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5 month ago I had a baby my period been good but its every 8 and today is the 27 what can that means?

Already had my period this month but to early and still spotting every few days. What does this mean?

Being able to feel your discharge come out does this mean period is coming? Can this be a sign of pregnancy Periods irregular. Please help!

Brown spotting after an abnormally short period. What's this mean?

Can you overlate without having a period?

Could it be a good sign if my periods are always exactly four days long?

Cramping 9 days before my period is supposed to come. Does this mean it will be early?

Do u think its weird my period is starting brown... I mean im just thinking about it normally the old blood finishes off my period and its not a lot?

Does getting periods mean no pregnancy?

Does it mean when you come on your period twice you're stressing?

For the last 4 weeks I have had a period weekly which only lasts 3 days but I have had every week. What does this mean?

Getting your period on the last day of the month. What does that mean ?

Got my period 5 days earlier... Which means?

Had a blood test came back menopause does this mean no more periods can u advise on what happens now ?

Have mornings sickens since the 17th of April but I have a periods now what does that mean?

Having periods cramps 8days before your comes means what?

Helllo im having between two and four periods a month. This has not normal for me.What could this mean?

Hello I wanted to know what does it mean when your period hasn't came for 13 days??

Hello my periods are always the same every month . This month it was late and two days long what could this mean?

Hello, please I'm having a lil problem with my menses. After my menstruation, exactly 10days I'm menstruating again .what does it mean?

Hello. I have my period now for 8 days and it not stop. What does this mean?

Hey what does it mean when your period not coming on but you spoting?

Hi dr. i had my period after two weeks apart from my previuos it abnormal?

Hi I am 46 years old, I am on my 3rd period in 3 weeks this is not normal for me . What could this mean ?

Hi my period came 10 days early and now I'm 4 days late from when I was supposed to be due on. Help what does this mean. ?

Hi, i just wanted to ask if I had a regular period than less than a week later my period begins again what does this mean?

I always have my period. But im scared. Because i read somewhere about this cryptic pregnancy.And if im ovulating every month?Does it mean that im not

I am 21 years old and had my period twice last month. Never happened before, what does this mean?

I am 25 year old unmarried girl.Well I got my period 3 times this month and I want to know what it means does that mean theres something wrong with me?

I been having my period for the past 6 month what does that mean ?

I came on my period 9 days early what does that mean? Will I come early??

I do jogging for three days and I got this red spotting does it mean and I still don't have my period does it mean I'm pregnant?

I ended my period 5 days ago and now I'm having a what seems to be period again, what does that mean? Never had one 5 days right after each other!

I get very mean 2 weeks before my period could I have pmdd?

I got my 2 menstruation for one month and it last for 6 days but not heavy what is that mean?Could i be pregnant?

I got my menstruation twice in one month for two straight months what does this mean?

I got my period 2 weeks early but this is my week of ovulation what does this mean ?

I got my period a long time ago and never again. Does this mean I am infertile?

I got my period at the beginning of the month. 15 days after i was intimate and now 3 days later my period is early (by 10 days). Wat could this mean?

I had a period at the beginning of this month for 5 day. And know it back 10 days later what does that mean?

I had a period for 2 1/2 days and it normally last 5 to 6 days what does this mean?

I had a period in feb, spotted in march for about a week, and started a period in april. What exactly does that mean? And yes I was sexually active

I had a period twice last month 15days apart that's never happened before what does this mean and what should i do?

I had a semi normal period, then a week later had a period that lasted 3 days...What could this mean?

I had cramps today 10 days after the end of my period. What could that mean?

I had my period twice in a row what does that mean?

I had my period a week early then spotted the actual day i was supposed to have my period. What can this mean?

I had my period at the beginning of the month and just got again. It is a full month early. What does this mean?

I had my period last month in december but january i bled only for a day and now the months almost over and still nothing...What does that mean?

I had my period like a week ago an now I'm spotting what could it mean?

I had two periods in one month and it was 18 days apart? Should I see a doctor? And what does it mean?

