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Am 39yrs old and are 6 days late. I have cramping like period pain and are moody. Taken 2 tests with an extra fate line then 3 negative.

1 week after i had ovulation and sex started severe abdominal cramps constipation backaches. Period due tomorrow and test says negative.?

10 days late for my menstrual. Sever abdominal pain, painful to touch. Took at home pregnancy test but results were negative. Could this be serious?

10 days since one missed period, stomach pain while walking, sitting or doing a work, slight drops of brownish discharge... Negative test result.. ?

10 days with pain on both ovarians. Preg test neg. Last period on feb 1 spotting 3 days on wiping. What are the causes of ovarians discomfort?

11 days late 3 negative HPT lower back pain sore boobs tiredness mild cramps?? Help could i be pregnant? ?

11 days late 3 test all negative , frequent urination stomach pains when laying day very uncomfortable not many symp. am I pregnant ? Never been late

11 days late on my period back pain headaches but all negative hpt what could be going on?

11 days late, negative pregnancy tests, pain on the right "ovary" area; had paragard removed in november (caused lighter periods).. Possible causes?

11 DPO negative prgncy test. Sore/swollen breasts, cramping/twinges 2 days ago, lower backache, gas/bloating? All very unusual for me

11days late, negative hpt. Lots of CM and some minor abdominal discomfort. What are the chances that the test is wrong?

12 day late period with back pain and headache and some other symptoms but negative pregnancy tests... What's going on?

12dpo tested negative again . Only lower backache and breast tenderness . Negative means negative at this point or try again ?

13 Days late period, think I had implantation 2 weeks ago but still no positive urine test. Back pains, cramps, headache but no af am I pregnant?

14 days ago had spotting and cramping with nausea for past 2 weeks. + hpt past 3 days. Bhcg 15 on 2nd day of hpting. Are digital tests that sensitive?

14 days late but negative pregnancy test having alot of stomach and back ache?

17 days late neg pregnancy tests increase need 2 pee lower back pian dizzy had hot flashes cramping any idea what's wrong? I'm reg monthly pregnant? ?

17 days late negative tests.But why does my back hurt and my boobs and I get cramps am I just getting my period ?

18 years old. Missed 2 periods. 8 neg hpt's, but just started having lower abdominal pain about a week ago. No pregnancy symptoms. What could it be?

1day late period no pain normally but pain after intercourse and a negative pregnancy test?

1st period after Plan B was 2 weeks early and light, 2nd is 3 days late, 3 negative hpts. Pain in lower right side- ectopic or ovulation pain?

2 days late for period, lower back pain for a week, and having continuous cramp. Pregnancy tests were negative. What's wrong?

2 months no period, pain sometimes with sudden movement, noticed periods were lighter 3mths before i had my first missed period. Negative pregnant tests?

2 months of missed period, negative pregnancy urine tests, lower abdominal pain and dull backaches. Pregnant?

2 periods missed, now increased extreme pain in lower belly and back, discharge and nausea. What could it be if not pregnancy? 4 neg pregnancy tests.

2 weeks of nausea, very sore breasts, and back ache. Had my period last month, went to dr, pregnancy test negative and UTI stick negative?

2 weeks since missed period, negative pregnancy test, stomach pain, back pain, headaches, irritable, bloated, been pretty stressed/busy.. Advice?

20 days late, preg test neg, have yeast infect, can preg=neg bc of infect? back pain very bad, also have stomach pain.. Still preg or something else?

22 days late on my period the test was negative but im have slight cramping, pain, bloating, and increased discharge.?

24 yrs old. Nursing 13 mo old. Period has not returned, negative pregnancy tests. Pain with intercourse, cramps while nursing, nausea through the day?

2months late menses 2 negative pregnant test. Now having bloating stomach pain acidic feeling. I have been under a lot of stress, could it be due to this?

2wks late period went to dr. For pregnant test and said that can be too early, and I have breast pain, cramping, bloating, gase, and headaches am i preg?

3 negative preg test. Period came on time, nausea all day mild cramps and mild back ache also started taking zoloft (sertraline) 25mg 3 days now. Pregnant?

