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Finished period 2 weeks ago could I be pregnant because av stated again ?

Have had two periods this month one on the 10 for the whoke 7 days now agsin on the 24. Can u tell me why?I

I'm on the pill cilest I missed a day but took it the next day im due my period in 3days im GEttin brown discharge what Does this mean please help ?

1 Depo-Provera shot(feb2013) and stopped after that. No period since but pink spotting most days + mega emotional. Preg test neg when will i be normal again?

1 ngt i missed a birth cnrtl dose by 10hrs, took it finally & contd thru the rest of the month. I'm now in my menstrual week but no period. Pregnant?

1.5mnths late on period and not pregnant. Was given e&p pills to get my periods, been 4 days I've completed the pack yet no period. Why? 

1.5mnths late on period and not pregnant. Was given e&p pills to get my periods, been 4 days I've completed the pack yet no period. Why?

10 months PP, stop breastfeeding month ago, just got 1st period, was lite for 1 day, spotting for 2, not my normal, do i count this as a REAL period?

11mths since having a early miscarriage why are my periods still so messed up? & when will they get back to normal was 28days now 30-31 + missed mth

16fem. 1mon w/out period before that irregular. Not sex active. Had period for couple years now. What should I do.

16yo fem. Havent had my period the last couple of month. Before that irregular. Havent told anyone. Whats wrong. Should I do something. Not sex active?

17.Haven't had period in 7 months.Gain 20 pounds every 2years for the past 6 years.First period I had was at 11.Why am I not having a period?Not prego

19 f. 7 monthes off pill . Last month period was late but normal length . This month IV had 3. Light periods. Iv always been regular before.Whats wron?

2 wks past missed period, no preg symptoms, 2 neg preg test, I recently started swimming competitively again and sleeping schedule changed? period???

2, 4day periods w only 9 days in btwn. Possible to have gotten Preg in btwn those 2 per & be Preg now, or no bc of 2nd period? Had Mirena (levonorgestrel) for 5 months

20yr old. Had secondary amenhorrhea from jan-march 2014. Took Duphaston and got period in april. No period in may. Not sexually active. Why no period?

24 days late blood test at 7 days late came back negative, still no period. Trying to conceive since mirena (levonorgestrel) was removed jan 15th

3 days after my 1st postpartum period ended I started spotting. After a week of spotting it turned into another period. Known PCOS, 5th delivery.

3 days late last 2 days lighter then norm on the pill also antibiotics time of sex reg 28 day cycle last 6 days hpt day due period - could I be preg?

3 month postpartum started my 2nd cycle 2 days ago with low ogestrel but nothin but light spoting since i started my cycle is this normal bc to early?

3 months since last Sex. Had 2 periods then missed my last one- have had ongoing cramps but no bleeding since & have taken 3 neg home tests-pregnant?

3.5 months since last real period. Dr gave provera (medroxyprogesterone) to start period had light spotting been 50 days since spotting no period. Have endo. What could be?

31 female 2 childrn. Implanon since sept '09. I had irregular spotting @times. Now i'm have a reg. Mnthly period. Am I still protected from pregnancy?

31, never on pills, never abort but my period for about 2months, started coming 2-3days early. Any reason for alarm?

33 y/o, def not pregnant.! It has been 63 days since my last period (30 days late). I have been getting cramping here and there but no period?

35, PCOS on metformin, all paps up to date and normal, spotted 24 hours week before period due then stopped. First time ever. Should I be worried?

36 and have pcos no cysts I have been on the pill for years have had a period every 2 weeks lately and am now a few days late. Should i be worried?

4 days late , 3 neg tests. Then got my cycle for 2 days med cycle some chuncks, got off bc 3months ago was on for 6, normal cycle for 3 months. Worry?

45 yrs old no period two mnths, no intercourse either . Period started day after intercourse, lasted one wk and then had another period two weeks later?

5 days late 33 cycle.Last period september 25 nxt supposed to be october 28, but i still don't have it. I tried p.T 2 days ago but nega. Am i pregnant?

5 months postpartum. I bled for one day only. Why? It wasn't a period , note: i breastfeed and have not got a period yet

5 neg preg tests. Haven't had a period in 2 months since starting and stopping BC. Started what looked like period this am. Am I in the clear?

7 days late. Im always hve period aftr off contraceptives since last yr august.Take prenatal vitamins, sore breast on and off.Cramps on and off.

76 day cycle no period. Took provera (medroxyprogesterone) 10 day ended 6 days. Did pregnant urine not preg.. 1 month ago. Started metformin. What is happenin was norm till now?