I had two periods last month but that does that mean i can have a normal period the next moth?

I had unprotected sex and I'm four days late. I keep spoting but my period won't come on. What does that mean does that mean I'm pregnant??

I have been spotting for 5 days now and my cycle was suppose to start 9/8/14 but hasn't come yet... this means?

I have had 2 periods in a row with a 2 day break in between. This has happened the past two months, do you know what this means?

I have never had spotting before and then last night i did for a few hours what could it mean?

I have only had a couple of spots this period, what does it mean?

I have spottings around the time my period is supposed to start. What does this mean?

I haven't got my period but I had it two times last month what does it mean ?

I haven't got my period for 1 month and 5 days now, what could it mean?

I haven't had a period for 2 months what does that mean? I can't have any more kids

I haven't had my period in six months. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating either. Does this mean I just can't get pregnant now or does it mean illness?

I haven't had my period since march, what does that mean?

I just had a period last week and I am having one days later?.. what does that mean? good or bad?

I just turned 24 a month ago, but my period is 2 days early what does this mean, is it something to worry about ??

I masturbated a feel days before my period now i'm a week late what can? That mean

I seen my period twice in September the 8 and 30 so when was i suppose to have seen it in October am not good with this calculating period?

I started my period 3 weeks early what does that mean?

I started my period a week early than i usually come on. What could this mean?

I think I'm on my periods two weeks early. But it's lighter than usual. It coming & going. What does that mean? I don't start my periods in two weeks

I thought i was pregnant, but my period came 2 days late. I guess this means im not? It has never came late before though, its always on time usually

I took the morning after pill the nurse said I should come on my period five days later. Did she mean five days after i'm actually due on my period?

I wanted to know when you have a period every month does it mean you ovulated every month also?

I was spotting but not anymore plus my period isnt due until another week but im cramping already what does that mean?

I was wondering what does it mean when a women come on her menstrual cycle early?

I'm 17 & still a virgin yet I have missed 2 months worth of periods. What exactly this mean?

I'm 18 and had my period for over half a month now, still going. What does this mean?

I'm on the pill spot bled on the first day of my period but had nothink else what can this mean?

I'm spotting brown for 3 days (on and off) now and I'm delayed 5 days delayed. What does this mean? Thanks!

I've been skipping my period every other month for the AST few months one month im on the next i don't have one what could that mean

I've had 3 periods in one month a few months ago and now I have gotten it twice this month 4 days apart from the last one what can this mean?

I've had my period more than once in a month, this has been going on for 3months now. What does it mean?

I've had my period the last week in August and the last 3 days now so only a week apart .. What does this mean?

I've had two periods this month and some spotting, does this mean anything? Should i be concerned or mark it down as stress?

I"am irregular but recently i had what i thought was a period but instead it was spotting n i had it for 5 days straight. What does that mean?

If a girl already had her period and starts bleeding again seven days later what does that mean?

If i didn't miss my period it just came earlier than usual..It was heavy the first day and red.. Does it mean im not pregnant? Help!

If I get my period a week later every month ; what does that mean?

If i get my period twice in a month does that mean I ovulated twice?

If I got a period and have had no symptoms, does that mean I'm not pregnant?

If I got my first period at 15 does it mean i'll have a later menopause?

If i had a period in march && missed mine completely in april && it usually is regualar does it mean i could be pregnant?

If i had sex on the 27th of april and i my period is suppose to come may 6th and it comes normally, does that mean I am not pregnant?

If i start my period twice in the same month doesit mean i'm pregnant?

If menstruation comes does it meani ovulated?..

If my period came on the 20 and it was suppose to went of on the 25 but it stay on for 5 extra days what does that mean?

If my period comes on 5 days after its suppose does it mean I am pregnant? I have been showing signs

If my period hasnt come on does that mean i haven't ovulated?

If my period usually last about 3-4 days and I got my period one month which only lasted about a day what does that mean?

If you have sex & the next day you're spotting for 3 weeks what does that mean?