3+preg test began period it was unusual period light bleeding clots, took another test - now it's been 3wks I am still bloated lower back pain awful?

31 tubal 12 yrs + light spotting missed period 1st time ever bleeding more bad cramping negative test whole stomach hurts usual tender breasts none?

32yof, g7p5, missed 2 periods, with nausea dizziness and fatigue- no pain. history of ectopic and ligation. Many neg hpt. What is going on?

3weeks late on period,negative preg test,mild stomach cramps at times, lower back pain,brown discharge at times,and dizzy at times?

4 days late for my period.Im still having minor cramps/back pain n a neg. Pregnancy test. No sex since 7/3. Could i still be pregnant?

4 days late, leg cramps, slight hardly existent cramps, period is usually spot on give or take 1 day. Took 1 test came back negative ?

4 days late. Negative pregnancy test. Lower Back pain cramps. Breast feel heavy.vaginal clear discharge. Constipated.can I still be pregnant?

4 neg. preg test, hadnt had a normal cycle since september only spotting at that time. Vomiting, nausea, headache, toothaches, fluttering in lower ab?

4 negative pregnancy tests, two missed periods, severe abdominal pain and bloating, what could this be?

4dpo had very heavy pressure in pelvic area, lasted 5days, negative pregnancy test 1day before period due?

5 days late in my period, white discharge and stomach pains that feel like cramps I took a test negative Could I still be pregnant?

5 days late period, negative test, stressing out, skipping meals, left abdominal pain, vaginal dryness? Freaking out!

6 days late negative home pregnancy tests. Symptoms - tender breasts, sore lower back, mild cramps on & off for over the last week. pregnant?

6 days late, lower abdomimal cramps, low backache, negative test?

6 days late, ovulation kit used neg hpt cramps back ache mild nausea should I see my gp?

7 days late period. Normal 28-30 day cycle. Now at 37 days. Tender nipples, headaches, leg pains. 3 negative tests. Could i be pregnant?

8 days late for period. Frequent urination wid abdominal pain. 4 neg htps .. Stil pregnant??

8 days pas ovulation had sex 3 days before ovulation did a test n neggative my waist hurts nauses morning sickness tummy pain is it to early to test?

8 weeks late with heartburn, cramps, nausea and groin pain but had a negative hpt?

Abdominal & lower stomach pains/cramps, nauseated, bloated, headaches, on pill and had period 1wk ago. Home pregnancy tests negative.What could it be?

Abdominal pain and nausea after protected sex , negative pregnancy test . Period came on time but light ?

Abdominal pain bloating acne breakout 13 days late and negative pregnancy tests?

Abdominal pain nusea negative preganacy test DIZZY VOMITING ?

Af 7days late. Neg tests I am very bloated, crampy, sore lower back and pelvic pressure. Can be pregnant even though im testing negative?

After plan b. vaginal discharge, acne, lower and side slight pain normal pms. negative HPT. shold blood test. Pms or pregnancy ?next period in 8 days

Am I having an eptomic pregnancy? Periods 10 days late, 2 negative htp. Lower stomach and back pain.

Am i pregnant? Bloated, headaches, cramps, lower back pain, increase appetite. Last period jan31st. Took pregnancy test yesterday-negative.

Back pain, no period after 5 months, insomia, negative pregnancy test. What could be causing this?

Backache, lower abdominal pain, missed period and negative pregnancy test, what is this?

Been about a week of swollen uterus. Also really light headed. Neg pregnancy test. Period due in a week. Suggestions?

Bleeding a week before period and lower abdominal pain when pressure is applied. On the pill. Took 2 pregnancy tests and they were negative. Causes?

Bloated, muscle cramps. Is there other reasons that i could not have period for 5 months beside being preg? N why negative results on both urine test?

Bloating/light cramps/increased smell & lower back pain for 8 days since a 1 day period. 1 pos. Hpt test yesterday & neg hpt test this morning

Breastfeeding my 12 month old with no period. Lower abdominal and back cramps, night nausea, painful sex with negative pregnancy test. Any help?