8 days late, p.T check nega. Sore breast and cramps but on and off. On prenatal vitamins.Off to nuva ring since last yr august. Regular period.

8mn pp still breastfeeding 1st period happened in dec very light. Just moderately spotted for 3 days no flow ttc for 2nd pregnancy was this period 2?

9 mo. on depo. D/ced bc TTC. Last dose Jan 19. No cycle yet, but having "preg" symptoms (nausea, tender breasts etc) could it be depo wearing off?

Abnormal spotting. I went off the pill March 1st been spotting ever since. It was my fertile week starting march 1st. Chances of pregnancy is?

After a stillbirth, i got my first period after 5 weeks.But it last only5 days.My second period also last for 4 day.Why is this happening?

After getting off BirthControl for 3/4days, I got my period.It's very heavy,id get my period around this time of month b4 the pill.What does this mean?

After giving birth Jan2013, had a period 1month(mar2013) then normal, last Aug2013 until June2014 Had no period?? what is the problems??

After Plan B got 2 regular periods and 3rd one is late and I started urinating frequently. I had -ve tests after 1st and 2nd one. I am worried nw. ?

Age 37,virgin, never do sex. my last period was on 20april and normal,but after that I missed my period in May now its June, I'm worried, help plz :(?

Aged 47, no period since sept 2012, used to get middle of the month period cramps that lasted until my period and now getting them again but no period?

Am i pregnant since last month I have not got my normal periods instead only some spotting or there can be some other gynae problem? Plz help

Am I pregnant when I have menstrual period on the next day after my oral sex. Itlasts 4days. at first it is only spotting then onthe ff days is heavy?

As ttc stopped pills mid-pack, had withdrawal bleed and 2 weeks after cramps and slight brown discharge. Am i pregnant? Took a test and was negative

Average 30 days cycle.Last period was on 12-03-2013.Have'nt got period yet.Could i be pregnant?When shuld I do a pregnancy test?My breasts hurt badly.

BC 11mo. 1st 3mo/btb. Then ok. Then missed 2 periods. Then normal. Last 4mo spotting again, periods getting longer. Upsetting me. Always take on time.

Been 2 months after stopping lutera. 1st period was normal. Current period is extremely light, almost nothing. Not pregnant. What could it be?

Been 7 days since last pill of provera (medroxyprogesterone) still no period.Slight dark brown spotting.Can this b considered as 1st day of cycle.Need to tk Clomid on day ?

Been in methotrexate for over 2 months and have not had a period since is this normal?

Been off Depo-Provera for a year off pill since may. Ongoing period of 2 weeks. Pelvic ultrasound came back normal?

Been on bc for 6 yrs, quit taking it 3months ago, regular cycle till now. 4th month late, 4neg tests. What is wrong?

Been on birthcontrol now for three months now after breatfeeding haven't had a period yet but i started crmping real bad and spoting is this a period?

Been on Depo-Provera contraception for 2 years 9 months in past 10 months I experienced spotting 3 times. Should I be worried? had a smear in nov 13 all ok

Been on Depo-Provera shot for a year. Periods stopped, except for dec. Got period, had sex after. One month later; cramping, breast milk, nausea. But neg hpt.

Been on Loestrin for 1.5 mos. Spotted for 10 days after 1st period. Skipped last period. 2 pregnancy tests=negative. Any chance I could be pregnant?

Been on the patch for 6 years. I have been off of the patch for about a month. First day of last period 01/02/14. Next per was 18 days late. Pregnant?

Been spottin for 8 days, my period was suppose to start 3 days ago but im jus spottin could i b pregnant or wouid i consider this my period?

Been spotting 2 wks, blood is becoming more red. Started when would've ovulated. Hvn't missed bc/takn late. What's wrong? Risk of pregnancy? Lutera bc

Bf for 9 mths consistent until last month I go 6 hrs during day no feeding. I hadn't had period 9/4/13 had spotting 4/29/15. preg? Soon period

Bleeding dy wld've ovulated, has lasted dys. Never missed BC/tk late, other medications may have interacted. Pregnant? Period due nxt Tuesday. Lutera

Bleeding for almost 2 weeks and BC pills help a lil in the past but didn't get a period last months should I worry been to 3 OBs and no differencehelp

Browish color blood period not due tilnext week , have gotten the implanon taking out in feb have been trying since then , could be finallybe pregnant?

Came off bcp after 10 years, will ttc soon. 2 months since coming off, no period. When is cause for concern? Ov kits not showing anything yet. Thanks

Came off yasmin (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) in jan my periods are still irregular 6 and 7 week long cycles! worried infertile as still not pregnant! does it mean I am not ovulati?

