a day or so i need to have sex with my boyfriend but im recently on my period

How do I stop my period for like a day or so i need to have sex with my boyfriend but im recently on my period?

How typical is it to get a period or bleed after sex?

Hurting during sex & but feel good for a minute and start hurting again. Very light pink bleeding a day after I have sex.

I am 17 i came off the deppo injection couple of month ago now i bleed unexpectedly and cramps during sex and then i start bleeding again?

I am 25 yr 1 month before had sex for 1st time it normally bleeds after that i got my regular period again while trying to sex again bleeds a problem?

I am 26 years old married I am experiencing bleeding after having sex with my husband I am now very worried about this what is this all about ?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and my husband and i had sex last night. I am bleeding today. What does that mean?

I am 7 weeks post c-section and my husband and I have waited to have sex because I am getting an IUD at my appointment next week. Last night, we did not have sex but I did have an orgasm. Later in the night, I started bleeding and this morning I am blee

I am bleeding after intercourse even though I am not a virgin. What's going on?

I am bleeding after sex it bad?

I am having problems with bleeding during sex with my boyfriend, all pap tests are normal. What else can it be?

I am not a virgin, but had brownish blood after rough, but not painful fingering. It is not my period. What is the cause and can I have sex tonight?

I am not a virgin, i lost my virginity about a year ago. i had sex today and i started bleed out of my vagina about 2 hours after sex, why?

I am on Depo-Provera & have been for 3 yrs. For the last mth whenever I have sex/ masterbate & orgasm, i start bleeding. What is this from? What can I do?

I began having sex and i started to bleed. Sometimes during sex, and once after sex. What does this mean?

I blacked out last night and dont know what happened. How do i know if i had sex?

I bled lightly for about a week after masterbation but i havent gotten my period this month.Could it been that masterbation pushed my period earlier?

I feel my IUD may have moved? I bled a month after first time having sex since put in. Once stopped i had sex and next morning i bled excessively

I fingered my girlfriend and got pretty deep inside her and she started to bleed.can i be from that or period ? Her period is this week

I finished my period two weeks ago, and three days ago i masturbated and began to bleed while doing it.What does this mean?