Brown discharge following with light bleeding, for a week now,couple negative tests. am i pregnant? have low back pain and some cravings

Brown discharge instead of period 3 times in one month, lower back pain, cramping, and headaches tubes tied 4 yrs ago neg pregnant test. What could it be?

Brown jelly-like discharges at time for period, bloated abdomen, random pains in ovaries (?) Neg preg. test. No period last month at all. Help!

Can an ovarian cyst cause late period, shooting pains in pelvic area and breasts ? Period late by 11 days and hpt negative 3 times.

Can anybody give me advice about lower back pain, late period, negative pregnancy test?

Can i ask u something??My periods is 6 days late now and from 1st i have lower back pain and cramping. Today i had a pregnancy test that come negative

Can i still be pregnant despite negative home pregnancy tests? What are other reasons for missing period for this long? Hi! I am about 15 days late on my period. I have some pregnancy symptoms such as dull pain in my back and lower abd, pimples, bloating,

Can i trust a negative clear blue pregnancy test 47 days after intercourse? Had 2 light periods but i have back pain and pain in ovaries

Can implantation last for 4 days? If so when can I test for pregnancy? What are Chances of pregnancy due to tummy cramps,sore breast & sore lower back

Can inflammatory condition in the pelvic area cause negative hpts? Period is now 7 days late

Can lower abdominal scan detect pregnancy after 14 days of missed periods?

Can lower abdominal ultrasound detect pregnancy after 14 days of missed periods?

Can the doctor order any tests for me if I have excruciating period cramps?

Can this be an ectopic pregnancy: missed period (8 days in), dull pain in left lower abdomino, negative pregnancy test, history of ectopic pregnancy?

Constipation, bloating, missed period of two months, lower left back soreness, fatigue, 4 negative home pregnancy tests?

Could i be 9 weeks pregnant and not know? Had to light periods and pregnancy test says negative. I have back pain

Cramping in lower abdomen and I am late for period. Preg test neg.?

Cramping in lower abdominal, no period, aching, lots of vaginal discharge, took pregnancy test saying negative. Is it a miscarriage or am i pregnant?

Cramping, stomach pain, back pain and my period s a few days late... Negative pregnancy test! too early or could it be something else?

Cramps back pain tender breast and spotted on dec 25 and dec 26 for five minutes have mood swings and I have taken pregnancy test but negative pregnant?

Craving vanilla ice cream with pickles period missed 11 days lower back pain took mutipule pregnancy tests came out negative can I be pregnant?

Dark brown discharge, nausea, lower back pain, missed 3 days of my period and havent taken a pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant?

Day 41 in cycle, no period, abdominal and lower back cramps, negative 1$ pregnancy test... Could I still be pregnant?

Dec 25 I had an IUI.I got a short period in Jan. I am now late,I'm never late. Negative tests, but tingling in breasts and sharp jabs in lower abdomen?

Delayed period, negative pregnancy test, but having lower back pain. What could this be? Im 21 yrs old.

Did a pregnancy test very faint positive then has bleeding and cramps massive back pain and heavy sore chest am i pregnant ?

Did pregnancy test was faint positive I've had massive back pain,bleeding and cramping nauseas now few days later nothing am I pregnant or false alarm?

Does cramping/lower abdominal pain one week after period (had sex on day 3) mean that i'm pregnant? Hcg test negative

Dull right ovary pain, very tender nipples, light red spotting a few days ago, negative pregnancy test. Pms or possibly pregnant?

Early period 5 days no sti's negative on preg test but cramping and nausea boobs started to ache, next scan on my tummy what's going on?

Eight negative home pregnancy tests, period late by 2 months and feel mild cramping, bloating, lower back pains.?

Excessive sweating uncontrollable crying missed cycle was suppose to start june 29th but no show, throwing up, backaches lower stomach cramps "could I be pregnant?".Eventhough my home pregnancy test came back negatives

Experiencing fatigue back pains headaches cramping and nausea took 2clearblue pregnancy tests both negative am I pregnant or what could b causing this?