Can alesse delay periods?Been talking it for 3 mos.Last period was lasted 10 days.Now its late 2 days now.I have pcos and partner has had a vasectomy.

Can doxycycline cause your period to be late? There is not any possible way for me to be pregnant, I've had 3 months of very heavy periods since the last time I have had sex. Just wondering if the antibiotics could have cause me to be late or some how del

Can have period every 28 days for entire prgnacy and not know you are pgnt? Some dr. here say YS/some say NO.which is right? bleeding monthly & preg

Can hysterosalpingography affect my period, i had the HSG since january 16, i've been supposed to have my period on the february 5 th it hasn't show?

Can i be pregnant? I haven't got a period within three months and it came down in december for 13-14 days .. I have irregular periods that last 7 days

Can i do a pregnancy tesy whils on my period as i dont have regular periods coz i have contaceptive implant?

Can i pregnant on day 23 of a 30 day cycle? I got my period one day early, and bled just one time, is this normal? Plus I have a low haemoglobin problm

Can the morning after pill delay your cycles for many wks/months? Had light period wk after taking m.a.p. and now 2nd period is a wk late.

Can u be pregnant even though u got ur period on your normal day during placebo week and it lasted a week?

Can u be pregnantnant and still have heavy regular periods? I had two periods but im still worried i saw on da net women claiming to have periods while pregnant

Can women gets pregnant if she had a sex 3d befor period and she got period on time and she was normal.After 20 days no syptoms..

Can you get preg with creamy cm and NO +opk? Had ovulation symp day 11-13. We had sex everyday since day 9. I'm currently on day 14 with reg cycles

Can you have a period while preg? I've taken hpt but all were neg. But i keep feeling somethin move in me. I'm on mirena (levonorgestrel) but that's all the bc i use.

Can you have your period while you're pregnant? i thought i was because it hadn't started, now i have started im worried. i have two hpt not taken yet

Cases , when period delays? I have my gf.. I gave her 3 ipills in 10 days. Her period had to come on 7 of this month. Yet period has NT come. Plz help

Ceased pill 6 wks ago to get pregnant, 1st natural period Yesterday was 1 day. It's never been that short. Hpt negative though. Could I be pregnant???

Cerelle contraceptive taken over 1 1/2 mth now with no period ,feel bloated quite moody normaly regular periods, neg preg test, is this common?

Coil fitted, my periods have been getting lighter. &have now stopped. Just before they stopped I had sex without a condom. Home tests are negative even now @ 16 week later still no period. Pregnant?

Concerning periods.I have p.M.S symtoms two weeks after period.I know i wont come on a period for another 2 weeks.Is this normal ?

Could I have had a miscarriage? Period was 6 days late. Once i got it it was super heavy. 3 weeks proir i messed around and might have got preg. Help

Currently seven days late and in total, a month and seven days late. Is this normal for loestrin24fe?

Cycle was 7 days late. Finally got it sep 21st. Not on birth control. Having brown spotting for 3 days. Not due for period for a week What's going on?

Cycleday 15i am due to ovulate in the next couple days(negativeopk)& this evening i started spotting is this normal or something i need to get checked?

Dec 12 my period was 5 instead on 7 days my period is very regular i also found some discharge today could i be pregnant?

Did not have a period in april. Last period was 3/28 and have been avg every 32-34 days since i got off the pill. Pregnant possibly?

Didn't get menses prev month, started bc pills on 34day of cycle, left dem midway (after 18days) to get early menses, been5 days, no menses yet, reason?

Din get my periods my last period was on 3rd jan what should I do any medication s can u suggest?

Do i get period normally if I am on micronized progrsterone?I'm 2 days late, my period hasnt come yet, is it dur to medication or could i be pregnant?

Don't know if i'm prego. Y would I have a period at the first of mnth & the end. My periods are regular. Also hve cold and fatigued. Since 1st period?

Dont have periods normally, just started bc Taken multiple pregnancy tests. 6 weeks after intercourse had quant that was neg <2. freq urination, darker nips n discharge. Could I be preg still? Or could it be from just starting birth control?

Due for my period but instead I'm 3 days into only small spotting. Is this normal &What might explain this? Not on BC and not pregant.

Dx with PCOS after miscarriage and no period for 3months. took provera (medroxyprogesterone) and got a period but I'm having abdominal pain all the time. what can I do?

Ever since i've had UTI and got treated, my period has been irregular. Is this normal? My last 2 cycles have been about 55 days